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Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood: You didn't tell me you were a famous MiG insulter.
Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell: Would it have made a difference?
Charlie: Not in the ladies' room, no.
Top Gun

Sometimes characters just need to get laid, no strings attached. Sometimes the strings get tangled up in their feet when they're not paying attention. This trope covers instances of a one-night stand followed by awkwardness when one participant encounters the other in an unrelated context the next morning. Frequently said context is at work, where the other party is the new guy (for extra awkwardness, s/he is the first character's supervisor). Of course, intercourse need not be involved, it's just that it usually is.

This may or may not be the start of a Romance Arc, and by extension may occur in romantic comedies.

Subtrope of Pre-Meeting.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Happens in the beginning of Guilty Love, where Nina sleeps with a random woman she meets in the bar—only to discover the next morning that the woman, Mayu, is her daughter's preschool teacher.
  • In the ecchi anime OAV based on the equally ecchi manga Cinderella Express, Yuuji Shimano is on the train to his wedding location when a hooker hired by his buddies stops by the private compartment to give him a little fun. She gets off the station before he does and he thinks he'll never see her again. She is, in fact, his new sister-in-law who is moving into the same apartment building.
  • In ...Virgin Love, the protagonists meet each other at work a few weeks after their one night stand, leading to an ongoing relationship.
  • In Domestic Girlfriend Natsuo loses his virginity to Rui, a girl he meets at a mixer party in a one night stand, only to discover that Rui and her sister Hina (his crush and teacher) are his new step sisters later that week.

    Comic Books 
  • In the first issue of Sex Criminals, Suzie and Jon meet at a party she's throwing to raise funds to save her local library. One thing leads to another, and they find out they have the same ability.

    Fan Works 
  • Kalash93 did this with original My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters Haye and Klee.
    • They first meet in Welcome to the Brothel because Haye went to a brothel in order to lose his virginity.
    • In the related story, Relax, it turns out that he's been seeing her as a regular client for some time now, and their relationship has grown beyond just purely mercantile sex, with a surprising amount of warmth and affection having developed between the two.
    • In Racer and the Geek, they're Happily Married.
  • In chapter three of Bait and Switch, Eleya picks up another Bajoran by the name of Gaarra while having dinner and a cocktail at Quark's. The next morning she walks into her ready room to meet her new ops officer and it out to be the same guy, full name and title Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra. She tries to keep a lid on it but her first officer figures it out right away anyway.
  • There's a NSFW Legend of Korra modern day AU fan comic where Korra and Asami hook up at a club and... well, it's NSFW, so yeah. The next morning Asami rushes to her college classes and guess who the professor is? It's Korra! Asami slyly uses their hook up to avoid getting in trouble with her flustered professor.

  • Top Gun: The evening following orientation Maverick seduces a blonde named Charlotte Blackwood in the ladies room at a local bar to win a bet with Goose. Next morning he and Goose head out to the tarmac for a pre-exercise briefing and discover that the blonde, "callsign 'Charlie'", is an astrophysicist and civilian Top Gun instructor. They eventually end up as the film's Official Couple.
  • Incredibly awkward in Old School. Mitch hooks up with a girl who turns out to be his boss's daughter. And she's still in high school. Then she shows up later while he's in the middle of a date.
  • Downplayed in the film of Logan's Run. Logan was looking for a hookup on the city's "circuit" (pretty much a Zeerust Tinder), and ends up summoning Jessica to his apartment. Jessica apologizes, since she was looking for solace and not necessarily sex (one of her friends reached age 30 and was killed), and definitely not a roll in the hay with one of the enforcement agents for said death-at-30 law. Logan sees her out, but they meet later when he's looking for information on the Runner's movement she belongs to.
  • Where the Truth Lies: Karen and Lanny have sex shortly after meeting, while Karen is in New York and using her best friend's name. Later they meet for real when Vince meets with Lanny to work on Karen's book, which doesn't go well.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Grey's Anatomy:
    • This is how Meredith meets Derek. The day before Meredith starts her new job as a surgical intern she has a one night stand. The next day she finds out he works as an attending at the same hospital.
    • Also happens a bit later on when Meredith has a one-night stand with a man who later came to the hospital the next day as a patient suffering from priapism (a medical condition in which an erection lasts much longer than normal).
  • In Pepper Dennis, the title character, a TV news reporter, finds out in the first episode that the man she had a one-night stand with is the new anchor for her station. Critics noted that Grey's Anatomy had done a similar plot the previous year.
  • In Inspector Rex, Marc Hoffman and Nikki Herzog have a one-night stand the morning before they start their new jobs. The next morning, they not only discover that they are both police officers, but they are now partners.
  • In an episode of Bones Brennan has a one night stand with her former college professor who has just come to town. The next day she discovers that he's the forensic anthropologist that the defense has hired for a trial she's testifying at.
  • In The Teaser of the Blue Bloods episode "Righting Wrongs" Erin loses a bet with Linda and has to take a speed-dating session. One of the guys at the session later turns out to be the defense in her latest case. After everything's resolved, he asks her out.
  • Six Feet Under: A variation happens in the first episode to Nate and Brenda. They both treat their semi-public tryst like just another hookup until Nate gets a call learning his father has died. Brenda drives him home, and a bond forms between them.
  • The Quantico pilot has Alex Parrish meet Ryan Booth on a plane to Washington. After getting off the plane they have a quickie in his car. Six hours later they run into each other while taking the oath at the FBI Academy in Quantico. Cue awkwardness.

  • Beloved starts with Wei Wei having a drunken one-night stand with a woman she met at a club. The "woman", Ding Yi, turns out to be sixteen. Wei Wei tries to avoid her afterwards, however Ding Yi learned where she works.
  • One early comic of Ennui GO! has Izzy offer a random barista $3000 dollars if they'll let her sit on their face to prove a point to Noah. Said barista (named Tanya) becomes enamored with Izzy and manages to track her down a couple days later in the hopes of pursuing a relationship. And despite Izzy's best attempts to convince Tanya that she'd shouldn't want anything to do with her, the two of them do end up in a polygamous relationship with Izzy's college girlfriend Darcy. The three of them even get married at the end of Part 1.
  • Something*Positive: Vanessa once slept with a classmate named Brad, who later became her step-brother. It could have gone over well, but Brad thought the story of their having hooked up before their respective parents met was good enough to share.