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Delayed "Oh, Crap!"

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Somebody tells you something that you later realize means you're doomed.

For example, say that Bob tells Alice their phone bill is very high. At first she ignores it, but then she remembers her bank account balance and freaks out.

Compare Delayed Reaction and Late to the Realization. Also similar to Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap! for when the reaction comes from their own words. Something of a verbal counterpart to the Double Take, and may often be combined with it.



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     Anime and Manga  
  • In Parasyte, when Shinichi is being hunted by Gotou, he suggests to Migi that they try running all around Japan with the hope that Gotou will eventually give up. Migi doesn't respond, so Shinichi concludes that he's asleep.note  Shinichi suddenly stops walking, remembering that he forgot to go to school. He chuckles nonchalantly, and continues walking. Then it suddenly hits him how vulnerable he would be if Gotou decided to attack him while Migi's asleep.
    Shinichi: (thinking) Wait, he's asleep? Migi?!
  • School Zone: Initially, Tsubaki is overjoyed when an announcement comes over her school's PA system that somebody found the wallet she dropped. Then she remembers she keeps voyeur photos of her own sister inside it and sweats profusely.

     Asian Animation  
  • In the Motu Patlu episode "Snow Man", Dr. Jhatka traps the snowman terrorizing Furfuri Nagar in his lab and increases the temperature to try to melt him. The snowman escapes, sneaks up behind Motu, and asks if he's dead yet. Motu responds by explaining that he'll surely be done for now... and then he turns around and realizes who asked him that question.

     Comic Books 
  • Disney Mouse and Duck Comics: We get a twofer in the 1962 Ludwig Von Drake story "Willing to Learn" where Von Drake, feeling depressed that he has no new things to learn, decides to challenge himself by teaching things to Goofy. After teaching Goofy chemistry Von Drake turns him loose in the lab to make a new compound and...
    Von Drake: Well, pupil Goofy, what did you mix up?
    Goofy: Oh, some of this an' this an' this! I dunno what I've got, though!
    Von Drake: Ahum! Glycerol... nitric acid... sulfuric acid! Very good! You have made C3H5(NO3)3!
    Goofy: I have?
    (Beat Panel when Von Drake realizes what that is)
    Von Drake: How did you happen to choose those particular ingredients?
    Goofy: Oh, just lucky I guess!
    Von Drake: Do you know what you've just made? Nitroglycerin!
    Goofy: Nitroglycerin? That's swell! ... Nitroglycerin?!!!

     Fan Works  
  • In This Bites!:
    • Akainu brushes off Garp's remarks that he vaguely remembers the name Baron Omatsuri, until the latter yells at him that if he vaguely remembers it, that means it was someone he knew in his prime, back when he was hunting Gol D. Roger in the New World. Akainu promptly starts helping search the old records.
    • While on the Rocketman, Mr. 13 and Miss Friday try to attack Cross again but realize too late that roughly the entire crew is present.

  • In Alice in Wonderland, Dodo gets a good idea to get a giant Alice out of the White Rabbit's house.
    Dodo: That's it, we'll burn the house down!
    White Rabbit: Yes, burn the house—WHAT!?
  • In The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, the Five-Man Band of appliances does a SIMULTANEOUS one when they are told of the destruction of the Planet Earth.
    Martian Appliance: We'll see to it that you get a ringside seat for the destruction of the Planet Earth!
    Toaster: Thanks!
  • From A Goofy Movie
    Goofy: A-hyuck, a waterfall. WATERFALL!?
  • In Young Tom Edison, a Morse code message is sent to the train via steam whistle.
    Tannie Edison: Mr. Nelson, they're trying to tell us the bridge is out.
    Mr. Nelson: They are. Well-well, the bridge is out. (beat) THE BRIDGE IS OUT!?
  • How to Catch a Cold: After the man uses sports as an analogy for the immune system, the man initially gets sidetracked and says, "Hooray!", but then he realises that the man is implying he might catch a serious disease.
    Man: "Hooray!... uh... pneumonia?!"
  • In The Lion King (1994), Mufasa is giving Simba advice on pouncing. Mufasa had already asked Zazu to turn around. When Zazu gets suspicious, he asks:
    Zazu: What's going on?
    Mufasa: A pouncing lesson.
    Zazu: Oh, very good. Pouncing. (he realizes he's the target) POUNCING?!

  • In The Absent-Minded Professor, Alonzo Hawk sees Professor Brainard flying his Model T and asks his son Biff what it is.
    Biff: Oh, it's just Neddy the Nut out flying his old Model T.
    Hawk: Say that again.
    Biff: I said it's Neddy the Nut flying his—(finally gets it).
  • In Birds of Prey (2020) with Roman holding Cass at knife-point to hold Harley back, both Harley and Roman need a second or two to realize what Cass meant when she admitted to Harley that the habitual pickpocket had stolen a ring from her. A ring which Cass shows hooked onto her finger — the ring holding the pin of a hand grenade Cass had stolen from Harley previously and had slipped into Roman's pocket.
  • In Death Note, Ryuk wonders why Light was ignoring him. When Light in the convenience store explained to Ryuk that the former has a feeling that he's been watched via CCTV which means no Apples for Ryuk, it took a few seconds for the Shinigami to realize what Light meant and reacted in sorrow.
    Ryuk: Nooooooooo!!!

     Live Action TV  
  • A Running Gag on Hannah Montana is that somebody tells someone (usually Miley) some bad news, only to have them brush it off. They then get the hint and shout "(what the guy just said)—say what!?"
  • This happens to Rimmer in the Red Dwarf episode "Backwards". While conducting the recognition test portion of Kryten's Starbug pilot exam, he has the following exchange with Kryten and Holly:
    Rimmer: (points to book) What's that one?
    Holly: (looking through windscreen) A time hole!
    Rimmer: Don't help him!
    Kryten: (also now looking through windscreen) It's a time hole!
    Rimmer: No it isn't, it's nothing like a time hole!
    (the camera angle changes to show a swirling orange mass into which Starbug is now heading)
    Holly: It's a time hole.
    Kryten: It is! It's a time hole!
    Rimmer: (impatiently) A time hole is a phenomenon rarely seen in space, which legend would have us believe transports us into another part of space and time. (points to book) Whereas that is quite obviously a blue giant about to go supernova! (points through windscreen) THAT is a time hole. (points to book again) Right, what's this?
    (Rimmer's eyes widen and he slowly turns back to look at the time hole)
  • Father Ted:
    • The episode "Think Fast, Father Ted", Ted notices a slight dent in a car that the priests were going to give away as a raffle prize. He attempts to fix it by gently tapping it, but his perfectionist tendencies lead him to getting carried away and he spends the next several hours hammering away at it until only a pile of scrap is left. He calmly acknowledges that it is an unfit raffle prize and then goes inside to think about what they are going to do about it. He follows Dougal's advice to sleep on it; but half-way through the night, this happens...
    • From the episode "The Plague", Bishop Brennan wakes up at the end of the episode to see Ted and Dougal seemingly bringing a large number of rabbits (of which he is utterly terrified) into his bedroom, then turns to see father Jack lying naked next to him. Ted assures him that it's 'just a bad dream' and that it will be over soon. The bishop (seemingly relieved) thanks the pair of them and returns to sleep; only to wake up screaming a few seconds later.

     Web Original  
  • At the end of The Nostalgia Critic's review of A Simple Wish, he wraps up his knocking of the film and Mara Wilson's performance. She appears on screen while he's talking to take him to task about it:
    Critic:: But I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of her movies! I mean, it's like everything Mara Wilson touched back then just turned to crap! I mean look at her, with her couch, her modern day haircut, her 25-ish year old body, her vengeful eyes that seem to be looking directly at me right now—AAAGH!
    Mara: Hello, Critic.
  • A moment from Dragon Ball Z Abridged has this. Dr. Gero is about to get help from his creations the androids to fight the heroes.
    Gero: Please, if you wouldn't mind waiting for a moment, uh, Tien, I have something I'd like to show you. (goes)
    Krillin: Okay! (hums happily) Ah crap, it's the androids.
  • Episode 14 of Sword Art Online Abridged, when Sugou starts describing how interesting he finds the Nerve Gear technology and how it deals with stats. What really sells it is how TERRIFIED Asuna sounds as she realizes the implication.
    Sugou: Well, I just find it fascinating is all. Increase your strength stat, and even a child could wield the mightest weapons. Increase dexterity, and you could move with the grace of a world class gymnast! (Beat) Increase charisma...
    Asuna: Yeah, Yeah, it would let you... (Beat) Oh. Oh no.

  • Happens in Avialae when Gannet seems to be calming down from his Freak Out with Bailey's confirmation that he's not having a Black Swan-like hallucination.
    Gannet: Okay, so I'm not crazy. I just have wings growing out of my back.
    (Horrified screaming from Gannet)

     Western Animation  
  • In the South Park episode "Pre-School", Cartman has this reaction.
    Cartman: Hey gaybots, what's going on?
    Kyle: Trent Boyett is being released from juvenile hall.
    Cartman: Really? That's cool, when did...(eyes widen) What did you say?
  • In the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode "Phone Home", Bloo brings home a man in a cell phone suit, thinking it's an imaginary friend, and gloats to Wilt, Frankie and Mr. Herriman about his find. When Frankie tells him what his "friend" really is, Bloo continues to gloat before realizing mid-sentence what she said.
    Bloo: I'd say you're jealous because I brought home the best abandoned friend ever! I'd say you're jealous because I brought home—
    Frankie: A man in a cellphone suit.
    Bloo: That's right, a man in a—say what?
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In the short "Draftee Daffy", when Daffy gets a call saying that the man from the draft board is coming to see him.
    Daffy: Oh the little man from the draft board is coming to see me! Oh the d-d-d-d-d-d-THE MAN FROM THE DRAFT BOARD!?
    • In the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Haredevil Hare", Marvin the Martian, in his grand debut, tells Bugs that he's going to blow up the Earth. Bugs at first seems uninterested, but as he walks away...
    Bugs: One man's meat is another man's poison, I always say. I mean, it's his business if he wants to blow up the Ear... Wait, what?... WHOA!
    • In "Rocket Bye Baby", Joseph and Martha do this before they open a letter explaining their baby is really a Martian.
      Martha: Who was it, dear?
      Joseph: Oh, nothing, just kind of a rocket with a message from Mars.
      Martha: Oh, is that all? I'm always afraid it'll be a telegram from Mother.
      Both: MARS??
  • In T.U.F.F. Puppy episode "Freaky Spy-Day", Kitty, in Dudley's body, wakes up unaware of what just happened. She gets a badly written note from Dudley in which he spells "brains" as "brians". Because of how badly written the note is, she goes into the women's restroom where the women inside scream and leave. Kitty looks at herself in the mirror and realizes what Dudley's note meant.
    Kitty: Brians?
    (Cut to Kitty entering a women's restroom and once again, the women scream and leave. She looks at herself at the mirror and screams.)
    Kitty: That lame-brian meant brains! DUDLEY!!
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy In "Every Which Way, but Ed", Ed accidentally flashes himself, Eddy and Double D back to the time one of Eddy's scams ruined Jimmy's teeth. Ed remembers what happens next.
    Ed: Oh yeah! Oh no... I just remembered the pain Sarah will now inflict on us!
  • Rubbadubbers: In "Farmer Sploshy", while driving her tractor, Sploshy doesn't realize that she was destroying Amelia the chicken's eggs until after she stops driving.
    Sploshy: Driving a tractor is so much fun! (laughs, but then gasps) Oh no! What a mess!
  • In the Simsala Grimm episode "The Six Swans", Yoyo and Doc Croc are flying on the swans when they were about to going to go into a waterfall.
    Yoyo: Where's it going exactly?
    Vincent: Through the water fall, of course.
    Yoyo: Oh, okay.
    Yoyo and Doc: WHAT?!?
  • Journey Through the Jungle of Words: When Groucho and Olivia first meet King Tut, Olivia freaks out, but Groucho is unfazed.... at first.
    "Big deal, so there's a ghost. .....A GHOST?!"


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