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There exists a world parallel to our own where magic exists and is wielded by the ruling class, but only women can use it. The only known exception to that rule is Amel, who not only is a boy, but a boy born into the powerful Espresso household with a prodigious amount of magical power. In order to avoid being executed for being considered "illegal" he must both hide his true gender and also travel to earth. The most powerful girls of every ruling household who have yet to come of age are tasked with traveling to earth in order to capture renegade women and monsters who are trying to hide from the ruthless ruling class of their homeland.


Things become more complicated when a pair of human teenagers learn of Amel's double-life, and Amel can't bring himself to kill them. Meanwhile, the less powerful girls conspire against Amel, and all involved begin to question whether their cause is a just one...

This work contains examples of:

  • Ditzy Genius Amel is very skilled at magic but completely clueless about earth
  • I'm Taking Her Home with Me!! Both Young-Hwi Kim and Cheol-Su Kim to Amel "Our own magician!"
  • Gender Bender: Amel is male and can take on the form of a young girl because he is an extremely rare magically gifted male. Such is forbidden, so his family goes to great lengths to hide his true gender.
  • Magical Girl: All of the girls who collect runaways get a magic staff and can transform into a special outfit for battle.
  • Non-Action Guy: Every man in the cast besides Amel, who is the exception to the general "men can't use magic" rule.
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  • Non-Human Sidekick: Amel has Aquila, a Giant Jungle Eagle. He can take on the form of a normal bird, but when he fights seriously, he becomes monstrously huge.
  • Punny Name: Amel's mother is Beans. In Korean, her full name is Espresso Beans.
  • World Tree: Amel's world is maintained by one of these, and for whatever reason, the girls catching renegades on earth nets them more fertilizer for their home territories. Without the fertilizer the land becomes poisoned, overrun with monsters, and completely uninhabitable.
  • The Stoic So far, Amel never showing any emotion no matter what happened

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