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Eating the Eye Candy

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"At male strip shows, it is still the women that we watch, the audience of women and their eager faces. They are more obscene than if they were dancing naked themselves."
Jean Baudrillard

There's just something completely gorgeous about that other character. The character just can't help but stare and drool over their gleaming smile, sapphire eyes, or any other attractive features. Even if this character declares that she Does Not Like Men, expect them to be unable to stop themselves from noticing how well-built that character over there is, and how compelling their eyes are... Sometimes their inner monologue will devolve into Purple Prose.

This trope is usually identified with Love at First Sight. Some cases may result in Distracted by the Sexy, eventually leading to Longing Looks once romance enters the picture.

Male Gaze and Female Gaze are related, but distinct, as they are concerned with how a work is presented to the audience (i.e., presuming the viewer will come from a male or female perspective, respectively). Eating The Eye Candy refers to a character's interest (which can, however, carry over into framing and presentation). Gender-inverted examples exist for both tropes. Subjected to Double Standard since Female Gaze doesn't carry the implications of Male Gaze: a woman who looks at a man sexually is more often than not written as "cute" (blushing and swooning), whereas a man looking at a woman sexually is commonly written as "vulgar" and "predatory" (making rude remarks and even hooting). Can be used quizzically in combination with Admiring the Poster, All Women Are Lustful, Bigger Is Better in Bed, Briefs Boasting, Chippendales Dancers, Covert Pervert, Female Gaze, Guy on Guy Is Hot, Long-Haired Pretty Boy, Lust Object, Reaction Shot, Male Frontal Nudity, Muscle Beach Bum, Shirtless Scene, Walking Shirtless Scene, Workout Fanservice, Yaoi Fangirl, Beautiful Dreamer and Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks.

A cross between Head-Turning Beauty, Ms. Fanservice or Mr. Fanservice and the Gaze tropes.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ah! My Goddess: Episode 11 has Keiichi getting turned into a scooter by Marller. At the end of the episode Belldandy and Urd turn him back human, but without any clothes. Both goddesses eyes immediately wander down with Belldandy blushing bright red while Urd grins with an interested "Hmm..." before kneeling down to his crotch level to get a better look.
  • In Basilisk, when Oboro and Gennosuke are crossing a very narrow bridge, we follow Oboro's gaze as she stares at Gennosuke's back.
  • Beauty and the Feast: When Rui stumbles into Yamato's apartment while he's sleeping, she finds herself attracted to the sight of his abs and ends up rubbing oil all over them to admire them more. At least until he wakes up and wonders what the hell she's doing.
  • In chapter 2 of Citrus, Yuzu eats Mei's candy when she and Mei go bathing together, fantasizing about her hair, skin and how soft it would be to touch her. Mei eventually notices her gaze... and advances onto her and asks if she wants to touch her as a tease.
  • Done with tongue planted firmly in cheek in Darker than Black, where Mayu gets a little too fixated on Hei — particularly his "delicious collarbone" — after a late-night rescue.
  • In Dengeki Daisy Teru steals glances at Kurosaki when he is walking around shirtless after a shower. Of course, when he tells her that if she wants to look then just look she denies it.
  • In the anime version of Dragon Ball Z, Princess Snake first stares at Goku for his body; she keeps staring, though, because of his table manners.
  • In the FAKE II, JJ does this to Dee and attempts to glomp him after a case when Dee is found shirtless. Dee is not pleased.
  • Matsuoka Gou from Free! does this with every shirtless guy in swim trunks she sees. She's especially fond of Haruka's arm muscles. She tries to use their muscles to recruit new Swim Team members in the second season, it doesn't work.
  • Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet has the Beach Episode, where Amy and her friends force Ledo out of his pilot suit. They then unabashedly stare at him while he's in his boxers, one of them even commenting out loud that he has a nice body. Ledo isn't immune to eye candy either, as he finds Amy's belly dance to really show off her curves, and so orders an encore just for himself. Amy is more than happy to oblige.
  • In Gunsmith Cats, after Rally's first encounter with Bandit Bean, she decides to investigate him, including sneaking into his apartment to gather information. Not long afterwards, Bean enters the apartment and takes a shower. Rally hides in his closet, and when he enters his room completely naked, Rally gets a good look at his package with a big blush on her face.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler:
    • Despite being a Chaste Hero, Hayate pulls this on Hinagiku. After his gaze lingers too long she chastises him for it, but she definitely enjoys the feeling. It helps that he told her straight up that he got completely distracted because she looked so amazing in her dress that he couldn't help but stare.
    • Notably, Hinagiku is the only one of his unwanted harem to get this from him. Even when seeing other girls nude, he turns away before they get their senses back enough to be chastised, he does blush after seeing (and then thinking back to) seeing Ayumu changing.
  • In the pool OVA from Higurashi: When They Cry, Keiichi has his "lucky" swim trunks ripped from him and ends up naked in front of Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko who all blatantly stare. Rena even fawns over his "Cute Sea Bear" much to his distress.
  • The Idolmaster: The audience of the Are We Live? show, particularly towards Azusa's outfit.
  • In Interviews with Monster Girls, both Machi and Satou find Takahashi's muscular and imposing physique to be absolutely ravishing. All of the monster girls enjoy being hugged by him, since it offers an opportunity to feel his muscles.
  • I Think Our Son Is Gay: Tomoko observes that her closeted son's interest in well-built men, whether on TV or walking down the street, is very obvious now that she knows he's gay and Has a Type.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Stardust Crusaders: When the heroes try to get to the cockpit of the soon-to-crash airliner they're on, they are stopped by a couple of flight attendants... only for said flight attendants to immediately get distracted by Kakyoin.
    • Diamond is Unbreakable: Jotaro has trouble getting Tomoko to answer his questions, as she's too busy observing him to pay attention to what he's saying.
  • Shiro in K when Kuroh rescues him in the first episode. He pulls Shiro into his arms and Shiro looks up and sees his handsome face, the focused look in his eyes, and his ponytail blowing in the wind. Shiro even blushes.
  • In Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Kaguya tries to get her Love Interest to join the archery club so she can see him shirtless and sweaty.
  • Most female characters can't help but stare at Aikuro Mikisugi from Kill la Kill, since he's a highly fetching nudist who tends to take his clothes off for no reason. In particular, during an otherwise completely serious and rather moving scene, Mrs Mankanshoku spends most of her screen-time staring intently at his crotch.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2016), the normally abrasive Midna can't help but give Link a once over when she sees him in his new green tunic.
  • In the first episode of Macross Frontier, it certainly looks like Ranka's subjecting Alto to some female gaze when they first meet (the Bishie Sparkle sets on so hard that you can hear it). Then she admits that she thought Alto was a very pretty girl until he opened his mouth. Alto is not amused.
  • Monster: Johann's handsome features are frequently commented on and checked out by a lot of people. Too bad he's the title character for a goddamn reason.
  • Moriarty the Patriot:
    • "The Tea Party" chapter, in which a bunch of a women are invited for a tea party at the Moriarty manor, and all of them drool over the Cast Full of Pretty Boys, even Silver Fox Jack. They're shocked that the rumors that everyone in the family, including the servants, is gorgeous are well-founded.
    • Sherlock uses this intentionally in The Two Detectives to bewitch his and John's way into Milverton's manor to scope the place out, happy to have John to provide the buff, wholesome blond to his darker bad-boy type to cover more ground with the ladies. Hey, it works.
  • One episode of Nagasarete Airantou has Ikuto taking a bath and being unknowingly watched by Chikage. She glances at his body, makes several comments about his attractive features and blushes while doing so.
  • Happens in the One Piece anime when Usopp sees Nami naked on Thriller Bark. Going by the camera's position, he essentially gives her an elevator look, from breasts to waist to crotch (though her breasts and crotch are mostly covered by Censor Steam).
  • Ash of Pokémon: The Series pulls this one on Misty when he meets up with her between the Advance and Battle Frontier arcs. Misty doesn't chastise him for it.
  • Psycho-Pass has a few. In the 7th episode of the first season, Akane took a really good look at Kogami's abs. The same thing happened in the second season with Togane.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Akane occasionally sees Ranma this way — broad shoulders, cute face, kind smile. In true Belligerent Sexual Tension style, it often immediately precedes Ranma himself making some spectacularly jerkish remark to her.
    • Ranma's other would-be love interests also do this; it's just much rarer that they get the chance to do so. Kodachi does this to Ranma the first time she sees him. Despite the fact he just, you know, knocked her out cold and almost caused her to fall off the roof.
    • When Akane sees a naked, male Ranma in the first chapter/episode, she can't help but let her eyes wander down there...
  • Rurouni Kenshin: In episode 19, the group is visiting a local hot spring. While Kenshin is bathing in the men's side he overhears the girls and their hostess talking about the plot and has an "Eureka!" Moment, jumping out of the water to go to the girls side to tell them about it, completely forgetting he's naked. A shocked Kaoru blushes while Megumi enjoys the view.
    Megumi: You're certainly well-built, Sir Ken!
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: While escaping from prison, Ban defeats Jericho and steals her clothes, leaving her in her underwear. When the other guards find her, she orders them to mobilize to find the prisoner as well as get her a new outfit. The guards spend several seconds blushing and staring at her before she gets pissed and yells at them to get moving.
  • In Snow White with the Red Hair Obi and Shirayuki go to tell Mitsuhide something while he's changing and despite his initial glare at Obi he keeps his door open and finishes changing while talking to them, even Kiki gets an eyeful of him shirtless. They all three thank him for the view later and Obi and Kiki say he has a nice build which mortifies him since he somehow didn't realize that they were checking him out.
  • Strike the Blood: In episode 21 Asagi gets possessed by Nina Adelard while showering. She steps out of the bathroom in the buff to ask Kojou for his help, but he's too busy staring to know what she's saying until he eventually gets a Nosebleed and tells her to Please Put Some Clothes On.
  • Yoshika Miyafuji from Strike Witches can be seen frequently staring at the nearest available pair of breasts. Usually Lynette's.
  • Studio BONES spoofs it once again in Star Driver: apparently, Midori Okamoto's Cybody has a fanservice mode. It backfires, though.
    "...did you seriously lose because you were watching him flex?"
  • Near the end of episode 7 the Hot Springs Episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, most of the gang beat up the beastmen who operated the Ganmen-disguised-as-hot-springs-resort. The camera pans across the cast... revealing that Yoko is peeking at the completely naked Kamina's butt from the corner of her eye. When he makes a move that would bring her into his sight, she blushes and quickly looks upwards. Shortly afterwards, her jumping up and down in victory celebration makes her top suffer a Wardrobe Malfunction... and Kamina immediately returns the favor.
  • In the 14th episode of Tiger & Bunny, Karina mentions that lately she's been having trouble keeping her eyes off of Kotetsu.
  • Saki, in the body of a child soldier, looking up at A-drei after he rescues her from drowning in episode 16 of Valvrave the Liberator.
  • Vampire Hunter D can't walk into a single town without half the residents attempting to undress him with their eyes.
  • Violinist of Hameln: Shchelkunchik has a very... painful... take on this trope. Basically, during a divination class, Shchel's crystal ball shows the whole class a humiliating event in his childhood that ended with him pantsless in the school pool with a water scorpion pricking his delicate parts. Everyone comments on how big and swollen it became, the girls most of all.
  • In Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest, Ms. Aoshika asks Inugami to strip in order to see if he has any wounds (and thus prove if he was the boy she met the night before). She doesn't find any injuries, but she's not exactly disappointed...

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • In Chapter 14 of A Song Of Ice Fire And Hearts, Sansa Stark and Myrcella Baratheon walk in on Roxas just as he's about to take a bath, and then proceed to spend several moments staring intensely at his naked upper body. Roxas, being a Clueless Chick-Magnet bordering on Chaste Hero, fails to understand what's going on.
  • Dorian invokes the trope by name in Twice Upon an Age: All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird. While staying in Redcliffe Village, he likes taking a daily walk along the shoreline so he can enjoy the "swarthy young fishermen" working.
  • Advice and Trust:
    • Since they got together, Shinji spends ogles to Asuka even more often and longer than usual.
    • In chapter 3 she is berating him while wearing a towel... and only a towel. Shinji has troubles listening to anything that she is saying.
      "I'm sorry," his mouth said on autopilot. A small part of his brain was concentrating on not dropping the hot pot on his feet, because most of it was trying not to drool helplessly over the way Asuka's long, smooth legs disappeared up under the hem of the towel, mixed in with memories of last night that said sight triggered. Stopping in the middle of things to take a shower had been Asuka's idea. It had been a good one; she'd suggested there was a way to save water... Wow...
      Um. She was still pointing at him and yelling. "You always apologize right away, but do you actually feel sorry?!"
      "Um." Nope, brain still off.
  • Ashes to Ashes, the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire fanfic, has May doing this to Maxie!
  • In This Bites!, Nami, Vivi, and Robin all rather enjoy how often Zoro ruins a shirt during his training and neglects to put a new one on. When the SBS gets a visual addition, the entire world gets to see this. Cross equates this as being Poor Man's Porn and has to blacklist several female viewers/listeners from calling in with racy suggestions.
  • Bait and Switch (STO):
    • In chapter four, Eleya watching Gaarra pumping iron in the officers gym. Note that Gaarra had been introduced as a guy Eleya picked up in a bar the night before she found out he was her new operations officer.
      He runs a few quick reps as a warmup, then replaces the bar, ups the weight, and starts pumping the iron with a look of intense concentration on his face. 'Course his face isn't the only thing I'm looking at— Prophets, get your head out of the gutter, Eleya.
      Nope. Despite my best efforts I can feel my nipples hardening against my sports bra so I grab my water bottle and leave the room. Maybe we'd best just try to avoid being in the gym at the same time.
  • Upon arriving for her sparring match against Sophie in Cadet Scrap, Kate, Sophie's girlfriend, takes a moment to admire both her shadowboxing and her looks, as Sophie is dressed in a sports bra and boxing trunks. She also teases Sophie about trying to use such an outfit as a distraction, as typical cadet boxing uniforms feature a T-shirt.
  • The Chaotic Masters: The Collector really enjoys how much of Raven's body is shown off by her leotard when she's not wearing her cloak, and openly admires her bared legs.
  • The Child of Love: In chapter 9, Shinji carries an exhausted Asuka to their room and helps her strip her clothes. When she was down to her underwear he stared at her for several seconds, wondering at how cute she was.
  • Happens a fair bit in Child of the Storm, partly (but not exclusively) thanks to the number of teenage characters.
    • Male examples include Harry trying (and failing) not to check out Natasha and Pepper, mostly succeeding at ignoring Carol in a swimsuit at the start of the sequel (or, as she wryly puts it, keeping his eyes above her neck), and Ron failing to not ogle Carol when she's in t-shirt and boxer shorts (and nothing else).
    • Female examples include Darcy and Jane ogling Clint's arms (the latter's in a relationship, not dead), Carol developing Instant Waking Skills when she thinks pictures of a naked Colonel Rhodes are a possibility, ogling Harry on more than one occasion (there is much mutual ogling) and her friend Monica ogling Harry.
    Monica: Some parts of him definitely come from his dad. That ass, for instance, is literally divine.
  • Beth in Children of Time, pretty constantly towards Sherlock Holmes, best summed up the morning after their wedding. Both are putting on clothes, and she tells him that he's not the only one "enjoying the show". Cue awkward blushes on both sides.
  • Children of an Elder God: When Asuka appears in chapter 4, Shinji spends a while looking to her while she leaves her giant robot's cockpit and washes the LcL off her body, and thinking she is a very beautiful girl.
  • In Colors and Capes, since Xander is Naked on Arrival he ends up telling Batgirl My Eyes Are Up Here. She simply agrees they probably are without looking up from his waist.
  • A Crown of Stars: Shinji is constantly staring at Asuka and thinking about how beautiful and hot she is. Another character also remarks Asuka he is always looking at her. In chapter 25:
    Shinji spared a second’s thought at how lucky he was that he found her sapphire eyes so captivating. The red bathrobe was clinging to all her curves, and the relatively loose tie up front was giving an extremely tempting glimpse of her ivory skin and cleavage, especially as she was now half reclined to start taking bites of the breakfast he’d brought in. Yes, this would probably be a bad time for his eyes to get caught diving between her slightly exposed breasts, that still had little drops of water clinging—Eyes UP, Ikari!
  • Doing It Right This Time:
    • Shinji is constantly staring at Asuka and Rei.
    • In chapter 2 the three pilots go to buy new clothes, Rei tries a new dress... and Shinji and Asuka can not take their eyes off her, noticing how the dress clung to her body and showed her curves. Asuka can not take her eyes off Shinji, noticing how yummy he looks when he wears nicer clothes:
      Asuka couldn't quite hold back a gasp. The dress was a deep blue that set off Rei's eyes and complexion wonderfully, and while it was technically quite modest -it only showed about as much actual skin as her school uniform- it followed and flattered the curves of her body almost as closely as a swimsuit. A pair of strappy sandals with four-inch heels completed the ensemble, doing wonderful things to the shape of her calves and...
      Asuka realized she was staring. She could feel her face getting hot and significant parts of her brain fusing together, but she couldn't look away.
      Asuka didn't have the mental energy to offer much more than the occasional noncommital comment as Shinji was coaxed into picking out some nicer shirts in various shades of grey and green, along with a caramel leather car-coat that made him look mature and sophisticated and generally yummy and damn it hormones make your mind up this is not remotely fair...!
  • Evangelion 303:
    • As soon as they met, Shinji took note of Asuka's beauty and hotness. During the party in chapter 3 he could not help to appreciate her backside and legs.
    • Even though they broke off, Kaworu still blushed when he saw Saburo's naked body. Kaworu felt mortified about it because he wanted to put that relationship behind him.
  • Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls: Despite herself, Sweet Cider can't stop eyeing up Lament and remarking to herself how handsome he looks even while in a malestrom of conflicting emotions while they fight. Only fitting, considering he is the man she fell in love with and married and even turning into an Arrancar didn't detract from his looks. In fact, she even admits to herself she likes the longer shaggy hair.
  • For the Glory of Irk: Dib does this when seeing his boyfriend Lor in a swimsuit on Acrilla.
  • The Forever Captain series: Mabel Atwater, the waitress Steve talks to at the nightclub where Howard takes him for his bachelor party, upon first laying eyes on Steve.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Germany and Japan could not take their eyes off of Italy dressed as Sailor Moon. They proceeded to gobble down that eye candy with a ferocity akin to hyenas tearing down fresh prey.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Shinji spends a good while ogling to Asuka when they take a trip to Okinawa.
    "You just want an excuse to ogle me," she grumbled.
    He nodded sagely. "Yes. I do."
    "Oh my god!" she exclaimed, incredulous. "You admit it?"
    He rolled his eyes. "I'm your boyfriend, Asuka. I'm supposed to enjoy looking at you."
  • In Discworld fic Gap Year Adventures, by A.A. Pessimal, young Assassin Mariella Smith-Rhodes professes to utterly despise her Guild peer Horst Lensen. She is noted to go very red and thoughtful when nursing him back to health after a near-Death experience when she is called upon to do things like, for instance, deliver bed-baths. She finds him abominable, based on seven years' prior experience. But she cannot help reflecting that he is also tall, blonde, attractive, and well-muscled.
    Hmmph. As if that was enough.
  • A Glass of Wine: When Asuka stretches her back, Shinji stares at her exposed midriff long enough for Asuka noticing it.
    Asuka leaned and stretched across the back of the chair, so that the bottom of her sweater nudged up and exposed her bare stomach. Shinji stared at it, a fact that Asuka knew only because she watched him to do it, which was of course the whole point of doing it.
  • After Goku gains a massive buff to his charm/charisma stat in Goku the Gamer, Bulma and Akane are captivated by how gorgeous he is despite no visible changes in his appearance.
  • Guys Being Dudes: Spark's disguise when he has to sleep at Team GO Rocket HQ includes some very tight pants, which Arlo evidently appreciates. Both halves of the main couple also spend quite a lot of time staring up and down each other's chests.
    • In The Wrong Reflection Eleya catches her Mirror Universe doppelganger eying Gaarra with a predatory glint in her eye that Prime!Eleya recognizes. Since by this point she and Gaarra are a couple, this annoys her.
  • Terra seems to enjoy Harry/Raven's form-fitting superhero outfit a bit too much in Harry Potter: Raven.
    Raven's outfit did show off his butt! And it was goood...
  • In Shazam! fanfic Here There Be Monsters, Taia likes watching wrestling, among other reasons, because she likes the sight of sweaty, half-naked, brawny men.
    As he vanished through a doorway, Taia debated herself a moment, then took his place in front of the TV, and turned it up a bit.
    She had to admit, that Gorgeous George wasn't as good as the wrestlers in her time, but he was just about the sexiest thing on this television device so far.
  • HERZ: In chapter 3, while Shinji is shooting some targets in the range, Kurumi stands behind him, ogling to his bum as he bends and moves around.
  • HookerVerse: Cherry Lipgloss did this with describing Critic's work outfit. Subverted later on, as more people view it as dressing like "white trash".
  • In crossover A Horse for the Force:
    • Padme Amidala greatly enjoys watching a shirtless Obi-wan spar against Ranma (himself in a tight sweat-soaked shirt).
    • Padme's handmaidens later watch Ranma spar with Obi-wan and Kit Fisto, one of them even recording it.
  • In the second story arc of Hellsister Trilogy, Kara spends a long while ogling to her trunks-wearing boyfriend Dev-Em while they enjoy a day on the beach.
  • In Chapter 9 of I've Got Your Back, Pearl recalls a time when she stumbled across Marina doing push-ups on Pearl's apartment's balcony in the dead of night, to strengthen her body after a Disabled in the Adaptation injury from about a month ago. While Pearl had seen Marina's bare skin before, such as from having to replace her bandages every night, she was completely captivated by the sight of Marina's toned, sweat-sleek body glistening in the pale moonlight. Thankfully, Marina never saw her.
  • Koi No Yokan: Kiryu is the eye candy, due to his Heroic Build being treated as the male version of the Most Common Superpower. Majima goes into detail about how Kiryu's shirt collars are buttoned too low and border on indecent. And then there's the neighbor lady across the street who fell in love with him; Kiryu knows because he hasn't yet put curtains in his bedroom (having recently moved in) and she's ogling him every morning.
  • Last Child of Krypton: When Shinji meets Asuka in chapter 2 he spends a long while staring at her, blushing and pondering what should he tell to such a gorgeous girl:
    Shinji resisted the urge to lean on his knees and pant, or brush the debris off his costume. He did his best to keep his eyes off Asuka, and he failed totally. Misato's description of her was a pale reflection, like the light of the moon in the ripples across a pond. She wore a yellow sundress and a ribbon at her pale throat and crossed long, supple legs in front of her. She met his eyes with her own, a deep cerulean that reminded him of the sky on a summer afternoon. Her auburn hair was like the sunset, held back on her head by a pair of barrettes that he recognized, after a moment, as A-10 connectors. Misato had told him she never took them off.
    Then the doofus behind her said something about biting his tongue, and she stifled a laugh. He couldn't help but smile. He was paralyzed. What should he do? Offer her a hand? Introduce himself? Say "Hi, I'm Shinji Ikari, and I can breathe in space?" He had to do something, to say something, so he did.
  • In The List, to counter the Slayers-in-Training attempt to get him worked up during swimming lessons, Xander wears a speedo during said lessons. By the second day, every Slayer-in-Training (and almost every woman in the house) attends the swim lessons to watch.
  • Long Time No See: Shinji stands staring at Asuka speechlessly when she greets him. Asuka jokingly asks if he is too busy with ogling her breasts to greet her.
  • The More Things Change: Ukyou catches herself staring at Ryouga in "A Training We Will Go":
    Ukyou looked up at Ryouga curiously. She'd never seen him so... calm before. When he wasn't scowling, moping, or being an idiot, she had to admit he was cute. In fact, he was kinda handsome.
    "Um, Ukyou? Something wrong?"
    "Huh?" She realized that she'd been gazing right at him, and fixed that problem by turning away quickly. However, the blushing wasn't helping her any. "J-just thinking, that's all."
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide Shinji often finds himself staring at Asuka for a long while, studying her face, hair, legs...
    Predictably, perhaps inevitably, Shinji found his gaze wandering away from the moving images on the television and focusing on Asuka's prone form, as if drawn by some invisible force.
  • Happens in The Night Unfurls, but with little to no Purple Prose.
    • Soren cannot help but stare at Anna and Grace's frames whenever they interact.
    • Original version:
      • Chapter 10: Bergen tries extremely hard not to stare at Olga and Chloe's cleavages. Emphasis on "tries". Chloe quickly notices and gives him a scowl.
      • Chapter 21: Sanakan bites her lip slightly as she is fixated on Hugh's lean frame, easily seen with his coat removed. The narration indicates that this is a sight she enjoyed, with Yurie even commenting that she stares too much.
      • Chapter 27: One of the kids in an orphanage that serves as Soren's childhood home stares unabashedly at Lily. Being a twelve-year-old girl does not stop her from blushing and finding her pretty.
    • Remastered version:
      • Chapter 7: As Kyril removes his mask to take a sip of water, which reveals a fair-looking face, Olga internally remarks that he would've been handsome had he been more expressive. She cannot believe she had that thought in her head. From how she quickly looks to the side after Kyril senses her watching, she probably stared at his face for quite a while.
      • Chapter 10: On the journey to Rad, Boris does his best in keeping his eyes off of Grace's features.
  • TD's improved physique is eyed up by Rarity in The Non-Bronyverse story Wanderings of a Non-Brony, which she ends up being lightly teased over.
  • Once More with Feeling: While Asuka is complaining to Misato about not being allowed to go to Okinawa, Shinji is trying to stop staring at Asuka's very nice top and very tight shorts in order to take part in the conversation.
    "Actually," he called out into the living room, tossing the hand towel onto the bench as stepped out of the kitchen, "I wouldn’t mind staying if Asuka went." Walking into the living room, he paused to swipe a can of iced tea and walked up next to a disbelieving Asuka - who was looking rather nice in a loose singlet top and very short shots that left little to the imagination -
    Focus Shinji, focus he told himself as he dragged his attention back to Misato.
  • The One I Love Is...: Shinji often found himself staring at Asuka and Rei, especially the former. When any of them wears a dress, when Asuka wore a swimsuit in chapter 5... he finds them very attractive.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Admiral Nimitz thinks this is what's happening when a whole crew from another galaxy appears to be ogling her, even asking herself whether she is attractive enough to both men and women to merit such attention. However, it's not her they're looking at, it's her Siren tattoos, which ends up subverting the trope.
  • A Peaceful Afterlife:
    • Charlie and Angel Dust adore Kira's abs. Even after Charlie and Vaggie make out, Charlie admits she wants to eat off of them. Even Vaggie admits that Kira is incredibly handsome, noting she's gay, not blind.
    • Angel Dust is more concerned when Kira's abs and pecs are cut up than he is with losing an arm and the hotel taking major damage.
    • Kira, unsurprisingly, spends much of the first half of the story boggling at Charlie's hands, her being the most humanoid thing in hell and quite attractive to boot. He gets over it completely once he starts caring more for her well-being than his own redemption.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Paul is shown briefly ogling Character of the Day Morana's breasts. Erika does so for twice as long. A couple of sidestories also feature some examples:
    • In the Kiawe Interlude, Lana is shown to enjoy seeing shirtless boys, and once tricked her classmate Frax into coming shirtless by telling him the class was about Alolan sumo. The Gladion Interlude also implies she might have a porn collection hidden somewhere.
    • The S.S. Anne Interlude has Ash himself getting a good view of Misty wearing different swimsuits, and she even teases him a bit about it. He ends up admitting that she does look good in them. A similar scene, on both sides, occurs in Chapter 31 with Ash, and Misty, Iris, and Anabel.
    • Chapter 36 has the main cast enjoying a day on the beach at the Seafoam Islands, and at that point, Ash is becoming aware of his female companions' physical attributes and feeling somewhat uncomfortable for the fact he likes what he sees.
  • Ruby Pair: Zim and Tenn do this with each other in "Heist of Doom", Zim being stunned by seeing her wearing the dress she's made to wear for the Duke's gala (especially when she has to cut a slit for better movement, exposing her bare leg), and Tenn being pleasantly surprised when his shirt is destroyed fighting the Duke and exposes a muscular chest.
  • Shattered Reflection:
    • Much like in the original game, Chrom ends up walking in on Rose naked in the bath. He stares at her for a long moment, before Rose decides to have some petty revenge and tease him mercilessly about it and sends him bolting out the room.
    • Shortly after the scene above, Rose walks around the camp for the first time in casual clothes, drawing a lot of eyes from the rest of the Shepards who take full notice of her figure.
  • Sixes and Sevens: Michael is immediately attracted to King Azzuri once the latter removes his cowl. Emily is happy to rib him for it.
    Emily: His majesty's rather fetching.
    *Michael nods.*
    Emily: He even made you blush, sir.
    Michael: No. Gower. It’s a...sunburn.
    Emily: *stifling a laugh* Of course, sir. What else would it be, sir.
    • Later during the story Headfirst Slide into Latveria on a Bad Bet, Victoria comes across Abraham van Helsing bathing in a river and notes how much more muscular he's become since they met and he started helping her defend Zefiro from vampires.
  • All the Amazons in A Spark of Genius when Xander uses an aryballos and stirgil (which involves oiling your body then using a dull knife to scrape it off) to get clean.
    Nearby Amazon: Holy Hera, thank you.
  • Stray does something like this in some of its descriptive passages, particularly when Adamska is being described, although the POV character is another man. The story also hangs a lampshade on it:
    '"Honestly", Otacon thought ruefully, "At this rate, next I'll be thinking about how big and strong and manly he is."
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: In chapter 8 Shinji sees Asuka wearing her Supergirl costume.
    He looked toward the source of the snickering, and his breath caught. Standing before him was one of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen.
    She was blond, and wore a red mask that looked identical to the one Power Girl wore, through which sky blue eyes peeked out at him. Her tight blue shirt made her not inconsiderable curves very apparent, and the yellow and red shield emblem with the "S" inside it on her chest only served to draw the eye to that area. The long sleeves disappeared into the red gloves she wore, but the shirt left her toned midriff bare. A red miniskirt was held up with a yellow belt, and soon yielded to a pair of lithe legs that, from Shinji's perspective, seemed to go on forever. A pair of scarlet boots completed the ensemble.
    And she was holding the huge piece of concrete, which had to weigh at least a few tons in Shinji's estimate, above her head as if it was no heavier than a pebble.
    The combination of the superwoman's striking good looks and her display of strength left the Third Child stunned silent. He could only gawk up at her stupidly. The little girl he was still loosely clutching was apparently no more capable of speech than he was, because she kept perfectly quiet, too.
    • As an attempt to justify having the muscle tone that her powers have created on her body, Asuka starts to use the NERV HQ's gym, and Shinji starts to use it as well to accompany her. Several chapters later (and a couple of months In-Universe), Asuka gets a good look at the muscle tone that Shinji is starting to get as a result of the training and is surprised at finding out that she's been literally mesmerized by it for a couple of minutes.
  • In Tealove's Steamy Adventure, Tealove really enjoys the view of Big Mac's muscular behind as he leads her through the forest.
    She wasn’t sure if her face was flushing from the run or from watching the newcomer’s plot muscles flexing and rippling. Not the worst sight in the world, she thought quietly, a smile forming on her lips.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Shinji stares at Asuka constantly. When they met for first time, he spent a good while drinking in her:
      And then she came into view, tall and proud, long red hair and a yellow sundress billowing in the wind, a blue ribbon tied about her throat while A-10 nerve clips were worn in her hair as both decoration and declaration. She radiated certainty and arrogance even to those not blessed with warp sight, and her eyes burned blue like the heart of a fusion reactor, filled with boundless fury and energy. Shinji wanted to drink her.
      So this is what lust feels like. I wondered when those hormones would start doing their job. If the Eldar had women a quarter this good, no wonder they blew up half the galaxy and spawned Slaanesh.
    • A short while later, Asuka spied Shinji while he changed clothes.
  • In Ultimate DCU Headverse, Linda takes Kate her home after she gets accidentally knocked out. As Linda is serving Kate breakfast and speaking to her, the red-haired woman zones out several times during their conversation due to finding Linda's low cleavage very interesting.
  • In Unknown Legends, Weiss has this reaction when Link transforms into Mikau. She continues to have this reaction throughout the entire scene, which is written from her point of view.
  • Vow of the King: Ichigo ends up functionally nude at one point during his bankai training. Candice and Bambietta get a lot of enjoyment out of staring at him.
  • Valkron repeatedly does this in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune concerning Iruna's chest despite the fact that she never wears anything revealing over the course of the story. He is well aware of this, internally reprimanding himself for it.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Almost any woman around Jaune when his rather impressive abs are on display. At one point Cinder dries him off with a towel and spends quite a bit longer on that task than necessary.
  • In X-Men: The Early Years, Jean's eyes are glued to Scott's butt, albeit she tries to be discreet about it.
    "Maybe just a little," Scott replied. "It's not like you said I have a cute butt." At that, Jean felt herself get a little redder. Damn her fair complexion. Great, just what she needed; another reason to get a glimpse of his butt.
  • When Izuku's shirt rides up after a workout in Young Midoriya, every girl in his class spends several seconds staring at his exposed abs.

    Films — Animation 
  • In A Goofy Movie: When Powerline's female dancers walk off-camera, Max's eyes can be seen looking downward at them.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon 2 Ruffnut is quite... appreciative of Eret's biceps.
  • In Mulan, Mulan's wide-eyed stare when Shang takes his shirt off.
  • ParaNorman: Courtney is delighted when Mitch answers the door wearing nothing but a Modesty Towel.
    Mitch: Uh... Can I help you?
    Courtney: Hell yeah.
  • In The Road to El Dorado, Chel gets Miguel and Tulio their ceremonial clothes for the celebration in their honor and then doesn't leave the room when they start undressing. Tulio notices this and promptly asks her if she minds, which she replies, "No." She eventually does reluctantly leave, but not without taking a good long look at them first.
  • In Shrek 2, after Shrek drinks the Happily Ever After potion and turns into a handsome human, he's ogled and fawned at by three young maidens — especially when he suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction.
    Shrek: Look out, princess. Here comes the new me!
    [pants fall down]
    Donkey: Uh... first thing's first: we need to get you out of those clothes.
    Maidens: [all gasp with delight]
  • Starship Troopers: Invasion: The troopers are discussing the need to watch each others' ass in combat, when a couple of female troopers walk by in their scanty underarmor, so everyone watches their asses instead.
  • Turning Red:
    • Mei gets doe-eyed watching a classmate named Carter do a dramatic hair flip.
    • After dismissing Devon the convenience store clerk as looking "like a hobo", Mei absentmindedly sketches a boy in her notebook who looks kind of like him, and gradually it sets in that she does find him attractive. Later, when she passes by the convenience store while rushing home in her panda form, she takes a moment to ogle him before heading on her way.
    • All the girls at the 4*Town concert cry intensely over the band when they come out.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 100 Girls: After he loses a game of Strip Foosball Matt ends up naked in front of Arlene and other girls who gasp in awe at the sight. Some of the girls even start fanning themselves.
  • Ali G Indahouse: Ali G's introduction to Kate Hedges is him giving her a stunned once-over before switching to an Imagine Spot.
  • Big Trouble has two situations where a teenage girl wearing tight pants is talking to some teenage boys, and explicitly tells them not watch her ass when she walks away. In both situations, as she walks away, one of the boys says "Are you watching her ass?" and the other responds "Of course!".
  • The Cabin in the Woods. On finding a one-way mirror in the cabin, Holden wrestles over whether to tell Dana, who is undressing on the other side of it. He decides to do the gentlemanly thing and they agree to switch rooms. The first thing she sees on the other side of the mirror is Holden taking off his shirt, which she clearly appreciates. When he starts unbuckling his pants though, she covers the mirror.
  • Captain Fantastic: Claire intently watches Bo doing yoga without his shirt at the rest stop, although part of this might have been out of being impressed by the moves he could do.
  • In Carefree (1938), Aunt Cora is very appreciative of Dr. Flagg's hunky assistant, Connors.
  • In Charlie Wilson's War, Gust Avrakotos is a short-tempered and impatient CIA agent, but is perfectly willing to wait for Charlie Wilson if it means getting to stare at Wilson's secretaries.
    Secretary: He's just running a little late.
    Gust: Don't worry about me, I'm fine.
  • Close Enough To Touch: Ashley (Tracy Ryan) watches and talks to a half-naked Brad (Sabastien Guy), fantasizes about having a lesbian encounter with Suzanne Henderson (Brandy Montegro), flirts with and hits on Jason Henderson when he's pushing iron with his shirt off. Eating the Eye Candy makes Ashley so horny that even after having sex with her boyfriend, Neal Henderson (Jason Schnuit), she needs to pleasure herself.
  • In Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, after Lola has just met Sam and he's walking away, there's a moment where the camera focuses on his butt.
  • In Deadly Advice, all of the hen's night are very appreciative of Bunny's strip act in Bristol. A similar thing happens later when he is dancing at the village dance.
  • Dope: The trio all stare at Nakia early on as she passes them on the sidewalk due to her good looks. It happens again with Lily later.
  • In Exit to Eden, Mistress Lisa can't keep her eyes off Citizen Elliot when she's swimming.
  • Kate McQueen (Cindy Crawford) is shown scoping out Max Kirkpatrick's (Billy Baldwin) ass at the gas station in Fair Game.
  • Fantastic Four (2005):
  • Far and Away has a scene where Shannon tries to ogle Joseph while he's undressing (without letting him know she's doing it) through the flimsy screen that divides their room.
  • In this scene in Feuer und Eis (Fire and Ice) Suzy Chaffee's constantly looking at the guy's butt and in her narration, she says that he has "cute buns".
  • Flash Gordon (1980) has Princess Aura ogling Flash as he's about to change out of his tiny black briefs.
    "I like you a lot." (soundtrack literally moans)
  • Friends with Benefits: Jamie and Dylan clinically do this to each other when they're stripping to have sex as Friends with Benefits for the first time.
    [Jamie takes off her bra]
    Dylan: [aloof nod] I can work with that.
    [he pulls off his boxers]
    Jamie: [eyeing his crotch] Should be fine.
  • George of the Jungle:
    • Ursula and her Best Friend Betsy gape at George when he steps out of the shower naked.
      Betsy: I see why they made him king of the jungle.
    • Later at the party, a group of girls is watching mesmerized while George is frolicking with the horses.
  • In Hidden Figures, Mary happily ogles any sexy man who catches her view, black or white. After all, she's a proponent of equal rights.
    Mary: I have the right to see fine in every color.
  • In Hunk, every woman who sees Hunk cannot help running her eyes over his muscular physique (which is often followed by their fingers and other body parts).
  • The film Infidelity In Suburbia has not one but two video examples of this trope mixed with Mr. Fanservice and Female/Gay Gaze involving the character Elliot Graverston who does it both unintentionally and intentionally.
    • The first video “It All Looks Amazing” being the unintentional example has the main character stare at a shirtless Elliot while he works in the backyard drawing up ideas to renovate the kitchen and even goes to talk to him to get a closer look at his muscular chest.
    • The second video “I’ll See You In A Bit” being the intentional example has Elliot join the main character in the shower and deliberately takes off all his clothes slowly to show off his naked body seducing the main character.
  • It (2017): The boys all stare when Bev strips to her underwear, first getting into the lake with them and then sunbathing. As she looks, they all turn away and look innocent.
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: Slow motion camera work emphasizes how Jay is quite taken with the beauty of female character Justice.
  • Lady Frankenstein: Tanya is very appreciative of Thomas' looks the first time she sees him.
  • The fourth Lake Placid movie has Elaine commenting that Brittany has a "great ass" after seeing her in a bikini.
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Lara sneaks into Alex's apartment while he's showering and confronts him while he's completely naked. She gives him a thorough once over before she leaves, complete with a Fascinating Eyebrow.
    Lara: [looks him up and down and quirks an eyebrow] Mm. Always a pleasure.
    Alex: Now for a cold shower.
  • In The Last Jedi, during one of Rey's "Force bond" conversations with Kylo Ren, she catches him shirtless after undergoing some minor medical treatment. She is sufficiently distracted that she orders him to put a cloak on so they can have their very serious moral conversation.
  • The Last Sentinel: Tallis openly stares down at her when The Girl, an attractive young woman, is topless sponge-bathing herself from a balcony behind her. It seems she knows and doesn't care either.
  • When she first meets Kal-El in Man of Steel Faora gives him a rather appreciative once-over. Later on, a US General notices his aide smiling oddly after Superman leaves. When asked why she responds: "Nothing... I just think he's kinda hot."
  • Margarita with a Straw: Laila can't help but look when Khanum is undressing beside her in the locker room before they swim, the first real indication we get that she's attracted to women.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Iron Man 2:
      • Pepper Potts tells off Tony Stark for 'ogling' their new legal secretary, as she's a "very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit" waiting to happen. Turns out she doesn't need a lawsuit to put men in their place.
      • When Natasha and Happy are driving to Hammer's lab, she changes into her outfit in the back of the car. Happy stares at her with the rearview mirror and nearly crashes the car.
        Natasha: Watch the road.
    • Thor:
      • It's pretty obvious just how much Darcy appreciates Thor's physical attributes.
        Darcy Lewis: [staring] You know, for a crazy, homeless person... he's pretty cut.
      • Jaimie Alexander, who plays Lady Sif, talked in an interview about this kind of thing going on behind the scenes. People on set agreed it was in character for Sif, but Jaimie did it because... well, if you've seen Chris Hemsworth for yourself, you'd understand.
        Interviewer: Yeah... so how hard was it not to just touch what Kenneth Branagh aptly describes as that "awe-inspiring chest" every so often?
        Jaimie Alexander: Oh no, I would always go up to him like, "Hey what's up how you doing?" slapping him on the chest. Sometimes my hand would linger a little too long, or I would stare at him and they were like, "That's okay, you're just in character." And I was like, "Yeah... that's why I'm doing it."
    • Captain America: The First Avenger: Peggy Carter tries to touch post-transformation Steve's pecs after the procedure turns him from a scrawny nerd to ridiculously buff, but quickly pulls her hand back. The moment was not scripted.
    • During an interview for The Avengers, the cast fully admit to being so awed by Chris Hemsworth's size and impressive build that they were reduced to often "just standing around touching him." There's even a .gif floating around of Robert Downey Jr. grinning like a twelve-year-old as he squeezes Hemsworth's bicep while Hemsworth just smiles and laughs.
    • Avengers: Age of Ultron: As soon as Vision comes out of his cradle, Wanda Maximoff goes from "You don't know what's in there!" to looking aroused as she checks out the naked body of the synthezoid who will eventually become her lover and husband. Later, while everyone's gearing up for the final battle, Wanda is shown continuing to check Vision out while he's conversing with Thor, prompting Pietro to toss a jacket at her to get her to knock it off.
    • Ant-Man has a moment where Hope van Dyne gets distracted by a shirtless Scott Lang's abs before remembering that she is there to tell him that Hank wants to talk to him.
    • Avengers: Infinity War: When the Guardians of the Galaxy rescue Thor and bring him aboard the Benatar, Drax and Gamora can't help but take in the God of Thunder's physique (Drax even describes him as "a handsome muscular man" and "like a pirate had a baby with an angel"), much to the jealous chagrin of Peter Quill.
      Gamora: [touching Thor's arms, rapt] It's like his muscles are made of Cotati metal fibers.
      Peter Quill: Stop massaging his muscles. [Gamora, self-conscious, drops the arm with an audible thud]
    • Avengers: Endgame has Tony snarking at Captain America's 2012 costume, while Scott says that Steve's ass looks great and declares that it is America's ass. After a brief fight with his own past self, Steve checks out his ass and agrees!
    • In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter changes into his Spidey suit with MJ in the room. She politely faces away... but turns her head and eyes just enough to sneak a peek.
    • At Omnipotence City in Thor: Love and Thunder, Zeus attempts to remove Thor's disguise and reveal his identity with a light flick of his finger, but accidentally ends up stripping him completely naked. All of Zeus's attendants (women and men) faint from the sight, and Jane and Valkyrie, rather than jumping right in to assist, decide they'll intervene to help "eventually", drinking in the view while literally eating grapes.
      Thor: You flicked too hard, dammit!
  • Mythica: When they free Qole in The Darkspore from a web, he's clad only in shorts. Marek and Teela can only stare in awe at the man's very buff physique.
  • In The Naked Gun 2, Drebin is fighting an assassin in Jane's bathroom while she's showering, then they accidentally rip off the shower curtain and notice the naked Jane in the shower and both stop fighting to gawk at her.
  • Other Halves. Beth and Devon can't keep their eyes off Mike once he removes his shirt.
  • In Out of Sight, US Marshal Karen sneaks into Gentleman Thief Jack's apartment in order to arrest him, but finds him relaxing in a bathtub. She eyes him appreciatively, giving him enough time to grab her gun... and then pull her into the tub as they begin making out. Then Karen wakes up and the whole thing is revealed to be her having an Erotic Dream.
  • In Pacific Rim, Mako Mori stares at Raleigh changing clothes in his room, until he catches her doing so. She quickly runs into her room and closes the door... and continues to watch him through the peephole.
  • In Picnic, lots of people notice how handsome and manly Hal is, like the other people going swimming, or Rosemary, who compares him to a Roman statue.
  • In Purple Hearts, LTJG Deborah Solomon is seen watching LT Don Jardian shake and thrust his hips and checking out his butt while he's playing a pinball machine.
  • In Raw, teenaged Justine's newly-discovered cannibalistic urges are directly compared to sexual awakening, exemplified in a scene where she watches a shirts-and-skins basketball game between her buff male classmates with a rather predatory expression on her face while blood trickles from her nose.
  • In The Scorpion King:
    • Mathayus crashes into Sorceress Cassandra's room while she was bathing just as she rises out the water dramatically clad in nothing but Godiva Hair and a knife ready for a fight. But instead he just stares at her until she calls him out on it.
      Cassandra: Well, are you going to try to kill me or just stare at me!?
    • Shortly after, guards start banging into the room and he escapes by jumping into the bath and draining the water and they both get sucked down the drain and eventually end up in a Wishing Well in the middle of the city. A boy is there making a wish just as the naked Cassandra rises out of the water right in front of him. He happily thanks the gods for as he enjoys the eyeful.
  • Samantha watches her naked neighbor shower in Sex and the City: The Movie.
  • The Smiling Lieutenant (1931): When Niki (Maurice Chevalier) is brought before the king and princess, the ladies of the court gawk at him. When he walks out of a burlesque show, the women follow him out. Anna (his wife) and Franzi (his girlfriend) commiserate on how damn handsome he is.
  • Smooth Talk: Boy-crazy Connie and her friends head to the mall to scope out and flirt with boys. In one scene, the camera pans to guys' butts after Connie makes a remark about them.
  • Snake Eyes. Navy officer Kevin Dunne admits that when the Defense Secretary was about to be assassinated, he had been Distracted by the Sexy sight of a buxom redhead. In a POV flashback to when Dunne was talking to her, the camera keeps dropping to the woman's cleavage.
    Dunne: I was three feet away from a known terrorist, and I had my eyes buried in some broad's tits.
  • Suicide Squad (2016): When Harley Quinn changes clothes in the middle of a military base, everyone stops to ogle her, including a female soldier.
  • In The Teacher, Diane is scoping out Sean's ass before coaxing him into her bedroom to collect his V - card.
  • Terminator:
  • Thelma: More than once Thelma stares when Anya's in a swimsuit and Little Black Dress, as she's quite the attractive young woman.
  • Top Gun: Maverick: During the dogfight football game on the beach outside The Hard Deck, bar owner Penny Benjamin is ostensibly doing bookkeeping for the bar, but seems much more interested in watching a bunch of fit, attractive young pilots — and more to the point her longtime love Maverick — run around with their shirts off. One has to wonder at just how much of that was Jennifer Connelly herself enjoying getting to see a ripped, sweaty Tom Cruise shirtless....
  • Transporter 3. Valentina maintains a sullen attitude towards Badass Driver and fellow hostage Frank, until the latter takes off his shirt to fight a gang of mooks. We see her smile in appreciation and their Belligerent Sexual Tension starts from that moment, culminating in Valentina forcing Frank to take off his shirt again for some Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex.
    "You think it's only man turned on by striptease?"
  • In Truth or Dare (2012), Gemma walks in on Justin changing his shirt, and drinks in the view of his muscular torso before making her presence known and commenting that he has a lot of scars.
  • Ultraviolet (2006): The head of research is seen giving a subtle once over to Violet as she exits the ultraviolet Decontamination Chamber completely naked and starts getting dressed. In the Novelization she notes, that all the staff are doing this through the entire procedure, but pays it little mind.
  • In The Unknown, several female audience members are seen visibly ogling Malabar's muscular physique.
  • In the Made-for-TV Movie Vows Of Deception, Lucinda (Cheryl Ladd) watches a half - naked Nick (Michael Woolson) clean the pool and admires his sweaty bare chest.
  • In The Wedding March, Mitzi is taken with Nicki the handsome cavalryman when she sees him on horseback in his full dress uniform. The camera follows her gaze from his shiny black boots all the way up to his buzzcut head.
  • Weird Science: Upon creating the "perfect woman" the first thing they try to do with her is shower with her. Played for Laughs when the scene cuts to Lisa showering and pans to the two that are still fully clothed in the shower, apparently too awestruck to do anything but stare.
  • Werewolves Within: After she's changed from her postal worker uniform, Cecily shows she has a rather large bust and dances around sexily as Finn watches with obvious interest.
  • What Lies Below: When Liberty first sees John, her gave lingers on his abs.
  • From What Women Want, among other things, the line, "Oh my God I just looked at his penis. I hope he didn't see me..." Of course, he does, and uses a quick adjustment of his pants to immediately draw her attention right back there.
  • Jennie Cooper and Sandra Roxbury are talking about Scott Nash while Laurie Jameson's making eyes with him in Where The Boys Are 84.
  • In With Honors, Courtney calls Monty into the bathroom to talk to him while she is in the shower and shaving her legs. Though his back is turned he can't resist checking her out in the mirror, and after leaving he remarks "Never wanted to be a razor so bad in my life."
  • Downplayed but evident in Woman of the Year (1942): Sam's first view of Tess is of her shapely leg as she adjusts her stocking. He's clearly impressed.
  • In Youngblood (1986), Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe) gets locked out of the locker room in only a jockstrap when he stumbles upon Jessie Chadwick (Cynthia Gibb), who gets some lingering stares at him as he tries and fails to get back inside. She eventually takes pity and helps him out.

  • The image for this trope page is the comic book version of the Anita Blake Vampire Novel series, in which the main character Anita often has problems with this trope seeing as about 99% of the people surrounding her are gorgeous supernatural men who want to get into her pants.
  • In The Belgariad, most of the story is told from 3rd-person limited perspective, from the point of view of the hero, Garion. Every so often it switches to his romantic interest, who often spends time watching him. There are some descriptions of his sandy hair (usually tousled) and how his face is "nice enough". Considering Ce'Nedra's Tsundere status, that says loads about how she feels about his looks.
  • Beware of Chicken: Upon Meiling's first visit to Fa Ram with the Xong brothers, she sees Jin with his shirt off and just stares.
    Gou Ren: Stop drooling, Meimei.
  • Jerin Whistler of A Brother's Price is among the most beautiful men alive. Thanks to the scarcity of men and the resulting broad inversion of gender roles, he's given predatory looks and unwanted touches by most women who aren't family.
  • Captive Prince: Even before Damen starts to like the Pretty Boy Prince Laurent, he is attracted to him and prone to staring.
  • The Case Files of Ibrahim Helsing: The Miskatonic Affair has Ibrahim and a bystander taking great interest in the physique of special agent Abba Kaatz while he's changing clothes in front of them.
  • This actually saves the main character's life in one of the Ciaphas Cain novels, since pausing to admire the view as Colonel Regina Kasteen mounts a spiral staircase ahead of him allows him to spot lurking assassin skulls before they strike.
  • In The City Who Fought, Amos's handsomeness turns a lot of heads. Even Simeon comments on his attractiveness, though with considerable resentment. Amos draws the line when preteen Joat compliments his ass - what kind of perverse place is this Space Station that children are lustful? He enters a relationship with Channa, Simeon's brawn, but it seems being so watched has got to him. After Simeon interrupts to tell them he's watching, Amos thinks any of Simeon's further attempts to get them together are Simeon using him as a kind of toy.
  • Happens throughout "Clockpunk and the Vitalizer" as an effect of Dolores's huge crush on The Vitalizer.
  • In Dragon Bones, Ward swoons over Tisala. He acknowledges that she's not what most men would call beauty, describing at length that her hair is short, her face and hands scarred, and her nose is, strictly speaking, a bit too long ... but he's smitten with her. Scars and all, she's so fascinating that he hardly looks at anyone else.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • This happens automatically whenever a White Court vampire is in line of sight. It's not voluntary, either; the White Court exudes a natural aura that draws everyone's attention to their physical beauty, both male and female. This helps them "hunt" their prey, drawing mortals to them so they can feed on their emotions (lust, fear, and despair being the big three). Its also deconstructed, however, when one of them, Thomas, tries to live a normal life without maliciously feeding on humans, as he can't hold down a job because his coworkers inevitably get drawn to him through his involuntary mojo and he gets fired when they jump his bones and his innate hunger for emotions takes over.
    • However, it is used for humorous purposes as well. After a bad fight, Thomas is left shirtless and strolls into the bedroom to find one. Harry notes that Murphy watches him and after being caught, she simply shrugs and says it's a nice view. Cue Thomas from the other room, "I heard that."
  • Fate/Zero plays around a bit with this. When Saber and Irisviel first encounter Lancer, the prose takes an immediate turn from standard to totally purple as it waxes rhapsodic about his beautiful eyes, his elegant features, the small beauty spot on his face that seems to add even more charac—Wait, beauty spot? Yep, it turns out that Lancer is the Heroic Spirit of Diarmund Ua Duibhne (who has a supernatural ability that makes all woman who see his face fall in love) and the prose snaps straight back to normal once Irisviel realizes the mind-trickery and overcomes it with her innate magical resistance.
  • Sôsuke from Full Metal Panic! is subject to this a lot by all of his admirers. His looks are enough to get everyone (everyone) to stop in their tracks and check him out. Even small part bystanders that never show up again (which is made especially obvious in the novels). One lampshaded instance is with Nami (from the novels), when she pretends that she's only watching him change clothes because she wants to make sure that he's an AS pilot. Lemon teases her and notes that she was just checking him out. Kaname is hardly immune, either. On the very first day, when Kaname complains about the New Transfer Student's weird, restless scanning and pacing, Kyoko suggests that maybe it wouldn't bother her so much if she'd stop checking him out at every opportunity.
    Kaname: Ugh, I hate watching nervous types like him. It so gets on my nerves.
    Kyoko: Then... don't watch him, maybe?
  • The protagonist of Garrett, P.I. has a particular appreciation for (ahem) savoring the view when a young lady walks away from him. Even women he knows are pure poison, like Rose Tate, can spark his interest with a lovely (ahem hem) back.
  • Narrator of The Hollows, Rachel Morgan, tends to get kind of distracted around attractive men. It even happens when she converses with the demon Minias.
  • In I Can Get It for You Wholesale, long paragraphs of Harry Bogen's first-person narration are devoted to his lecherous contemplation of Miss Marmelstein's figure.
    "I'm going out, Miss Marmelstein," I said, staring hard at her. They looked like the money, all right, but the way they built brassieres nowadays, you never could tell. Still, this looked like it was worth the trouble of finding out.
  • In The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence, Miyuki enjoys watching Tatsuya exercise shirtless. She feels embarrassed when he almost catches her doing this, although- being just a teenager- she doesn't quite understand why.
  • In Katanagatari, Togame doesn't even bother with a pretense for ogling the perpetually shirtless Shichika — she just tells him to sit still so it's easier to do.
  • In Marilyn: A Biography, this is how Norman Mailer tells us about Marilyn Monroe's fascination with the muscle boys while indulging in one of her favorite pastimes, which was to go to the muscle beach in Santa Monica "oppressively hot days" to to watch them lift weights in speedos and look at their smooth and hairless beach bodies, muscles and sweat:
    Such shamelessness at slaving openly for own beauty had to suggest possibilities for herself.
  • Night Huntress has several scenes with Cat commenting on how attractive Bones is.
  • Old Kingdom: When the teenage protagonist of Sabriel finds Touchstone transformed into wood, naked and comatose, she alternates between dispassionately preparing to rescue him, trying to be academic about examining the finer details of his body, and just plain staring.
  • In Otherside Picnic Sorawo constantly describes Toriko as extraordinarily beautiful, and gets lost in thought over her looks several times. The novels dedicate a lot of time to Sorawo's inner thoughts about Toriko's beauty.
  • When Anne visits Lyme Regis in Persuasion, a male guest at the inn pauses and checks her out. For Anne, who's spent the last seven years as a spinster who's "lost her bloom," the attention is rather flattering. The guest turns out to be her ambitious cousin Mr Elliot, who begins courting her as soon as he knows who she is. (It being the Regency, Kissing Cousins is not an objection.)
  • In A Practical Guide to Evil, Catherine Foundling isn't shy about this, especially when someone is particularly strong and fit, though she does try to restrain herself when it's someone she has power over. After Callow joins the Grand Alliance, it quickly becomes known among Alliance higher-ups that "the Black Queen has a roving eye," though fortunately most of them are either indifferent or flattered.
  • In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy takes the breath away from every female in Hertfordshire just by walking into the room: "Mr. Darcy soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien..."
  • Raybearer: At one point in the book, Tarisai watches Sanjeet spar topless and is obviously pleased by what she's seeing.
  • Rebuild World: Due to Akira growing taller, and more muscular (from training) over the series, he gets a few scenes of this.
    • When the tailor Celene is taking Akira's measurements for a custom outfit he ordered, she gets so distracted with this that she keeps sounding more and more like a pervert, but it goes over his head.
    • In one of Sheryl's Bathtub Bonding scenes with Akira, it's noted that seeing him undressed is too much for her and she reddens. Sheryl proceeds to use all of her Guile Hero talent to persuade him into bathing with her regularly, talking up the health benefits of the luxury bath she had installed at their Home Base.
  • Julian Winters’s Running With Lions sees main character Sebastian fawning over his Love Interest Emir, and the narrative makes every effort to pour over Emir’s looks from Sebastian’s point of view. One scene has Sebastian wake Emir up to go for a run, and as he gets dressed, he gets lines and lines of description about his sepia skin looking gold in the sunlight, his skinny but defined frame, tousled black hair and his “morning wood” tenting his briefs. Sebastian then later hopes that his bunkmate Willie is out of their cabin so he can have some alone time.
  • Sabina Kane: Red-Headed Stepchild has Sabina walk in on the nymph Vinca while the latter's watching The Lord of the Rings. Vinca's a little embarrassed to be caught watching a silly mortal movie, but Sabina tells her not to be: "That elf is hot."
  • Sorry, Bro: Nareh can't help but check out Erebuni and Raffi, since both are quite attractive to her.
  • Spellster: Dylan can't help but look at Tracker's nude, muscular body repeatedly when he's washing nearby in the same pool. Tracker notices this and flirts about it, to Dylan's dismay. Even when he accepts that he's attracted to Tracker and has sex with him, Dylan is still drawn by his naked body.
  • Take a sip for every mention Bella from The Twilight Saga makes of Edward's Supernatural Gold Eyes, marble skin that sparkles in the sunlight, or his overall beauty being comparable to an angel's or a Greek god's. You'll be blacked out under the table in no time. Twilight: Causing liver failure since 2006!
  • Jennelle's MO and introduction in Uncommon Animals. She's all but take a spoon to Rick.
  • Unnamed Memory: In volume 2, when Tinasha brings Oscar to a secret underwater cave for his birthday, she takes a good, long look at his shirtless body while he dries himself after swimming, all with a smile on her face. A significant moment, as for the first time she expresses desire for him instead of the other way round.
    Tinasha: So pretty…
    Oscar: What is?
    Tinasha: You.
  • Villains Don't Date Heroes!: Night Terror looks over Fialux's figure enraptured for a long time after first seeing her, noting all of her attractive attributes.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
  • From Almost Live!: "Great Butts with Wendy White".
  • Angel:
  • Arrow has become nigh-infamous for having shirtless Workout Fanservice scenes in at least every few episodes, particularly in the first few seasons. It's something the characters Lampshade often, with Felicity Smoak in particular. When she has a new Arrowcave built, Felicity makes a point of including the salmon ladder as she enjoyed watching Oliver Queen work out on it.
  • During the Shirts vs. Skins basketball game, Melana on Average Joe was distracted by the Hunks' (Skins) bodies after they took off their shirts. Ditto for Larissa on "Average Joe Hawaii" when the Hunks took their shirts off for the Shirts vs. Skins dodgeball game.
  • Jessie watches J.D. shower in the Baywatch episode, "The Natural".
  • Blood Drive: In "A Fistful Of Blood", Grace lures Arthur into the bathroom while she's bathing and seductively rises out of the tub to seduce him with her naked body (The audience only sees her Shoulders-Up Nudity and Toplessness from the Back). While he can't help but enjoy the view, he ultimately turns her down since he knows she's vulnerable and just wants Sex for Solace from him at that point and he's Above the Influence.
  • Bridgerton: The Sharma sisters, Kate and Edwina, admiringly stare at Anthony's white shirt goes transparent when emerging from the lake.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Virtually any time anyone takes off an article of clothing, especially when the guys have their shirts off.
    • In "Go Fish", Buffy, Willow and Cordelia assign themselves to the pool as an excuse to watch the swim team practice. They're pleasantly surprised when they see Xander in a speedo.
    • In the episode "Band Candy", Buffy stares enraptured at a naked-to-the-waist Angel doing Tai Chi.
    • In "The 'I' in 'Team'", Buffy checks out Riley in the cafeteria.
    • "Him" has a scene where Xander and Willow are checking out Dawn at The Bronze, before they realize who she is.
    • A weird example in "Never Leave Me", when the season Big Bad (who was taking Buffy's form at the time) has Spike strapped down shirtless to use his blood to open the hellmouth seal, she comments that she was planning to use Andrew to open the seal, but that Spike looks better shirtless.
  • In Castle the title character and Beckett have a history of doing this to each other due to massive amounts of Unresolved Sexual Tension.
    • In "Wrapped Up in Death", Castle had gotten attacked by an angry dog when they went to bust a criminal so his pants were ripped and Beckett watches his ass as he walks away with a rather impressed expression.
    • In a Deleted Scene from "A Deadly Affair", Beckett leans over the murder board to write something and Castle checks out her ass. The even more amusing part is that it wasn't scripted—Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion came up with that bit on their own.
    • In "The Limey", Beckett and Castle storm a suspect's hotel room and find him just stepping out of the shower in a Modesty Towel. Beckett orders him to hold up his hands and the man reluctantly complies, leaving his towel to fall to the ground and soon identifies himself as Detective Inspector Colin Hunt. Castle tries to cover Beckett's eyes with his hands, but she coyly moves her head aside to get a peek.
  • In the "Toni's Boys" episode of Charlie's Angels, Kris Munroe got really turned on in a male strip club when she watched male Angel Bob Sorenson take his shirt off and then watched a male stripper rehearse.
  • Charmed:
    • Leo is introduced while looking up the chimney for the girls' missing cat, leaving just his lower body visible. Phoebe walks in and joins Piper in admiring the view. After he leaves to put up fliers, they agree he has the finest glutes "in all the land."
    • In "The Witch Is Back", Hannah gives Matthew modern clothes to wear and she very much enjoys watching him get dressed in front of her.
    • In "Animal Pragmatism", some college girls cast a spell to turn animal into hunky men who naturally aren't wearing any clothes, to the girl's enjoyment. They also have no nudity taboo and casually stroll through the school halls in the buff, getting some appreciative looks from the female populace.
    • In ""Give Me a Sign", Phoebe has to be physically pulled away from watching Bane Jessup put on his clothes.
    • In "Ex Libris", Prue goes into the bathroom to talk Piper, who she thinks it's in the shower. But then Piper walks in the bathroom just as Leo pulls the shower curtain aside, giving Prue an eyeful of her sister's boyfriend who tells him he has "Nice orbs", before she's forcefully pushed out of the room by a jealous Piper.
    • In "Magic Hour" Christopher, who was cursed into being an Owl at night, first appears at the girls porch being chased by their cat and they arrive just in time for him to turn back human, without any clothes. Phoebe and Prue happily enjoy the eye candy while Piper tries her best to avert her gaze.
      [Owl is in the porch cowering from Kit]
      Piper: Kit, leave that alone!
      Phoebe: Bad kitty!
      [The owl suddenly turns into a naked Christopher]
      Prue: Oooh, good kitty!
  • Childrens Hospital: In "The Black Doctor", Cat comes home frustrated after being objectified by a guy on the street and Valerie suggest for her to strip naked to feel "empowered" and Cat enthusiastically agrees, stripping on the spot... and promptly gets objectified by Valerie who lustfully ogles her. She spends the rest of the episode naked in the apartment much to Valerie's glee. Ironically the men in the apartment don't even seem to notice it.
  • Cinderella Chef: Jia Yao is very excited when she sees Chun Yu shirtless.
  • On Community, whenever Jeff gets shirtless (which is often) there's almost always a shot of Annie eyeing him surreptitiously. In one episode, he even changes shirts right in front her when she says the one he already had "wasn't working."
    Random girl: I'll have what she's having.
    Annie: Hey, grow up, lady!
    Britta: Annie!
    Annie: His shirt wasn't working!
  • Devious Maids: In "Setting the Table", Spicy Latina maid Carmen is quick to take advantage of the fact her boss Alejandro will be out of the house for a while to enjoy its luxuries herself, including taking off her clothes and going Skinny Dipping in his pool, uncaring about doing in front of her coworker Sam who is too taken by the sight to properly protest.
  • Doctor Who:
  • On Dog Eat Dog, host Brooke Burns and contestants Lisa and Jessica enjoy watching Colin play Strip Golf.
  • On Downton Abbey, the arrival of Kemal Pamuk is greeted by Lady Mary dropping her jaw at his handsomeness and Anna, Gwen, and O'Brien congregating behind a cracked door to get a better look. Similarly, most of the downstairs women—plus Thomas—are quite cheered up when Jimmy turns up as the new footman in Series 3.
  • In the pilot episode of Eastwick, Darryl asks Roxie to build a giant nude statue of him to put on his foyer. She mocks him and says he's only doing it because he's Compensating for Something, and he responds by stripping naked in front of her, proving he's the opposite and leaving her in silent awe. She struggles to keep her eyes off his crotch for the rest of the conversation.
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Geu-ra-mi takes an immediate liking to Min-woo, her best friend's boss, and leers at him openly.
  • In the Emerald City episode "Mistress - New - Mistress", after Tip turns into a girl, Jack finds it hard to stop staring at her cleavage. A waitress advises Tip to cover them up.
  • Fox Sports: Based on how she's looking at soccer player Nani and as to where she has the camera pointed during this postgame interview, reporter Katie Witham's interviewing his sweaty bare chest.
  • Flash Gordon (2007): Flash does this to Bailyn at the end of "Pride" when he catches her taking an "oil bath" in his backyard. Dale has to physically pull him away from the sight.
  • Friday Night Lights: In the second season episode "There Goes the Neighborhood", Tami is telling her sister Shelly and her daughter Julie about the tornado that hit a nearby school, but they're too busy looking at Tim Riggins doing sit-ups to pay attention.
  • In an episode of Galavant, when Isabella takes a good look at a shirtless Galavant dousing himself with water, all she can say is "Damn."
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Ser Loras Tyrell's face shows great anticipation and excitement as King Renly Baratheon removes his shirt in "What Is Dead May Never Die".
    • Arya Stark can't keep her eyes off a bare-chested Gendry as he forges a sword in "The Ghost of Harrenhal".
    • Sansa Stark stares longingly at Loras' backside as he walks away in "Dark Wings, Dark Words", and Margaery Tyrell even has to gently snap Sansa out of her reverie.
    • In "The Lion and the Rose", at King Joffrey's wedding reception, Oberyn Martell and his lover Ellaria Sand pause to enjoy the sight of a very supple contortionist performer. And later, he and Loras exchange a smoldering gaze which can only be interpreted as, "I want to eat you for dessert tonight."
    • Brienne is not most people's idea of eye candy, but try telling that to Tormund!
    • In "Mockingbird", Dany seems very appreciative of Daario's package when he strips naked in front of her.
    • Littlefinger clearly approves of Sansa in her black dress in "The Mountain and the Viper".
    • In "The Wars to Come", Margaery walks in on her brother Loras and Olyvar gettin' busy. While she's understandably unfazed by her brother's nudity, she does seem to appreciate Olyvar's butt.
    • After their brief wedding night, a tuckered out Tommen still enjoys the sight of Margaery's Toplessness from the Back as she climbs out of bed in "High Sparrow".
  • One episode of Grey's Anatomy has April stare at Jackson while he is changing his shirt. She can't remember what she was talking about.
  • Growing Pains: Both boys and girls in the early seasons have few qualms about ogling attractive members of the opposite sex, although some memorable examples are only described secondhand and not shown.
    • In multiple episodes, Carol's friends Debbie and Shelly are unapologetic about how they like to lustfully watch members of the boys swim and basketball teams practicing for their sports.
    • In "A Star is Born", Carol refers to the leading lady in the School Play as "Monica 'Draws a Crowd in her Gym Shorts' Shackleford" while explaining Mike's eagerness to play the male lead in the play.
  • In a second season episode of Hannah Montana, Miley gazes (there's a spotlight and everything) at a boy named Trey, whom she later thinks is "the one". Of course, Trey is never seen again after that episode, save a brief mention in an episode or two later saying that they had broken up.
  • Horatio Hornblower: Nearly every male character fancies the Duchess of Wharfedale who is an older yet very sexy and cheeky woman. Sailor Styles starts describing her hotness to Mr. Hornblower, an Acting Lieutenant who is in command of a prize ship and supposed to give Her Grace a passage home to England. Hornblower has to stop the excited Styles from gushing.
    Styles: Captain Pellew's coming aboard, sir. And, uh, a lady, sir. Nice dress, sir; good-looking.
    Hornblower: Don't froth at the mouth, Styles. You've seen a woman before, man.
    Styles: Not in six bloody months, I haven't.
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022): There are plenty of moments when Lestat de Lioncourt is mentally undressing Louis de Pointe du Lac with his eyes. Lestat is bisexual and licentious, so he often throws lustful glances to whomever he finds attractive.
  • Jack of All Trades: In "Monkey Business", while trying to find the location of a hidden idol they're competing over, Jack barges in on Emilia while she's taking a bubble bath and invokes Defeat by Modesty by starting to drain the tub to get her to confess. As the water rapidly drains and exposes more of her, she tells him it's under her bed... but he stays there staring at her until she angrily splashes him and he hurries off. She has the last laugh when he finds naught but a bunch of mouse-traps under her bed, and she was bathing with the idol the whole time.
  • Legend of the Seeker:
    • In "Elixir", Richard does this to Kahlan when he accidentally walks on her taking a Waterfall Shower. He stares long enough that not only she notices him, but she has to yell at him for him to realize their horses are being stolen right behind him.
    • In "Mirror," a thief (disguised as Kahlan via a magical mirror) hatches a plan to steal Richard's Cool Sword by using "The one tool that the Seeker is defenseless against". Which is walking up to him in a lake and takes off her dress. She strolls nude past him towards the water, which his eyes following her all the way. When she successfully convinces him to go Skinny Dipping with her and he starts undressing, even Impostor Kahlan isn't immune to the sight and watches him strip appreciatively.
  • Lois & Clark has a Sexy Silhouette scene where both Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain mutually flabbergasted each other while changing clothes. Clark pops his cork, while Lois drips a little puddle onto the floor. We're talking about the champagne, of course.
  • Lost Girl has several examples.
    • In the very first episode "It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World", Lauren is not entirely professional when examining the naked Bo, with her eyes lingering on her much more than necessary.
    • Used as Ship Tease when Kenzi is distracted by Hale's abs in "Death Didn't Become Him". It's also a pretty hilarious moment since she is all but devouring him with her eyes.
    • In "Caged Fae", Bo is the target of a lot of lecherous stares from the female guards during her time in Hecuba. Like being surrounded by leering guards while she's showering and the Warden purposively giving her a Stripperiffic outfit to scrub the floors of her office so that she can spend time ogling Bo.
    • In "Hail, Hale", Bo's relaxing bubble bath is interrupted by Tamsin walking on her. Bo is startled and stands up in the tub with a knife in hand. Tamsin enjoys the sight, before asking if Bo always bathes with a weapon.
    • In "Groundhog Fae", Bo washing her car and getting soaked and covered in soap while Lauren and Dyson look on. Also funny that Lauren has completely forgotten about the ice cream cone that is dripping down her wrist. Also also funny because Lauren sees Bo first, and invites Dyson to Eat the Eye Candy with her!
  • Lucifer:
    • In "Manly Whatnots", Lucifer enjoys an eyeful of Chloe when her Modesty Towel slips to the floor after he interrupts her shower by breaking into her apartment. Lucifer later decides to make it "tit for tat" for Chloe and greets her completely naked in his apartment. Chloe has a hard time keeping her eyes off him, despite being adamant about not being even remotely interested in him in a sexual way.
    • In "Candy Morningstar", everyone is flummoxed when Lucifer turns up with a ditzy blonde stripper that he's just married. Except for Maze, who's shown openly checking out Candy's ass as she bends over a table to do her makeup.
      Maze: Awesome. Lucifer has outdone himself.
  • Major Crimes episode "Cutting Loose" features Luke Perry as someone involved in the Mystery of the Week. Deputy District Attorney Andrea Hobbs spends almost the entire episode being distracted by him and openly exclaiming how attractive she finds him, to the amusement of the rest of the characters.
  • Merlin: In "A Servant of Two Masters", after Gwen stops a Brainwashed and Crazy Merlin from assassinating Arthur in his bath just as he emerges from behind the screen in his birthday suit. Gwen's eyes noticeable slip southward while Arthur has a Naked Freak-Out and uses a pillow to cover himself. Gwen can barely blabber an awkward excuse for her being there.
  • Midsomer Murders: In "The Witches of Angel Ridge", suspect Sally-Ann accidentally throws a bucket of water on DCI Winter and his white dress shirt is immediately soaked through, Sally stands and takes in his visible chest and ab muscles. In the next scene Sally-Ann's business partner Sarah does not hide it either as she also stares at Winter's visible chest making him uncomfortable.
  • My Name Is Earl had Joy look amazing due to her clothing choices, while the characters mostly ignored it, because that was just how Joy was. But Randy was often dumbstruck and openly staring when Catalina danced around the room, and especially when she wore a bikini around the pool.
  • My World… and Welcome to It: When comely new widow Mrs. Bessinger moves next door to John in "The Middle Years," he ogles her from his studio window while she's sunbathing. Later, things degenerate further into Naughty Birdwatching, when John uses binoculars to gawk at her.
  • The Nanny: In the "Maggie's Boyfriend" episode, Fran and Maggie are seen looking at Maggie's boyfriend Michael's butt.
  • NHL on Sportsnet: Christine Simpson is undressing Jiri Fischer with her eyes in this interview with him.
  • On the NRL Footy Show, Erin Molen is enthusiastic about Beau Ryan of the Cornulla-Sutherland Sharks doing the show in the nude.NSFW
  • One Big Happy: Lizzy's reaction when she meets her Best Friend's girlfriend Prudence when she bumps into her naked in her kitchen. Lizzy finds difficult to stop staring and concentrate on the conversation.
  • One Life to Live: In one scene Dani's watching a shirtless and sweaty Matthew work out and she fantasizes about pouncing on him.
  • One Tree Hill:
    • In "Lifetime Piling Up", Brooke does this to Nathan when she intrudes on him showering.
    Brooke: So I guess the rumors are true, Mr. Size 14.
    • In "Deep Ocean Vast Sea", after one of Nathan's shots is canceled abruptly and the Modesty Towel he's wearing is snatched away from him, his female co-star Kylie stares appreciatively and quips "What a pity, I just found my motivation."
    • In "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You...", Quinn gets locked out of a cabin in a bikini and is forced to walk to the diner to retrieve the key from Clay, ignoring the many appreciative looks she gets on the way.
  • The Outpost: Gwynn can't help but look at Tobin as he's practicing sword-fighting while shirtless, despite her reluctance to marry him.
  • Argentine Telenovela Padre Coraje has fifties-girl Clara enjoying the view of buff, sweaty Coraje chopping wood with only his wifebeater on. Only, she still thinks he's a priest, and Hilarity Ensues when she realized he noticed her watching.
  • On the short-lived serial Pasadena, Catherine McAllister (Dana Delany) can't keep her eyes off Henry Bellows (Alan Simpson). In this scene from the "Henry's Secret'' episode, at the McAllier's pool, after Henry takes his shirt off, Catherine asks Henry if he'd like to borrow a pair of trunks as an excuse to look at his lithe, young body; she then takes another look at his body when she goes in to get Henry and Lily (Alison Lohman) some lemonade. In the following episode, "Hostile Environment", after Catherine watches him get undressed for bed. After Henry turns around to climb into bed, Catherine scopes out his ass in this scene.
  • On Passions, Sheridan gets an eyeful of Luis' naked body when he comes out of the shower.
  • Pretty Little Liars:
    • In "The Bad Seed", Hanna has to climb into the shower with Caleb so she can pretend she's the one showering and hide him from her mom. As he turns around, she sneaks a peek downwards and likes what she sees.
    • In "It Happened 'That Night" Toby showers at Spencer's room because the plumbing at the loft he moved into is broken. When he comes into her room wearing only a towel Spencer starts ogling him and tells him she can hardly remember why she had said she wanted to wait to have sex.
    • In "Never Letting Go" Samara seems to be nervously enjoying the view of Emily as her Dress Hitsfloor and she starts getting dressed in front of her.
  • The 1995 BBC miniseries adaptation of Pride and Prejudice admired Mr. Darcy a lot. There was lots of camera time devoted to Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy riding horseback, bathing, swimming, or casting smoldering gazes around. Even ladies in-universe liked it. Colin Firth was a lust object for BBC female viewers due to one particular scene: Having a swim and "Mr. Darcy! Your breeches!" It reached Memetic Mutation levels.
  • The Professionals. Used as a Chekhov's Gun in "A Hiding to Nothing". After a female terrorist is shot, Bodie is sent to investigate her roommate at the flat she was staying in, and enjoys the sight when she bends over in tight patterned jeans to pick something up. Bodie decides she's innocent of any involvement, but later while guarding a Vulnerable Convoy recognises those same patterned jeans on a woman standing with her back to them by the side of the road, and realises they're about to be ambushed.
  • The Quantum Leap (2022) episode "Salvation or Bust" has Ben's hologram Addison — who is also his fiancée back in the present — really admiring the sight of him in his leapee's Western duds.
  • The hosts of Queer Eye liked to do this — loudly — to their straight-guy makeover subjects, both for laughs and to serve the larger purpose of making them feel more attractive.
    • In the 2018 remake, one of the subjects is a gay guy himself, though semi-closeted; while going through his actual closet, the Fab Five discover some of his fetish gear. As a joke, Tan gets him to model a chest harness for the other four, who are very appreciative. Antoni in particular seems legit rather than jokingly flustered and excuses himself to get a cold drink.
    "Is anyone else thirsty?
  • Real People: During this segmentabout Playgirl magazine, Sarah Purcell does this while watching a Playgirl photoshoot.
  • Scrubs:
  • Parodied in an episode of Seinfeld in which George is enjoying the view down a woman's loose shirt and her dad steps up behind him: "Get a good look, Costanza???"
  • Done often on Sex and the City, in particular with Samantha's various conquests, and especially ramped up for The Movie. She is quite tempted by her hot next-door neighbor, who just so happens to shower outside as the camera lovingly lingers over his body and even gives us a brief cock shot.
  • Sex/Life: Billie checks out Cooper in the shower while he's naked, showing that she at least is still interested (whereas he has been ignoring her).
  • Lampshaded in this Smack the Pony sketch.
  • Smallville:
  • In an episode of Spin City, the female workers keep calling in a hot water-cooler repair guy (or something similar) with increasingly-trivial or thinly-veiled requests because they enjoy watching him work. Of course, he soon gets fed up with being seen as a sex object.
  • Star Trek: Picard: In "Maps and Legends", Soji and her Trill friend check out Narek, a Romulan Pretty Boy. note 
  • Stranger Things: When Steve goes shirtless to look for the "water gate," Max takes a good, long stare with the binoculars.
  • On Sunrise On 7, Edwina Barthowolomew ogles the Australian men's water polo team while she's covering them at the 2012 London Olympics.
  • Teen Wolf:
    • In "Wolf Moon", Scott gives the soaked Allison a shirt to wear, and gets a glimpse of her Toplessness from the Back as she's changing in the hall outside. He stares until the dog he's treating looks at him accusingly.
    • In "Omega", when Lydia stumbles out of the woods naked and dirty with only Hand-or-Object Underwear to preserve her modesty Stiles is the first to see her and stares at her wide-eyed. Lydia soon gets frustrated and throws up her arms in frustration while demanding a coat. Stiles clumsily tries to take his father's but stumbles into the ground instead.
    • In "Echo House", when Stiles walks on Malia showering on the boy's locker room, he immediately looks away while clumsily assuring her he wasn't staring and didn't even see anything due to the steam and keeps on babbling until Malia interrupts him by telling him she doesn't care. But later when she walks out the shower towards him he's obviously taking a peek and she teases him about it.
      Malia: Now you're staring.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • In the Pilot episode, both Bonnie and Elena do this to Stefan the first time they see him at school.
    • In "The Dinner Party", a stunned Damon does this to Katherine when he finds her showering in his bathroom, seemingly torn between staring and being confused about her being there at all.
    • In "The Birthday", after Andie refuses to get Damon champagne while he's taking a bath, he decides to do so himself and Andie raises her eyebrows appreciatively as he gets out of the tub and walks starkers to the living room. Naturally, Elena happens to walk in at the same time and bumps into Damon who poses with his hands on his hips while she gets a full eyeful. It takes a while before she gasps and covers her eyes, asking him to Please Put Some Clothes On.
    • In "Bring It On", when Shameless Fanservice Girl no humanity Elena emerges from the shower in the buff both Stefan and Damon openly stare at her body, while Caroline averts her eyes, smiling awkwardly. Having just switches off her humanity and having dated both before, she isn't bothered with modesty anymore.
    Elena: What? It's nothing you guys haven't seen before.
  • In the Veronica Mars episode "An Echolls Family Christmas", Veronica goes to interview movie star Connor Larkin, and can't help staring at his bare chest while he's filming a scene.
    Veronica: [voiceover] I don't know if Connor's smile cost a million, but his six-pack abs are worth at least double that. Damn. [Beat] I repeat, damn.
    Connor: [to Veronica] Too shiny?
    Veronica: [recovers] Uh, no.
    Connor: My helicopter gets shot down mid-flight, so I'm supposed to be sweaty, but I don't want to be gross.
    Veronica: [taking one last look] I think you're good.
  • We Are Who We Are: While Caitlin is in her bikini at the beach, Fraser stares from a distance, clearly smitten by her good looks.
  • Witches of East End:
    • In the episode "A Few Good Talisman", Hot Witch Wendy tries to sneak into Leo's apartment so she can steal a rare butterfly for a spell. She gets his attention by getting him to bump into her naked and pretending she's a neighbor in a case of Naked People Trapped Outside. He's too busy staring to really pay attention to her story and all his dialogue turns into Gibberish of Love but manages to invite her into his house to lend her some clothes. Amusingly after she steals the butterfly and is ready to leave, she catches the sight of him shirtless, and decides to stay a while longer. Cue Sexy Discretion Shot.
    • In season two episode "Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake", Wendy carelessly morphs to her human form in the kitchen naked not noticing her Muggle Love Interest was standing there hoping to surprise her. He seems as equally struck by the fact she shapeshifted than he is with seeing her naked.
  • The X-Files
    • Eating the female eye candy happened in "First-Person Shooter" with the character of Jade Blue Afterglow, a super hot stripper dancer who was wearing a silver metallic miniskirt outfit with chains. Testosterone frenzy ensued. All the male officers tried to watch her interrogation, the detective investigating the case and Mulder both bit their knuckle to show they liked her a lot, and Mulder couldn't help grinning sillily while questioning her.
    • Eating the male eye candy occurred in "Bad Blood" when Scully first met sheriff Hartwell. When he entered, she was completely dazzled by his cowboy looks, complete with stylish boots, jeans, gun belt, shirt, leather coat, badge, and hat. He had a cute smile and prominent cheekbones. And he most definitely did not have big buck teeth nor did he have a slight overbite. Jealous much, Mulder?
  • From The Young and the Restless: The look Lauren Fenmore gives a half-naked Brad Carlton when she meets up with him in the weight room at the Jabot gym.

  • The lyrics of "Amy Amy Amy" by Amy Winehouse are four minutes of this.

    Music Videos 
  • K.T. Oslin does a lot of this during the cougar song "Younger Men". She drops everything just to look at young men's asses and she is panting with lust throughout the song (especially during the live version and after singing this verse):
    "Woah, look over here
    We got a cute little ol' runner to the right
    Blue shorts, no shirt
    Whoo! You're lookin' good darling
    That's right, stay in shape"note 
  • During The Lonely Island's "The Creep", Nicki Minaj is "oogling and ogling" a bunch of jocks from where she's hiding in a locker.
  • Olivia Newton-John in the video for her hit single "Physical" Especially in the radioactiva remix.
  • Tanya Tucker and her friends do a lot of this in the video for "Hangin' In".

    Print Media 
  • Photographer Christie Jenkins' book A Woman Looks at Men's Buns which is a collection of pictures of men's butts, Jenkins calls herself a "connoisseur" of men's butts.
  • Playgirl magazine
  • Teen fashion magazines do (and induce) this all the time.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • WWE SmackDown:
    • On 02/06/2003, Sean O'Haire convinces Brian Kendrick to go Streaking who does it while being chased by the referees. He eventually bumps into Stephanie McMahon who clearly appreciates the view before he's dragged away by security.
      Brian: I am really excited to meet you!
      Stephanie: [glancing at his crotch and grinning] I can see that.
    • On 04/10/2003, Sable invades Torrie Wilson's bathroom while she's showering to brag that about her Playboy is selling better than Torrie's. Sable then takes Torrie's towel and holds it open, forcing Torrie to walk naked across the bathroom to get it while Sable eyes her up. In a later segment, Sable tells her that while Torrie looked good in Playboy it doesn't compare to the real thing.
    • On 01/06/2005, Kurt Angle was tricked into walking on Joy Giovanni in the shower. They both freak out and while trying to explain himself Kurt accidentally snatches off her Modesty Towel. Joy has a Naked Freak-Out offscreen while the camera remains on Kurt who is struck speechless by the view.
  • WWE Raw:
    • On 11/21/2005, there's a spot where John Cena ends up in the Divas' locker room. Candice Michelle drops her towel causing him to ogle her until he gets kicked out of there by the other Divas.
    • On 01/02/2006, Mickie James does this to Trish Stratus when she sees her naked stepping out of the shower.
      Mickie: Wow, Trish! Nice boobs!
      Trish: Get out!

  • In Fellowship of the Raven, Ireena finds herself totally distracted by Ezalor, a Sun Monk who never wears a shirt. Only one member of her party managed to notice that during their first conversation her gaze was locked fully on his bare chest and abs.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Paulo Abbate just can't get enough of companion Becca Everett's backside, to the point where he falls behind because he's spending so much time admiring it.

  • The Mrs. Hawking play series: Justin indulges in this multiple times throughout Base Instruments, first with Mary, then with Yulia Sherba.
    • In Gilded Cages, Mrs. Frost does this very briefly to Nathaniel.
  • Shucked: Maizy stops by to talk to Beau, who proceeds to pull up his shirt, flex, and thrust his pelvis. All she can do is stare.

    Video Games 
  • ANNO: Mutationem: In the epilogue, as Ann is mildly chastising Ayane for not contacting her when she was safe, Ayane gleefully looks towards Ann's buxom before suddenly jumping onto Ann and grabbing her chest with joy.
  • Cyberpunk 2077:
    • If the player romanced Kerry Eurodyne and went with the "Path of Glory" ending, Kerry will check out V when the two take a shower together.
    • During "Pyramid Song", Judy Alvarez will ask the player to swim around her to calibrate their gear. If the player stays behind her for a few seconds, Judy will acknowledge that they're staring at her butt. She will be flirty with a female V, and decidedly more annoyed with a male V.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition:
    • Sera eats it the moment she first meets a female Qunari Inquisitor.
      Sera: So, followed the notes well enough. Glad to see you—You're well-fit...
    • Josephine reacts similarly after walking in on the Inquisitor and a naked Iron Bull.
      Josephine: I cannot move my legs. [...] Who wouldn't be a little curious?
    • Also, when Inquisition was nominated for Game of the Year, the devs made a thank-you video... which includes Cullen walking shirtless through the scene explicitly so Cassandra can do this.
  • Dream Daddy: In Brian's second date, he takes off his shirt when he and the Player Character fall in the water. For the rest of that period as they prepare the fish, the PC is distracted "staring at Brian's pecs", in his words.
  • In Fallout 4, should the player fast-travel while in naught but their skivvies, companions Cait and Hancock will both gain affinity and have several comments to voice their appreciation, whereas most of the rest of the companions just awkwardly suggest you to Please Put Some Clothes On, even if you've romanced them. (Pragmatic and mission-focused X6-88 will outright lose affinity.)
    Hancock: That's a good look for you.
    Cait: Don't mind me, just admirin' the view.
  • In Fear Effect, Hana begins the fishing village level wearing only a Modesty Towel since the group was attacked while she was showering. Near the end of her section, she's held up at gunpoint by a soldier and the player has to use the towel in her inventory, which causes her to drop it. The soldier immediately starts checking her out and is too Distracted by the Sexy to notice her partner Deke sneaking up behind him to snap his neck. Soon after Deke himself enjoys the sight, which Hana doesn't appreciate.
    Hana: [Covering herself with her hands] Not too long, Deke. I've killed men for much less.
  • Subverted in Final Fantasy XIV. Zero's looks Estinien up and down while he's sweating from doing pushups in his room, making it appear as if she's checking him out. However, she's actually doing it because she's unfamiliar with customs on the Source, and asks if everyone else should disrobe as well. The Warrior of Light is taken aback by this, and Varshann has to quickly explain to Zero that they just caught Estinien unprepared.
  • God of War Ragnarök: The dwarf Lunda happily admires the physiques of both Kratos and Freya.
  • In I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, Marz spends one shift as depot clerk ogling at other people's butts, and Sol can join her, tell her to cut it out, or even compliment her butt. If Sol joins in on the ogling, they also can't help but notice Seeq "sashaying" away, their hips "swinging like a pendulum".
  • In the PC adventure game Laura Bow: The Dagger of Amon Ra, the main character Laura and many of the other female characters spend a lot of time talking about how attractive Steve is, starting from the moment you meet him.
  • Mass Effect:
    • In Mass Effect 2 Kasumi Goto's Shadow Broker dossier reveals that she's written haikus about Jacob, the resident beefcake.
      Breathless, glinting skin
      Muscles working in rhythm
      Cloaked desire watches
    • Mass Effect 3:
      • There's a blink-and-you-miss-it Funny Background Event in the prologue where an Alliance servicewoman turns her head and checks out Ashley's/Kaiden's ass when they meet Shepard.
      • When a romanced Kaidan returns to the Normandy, Shepard's gaze goes to Kaidan's butt. Shepard gives a smirk for good measure.
      • In the Citadel DLC, your love interest will turn up to give you a hand while you're still in civilian clothes, and will take a moment to study your backside and comment on your outfit. If your romantic interest isn't part of your regular team (Jack, Miranda, Traynor, Cortez, Kelly), it'll be Liara, and she'll still study your backside and comment on your outfit. This can happen even if you're wearing the same costume you've had on since you first got access to the armour control panel.
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda:
      • "Is this show for my benefit? Because I'm benefiting." Sara Ryder walking in on Jaal and Liam working out shirtless on the Tempest (with Jaal being totally naked).
      • Happened once more if you romanced Jaal and got to the waterfall scene. When he stripped naked to get into the water, you can clearly see Sara staring appreciatively at his butt.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: One of Paz's tapes has her discussing whether or not Strangelove is attracted to her because she stares at her in a bikini and helps her put on sun lotion.
  • There's a moment in Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy where this happens off-camera. When Nancy calls her girlfriends Bess and George for hints, they pause in talking to her, to savor the sight of a perfect poolside set of washboard abs.
  • In Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, at one point a Mimic steals your character's armor. If your character is male and Aribeth is in the party, some humorous dialogue ensues.
  • In Persona 5 Strikers, the Okinawa Beach Episode cutscene starts with Ann emerging from the sea while throwing her head and hair backwards following by a close-up shot of her cleavage. Cut to Joker and Ryuji in the sand clearly Eating the Eye Candy.
  • In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Penny gets distracted when she finally sees Atticus without his mask on. She stares at him for several seconds and even calls him attractive before quickly reminding herself to focus.
  • In Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong, "Kindly" Cheng will have this reaction when she first sees Duncan Wu. She immediately lampshades this by proclaming that 'the gun show has come to town', and thus the Embarrassing Nickname "Gun Show" gets stuck to Duncan for the rest of the game.
  • Star Fox Adventures: When Fox first sees Krystal, he starts gawking at her beauty. As his mind slowly comes back, he briefly talks to himself about what an idiot he's being for being so distracted, then he is snapped out of it by Peppy, who reminds him he still has a job to do.
  • Text implications suggest that the Handmaiden is doing this to a male player character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. Atton will do it to the female player character when she arrives to rescue him in her underwear.
  • Tales of Berseria:
    • There are a few skits where Rokurou swings a wooden sword for practice while topless. One instance has Velvet just staring in his direction, with merely a musical note as her line. Rokurou asks if she wants to train with him. Velvet denies that's what her looking meant and continues to stare.
    • During the Hot Springs Episode, as a result of a special effect of the baths, the girls and guys of the party end up switching bodies. Hilarity Ensues. After the scene is almost over, they realize that the Katz on the female side and Bienfu on the male side have also switched, so Bienfu has been staring at the girls' bodies for a while now with his eyes wide open. Velvet promptly asks that he receives a good smacking, which Rokurou complies. The following skit reveals that Velvet of all people was also checking out the guys while in Laphicet's body.
      Velvet: I heard you kept your eyes covered the entire time.
      Laphicet: Yeah, I did.
      Velvet: Hah. That's so you.
      Laphicet: What's the problem? I was just trying to be polite!
      Velvet: It's fine, there's no problem. But I didn't cover mine.
      Laphicet: Ah... Augh! Velvet! Why would you even tell me that?!
  • Team Fortress 2: In one of the comics, Soldier and his new girlfriend Zhanna fight some robots while naked and smeared with honey. Miss Pauling can't resist getting a good look; while the scene isn't 100% clear on who, between Word of Gay and the sheer frequency with which Soldier gets naked in the comics storyline, she was most likely getting an eyeful of Zhanna.
    Scout: Why, uh...why don't we go fight somewhere less...naked.
    Miss Pauling: You go ahead. I'll catch up.
  • In Undertale the player fights a duo of Royal Guards in the Hotlands. If they convince 01 to be honest with his feelings and make 02 remove his armour, the player can take advantage of 01 doing this to 02 by either sparing them - which will result in 02 awkwardly asking 01 out on a date - or killing one, which will cause the other to become hopeless.
  • In The Anime of the Game of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception during a bath scene, Kuon senses someone is peeping. She hoists herself out of the bath and tries to chase after the intruder, but fails to do so. Hearing her annoyed shriek, Haku comes out and asks what happened. Kuon, seemingly forgetting that she still has no clothes on, asks if Haku saw something to which he gives her a once over and flatly replies, "I see it now" before casually walking away leaving Kuon beginning to have a full-body blush as she has a belated Naked Freak-Out reaction.
  • In War: 13th Day, Wildfire makes no effort to hide the fact that she's lusting after Arsenik.
    Wildfire: It's not that I was particularly interested in him. I just wanted to bang him, plain and simple.
  • In the "Incinerator" segment of Zero Time Dilemma, the developers anticipated that players would try to click on Sigma's chest, and wrote dialogue for just that possibility.

    Web Animation 
  • Red vs. Blue: Shortly after meeting Crunchbite the alien, Tucker has a hard time pulling Tex's attention away from his... alien... muscle structure.
    Tex: Well that's just a matter of penis— I mean uh, opinion, opinion, that's, that's it.
    Church: [her boyfriend] Smooth.
  • Epithet Erased: Indus flexing with his shirt off in the first episode is one of the few things Mera doesn't have any complaints about.
    Mera: Well, you got my attention.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In Dead West, Gervas is on both end of this trope. He is usually not bothered by being the one eaten (he even thinks this is acceptable after he already refused the twins), but sometimes he feels mildly ashamed for ogling the Porcelain Doctor's scars (and his slim physique).
  • Juliana in Void Domain unashamedly ogles anyone with a decent muscle structure. Most of those she ogles tend to be demons.
  • Paulo Abbate in Survival of the Fittest Version 5 is constantly drooling over Becca Everett's physique and body, leaving his narrative distinctly preoccupied with his ally's looks. His one-track mind makes up a large part of why he agrees to team up with her.

    Web Videos 
  • Gameboys: Cairo. In nearly every time it's served to him. You can visibly see him struggle to appear otherwise.
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: In episode 13, Mr Rochester was visibly smitten with Jane. He got mysteriously injured at night and she treated his wound. He was absolutely checking her out at the end of the episode before he left the room. Though, she looked really cute in her nice pyjamas.
  • Stacy Thompson is in full fantasizing mode in this interview with James "Flex" Lewis.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Lydia Bennet invokes Sexy Soaked Shirt by spilling a cup over George Wickham's T-shirt and convinces him to take it off. Mr. Fanservice gladly obliges, and both Lydia and Lizzie enjoy his abs. He's a swimmer and is well-built.
  • Shipwrecked Comedy:
    • "American Whoopee" starts with pals Teddy and Gil watching popular girl Millie walk down the street.
    • When Vivian and Ford first meet in The Case of the Gilded Lily it inspires Ford to launch into a long voiceover about how beautiful she is.
  • Dream Machine: Leah’s favorite past time, with all the handsome actors and other guys at the studio. Most prominently with Devon, Jeremy, and Tom.

    Western Animation 
  • Arcane: In Episode 5, Vi takes a good long look at Caitlyn's body before telling her outright that "You're hot, Cupcake" and pinning her to a nearby wall.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Happens in the Beach Episode, "The Beach", with a bunch of girls cooing at Zuko taking his top off. Ty Lee in a bikini also gets many admirers.
  • Tina's habit of staring at guy's butts in Bob's Burgers is a Running Gag.
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: At one point in "The Beasts of Karn", if you look closely, you'll see that Buzz and XR are ogling at Dr. Ozma Furbanna's backside.
  • Code Lyoko: In the opening of Season 4 episode "Bad Connection", Ulrich is stuck in the hallway wearing just a Modesty Towel. When Aelita and Yumi walk in with Jérémie, the girls at first (weakly) pretend to be looking away, but spend the rest of the scene ogling.
  • Dragons: Riders of Berk: In "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man", Astrid and Ruffnut do this with Hiccup's buff portrait.
  • Family Guy:
    • When Peter gets plastic surgery to make himself extremely handsome, Lois loses the ability to form complete sentences.
    • Lois drills a hole in Stewie's room to watch Tom Brady shower (then fights with Meg over who gets to look through it). Then after they leave Stewie gets a look.
  • Fangbone!: Ms. Gillian has a rather enthusiastic reaction to the Barbarian Heroes she meets in Skullbania in "The End of the Beginning".
  • Hailey's On It!: Kristine introduces her friend Logan, who models belts for a living. Hailey appreciatively comments "Yeah, he does...", much to Scott's confusion.
  • The Owl House: Luz spends most of "Witches Before Wizards" ogling her companion Nevareth, especially once he takes off his shirt and reveals his abs.
  • A lot of female customers at the Krusty Krab are seen admiring SpongeBob's long pants in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "SpongeBob LongPants".
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks: In "Temporal Edict", late in the Trial by Combat, Ensign Mariner is lustfully staring at a shirtless Commander Ransom.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • In "Running with Scissors", when Marco gets aged up getting his own pair of Dimensional Scissors, Star ignores almost every word he says while she is staring at his abs, until he mentions that he has been gone for sixteen years.
    • In "Ransomgram", her main reason for accompanying Marco when he has to go back to that dimension to rescue his kidnapped dragon-cycle is getting to see his adult form. And while they're there, he introduces an Amazonian Beauty who he got to know during his sixteen years there, and Star reacts the same way to her as she did to him.
  • Young Justice: M'gann is easily distracted by Superboy, especially if he takes off his shirt.

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