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"PUMP! It's-a Spooky Month!" "Let's start a trope page!"

An annual Halloween series made by Sr. Pelo, Spooky Month follows the misadventures of Skid and Pump, two hyperactive and Halloween-obsessed children who regularly venture out into the night to enjoy the titular Spooky Month - even if it isn't October. Things quickly take a strange series of turns from there as creeps, criminals, cultists, bullies, demons, eldritch entities whose eyes form the stars above, and clowns have the (mis)fortune of bumping into these children.

Spooky Month currently has four shorts:


It is the 𝒮𝓅𝑜𝑜𝓀𝓎 tropes! Ayyy!:

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  • Action Mom: In "Unwanted Guest" Lila, Skid's mom, is left alone with Moloch, a very angry and vengeful demon who chases her around. Her reaction is to run for a ruler and smack him in the face with it - although it only serves to piss him off, she survives the rest of the night until the kids get home. She does a better job with dealing with the possessed Happy Fella doll in "Deadly Smiles," coming up with a plan to take him out.
  • all lowercase letters: In the funny subtitles for "Deadly Smiles", Rick's dialogue is typed in lowercase, referencing how done with life he is. Everyone else has proper capitalization.
  • All There in the Script: Most of the characters' names aren't spoken aloud, instead being revealed by the credits or character sheets.
  • An Aesop: From "Deadly Smiles": you don't need toys or possessions to make you happy. All you need is a friend to make you happy.
  • Artifact Title: Downplayed. While the episode is still Halloween themed, "Deadly Smiles" is the first episode not to focus on "Spooky Month", primarily following the kids trying to have fun with their Happy Fella doll while the possessed Ax-Crazy doll is trying to escape them.
  • Art Shift:
    • Kevin's internal freak outs regarding the Candy Dealer's package of sugar are drawn in a much looser, sketchier style with incomplete coloring.
    • The credits panoramic for "Unwanted Guest" is drawn in a lineless, shaded, and slightly more detailed style than the rest of the short.
    • The credits panoramic for "Deadly Smiles" is in CGI, depicting everyone as 3D toys.
  • Author Appeal: Sr. Pelo loves Touhou and based the mall and most of its customers in "Unwanted Guest" off the franchise to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Various pictures around Skid's and Pump's houses also show their respective families dressed as Touhou characters for Halloween, and Nitori and Hina make a short cameo in "Deadly Smiles".
  • Back Stab: As part of their plan, Lila comes up behind the Happy Fella and stabs him in the head with a knife while Skid and Pump are distracting him. It doesn't do anything because, as he himself points out, he's a doll and therefore doesn't have a brain.
    Happy Fella: (Evil Laugh) I'm a doll! You DUMB BI- (Skid and Pump shove him into the oven)
  • Bait-and-Switch Silhouette: Done twice by Skid.
    • In "It's spooky month", he's introduced sitting in a dark room lit only by a computer screen, slowly swivels his chair to face the viewer with an eerie smile and stare, only for the lights to instantly turn on and he loudly starts goofing off.
    • In "The Stars", he confronts two burglars in his home. In the darkness, he looks like an incredibly creepy and realistic looking skeleton, scaring the beejezus out of the crooks, but cheerily greets them when they shine a light on him and he returns to normal.
  • Bilingual Bonus: While the series is in English, many background gags and props are written in Spanish, as that is Sr. Pelo's native language.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Frank, the kidnapper in the van who blatantly drugs up and steals away children from the streets for ransom, has black sclera and white pupils, and unlike Skid and Pump he's definitely not wearing a costume.
  • Born Lucky: The universe itself almost seems to bend in the kids' favor sometimes, when they really should have been killed or abducted a long time ago.
    • They're spared a kidnapping by the Monster Clown who offers them an unintelligible joke instead, and are outright on obliviously friendly terms with Frank the neighborhood kidnapper.
    • Moloch puts up with the kids locking him in an attic for two years, only breaking out when he possesses a human body with intent to murder them, and ends up having a lapse in judgement and accidentally kills himself.
    • A man in the spooky mansion trapped and cornered the boys with malicious, probably perverted intent only for them to be inadvertently saved by a dwelling Eldritch Abomination snatching them with its tentacles and scaring the creep off.
    • The Eyes of the Universe outright planned something terrible to do with the children before it got excited to learn it's Spooky Month, and became their new friend.
    • Dexter has Lila and the kids cornered in the attic, only for the mannequin to fall on him, giving them time to get away.
  • Brick Joke:
    • The demon that Skid and Pump summon in the first installment is revealed to be still stuck in the attic in the second installment and plays a large role in the third one.
    • In "The Stars", the stranger that locked Skid and Pump inside the house on the hill books it when one of Eyes' tentacles bursts out of the floor and grabs the two. When Eyes and the Spooky Kids leave the house to engage in Spooky Month shenanigans, Eyes accidentally steps on the fleeing stranger, leaving a small blood splatter on the ground.
    • At the beginning of "Deadly Smiles", Lila talks to Jaune on the phone, complaining that Skid and Pump spend all their time sharing the Happy Fella. At the end of the short, Jaune arrives at the house with a new Happy Fella for Pump, having misunderstood Lila's complaints.
    • In "Deadly Smiles", after John sneezes on the Happy Fella, Jack simply says "told you". In the Newgrounds ending of the short (which is set before the short itself), Jack notices how dirty John's coffee mug is and remarks that drinking out of it will get him sick, which John brushes off.
  • The Character Ice Cream Bar: In-Universe, Frank's van in "The Stars" is redecorated to look like an ice cream truck: some of the ice cream shown on the front reference the ice cream bars of SpongeBob SquarePants and Sonic the Hedgehog, and another is a bar resembling Sr. Pelo's author avatar. Frank also gives Skid and Pump ice cream made to look like themselves, with Skid getting his head on a cone and Pump getting his head on a stick.
  • Cheerful Child: Almost nothing will get in the way of Skid and Pump's fun, with them cheerily going along with paranormal encounters and bumping into violent crooks, all part of their average Spooky Month.
  • Chekhov's Gag: In the attic scenes in both "It's spooky month" and "Unwanted Guest", a dusty mannequin in the background slides across the floor. In "Deadly Smiles", the mannequin conveniently tips over onto Dexter right when he's about to attack Lila and the boys, giving them time to escape and form a plan.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • The male actor in the movie from "Deadly Smiles" is the same actor that gets spooked by the OOGA BOOGA Witch in the movie the boys were watching in the first short, just with a different outfit.
    • In the attic scene in "Deadly Smiles", Lila hides behind the portrait of her and Skid's dad that was hung up on the wall in "It's spooky month", now with Skid's dad's face torn out.
  • Crapsack World: Aside from the boys' neighborhood being ridden with violent criminals and neighborhood bullies, there's a festering anomalous and eldritch influence that's attracted a cult to the town, and numerous missing persons posters are strewn about every wall. Skid and Pump themselves aren't aware of any of this however, simply just having fun around town regardless.
  • Creator Cameo:
    • Sr. Pelo himself appears down the street in "It's spooky month", screaming as he gets abducted by Frank.
    • In "The Stars", one of the various ice creams advertised on Frank's van is based on Pelo's Author Avatar.
    • One of the background artists for "Deadly Smiles", Sifyro, snuck a plush of her author avatarnote  into one of the backgrounds she did.
  • Curse Cut Short:
    • In "Unwanted Guest", the Candy Dealer attempts to say "What the fuck?" in response to Skid and Pump dying on the spot after saying they want to go to the hospital, only for a hysterical woman to start screaming that he killed the kids.
    • At the end of "Unwanted Guest", one of the Wheel of the Worst hosts somehow hears Skid and Pump say it's Spooky Month through the TV, causing him to start dancing. His baffled co-host replies "What?! What the fu-", with the short cutting to the credits before he's able to finish.
    • Subverted in the Newgrounds ending of "Unwanted Guest"; when John and Jack bust into the house on the hill and find a group of robed cultists looking into the hole in the floor, John utters an uninterrupted "What the fuck are you?".
    • In "Deadly Smiles", Dexter almost calls Lila a "dumb bitch", but gets interrupted by Skid and Pump shoving him into the oven.
    • Confused at Lila's panic over the Happy Fella doll, Jaune trails off into a "what the fuck", but Dexter's yelling startles her before she's able to finish.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Unwanted Guest" has an extended segment focusing on Kevin dealing with Skid and Pump dropping off a bar of "sugar" when they leave the candy store.
  • Delayed "Oh, Crap!": While watching a horror movie in "Deadly Smiles", Pump notices that the Happy Fella is missing, to which Skid explains that he went to pee. It takes them a few seconds to remember that dolls can't pee.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: In "Unwanted Guest", the two cops walk into the candy store after Skid and Pump leave, Kevin getting the tail end of their conversation where John reassures Jack over accidentally shooting someone. Kevin snarks at how "surprising" it is for a cop to shoot someone, at which the two glare at him. Kevin then realizes he said it out loud.
    John: It's fine, Jack. It wasn't your intention to shoot him!
    Kevin: Wow, a cop shooting someone. What a surprise.
    [Both cops give him a Death Glare]
    Kevin: (Thinking) OH NO! I SAID IT OUT LOUD!
  • Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?: While the Eyes of the Universe initially planned to do something to Skid and Pump, upon hearing about Spooky Month, it let the two show it the joys of the holiday, terrifying the Hatzgang and eating some candy before walking back to its home underneath the house on the hill. There are various points in "Unwanted Guest" where there are a pair of larger, four point stars amidst the stars in the background, implying Eyes now watches over them.
  • Disappeared Dad: Family photos in Skid's house have his father either missing or his picture torn off, and neither Skid nor Lila seem to care or be affected by it despite the troubled implications. If the occult robes and summoning artifacts are any indication, there'd be a chance Skid's family having ties to the occult had something to do with it.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: "It's spooky month" is pure Rapid-Fire Comedy with routine Sr. Pelo insanity, no narrative other than two hyper kids having fun and no real threat other than getting OOGA BOOGA'd' at every turn. Later episodes would seek to expand both the cast and the narrative into a fully fleshed out story. Skid and Pump are also referred to as "Skidd and Pumpy" in the original video's description, while Lila is voiced by Sr. Pelo himself rather than Elsie Lovelock.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Eyes of the Universe is a gigantic, bulging, and multi-teethed and eyed abomination residing deep under the Earth, whose influence is implied to affect the stars far above and is the target of worship for the local cultists. Skid and Pump befriend it in seconds and take it out for candy.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Happy Fella, who's done nothing but try to murder everything he sees, is absolutely disgusted when Roy tells Skid and Pump to give him their clothes. Roy has to angrily clarify that he just meant their sweaters.
  • Everybody Do the Endless Loop: The series' signature "Spooky Dance" is a simple three frame animation of the character rapidly shifting from left to center to right. Even as the episodes increase in animation quality, the animation for the Spooky Dance continues to just be three frames, because it's funny.
  • Everyone Has Standards: While the Hatzgang are a trio of bullies, Robert and Ross are prone to have a bit more sense and logic compared to their leader, Roy:
    • In "The Stars", while they still actively helped Roy bully Skid and Pump, they look very concerned when he mentions that the spooky house is "where [his] uncle takes [him]", and the cut back to them after the Spooky Kids meet Eyes indicates they were trying to explain to him that whatever his uncle was doing, it wasn't okay.
    • In "Deadly Smiles", they loudly protest when Roy tells the spooky kids to give him their clothes, thinking that he meant all of them.
  • Exact Words: In "The Stars", Skid and Pump break into Susie's room and use her computer before she barges in and finds them. Skid shouts 'Let's get the hell outta here!', to which Pump steals Susie's homework, a scale model of the gates to Hell, before both jump out the window.
  • Exorcist Head: Invoked and Subverted: while trying to convince Skid that Moloch is possessing Dexter, Pump tells him to turn his head backwards, as it's something only demons can do. He begrudgingly obliges... and breaks Dexter's neck, killing them both instantly.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing:
    • After sending Skid and Pump off to the house on the hill, Roy mentions it's the place his uncle takes him. When Skid and Pump burst into the manor in the next scene, a creepy stranger locks them inside and references Roy tricking them into coming, revealing him to be Roy's uncle.
    • When Jaune presents the Happy Fella doll she bought for Pump, it has Dexter's white eye, indicating he's already possessing it. Lila understandably begins to panic, and Dexter tries to break out the doll's box shortly after.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In "The Stars", Susie's room, which the kids broke into earlier, has a poster of a large monster with two kid-sized characters standing before it. By the end of the short, pretty much the exact same scenario is playing out for the boys with The Eyes of the Universe.
    • While walking out of the mall in "Unwanted Guest", Pump remarks that they should burn the Happy Fella doll they just bought to see if it screams. This ends up coming to pass in "Deadly Smiles", where they force the doll into the oven and Lila sets it to burn, the doll screaming as it melts from the heat.
  • Forced to Watch: At the end of "Unwanted Guest", Lila is rendered helpless as the demon Moloch threatens to kill her son and his best friend right in front of her. Fortunately, Pump (unwittingly or otherwise) dupes said demon into accidentally snapping his own neck.
  • Friendly Enemy: Frank's a kidnapper who abducts to sell for a ransom, but for some reason never dares to pull any such tricks on Skid and Pump, giving them safe ice cream and even a ride in the back of his van out of good will.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus:
    • In the original skit, when Skid and Pump are running down the stairs, you can see within the walls a skeleton wearing a wedding ring on one finger. The immediate next shot has a picture of Lila and Skid's father, with the wedding ring on the same finger as the skeleton.
    • In "Unwanted Guest", the quick scene of Lila slamming the phonebook on the table reveals a QR code on the cover, which leads to a post on Imgur showing off multiple ads from the phonebook.
    • In "Deadly Smiles", the various papers in Pump's toy chest seen for a brief moment have the pieces of a QR code on them, which when put together lead to an Imgur post showing a picture of notes Dexter wrote while he was possessing the Happy Fella.
  • Freudian Excuse: The leader of the Hatzgang, Roy, sends Skid and Pump to the spooky abandoned mansion and nonchalantly remarks "That's where my uncle takes me". Ross and Robert can only awkwardly shift away from him after thinking about it, and the next scene with the trio has Roy angrily ask "What do you mean it's wrong?!", indicating Ross and Robert tried to tell him what his uncle was doing wasn't okay. Considering what dwells under that manor and what kinds of people visit it, the implications beyond that are all the more concerning.
  • Fun with Subtitles: There are multiple official subtitles on YouTube: while most of them are standard and straight forward, there's at least one set per episode that have a lot more fun with it, spelling letters incorrectly, adding in its own gags and commentary (such as every instance of the word spooky being typed as 𝒮𝓅𝑜𝑜𝓀𝓎), or even something completely different from what the characters actually say. Be prepared to either watch one frame at a time or at half speed while constantly pausing.
    Pump: Let's go to the graveyard!
  • Gang of Bullies: The Hatzgang are a trio of teenagers with a fondness for hats and bullying Skid and Pump, first seen spitting in their faces and hitting them over the head before tricking them into walking inside a haunted and dangerous mansion. They get their comeuppance and meet the duo's new friend, the Eyes of the Universe.
  • Hair Color Dissonance:
    • The series' outlines are in dark purple rather than black, meaning every black-haired character is visually purple (the exception being Lila, whose hair actually is purple, and is a much lighter shade to distinguish it as such).
    • As Ross' hair is already black - er, purple - the highlights in his hair are instead drawn in a light blue.
  • Halloweentown: Skid and Pump are always celebrating Halloween around town and wearing their costumes even when the holiday is still a long way's off, believing it to be Spooky Month; even when others tell them to snap out of it because it's not October, Lila still reaffirms that it's indeed a Spooky Month so as not to disappoint them.
  • Ham and Deadpan Duo: In their short screentime working together, Radford is passionate and emotes immensely, while Rick is done with life and barely moves at all.
  • Hereditary Hairstyle:
    • Pictures of Skid without his mask show he has the same bob-like haircut as his mom, with hers going down the shoulder and his stopping at the neck. Lila purposefully styles her hair like Skid's because them having the same haircut makes him happy.
    • Photos of Pump's dad and one of his grandfather when his dad graduated college show them both with the same poofy hairstyle, complete with the same swoop in the back and a stray pointy tuft on the left side.
  • Here We Go Again!: Subverted. "Deadly Smiles" seems like it's going to end on Jaune bringing another Happy Fella to the house, but Lila freaks out and tells her to throw it in the oven the moment Dexter tries to break out of the box the doll's in.
  • Hollywood Heart Attack: In "The Stars", the kids pay a visit to Pump's grandfather and Jump Scare him by the front door so badly he's suffering an excruciating heart attack. The kids then let him know it's Spooky Month and the old man is back in spirits, doing the Spooky Dance while horribly cracking every bone in his body.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Be it horrible monsters or dangerous criminals, Skid and Pump are naïve enough to put complete trust and friendliness to almost anyone they meet. The fact that nothing short of the bullies or the creep at the mansion seems to want hurt them helps.
  • Horrifying the Horror:
    • Frank normally maintains an aloof attitude even when performing his kidnappings, but the Happy Fella suddenly coming to life and violently threatening to kill him causes him to panic, punch it in the face, and then risk being seen by the cops by throwing it in their car.
    • In the YouTube ending of "Deadly Smiles", the OOGA BOOGA Witch jumpscares the audience like usual, only this time with a Happy Fella doll. However, the doll then goes "ooga booga!" (with the same voice as the TV show one), scaring her into dropping it. It doesn't take her long to recover, however, as she jumpscares the audience again herself.
  • Howling to the Night: 'The Friend Call', which is Skid howling a monstrous roar into the sky to bring Pump over to him.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: After watching the second possessed Happy Fella get burned in Lila's oven, Jaune asks if she has anything to drink. Lila replies that she only has spoiled milk, which Jaune accepts.
  • Inconsistent Episode Lengths: The original "It's spooky month" was around a minute forty in length and solely focused on Skid and Pump doing various spooky things in the short time frame. "The Stars", "Unwanted Guest", and "Deadly Smiles" are a little over six, ten, and twenty one minutes, respectively, and feature actual plots woven in with Skid and Pump's shenanigans and even multiple perspective switches.
  • Insane Proprietor: The OOGA BOOGA Witch stars in the video announcing Spooky Month merch, barely getting her sales pitch in amidst crazy laughter.

  • Jump Scare:
    • Overused excessively in "It's spooky month", courtesy of the Witch who somehow always appears either in person, the phone, a film, and in a video game to scream OOGA BOOGA!. After being absent throughout "The Stars", she finally came back - trying to scare the cops in a police car as they're barreling right towards her, and is seen in the hospital in the next short.
    • Mr. Clown comes back in the Youtube ending of "The Stars" to give the camera a wallop with his mallet and try to steal the viewer away, Laughing Mad all the while.
    • The OOGA BOOGA Witch returns in HD glory in the Youtube ending of "Unwanted Guest", jump scaring after the credits are done rolling.
    • The OOGA BOOGA Witch appears again trying to jumpscare the viewer with a Happy Fella doll, but gets freaked out when it talks, only to then use that as an opportunity to give a real jumpscare.
  • Kill It with Fire: Dexter in the Happy Fella is taken out by the Spooky Boys trapping him in the oven and Lila turning it on, where he melts from the heat. Twice, since Jaune bought another doll that they then had to burn.
  • Latin Is Magic: The cult that resides in the house on the hill are heavily associated with the Latin language, from the vaguely-Latin chanting when John and Jack come across them in the Newgrounds ending of "Unwanted Guest" to the post-episode ARGs containing things related to them that need to be translated from Latin, which itself are related to the concepts of fear, the end, and the cult obtaining "everything".
  • Laughably Evil: A number of suspicious or outright monstrous people are offset by how comical they are, from Frank who's just as excited to do the Spooky Dance as he is to abduct children, the Monster Clown who lets out a really goofy laugh while bludgeoning people to death, the Candy Dealer who takes selling sugar as seriously as an actual drug trade, to the OOGA BOOGA Witch who pops out of nowhere to humorously scare people, including the viewer.
  • Lighter and Softer: Though not entirely without darker themes, Spooky Month is by far less deranged and less loony compared to most other works of Pelo, bordering on kid-friendly at times.
  • Mature Work, Child Protagonists: Downplayed. The shorts are rated "Teen" on Newgrounds and contain dark humor and horror, while the protagonists are a pair of young children.
  • Meaningful Background Event: Sometimes to build on a joke, other times for a little bit of world building.
    • Lila's an architect working from home, as seen with her schematics and work laptop. This is never addressed in person.
    • Skid's Disappeared Dad is implied with the torn up pictures of where he should be in the family pictures, on top with some of his shelves having cultist attire and gear implying his family's ties to the occult. In those same pictures, you get to see Skid without his costume on.
    • Mr. Clown stalks the boys in a scene after his initial appearance in "The Stars".
    • The OOGA BOOGA Witch can be seen staring at the viewer behind windows or standing around somewhere hidden in "It's spooky month".
    • In the night sky of "Unwanted Guest", two larger than average stars tend to follow Skid and Pump around, implied to be their new friend the Eyes of the Universe, befriended in the last short. Made more obvious in the credit reel of the short, with Eyes being one of the few character physically missing from the artwork - except for Skid and Pump being illuminated by his two stars in the sky.
    • Among the various missing person posters in the background of "Deadly Smiles" is one of Dexter, confirming that no one outside of Lila, Skid and Pump know he's dead. This poster along with a photo of him on the police station's corkboard also shows what he looks like without his gas mask on.
    • We get to see how Pump and Susie's parents gradually went from loving and attentive to being too busy for their children in the photos throughout their house.
    • A photo next to John's String Theory board is of him and a little girl, with a mug on his desk and a drawing behind him further clarifying that she's his daughter.
    • While the cops are handing the Happy Fella off to Kevin, a fire truck passes by. The prequel stinger of the short has a member of the Eyes cult break into John's house and set it alight to destroy the information they've gathered about the cult.
  • Medium Blending: In the advertisement for the second edition of the Skid and Pump plushies, the dolls are real-life photos that were turned transparent and pasted into the short, which then provides a very stark contrast when Lila picks up the Skid doll and starts pleading with it.
  • Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Parody: In "Unwanted Guest", the kids raise corpses at the hospital morgue to dance. They abruptly collapse when the worker points out that it's June.
  • Monster Clown: A large, goofy, murderous, balloon-holding totally-not-Pennywise clown appears in "The Stars", who happily tells Skid and Pump a joke. Then another kid comes to hear another joke and he bludgeons them in the head with a mallet and stuffs them into his burlap sack.
  • Mysterious Past: While Skid's house and implied life outside of the Spooky Month is always explored in detail in the shorts, Pump currently remains as just Skid's best friend, with the closest to a past being family photos of him without his costume on. This would later be subverted with "Deadly Smiles", with it being implied that his parents are sort of neglectful, with his grandfather being the main caretaker of him and his sister Susie.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • Skid and Pump shed their rambunctious, happy-go-lucky attitudes and are genuinely frightened when they get locked in the house on the hill with a stranger.
    Pump: Oh no! It's the stranger...
    Skid: This is not spooky, it's a scary!
    • When Dexter insults Lila, Skid and Pump become actually mad, calling him out for his treatment towards them while missing the full picture, requiring Lila to pull them away when Dexter pulls out a knife.
    • Skid and Pump along with Lila are genuinely dumbfounded when Jaune comes with another Happy Fella doll.
  • Ouija Board: Skid and Pump use an Ouija board to contact Moloch. He's summoned from the waist up and ends up stuck in it until he possesses Dexter.
  • Perky Goth: Lila's first appearance had a goth vibe going for her, with a purple dress and black eyeliner, but she’s sweet and a caring mother to her son.
  • Perverse Puppet:
    • The Happy Fella dolls are children-sized toys with a perplexing stare. A hidden advert has a concerned parent warning that their child's soul got consumed by their doll, and said doll is now out on the loose. Concerningly, the boys keep their doll at the end of "Unwanted Guest".
    • "Deadly Smiles" focuses on Skid and Pump's doll being murderously evil, with a now unhinged Dexter the exterminator being the one possessing it after dying in "Unwanted Guest".
  • Pint-Sized Kid: Most of the children in the series are half the usual height of the adult characters, if not shorter — this is exaggerated by Skid and Pump, who are respectively 8 and 7 but are shorter than a doll made for children.
  • Precision F-Strike: The series generally tends to avoid swearing that's any worse than a "hell" or "damn", and cuts them off whenever a character tries to say worse, so John directing an uninterrupted "What the fuck are you?" to the cultists is very noticeable.
  • Prison Rape: Referenced in "Unwanted Guest"; still believing the sugar Skid and Pump gave him is hard drugs, Kevin internally panics when the cops come by, thinking he's going to get sent to prison and have "[his] fudge packed in jail".
  • Rage-Breaking Point: Subverted; after realizing the doll that stabbed him belonged to Skid and Pump, Kevin looks like he's about to snap and fly into a rage, only to sigh and go "whatever".
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy: Befitting Sr. Pelo's style, there's rarely a moment in the shorts without some joke being attempted in either the foreground or background.
  • Rule of Three: Three characters attempt to say "what the fuck" over the course of "Unwanted Guest"; the first two were interrupted, while the third gets it out.
  • Running Gag:
    • Skid and Pump's catchphrase for basically anything they do together always starts with "Let's (go do whatever just came to their minds)".
    • The OOGA BOOGA Witch, who spends the whole first short delivering an absurd amount of jump scares and showing up in the background, including appearing after the credits to try one last scare. She temporarily retired after standing in the middle of a road trying to jump scare a car and got sent to the hospital.
    • Nearly everyone without fail won't resist performing the Spooky Dance when they find out it's Spooky Month, taken to its extremes when even demons, elder gods and dying old men can't help but cheerily dance.
    • Pump tends to appear out of nowhere whenever Skid summons him, first nonchalantly standing outside of Skid's house in seconds of being called, then hurling himself across the sky and landing in front of Skid after a phone call, and then rising from a grave planted in the yard in the third short.
    • A recurring joke in "Deadly Smiles" is people calling the Happy Fella doll ugly, with Dexter taking it personally as an accompanying gag.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • In "The Stars", one of the trending tags on Divver is "Pelodidn'tdoitontime", a reference to how the short came out in November rather than October.
    • One of the sticky notes on Lila's corkboard in "Unwanted Guest" is "Tell creator to finish the damn animation on TIME!!", a reference to how the short came out towards the end of November rather than October.
  • Sequel Hook: The end of "Deadly Smiles" has Skid and Pump walk past the TV just before it flicks on to a news report announcing that a cannibalistic serial killer has escaped from jail.
  • Serious Business: The Candy Dealer, a tall dark and trench coat clad figure who meets the boys outside the mall to smuggle some 'sugar' for him. When they get to Kevin at the candy store and give him the package, it really was sugar the whole time. The "serious" part comes in with an advert that can be found in a hidden QR code in the same short, with the Candy Dealer dedicating an ad to outcompete the store Kevin's in, and treats the business like a drug trade.
  • Sexy Santa Dress: Lila dresses up in one at the end of the first short, along with having a Christmas tree up... While announcing that it’s November. The boys need a moment to process it.
  • Shout-Out: There's plenty of horror and Newgrounds-themed references and cameos to be seen.
    • Skid and Pump play Luigi's Mansion together when they say they want to play a horror game.
    • The OOGA BOOGA Witch looks like a combination of the Trollface and Regan MacNeil when she’s possessed by a demon. She's also a parody of the overuse of jump scares and screamers, with her default face being one of the more infamous faces to be used also from Regan's demonic possession, most famously in the Scary Maze Game.
    • A doll of Jack Skellington is laying in Skid's room in "It's spooky month", and the boys happily exclaim it's "the spooky before Christmas" when Lila tells them it's November.
    • The pan down to Eyes at the end of "The Stars" shows the skeletons of Popuko and Pipimi buried in the dirt.
    • At the mall, toys of Peppino Spaghetti and Boyfriend appear on the shelves where the boys are shopping. Skid is also standing in front of a plush of Kirby, specifically when he's copying Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • At the mall, many cast members from the Touhou Project are seen browsing the isles, namely Udonge, Eirin, Mokou, Marisa, Reimu (first as a Yukkuri, later as a drawing), Youmu, Chen, Rumia, Sakuya, Cirno, Flandre and Remilia Scarlet. The hidden advert in the same short even has a Happy 25th Anniversary (Thank you ZUN) dedication to it. Outside the mall, Lila's closet has Kogasa's umbrella hung in it, and one of the various photos in the house shows Lila dressed as Patchouli Knowledge.
    • In the background of Kevin's candy store, a treat with the face design and color scheme of Ena sits on display.
    • In "Unwanted Guest", Skid and Pump doing the Spooky Dance attracts a bunch of hospital cadavers to rise from death and perform "Thriller" dance mixed with the Spooky Dance.
    • The end of "Unwanted Guest" has the kids and Lila watching RedLetterMedia's Wheel of the Worst on TV.
    • John and Steve appear as two hobos in the fourth installment.
    • The Happy Fella doll (which already showed up in "Unwanted Guest" and would get more focus in "Deadly Smiles") is a parody of the Good Guy doll from the Child's Play franchise.
    • "Deadly Smiles" has Nitori and Hina wearing Mario-styled hats entering the candy store as the Hatzgang escapes from stealing some sweets. What makes it special is the following gag: Kevin tries to throw a paintball at the Hatzgang but hits Hina instead, causing her to spin, which is a common meme in the Touhou fandom.
    • The moquette of the theater in "Deadly Smiles" has the pattern of the Overlook Hotel's carpets.
    • In "Deadly Smiles" Pump's room has collectibles of Courage the Cowardly Dog, Billy and Mandy, the Lament Configuration, a parody of Goosebumps called "Goo" with Slappy from the TV series on the cover, Baby Talking Tattletail and the Horseless Headless Horsemann among others.
  • Show Within a Show:
    • Skid and Pump watch a horror movie in "It's spooky month" titled Really Spooky - The Ooga Booga, featuring the OOGA BOOGA Witch scaring the bejeesus out of some poor sap.
    • Skid can be seen watching a Happy Fella show near the beginning of "Deadly Smiles"; it consists of a Happy Fella trying to make a sad guy happy. The end of "Deadly Smiles" shows the end of the episode, with the sad guy now much happier and friends with the Happy Fella.
    • In "Deadly Smiles", Skid and Pump pay a visit to the movie theater and watch Dioboloma, a horror movie with a scene one of the characters gets possessed and suffers a horrific transformation while trying to reassure another character.
  • Side-Story Bonus Art: On Halloween 2021, Sr. Pelo posted a picture of Lila taking Skid, Pump, and Susie trick or treating, featuring most of the cast decked out in costumes.
  • Soul Jar: The Happy Fella dolls are purposely made to absorb the souls of the dead, explaining why Dexter ended up trapped in the doll Skid and Pump bought. The Happy Fella's box even has a disclaimer that says "The doll is a vessel for ghosts, do not bring it close to a cemetery, abandoned house or kill someone close to it".
  • Spoof Aesop: Pump gets this one in "Deadly Smiles" after killing the Dexter-possessed Happy Fella doll with fire:
    Skid: Uhh, Pump, what did we learn today?
    Pump: That ugly possessed dolls are mean and they don't want to play with us?
    Skid: Possessed? What?
  • The Stinger: Happens after the credits of each episode, and they differ between the YouTube and Newgrounds uploads.
    • The YouTube upload of "It's Spooky Month" features the OOGA BOOGA Witch jumpscaring the audience, while the Newgrounds version has Moloch realize it's November, stop doing the Spooky Dance, and get slapped by Santa.
    • "The Stars" has the clown attack and kidnap the viewer on YouTube. Meanwhile, on Newgrounds, John and Jack notice that something's up with the spooky house on the hill (and also run over the OOGA BOOGA Witch).
    • The YouTube version of "Unwanted Guest" gives us the return of the OOGA BOOGA Witch after she had been seen wearing a full-body cast in the hospital. The Newgrounds version shows John and Jack interrupting a cult meeting in the spooky house, with Jack shooting the clown.
    • "Deadly Smiles" features the OOGA BOOGA Witch scaring us with (and getting scared by) her own Happy Fella on YouTube. On Newgrounds, John contemplates his String Theory board on the house before he and Jack go to get donuts. While they're gone, a cultist sets it on fire.
  • Take That!:
    • "It's spooky month" ends with Lila already set up for Christmas... on November 1st.
    Kids: It's the spooky before Christmas! [starts dancing]
    • The OOGA BOOGA Witch is a jab against how too many screamer pranks rely on the image of Regan MacNeil used in the Scary Maze Game along with the same stock scream effect from the same game, and at how cheap jumpscares in general are.
  • That Was Not a Dream: Roy passed off their encounter with Eyes in "The Stars" as a dream, and picks on Skid and Pump as usual in "Unwanted Guest". It's only when the cowering Ross and Robert mention Eyes that he realizes it did actually happen; he shifts into being just as scared as they are before snapping at Skid and Pump.
  • Too Dumb to Live:
    • In the Newgrounds ending of "The Stars", Jack gets excited when one of the thieves in the backseat mentions Spooky Month, and the two happily dance. Except, he lets go of the wheel to dance, causing the car to go out of control as John panics and the other thief just slumps in his seat.
    • In the Newgrounds ending of "The Stars", the OOGA BOOGA Witch thought it would be a good idea to pull off one of her infamous screamer pranks in the middle of the night. On an unlit road. Against a careening police car. The results were obvious, and she ends up in a full body cast in the next short. The video advertising the Universe's Eyes and Frightening Friends shirts shows she hasn't learned, as she suddenly appears in front of Frank's van yelling about how she wants the t-shirts and gets run over right after.
    • Skid and Pump don't seem to realize that a doll that can talk back to you is unusual. They agree to play the knife game with it and are only saved because Pump's sister came in.
  • Toy Transmutation: The advertisement for the second edition of the Skid and Pump plushies features a witch turning Skid and Pump into stuffed toys, with Lila implied to suffer the same fate.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Skid and Pump love candy in general. In two of the three shorts, the boys make an excited trip to the candy store to pick up some treats before heading home, screwing with Kevin in some way on their way out.
  • 20 Minutes into the Past: "Unwanted Guest" was released on November 25, 2020, but according to Lila's phone, takes place the night of June 17, 2012, so each short takes place about eight years before its release.
  • Vanity Plate: The ending of "Deadly Smiles" has a short animation of the Hatzgang running away from Skid and Pump in a tank, which turns into the Newgrounds logo when the tank is fully in frame. For obvious reasons, this is omitted from the YouTube upload.
  • Vocal Evolution: Pump's voice started out just as high pitched as Skid's, but each short makes his voice a little deeper on top on giving him a strange, nasally accent.
  • Wacky Sound Effect:
    • Whenever Skid and Pump run together, it's almost always accompanied by the harsh sound of metal crashing violently against metal, but the ground is no worse for wear.
    • "Deadly Smiles" includes many more sound effects than previous episodes — while most are simple sounds of characters walking or things being moved around, there are also plenty of silly ones, such as Kevin's building anger and subsequent resignation being accompanied by a tea kettle whistling and a slide whistle.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: Various pictures around the Wonder household show Susie and Pump's parents being very loving towards their children, only for additional pictures to show them becoming busy with work and eventually leaving their kids in the care of their grandfather. When Susie threatens to tell their parents that him and Skid were playing with knives, Pump calls her bluff because he knows they wouldn't answer even if she did call them.
  • Your Size May Vary: Character heights tend to fluctuate depending on what's needed for a scene, with characters being shorter or taller than they actually are. Best exemplified with Susie and the Hatzgang, where they're drawn smaller when in frame with Skid and Pump to better scene composition.


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