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He's the final nail in Dracula's coffin.

"Ah yes, holy vampire hunters. 'Stakin' fer Jesus!'"

Someone who hunts vampires. May be a Hunter of His Own Kind (vampire hunting seems to be a common profession for Dhampyr and the Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who feels compelled to protect humans from his less charitable kin). If not all vampires are evil, he may end up hunting every last one down anyway, due to a misplaced sense of justice or the loss of a loved one to a vampire attack. And often sublimated self-loathing. Sometimes his single-minded zeal for the hunt ends up making him just as bad as or even worse than the fiends he hunts.

Expect to see vampires' traditional weaknesses — wooden stakes, Holy Water, garlic, crosses or other religious symbols, etc. — well-represented in this guy's armory. Also expect to see a strange compulsion to go hunting after dark despite the obvious advantages of daylight.

See Hunter of Monsters for a hunter whose chosen quarry extends to other supernatural creatures beyond the blood-sucking variety. The vampire hunter may overlap with the former trope, however, if he is called upon to slay things besides vampires.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Jiro from Black Blood Brothers is of the Hunter of His Own Kind type.
  • And while we're skirting the edges of blood-drinking monsters that may or may not be classified as "different" vampires, Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood+ and Blood-C, of the Hunter of His Own Kind type.
  • Himegami of A Certain Magical Index (also known as Deep Blood) smells delicious to vampires, but her blood kills them when they try to feed. In a standard subversion, she hates the killing, and wants to never use her power in that way again. In a not so standard subversion, no one is quite sure if the people she is attracting and killing are actually vampires. It's never confirmed one way or another.
  • Alucard from Hellsing is a Hunter of His Own Kind. Father Alexander Anderson, who operates both as a Paladin and Holy Hitman, is this trope played straight. Their employers, the Anglican Church's Hellsing and the Catholic Church's Iscariot, are entire organisations of monster hunters.
  • In Jojos Bizarre Adventure, the Ripple is an ancient form of martial arts that allows its users to channel the Power of the Sun through breath control. The Ripple was specifically created to fight the vampiric superhumans known as the Pillar Men and the vampires they created using the Stone Masks. The protagonists of Part I and Part II of the series are both Ripple users whose main oppponents are vampires and/or Pillar Men.
  • The Sinclair family business in Karin.
  • Killing Me! is a one volume yuri manga about Saki Fujimiya, a teenage vampire hunter who accidentally falls for her would-be prey, the bubbly and flirty Miyoko Kujou.
  • Played for Laughs, as is everything else in My Monster Secret. Kiryuuin Sen turns out to be a vampire hunter, whose job is to take down vampires who went berserk, help the stable ones integrate in human society, and woo the female ones, whom he considers "stunning beauties", to Youko's immense delight. And Asahi's (Youko's boyfriend at that point) slight irritation.
  • Abel Nightroad of Trinity Blood is not quite of the Hunter of His Own Kind type, but is similar. He isn't actually a vampire, but a member of a vampiric race of vampire hunters (who drink vampire blood like the vampires feed on humans), Crusniks, which is exactly three individuals strong with one more long dead.
  • Arcueid Brunestud from Tsukihime is of the Hunter of His Own Kind type. Only by the label "vampire", though, as she's of an entirely different species, and is the Last of Her Kind.note  The ones she hunts are of the other type.
  • Vampire Hunter D is of the Hunter of His Own Kind type in the Dhampyr variation.
  • Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight.
  • Vampire Princess Miyu is of the Hunter of His Own Kind type, essentially, though those vampires are different.

    Comic Books 
  • The Vassals of the Morning Star from American Vampire.
  • Blade is Marvel Comics most famous case. A Vampire turned his pregnant mother, he himself is known as the Daywalker, able to survive in sunlight, being a half-turned/Dhampyr type.
  • Brothers Dracul also features Vlad the Impaler and his brother Radu cel Frumos as vampire hunters during their youth.
  • Vlad Tepes III in Impaler, who, in this setting, was never turned into a vampire himself. Instead, when vampires attacked Wallachia, he used magic to become an immortal vampire slayer.
  • The second installment of My Very First Vampire Blood Drive introduces Anny, Bunny's friend from high school who confesses that she's actually the member of a family of famous vampire hunters. Considering Bunny's girlfriend Velvet is a vampire, Bunny's a bit alarmed by this, but as it turns out, Anny has never killed or even actually met a vampire. After experiencing how kind Velvet is and seeing how happy she and Bunny are together, she renounces her vampire hunter ways.
  • Morbius from Ultimate Spider-Man. Also in this version, he's the brother of Dracula, who isn't a vampire.
  • Vampirella encounters a cheerleading vampire slayer in the Vampirella vs. Fluffy, the Vampre Killer one-shot.
  • August Von Herling in Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

    Fan Works 

    Film — Live Action 
  • The eponymous U.S. President in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
  • Bit: A group of them attempt to kill the vampires led by Duke. However, it turns out their leader is being mind-controlled by Vlad (another vampire) to free him (Duke is holding Vlad's heart in a vault) so he kills his companions after they're no longer of use. Duke and co. later wipe out the rest of the vampire hunters in their bunker with hand grenades, which vampires aren't expected to use.
  • Blade again, as he appears in the Blade Trilogy. Blade also hunts vampires that feed on other vampires in the second movie.
  • Just about every Dracula movie will feature Van Helsing or another of his ilk helping the protagonists against the title vampire.
  • Jamie Foxxís character in Day Shift is a vampire hunter who poses as a pool cleaner to hunt his prey during the daytime. He is even part of a union of vampire hunters.
  • In Embrace of the Vampire (2013), Charlotte is the latest in a line of vampire hunters, descended from a human born of a vampire. However, her mother died before she could pass on the secret to Charlotte.
  • The Fearless Vampire Killers features Professor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred, although they aren't very good at it.
  • Fright Night (1985): Peter Vincent is initially a subversion, as while he plays the role of such a hunter on TV, he's just that, an actor. However, once Jerry and Evil Ed come into the picture, he slowly becomes the real deal when he manages to kill the latter with the very stuff he has on hand. Charley himself is forced to become one, albeit of the Action Survivor variety, in order to save his girlfriend from Jerry's influence and vampirism.
  • Fright Night (2011): Peter Vincent in this adaptation is the real deal, thanks to his parents having been killed by Jerry when the former was younger. Thus, he's become one in order to avenge the deaths of his parents as well as to prevent others from suffering the same fate. Charley, being an Adaptational Badass, doesn't hesitate to become one here, and even actively helps Peter take down Jerry.
  • Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter has Jesus Christ as a Vampire Hunter.
  • John Carpenter's Vampires: Jack Crow leads a group of vampire hunters who are mercenaries on the payroll of the Catholic church. They're pretty effective at it until they receive a visit from the Master Vampire Jan Valek, who is far stronger than anything they have ever dealt with, so quickly wipes out everyone but Crow and his best friend.
  • In My Best Friend is a Vampire, we have Professor McCarthy and sidekick Grimsdyke. They're dangerously inept Knight Templar types, who are rather careless about target identification and don't seem to actually know a lot about vampires. At one point, McCarthy tries a Silver Bullet on Modoc, which only seems to mildly amuse him and doesn't even damage his clothing. The one vampire they do manage to get their hands on, Nora, is back in action by the end of the movie and doesn't even seem particularly bothered by the inconvenience. Lucky for non-vampire Ralph, a victim of mistaken identity, the real vampires are able to easily rescue him before he gets staked.

  • By the end of Night Teeth, once the Big Bad an ambitious Vampire Monarch is dead, the protagonist's brother Jay decides to train as a professional vampire hunter.

  • The heroes of The Twins Effect (other than Jackie Chan) are three vampire hunters and one Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who joins them.
  • Vamps: Dr. Van Helsing and his followers. However, though he views himself as an expert on vampires, a lot of his beliefs turn out to be wrong.
  • Van Helsing, of course.
  • In the horror-comedy What We Do in the Shadows, newly-turned vampire Nick keeps revealing the fact that he's a vampire to strangers, one of whom claims to be a vampire hunter. It turns out he wasn't lying- he really was a vampire hunter and indirectly causes the death of Petyr, an ancient vampire who was also one of Nick's flatmates.

  • The 16th President of the US, no less. At least according to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Abe went so far as to get himself elected Commander In Chief to wage war against an unholy alliance of bad vampires and slave-holders.
  • Baron Vordenburg in Carmilla is one of the earliest examples, and probably the Trope Maker. He is an eccentric old nobleman who has devoted his life to the study of the lore of vampires and the tracking down and extermination of them. He also has family history with Carmilla (the vampire in the story): his ancestor was an admirer of Countess Mircalla, as she was then known, during her life and did some research about what became of her. Unlike later examples of the trope, he does not actually hunt vampires physically, probably because he is too old and frail for that, but provides the lore and information needed to find and eliminate them.
  • Most of the witches (other than the Smoke line) in the Den of Shadows series are vampire hunters.
  • Domina: The angels started as a group dedicated to hunting the vampires, who were just terrorists who could see in the dark and were using vampire symbolism to scare people. Over time, more normal people became vampires, to the point that their violent origin was largely forgiven—but the angels continued slaughtering vampires indiscriminately.
  • The Department 19 books follow a group of vampire hunters part of, well... Department 19, a top-secret branch of British government dedicated to taking down not only vampires, but also werewolves and other supernatural horrors. Some of the descendents of the original vampire-hunting group from Dracula are part of the organisation too.
  • Most modern examples are descended in part from the character Abraham Van Helsing in the original Dracula. Van Helsing was never described as a vampire hunter in the novel, though; he was merely a doctor with knowledge of exotic diseases. It's never explicitly said, but Van Helsing clearly demonstrates perfect knowledge of vampire weaknesses and is instantly willing to make use of his knowledge after noting that Lucy's symptoms match those in the legends, without so much as a hint of skepticism. This would seem to imply that he has some previous experience with vampires or other supernatural phenomena, even in the original novel. note 
  • The Venators of The Gardella Vampire Chronicles.
  • In Guild Hunter they are organized by the Hunter's Guild, their main task is to bring back alive thoses vampires foolish enough to think they can escape their contract to their Angelic masters for punishment. Lethal force is only used in extreme cases, or to hunt down the fews who have given in to their bloodlust.
    • The best Hunters are the "Hunter-Born" like Elena, who are stronger and faster than normal humans, and can track vampires by their scent like two-legged bloodhounds.
  • Van Ricten from Howl of the Werewolf is a hunter of vampires and werebeasts alike, but unfortunately that makes him an enemy to the hero, a lycanthrope-infectee.
  • In the novel version of I Am Legend, Robert Neville is clearly hunting vampires.
  • The Laundry Files (by Charles Stross): Deconstructed in The Rhesus Chart. Anyone willing to track down and kill vampires must by definition be insane — given that vampires are essentially serial killers with Super Strength, Mind Control and are (usually) powerful sorcerers. As vampire numbers must be kept low to maintain The Masquerade, the more cunning and long-lived vampires utilize these psychotics to kill off their rivals. The vampire hunter in the book is a woman with a 'fang fetish' who assassinates vampires by seducing them, breaking their neck, having sex with their paralyzed body, then leaving them next to an open window so they'll be burnt up come dawn. And you thought Spike and Buffy got up to some twisted shit.
  • Vincent from Miss Prince. Also doubles as a lawyer, because he needs money and being a vampire hunter is hard these days, folks.
  • Harry Keogh of Brian Lumley's Necroscope novels. The British E-Branch organization has a wider scope, but provides Harry with support and takes over the role after his death, along with Harry's sons and his successors.
  • The Night Huntress books have both Cat, a Hunter Of Her Own Kind, and the secret government agency's SWAT team charged with studying and destroying the undead.
  • The night teams in Night Watcher are a secret/informal government/municipal initiative for just this. Arguably subverted in that they generally work with the vampire conspiracy against the more feral vampires and mostly aim for population control; though the ones actually seen in the book (two cops, later joined by a journalist, a psychic werewolf, and a vampire that has overcome his craving for blood and helped by The Mafiya) seem to be keen on making this a Double Subversion.
  • Night World: Rashel was a little kid. Then a vampire killed her mother and brother. Then he tried to come back for her and killed her vampire. While we are dealing with a world where not all vampires are evil, the fact that she tracks them by the trail of corpses means she only finds the bad ones anyway. Rashel is scary good at what she does until she loses her zanshin. Then she's just very, very good.
  • Played with in The Saga of the Noble Dead. Magiere and Leesil are con-artists and partners who pretend to be a Vampire Hunter and a vampire respectively to gull superstitious peasants out of their money - until a chance encounter with the real deal and the subsequent revelation that Magiere is a Dhampyr cause "the game" to turn deadly earnest.
  • In Christopher Buehlman's The Suicide Motor Club set in 1967-69, there's a savage young vampire gang roaming the roadways, kidnapping and murdering anyone who tickles their fancy. Hunting them is a tiny organization known as the Bereaved. The Bereaved dub this gang, the Suicide Motor Club for their love of playing chicken with motorists and forcing them off the road. Each member of the Bereaved has been a victim to vampire attack, with almost all the members losing a loved one to that particular gang. With one member being former FBI, the Bereaved are surprisingly effective at investigating through 2nd-hand accounts like crime reports and local news. Unfortunately only their leader, ex-priest Phililip Wicklow has actually fought and killed a vampire. When some members of the Bereaved went after the Suicide Motor Club for the first time, the fight had Gone Horribly Wrong.
  • Carlisle Cullen of The Twilight Saga was one of these before becoming a vampire himself.
  • Vampire Academy:
    • The dhampyr guardians are trained to protect the Moroi (good, mortal vampires) from the Strigoi, your classic evil undead types.
    • Unpromised dhampyr in Russia also go after Strigoi. In Blood Promise, Rose led such a team.
  • While he specialized in vampires, Leon hunted all kinds of supernaturals before the titular Vampirocracy took over.
  • The Order of Kresnik from We Walk the Night is a secret order of vampire hunters with supernatural animal powers.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Ray the werewolf hates and attacks vampires on Being Human (US), though it's less righteous crusade and more fang-bashing.
  • The original has McNair, who travels around Britain with his son, hunting vampires. A somewhat unusual example as both of them are werewolves.
  • Monsignor Javier Mendoza in Blood Ties (2007) is a villainous variant. He was a Grand Inquisitor during the Spanish Inquisition, who captured vampires using any means possible, tortured them until they confessed, and then brutally executed them. Oh yeah, he also used their blood in a potion that stopped his aging process, allowing him to continue the hunt. He doesn't shy away from murdering innocents to get to his prey. In "Heart of Ice", he murders a prostitute and drains her of blood, so that Henry's friends would give him up. Interestingly, the only anti-vampire weapon they show him having is a sun-shaped Chinese-made object that weakens a vampire to the point of a human being stronger. The object has to be physically attached to the vampire's chest to work, requiring trickery, given the vampires' speed.
  • This is the calling of the Slayer in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. Slayers, in addition to fighting vampires, also have to fight demons, which vampires are something of a subset of in the Whedonverse. Angel falls into this category as well, both on Buffy and his own series. Unfortunately so does Holtz, a dedicated vampire hunter who turns out to be one of Angel's more effective enemies. When he was evil, Angel(us) murdered Holtz's family. Holtz pursues Angel through time to the modern day, determined to exact revenge regardless of Angel now having a soul or being a fighter against evil.
  • Dracula (2013): Lady Jayne is skilled at killing vampires, prowling London's streets to find and hunt them down while not in her usual business.
  • First Kill: Cal's whole family are these, plus monster hunters in general. She's in training to be this as well. That becomes complicated when she meets Juliette, a vampire whom she's drawn to and causes Cal to question if they're right in their actions.
  • Forever Knight
    • The episode "Bad Blood" had a dhampyr-type hunter. He wasn't a vampire's child, but had dhampyr-type enhanced abilities due to not being completely drained by LaCroix years before. Naturally he has trouble believing that Nick is now a Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire.
    • In "Hunted", in which the Villain of the Week is Hunting the Most Dangerous Game, the flashback scenes have Nick, LaCroix and Janette hunting—and being hunted by—a human vampire hunter. Similarly in "Hunters", the flashbacks have them trapped in a house in daylight while besieged by a posse of hunters.
  • An episode of Sliders has the eponymous characters slide into a world where vampires are real and the world knows about them (vampirism is a felony). Quinn meets a man whose wife was turned by vampires. His goal becomes to find and "free" her, so he arms himself with the usual weapons: garlic, Holy Water, stakes, stake-firing crossbows, etc.
  • The boys from Supernatural take cracks at it from time to time, among the wide variety of creatures they hunt. Gordon, however, specializes in and hates them, even the ones that feed on animals. In a case of cosmic irony Gordon gets turned into a vampire himself.
  • The Vampire Diaries has three in the modern setting.
    • Alaric Saltzman - The good version who only goes after evil vampires. He opens a school for young vampires, werewolves, and witches, which is showcased in the Legacies spin-off, but never parts with his trusty crossbow.
    • "Uncle John" Gilbert - The morally ambiguous version, who goes after ALL vampires... except Isabel.
      • In the flashback segments, Jonathon Gilbert (distant relative of Uncle John) seems to have been a vampire hunting badass of the "they ALL must die" variety back in 1864. He "invented", with some help from Emily, several weapons and devices that can help him to easily locate and destroy vampires, many of which reappear in the modern setting.
    • Bad guy Connor Jordan and Elena's brother Jeremy Gilbert are part of the Brotherhood of the Five, which are sworn to kill all vampires. The Brotherhood was brought together by a witch and given supernatural powers and a map to a cure to vampirism.
  • What We Do in the Shadows (2019) features the Mosquito Collectors, who aren't particularly skilled until Guillermo joins them, and saves them on their first real hunt.
  • Eric Van Helsing from Young Dracula. Thankfully for Vlad and his family, he is fairly incompetent.

  • Trevor Herbert from The Magnus Archives was hunting vampires since he was a child, and still considers himself as such, even though he eventually branched out to hunting other monsters (and occasionally innocent people).

    Tabletop Games 
  • Hunter: The Vigil features hunters that will likely target vampires at some point. However, more true to the spirit of the trope are the Cainite Heresy, the remnants of an ancient Roman cult headed by a vampire who is very pissed off at being tricked. They've found a way to use a derivative of vampiric blood magic, favor terrorist tactics, and have adopted "Who is Cain?" as their motto.
  • Rudolph Van Richten, the iconic hero of Ravenloft, made it his life's work to eradicate all vampires ever since one of them turned his son, forcing him to mercy kill the boy. Since starting his quest, he also became an expert on all kinds of supernatural creatures, from werewolves and zombies to liches and The Fair Folk.
  • The Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collectible card game has the Muddled Vampire Hunter, an ally who can attack vampires, hits hard and strikes first, so any vampire he attacks with 3 or fewer blood points will get taken out instantly without a chance to strike back. If the vampire finds some way to resist, however, the hunter is toast. He's "muddled" because, as the ally of the player, he's unwittingly being controlled by an elder vampire.


    Video Games 
  • The main character of 16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds, Lucy, is one, though her usual role is as The Bait, with her friends Maggie and Luke handling most of the actual slaying.In the True Ending, there's a chance that Claire the cashier will join them.
  • In AdventureQuest an early class the player character could take was the Vampire Slayer, which was renovated into the Shadow Slayer and Night Hunter classes. Both classes specialize in skills that deal increased damage against undead, vampires, werewolves, and other night creatures, but the source of their powers are very much different. The class trainers are Cenara and Donovan, respectively, who are dracopyres and hunt each other down.
  • Rayne from BloodRayne is a dhampyr who hunts down vampires in hopes of finding and killing her fully-vampiric father.
  • Almost every Player Character in the Castlevania series, eventually, with the most prominent ones being the Belmonts.
  • You play as one in Daemon Summoner, after losing your family to vampires. Unfortunately, your wife Emily was converted into one of them, and you'll need to eventually kill her as a boss.
  • In Darkest Dungeon, the Fanatic is a vampire hunter added in the Crimson Court DLC which will attack your party members if they are infected by the Crimson Curse. While he has the traditional vampire-hunting implements like garlic, stakes, and various holy protections and seals, he more resembles a crazed, fanatical monk than anything remotely heroic. He wants to get rid of the Curse at any cost, and doesn't care how someone gets it; he'll kill not only the Cursed, but anyone who associates with them. For this reason, he is the terror of the Hamlet during the events of the DLC, and anyone who incurs his wrath runs the risk of being burned at the stake like so many of the innocents he's killed in his mad quest.
  • A side-quest in Dragon's Crown involves the mayor of a village plagued by vampire attacks hiring a vampire hunter after the local priest failed to stop the attacks. The Church, wanting to save face, hires you to kill the Vampire Wolfpack Boss before the Vampire Hunter arrives. The side-quest's Treasure Art and its Flavor Text also implies that the vampire hunter is a Hunter of His Own Kind.
  • In The Elder Scrolls:
    • Oblivion:
      • One quest has a group of vampire hunters show up in Skingrad, where the undercover vampire Count Hassildor asks the player character to get rid of them one way or another. Given that they do all their patrolling during the day and overlook the vampire den just down the road from the city gate, "hunter" is perhaps generous.
      • The Order of the Virtuous Blood are a group of nominal vampire hunters who sheepishly admit that they don't actually have the talent or resources to hunt vampires, per se. Given that their leader is a vampire Mole in Charge who frames innocents for his murders, that's probably for the best.
    • Skyrim:
      • The Dawnguard DLC has the Dragonborn either join or oppose the eponymous group of vampire hunters.
      • Vampires are one of the supernatural creatures hunted by the Vigil of Stendarr, a group formed in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis with the goal of preventing such a calamity from ever happening again by destroying creatures (Daedra, vampries, werewolves, undead, etc.) who seek to prey on mortals.
  • The Rentier Institute of Evil West are a USA government-funded order of vampire hunters. They learned that vampires are vulnerable to electrocution as well as silver, rowanwood stakes, and garlic, informing the game's Electro-punk aesthetic. To whit, each Agent has an electrified Power Fist with retractable blades, which allow them to stunlock vampires and beat them to death.
  • In Master of Darkness, the Player Character is Dr. Ferdinand Social, an Ouija Board-playing psychologist who seeks to defeat Count Dracula, whom he believes is behind a series of killings in London attributed to Jack the Ripper. However, Jack is indeed responsible, for he is using the victim's bodies and fresh blood for sacrificial offerings as part of a dark ritual being performed by Count Massen to resurrect Dracula.
  • A couple of points of Suikoden II have the party encounter the vampire Neclord (returning from the first game). Both of these points have the vampire hunter Kahn Marley join the party to help defeat him. Investigations reveal that the Marley family has been fighting vampires for generations.
  • One of the roles in Town of Salem is Vampire Hunter, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Grünfeld Bach and the Order of Leopold in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines are a Vatican-sponsored group of vampire hunters who come to Los Angeles. He serves as one of the later bosses in the game, empowered by True Faith to face off against the player character.

    Visual Novels 
  • Season three of Havenfall Is for Lovers introduces a female vampire hunter who claims the name Van Helsing, and takes a few style notes from Vampire Hunter D and the various Belmonts of Castlevania while she's at it. Since a vampire and a werewolf both number among the protagonist's close friends and potential love interests, Van Helsing's arrival in Havenfall provides more than a little cause for concern.

  • Blip has their resident Friendly Neighborhood Vampire tangle with a Mexican vamp hunter at one point. Immediately afterwards, she get captured and imprisoned by "Vlad", who apparently has a "judge/executioner gig" and may or may not be a vampire himself.
  • The Vampire Hunter Association of Bram & Vlad is a whole association of vampire hunters. Bram's family is part of the association. Other members that have showed up are Summer (Buffy's daughter with an unknown father), Boris Vordenburg, an assortment of Belmonts and Blade's daughter.
  • In Charby the Vampirate Victor introduces himself as a vampire hunter. While the organization he works for does seem to focus on hunting vampires they're more of a Creature-Hunter Organization without true specialization beyond anything supernatural that is dangerous to humans.
  • Parodied in this Cyanide and Happiness comic. Jack Recker thinks he's a vampire hunter. Turns out he's just a serial killer who targets Goth kids.
  • In El Goonish Shive, descendants of Pandora have an affinity for magic weapons that are particularly effective against vampires making them all potential vampire hunters.
  • A minor character from Girl Genius is Dame Aedith, a vampire huntress tagging along with Master Payne's Circus of Adventure. Tragically, despite all the weirdness of the setting, there doesn't seem to be any vampires for her to hunt. But if any ever show up, she's ready!
  • The Netherlands plays this role in this Scandinavia and the World comic, which makes a lot of sense when you remember that Abraham van Hellsing was Dutch.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • Riff does it on the side, after having had to save his friends from vampires in "Vampires". He has a super-fast stake launcher that fires all its stakes instantly and takes days to reload. After having been transferred to Alaska, he finds a new job making and selling vampire hunter equipment, as there turn out to be a lot of vampires in Alaska.
    • One of Riff's customers is Kent's uncle Arminius Vambrey, a real full-time vampire hunter, who's good at what he does (no vampire except Philinnon has survived a confrontation with him) but so paranoid about vampires that he has trouble doing anything else.
    • There's also Muffin the Vampire Baker, who thinks vampires need to be killed by baking them in an oven due to a mistranslation in some old texts.
    • As seen here, Vampire Queen Philinnon also employs vampire hunters, chief among whom is Master Urja. Since Vrykolakas vampires like her can be killed instantly by poking a stake through their heart, she wears armour just and only next to her heart. Note that this is not Hunter Of Her Own Kind because she works for another evil vampire and just hunts rival vampires. Who else Philinnon has wanted hunted before Sam, who earned her permanent enmity within ten seconds of first opening his mouth, is unknown as of that comic.
  • Vampire Husband has a vampire hunter who knocks down doors with his holy water pistol but is distracted by stuff like tv shows and cookies.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Doctor Von Goosewing from Count Duckula comes from a long line of vampire hunters, though he is much more clumsy and scatterbrained than they were. He is frequently trying to kill the title character, despite the fact that this incarnation of Duckula is a vegetarian who doesn't even want to be a vampire in the first place.
  • Jefferson Twilight from the The Venture Bros. is a specialized example. He only hunts Blaculas, i.e. vampires with a dark skin tone.

    Real Life 
  • The 18th century Austrian Empire briefly had a vampire hunting squadron, although they were closer to doctors, as vampirism was considered a disease at the time (and probably was a poorly-understood mundane disease).


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