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Rise of the Chosen is a Megaman ZX fanfic currently being written by Ainrhyr, focusing primarily on Aile as opposed to either Vent alone or both of the siblings together.

The story starts out following the ZX storyline, with Aile coming into possession of Model X. It doesn't take long for other factors to enter the equation, however: Aile needing to learn exactly how to use the powers she now possesses; a mysterious figure whose true motives are difficult for friend and foe alike to ascertain; the development of some of the named Guardians as characters, and that's all that can be said without giving too much away. It takes what we know of the game, blends things together that hadn't been there previously, and comes off as an enjoyable way of passing the time.


The fanfic can be found here.

This story contains examples of:

  • Action Girl — Aile, naturally. And Prairie.
  • A Day in the Limelight — Cedre, originally stationed at the Guardian Base for the good of others, is instrumental in Fistleo's defeat and later manages to survive an encounter with Flammole (this last one with help).
  • Ascended Extra — Colbor, who originally existed to be rescued from Harpuia in Megaman Zero, returns as one of the Guardians' best commanders, second only to Prairie.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Model F gets set off when Protectos tries to pass off a missile barrage as superior firepower. This causes Fighting Fefnir to reawaken.
    • For Model L, it's Tentacle Rope and the idea of it being used the wrong way. When Tech Kraken uses this tactic against Phantom-in-Aile's-body, Leviathan wakes up and has to be talked down by Phantom to keep her from going ballistic. Of course, Zero takes delight in pushing this button.
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  • Casual Danger Dialogue — Prometheus engages in a bit of this before his fight with Aile aboard the Guardian Base.
  • Character Development — The reason why Giro made his Heroic Sacrifice the way he did is explored in further detail. Some of the Guardians' personalities follow suit over time.
  • Deadpan Snarker Zero.
  • Determinator — Aile. No matter what or who Serpent sends against her, or what obstacles stand in her way, she will find a way to persevere.
  • Fiery Redhead — Cedre, for more than the obvious reasons.
  • Flat "What" — X's reaction to finding out that Zero's Z-Saber was the source of the original Maverick Virus.
  • Genki Girl — The OC Lateral, although the reason for this invokes more sympathy than humor. Because she acts the way she does, only Colbor, Cedre, and Aile can put up with her for long.
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  • Human Pincushion — Or "Reploid Pincushion", as the case may be. In Lateral's backstory, she had been carrying some Titanium-X for one of Cerveau's inventions when the Resistance Base was bombed. It saved her from the explosion, but she was impaled by multiple fragments of the superheated metal as a result. As the above and below tropes imply, she was never the same after that.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed When Omega decides to put away the kid gloves while fighting Aile, she asks him if this was where he said that he wasn't left-handed. When he notices that his Saber was in his left hand all along, this gets a good laugh out of him.
  • Mad Scientist — Lateral, whose default personality is mostly insane with a one-percent chance of rationality, tries to install an enormous cannon on the Guardian Base before Prairie puts the kabosh on that idea.
  • Only Sane Man — Model X. See below.
  • Sibling Rivalry — Five of the six Biometals tend to bicker with each other constantly. This exasparates Model X to no end.
  • The Prankster — Aile, as Fleuve finds out firsthand. It is implied that Giro was also like this during his time with the Guardians.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill — After Aile finishes the mission in Area E, Cedre actively tries to shoot down the rescued cyber elves with her bazooka. Prairie was not happy.
    • Also, Fefnir's idea of superior firepower. Poor Protectos.
  • Worthy Opponent During their battle Omega certainly considers Aile to be this, acknowledging her abilities when she does something noteworthy and congratulating her at the fight's end.

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