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"I was the definitive outsider, my life nothing like any of my classmates, so I tended to live inside my own head. When I started to read, I wanted to go places that were nothing like the places I had to go every day."

Tanya Huff is a Canadian author of sci-fi/fantasy works. Also, Tanya Huff is scum. In the very best possible way.

Her works include:

She also writes short stories and the occasional standalone novel.

Huff is married to fellow Canadian fantasy author Fiona Patton.


Tropes present in works by Tanya Huff:

  • Action Girl: Basically all of her female characters are good in a fight, even if they're not primarily soldiers. Confederation of Valor is the outstanding example, featuring female Space Marines in the lead.
  • Author Appeal: Nearly every book she writes has people being freely sexually active with both sexes with little consequence (Eternal Sexual Freedom or Free-Love Future, depending on the setting).
  • Enlightened Self-Interest:
    • In the Confederation of Valor novels, the Confederation gave the humans, Taykans, Krai, and Silsviss tech bumps in exchange for becoming their warrior races for the war with the Others.
    • In Huff's short story "A Woman's Work", the Evil Overlady builds hospitals and schools for her citizens, as this makes her popular and less likely to be assassinated. It also enables her to influence what the kids are taught, and who gets to be healed.