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Anarchy Dreamers is an Urban Fantasy Webcomic set in a world where death often means a second chance at life.

The apparent victims of a terrible tragedy, Tabbi O'Malley and her friends have awoken as a Dreamwalkers, young people whose untimely deaths have resulted in their rebirth and superhuman abilities. Walking the line between life and death, they can now see the physical manifestations of other people’s nightmares in real life. Despite their new abilities, physical changes, and memory loss Tabbi and her friends try to return to their normal lives as best the can, but with little luck... That is until a shapeshifting goose in 3D glasses offers them some assistance.


There are 9 issues as of January 2019, which have been collected into 2 print volumes. In addition to the regular webcomic pages, there's also a romance side series called Marshmallow Horns.

Anarchy Dreamers is a continuation of Koji Takahashi Stops the World