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Literature / The Gardella Vampire Chronicles

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The Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason are, roughly speaking, Buffy the Vampire Slayer...IN REGENCY ENGLAND!

Victoria Gardella Grantworth is from the Gardella clan of Venators, vampire slayers. She and her aunt Eustacia, current head of the family, are the last direct descendants of the original Gardella vampire slayer. She has to balance having a normal life as a society lady and running around slaying vampires, as well as finding someone to sire the next Gardella heir. The series is well known for its Love Triangle.

The five books in the (completed for now) series are:

  • The Rest Falls Away
  • Rises the Night
  • The Bleeding Dusk
  • When Twilight Burns
  • As Shadows Fade


Examples of:

  • Red Pill, Blue Pill is what's offered (in the form of a hypnotic amulet) to any Gardella who doesn't want to be a slayer. It also works as Retcon.


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