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A gameplay mechanic where the Player Character is allowed to rewind back time at any point in-story, undoing their actions during the previous couple of seconds. Alternatively, if the mechanic isn't justified in-story, the player must be able to decide freely when to rewind to, in order to distinguish this from regular Check Points (although Justified Save Point may have "time rewinding" as its justification).


Compare Time Master, whose power over time is much greater than simply rewinding it. Contrast Save Scumming and Check Points, which are usually extradiegetic (out-of-story) methods to reset the game to a previous state.


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    Action Adventure 
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time gave the Prince a magical dagger that would let him reverse time if things got hairy or even if he died. The dagger was powered by magical sand, however, so it could theoretically run of charge, giving you a true Game Over.

    Adventure Game 
  • In Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, a ghost named Sissel is able to travel back four minutes before peoples' deaths, so that way he can save their lives. If things went hairy, he could rewind time back to 'Fate Changes', which serve as checkpoints as he works to save the person's life.
  • In Life Is Strange, Max's strange ability to rewind time whenever she wants is the central fantastical element of the story. Gameplay-wise, it has multiple effects. It allows the player to try out different outcomes at critical plot points before committing to a particular story branch. In some cases, it can be used to restart a conversation with the knowledge gained by the previous play-through, adding new options to the conversation, making this more than a simple Save Scumming mechanism. Also, since Max (usually) retains her position after a rewind, this can be used for "teleporting", which is required for the solution of some of the puzzles.

    Arcade Game 
  • Time Traveler featured "Time Reversal Cubes" allowing you to rewind the game a few seconds if you screwed up.

    First-Person Shooter 
  • Tracer's main shtick in Overwatch is that she can rewind time at any point by a fixed amount. Since it is an online multiplayer game, time only flows backwards for herself, effectively placing her where she was a few seconds ago.

  • Elsword: Time Tracer (one of Add's job advancements) has the buff skill "Seal of Time". If he or his teammates that gets buffed with it get killed, they'll be resurrected with the same amount of HP, MP and other resources that they had when they got the buff.
  • The "End Time" dungeon from World of Warcraft makes time rewinding a major mechanic in the final boss encounter. Players have an hourglass with limited charges which will reset player positions, cooldowns, health, and floor hazards to the point of when the boss was first encountered. This, however, does not effect damage already done to the boss.

    Platform Game 
  • Blinx: One of the five ways you can manipulate time is by rewinding it.
  • Braid has this as a core mechanic: you can rewind time at any time for free while you attempt to figure out the tricky puzzle design of the game. Later levels also introduce additional mechanics, like items and moving objects that ignore your time reversal powers.
  • The Gardens Between uses time manipulation as its central mechanic, requiring the player to reverse and speed up time in order to guide Arina and Frendt through each level.

    Racing Games 
  • In the Forza series, there's an option during the races when you make a bad maneuver that the game allows you rewind your move until a point you can make the move again. Of course, you can disable this option for more game points.
  • Copying that option, various of the new Need for Speed games (especially seen in Rivals) also have the option of rewind part of your move if you got something wrong during the race.

    Stealth-Based Game 
  • In Invisible, Inc., you are given a number of "Rewinds" per mission (how many, depends on your difficulty settings). When you activate a rewind, your game state is reset to the start of the previous turn, and there is no limit on how many rewinds you can spend one after another. While not justified in-story, this feature is intended to help players out of mission gone FUBAR.

    Strategy RPG 
  • The C.H.A.R.I.O.T. system ('Combat History and Refined Implementation of Tactics') in the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre allows the player to go back up to 50 turns in the past on any of their turns. Doing so and taking a different action creates a branch in the timeline.

    Tower Defense 
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time: The Thyme Warp plant will "rewind time" when planted on the field, causing your existing plants and the zombies to get restored to full health and put all zombies at the front-most column. This plant can only be used in the Neon Mixtape Tour levels, however.

    Non-Video Game Examples 
  • The undo feature (usually the Ctrl-Z button combo) in pretty much every editing software nowadays is essentially this, allowing you to revert any changes to a document you've made recently.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: AD&D 2nd Edition supplement Tome of Magic. The Reverse Time spell causes time to go backwards for the caster and their party. Any damage or other loss the party members have suffered from their opponent's attacks in the last 1-4 minutes is negated.
  • The Omega 13 from Galaxy Quest has the ability to rewind time by about thirteen seconds. They comment that it's just long enough to undo a bad decision like Jason does after Sarris raids the bridge.


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