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Edmund is enchanted by Mary the harpist.
Fanny is somewhat less pleased.

"A young woman, pretty, lively, with a harp as elegant as herself, and both placed near a window, cut down to the ground, and opening on a little lawn, surrounded by shrubs in the rich foliage of summer, was enough to catch any man’s heart."
— Narrator of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park

Maybe the way she can handle the instruments. Maybe her skilled hands, the way she blows that oboe or the sound she makes when the song is about to climax. Whichever it is, there is something about playing instruments that really pulls men's strings.

Apparently, men aren't so uncultured if the culture in question is served by a hottie.

Applies to all female classical musicians no matter what instrument they are playing. Might apply to male classical musicians too. Compare Sitting Sexy on a Piano, where the fetching woman on the piano isn't the one playing it. See also Classical Music Is Cool, which may be a reaction if the hottie inspires someone to pay attention to the music.



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  • Your Lie in April: Kousei was already a Child Prodigy pianist that inspired many people by his piano playing before event in the series began. Though in the start of the series he's got Heroic BSoD and somewhat lost his edge, he starts to become this again when he returns to playing piano and tries to overcome his obstacles with the help of Kaori. He finally fully become this after the death of Kaori, making Hiroko, Nagi, and even Koharu stunned by his practice performance.
    Hiroko: "Look how you've gotten more sensual. You've grown up, have you?"
    Koharu: "So cool!"
  • Kin'iro no Corda: Kahoko Hino plays the violin with the help of magic, and manages to attract a hoard of bishounen while she's at it.
  • Nozomi from the Elfen Lied manga aspires to become one of sexy musicians (of the opera singer kind), despite her father's objections and tremendous abuse.
  • Kimagure Orange Road:
    • Madoka Ayukawa plays the piano, the saxophone, and the guitar with skill enough to make her a professional musician with any one of them. She's a not halfway bad Idol Singer when in a pinch, either.
    • It's In the Blood. Madoka's mother is implied to be beautiful but never clearly seen, and she is a famous classical violinist. And Madoka's father is an equally well-known conductor, so she learned from the best.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari plays the cello. Although it doesn't particularly make him more attractive than usual to the viewers, hearing his performance does elicit some rare genuine niceness from Asuka as she notes he's really skilled with it.
  • Rouge Noir gives us the two leads, Kou and Ayane. Ayane doubles as Sensei-chan since she's a music teacher, and sings well enough to be able to take over when the music club's main singer Rena can't perform.
  • Seika "Mariana" Akishima from Michiyo Akaishi's Amakusa 1637, a prospect opera singer who's famous in her school as such. Her beautiful voice is showcased when she reunites with Natsuki and Eri in the past, via singing to them from the boat she's in so they can recognize her.
  • Michiyo Akaishi re-uses the trope in Akatsuki no Aria, where the lead female Aria Kanbara wants to be one of these and thus she applies to a music school in the Tokyo of The Roaring '20s. She also has enough talent to switch completely from piano to opera singing when she cannot play the piano anymore due to an injury.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • In Ghosts of the Past, Taliesin is, of course, being a legendary bard, a highly accomplished musician. That said, the bard thing was a sideline as he was primarily the Court Physician of Camelot, and more recently, Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. Certainly, he can play a harp and seamlessly shift pieces while carrying on a conversation with someone, and his glamoured appearance is generally agreed to be very handsome.
  • In many My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfics, Octavia Philharmonica is a sophisticated musician who plays classical music for the upper-class of Equestria. Taken Up to Eleven in The Cadanceverse, in which Octavia's cello is enhanced by the magic of the Elements and she uses their power to perform music that can crush evil... while still maintaining her reserved, elegant demeanor.
  • The fanfic This Nearly Was Mine includes Octavia Philharmonica, but it's focused on Frederic Horshoepin, Octavia's bandmate and a male example of a Elegant Classical Musician.
  • Advice and Trust: As in canon, Shinji is a skilled cello player, and he is later joined by Asuka (Violin), Rei (Viola), and Kaworu (Violin). Shinji even writes a concerto for Asuka's birthday and performs it alongside Rei and Kaworu. And yes, he does get other uses out of his "musician's hands".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Dana Barret from Ghostbusters (1984), who is a cello player that gets stranded in the middle of a return of Sumerian god.
  • August Rush: Evan's parents are both definitely this, but his mother, with the fingers, and the strings, and the touching... And look how into it she is.
  • If You Believe (a Made-for-TV Movie and Yet Another Christmas Carol):
    • Invoked: Tom Weller, a former lawyer and a writer, plays the trombone. He uses it to charm Susan when he invites her to see him play Christmas carols with a town orchestra. She is his editor, working with him on his first novel, and insists that they cannot be romantically involved.
    • Lampshade Hanging: Susan's younger self Susie says she loves that he plays the trombone, pointing out that musicians are attractive.
  • India from Stoker is a very gifted pianist, and at one point, she and her uncle engage in some very suggestive Duet Bonding.

  • A blonde woman goes into an expensive clothes shop looking for evening wear. Every time she tries a new dress, she sits in a chair and spreads her legs as far as she can. The salespeople are shocked, and when she's made her choice is coldly told never to come back again. As they smugly look at her leave, another customer points out that they just kicked out the lead cellist for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra...

  • In most of Jane Austen's novels, both protagonists and secondary female characters can play musical instruments in various degrees of excellence, and it is often significant for the plot. It's a rather justified trope: back then music was one of the important accomplishments which girls and women tried to gain to appear beautiful and more desirable as future spouse.
    • Marianne Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility is a talented pianist with very deep feelings for music. She is greatly admired for it. She's also an extremely beautiful girl.
    • Pictured above: Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park plays the harp and is very well aware of this trope. She uses her playing the harp to charm Edmund, although he would have probably fallen for her without the harp as well.
    • Pride and Prejudice:
      • Elizabeth Bennet plays the piano moderately well, but she's a good singer and everybody enjoys her pleasant performance. In the Rosings arc, Elizabeth and her playing is a major source of entertainment to Colonel Fitzwilliams and Mr Darcy.
      • Elizabeth's sister Mary is a subversion. Although she practices a lot and tries very hard, she cannot sing and her taste in music is rather dreadful. It doesn't help that she's the only one plain among the attractive Bennet sisters.
      • Miss Bingley is an attractive woman and a good pianist. Music is among her tricks to enchant and catch Mr Darcy. She's not very successful, though.
      • Miss de Bourgh is too ill to take lessons, but her mother boasts that if she had been healthy, she would have been a wonderful performer.
      • Miss Darcy can play the piano exceptionally well and she practices playing and singing all the time, which is mentioned throughout the book several times.
    • Emma: Both Emma and Jane Fairfax play the piano and are admired. It helps that both are great beauties, often considered the loveliest in Jane Austen's 'verse.
      • Emma is very talented, but she never bothered to practice regularly as a child. She is still more than just a decent pianist and she plays and sings very well, but whenever Jane visits her relatives in Highbury, Emma is vexed that she's no longer the best musician.
      • Jane Fairfax was brought up in London and had lessons with the best masters, reaching her top performance. Everybody admires her dedication to music and everybody urges her to play for them.
    • Persuasion:
      • Anne Elliot is an elegant, slender woman with cultured mind. She plays the piano exceptionally well and has great taste in music. However, she could share it with only two people — her late mother and her former fiancé Captain Wentworth.
      • Henrietta and Louisa Musgrove both play the piano, the harp and they sing. They are pretty and amiable, and they like showing off their accomplishments. It's hinted that their parents tend to gush about them.
  • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: A male example, but it definitely counts. Vivi's boyfriend attracts the attention of everyone everywhere ever because he just looks and sounds so pretty when playing his fiddle. It's also used to demonstrate what a gentleman he is; there's a very touching scene where he dedicates a song to Vivi's unattractive, unloved mother and nearly makes her cry with happiness.
  • A male example with Milton Stephanides in Middlesex; he uses his skills to seduce Tessie. They then go on to take it Up to Eleven, using it in sex, or at least, foreplay.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Sheltered Aristocrat Rhaegar Targaryen could bring people to tears with his beautiful harp music.
  • Friendly Enemy Captain Werner Von Ebrannac in the French novella Le Silence de la Mer.
  • Blanche from Jen de la Brete's novel Reine: My Priest and my Uncle is Reine's Aloof Dark-Haired Girl of a cousin, and she's an excellent piano player as well.
  • The Hunger Games has a couple of examples.
    • Although no romantic attraction is involved, Katniss notes that her wealthy Only Friend Madge is an excellent pianist, and Katniss loves to listen to her play.
    • Also, Peeta fell head-over-heels in love with Katniss when he was five years old and he heard her singing in their music class. Allegedly her singing was so beautiful that "the birds stopped to listen."
  • In Seraphina both Seraphina and her mother Linn Dombegh play several instruments enchantingly well:
    • Seraphina bewitches an audience of thousands, with a song she wasn't going to play in the first place, at a funeral, playing someone else's flute!
    • Seraphina gets this from her mother, Linn, who was also an incredibly talented musician. Her case becomes even more interesting because instead of just playing technically perfectly as other emotion-impaired dragons might, Linn apparently played with passion.
    • A lot of what drew Linn and Claude (Seraphina's father) to each other seems to be linked to their joint interest in music, though Claude seems to be more of a composer and is only ever shown singing, not using any other instrument.
  • Gideon from The Ruby Red Trilogy. He moves Gwen to tears when he plays the violin and he can also play the piano. Learning to play these instruments seems to be part of the Guardians' time-travel curriculum.
  • The eponymous and very feminine heroine in Kilmeny of the Orchard, by L. M. Montgomery, plays expert violin.
  • In the James Bond story "The Living Daylights", Bond notices a female cellist entering a symphony hall suspected to contain a sniper nest, and he briefly contemplates all the vaguely-erotic implications of such a woman with such a large instrument between her thighs as she plays.
  • Invoked in The Secret of Platform 13Mrs. Trottle is nursing a crush on the Astor's suave double-bass player, Rodrigo de Roque. The narration informs us that he's actually a Happily Married man named Neville Potts, but smiling flirtatiously is apparently part of his job.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Leslie Winkle plays in a string quartet. She lampshades this trope when she tries to seduce Leonard and blatantly asks him if playing the cello reminds him of anything else.
    • Leonard plays the cello. It worked on Leslie but he doesn't use it on other women.
    • Amy Farrah Fowler plays the harp, which is of course completely lost on Sheldon.
  • Star Trek: Voyager. Handsome Lech Tom Paris finds out that his friend Harry Kim is doing music practise with a good-looking female crewmember and derides her as having "cold hands, cold heart." Harry smirks and replies: "Not when she's playing the oboe."
  • Everwood:
    • Ephram Brown is a brilliant pianist. Amy Abbott, his love interest and his eventual girlfriend, likes Ephram's playing a lot. She admires his dedication to music and his immense talent.
    • Discussed Trope: In a flashback, Ephram's mum tells him that girls find his playing very attractive. She's convinced that they sense he is very confident when he plays as it is his thing.
    • Invoked Trope: Mrs Brown was quite a matchmaker. She tried to invoke the trope as she makes Ephram accidentally meet his crush and invite her for his piano recital.
  • Parodied and Inverted in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode "House Mouses". Classical musicians are depicted as too broke to worry about anything but survival, so they resort to thefts both major (insurance fraud) and minor (stealing kitchen supplies from the Nine-Nine's cafeteria). Boyle sums it up: "Classical musicians are savages".

    Myths & Religion 


  • Deconstructed in George Bernard Shaw's Don Juan in Hell where he points out that Donna Anna's mother made her learn how to play half a dozen pieces on the harpsichord "which she hated as much as you did" so she could convince some unsuspecting man that she was an angel of harmony that would fill his home with music, but never touched the instrument after she was married. She replies that a married lady with a large household to run hasn't time "to sit at the spinnet with no support for her back."

    Video Games 
  • Depending upon the player's choices, the protagonists of both Persona 3 and Persona 4 could be this. Due to the both of them being eternal aces, no matter their choice of instrument they will inevitability be masterful at using it, and needless to say, are both incredibly handsome and desired by just about every girl they happen to cross (and more than a few boys).
    • If the MC from Persona 4 joins the music club, he can befriend a very cute first-year student named Ayane Matsunaga, who plays the trombone and is one of the two candidates to become the Sun Social Link. While she's too shy and young-looking to fully fit the trope, within some years she should grow into one.
  • Sentimental Graffiti: Akira Endou is a virtuoso, but she never seems to win first place in any of her competitions, and this frustrates her to no end. You, as the protagonist, can help her gain some Character Development by practicing with her and helping her realize that she's been too mechanical about it, not putting any of her emotions into her music.
  • Bishōnen Musical Assassin Yōkinshi from Onmyōji who kicks ass in all his gracefulness with the guqin. He is also super arrogant, takes his music super seriously and does not take too kindly to having his mood disrupted mid-recital.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening:
    • Cordelia is said to be an incredibly talented harp player. Her supports with Stahl have her teaching him how to play the harp as well. At the highest support level, they get married.
    • Cordelia says that her Pegasus knight captain/superior and Emmeryn's bodyguard, Phila, is even more talented at the harp than she is. Phila herself is a very beautiful woman, with a Beauty Mark under her left eye and pretty blue hair. Too bad she's also a Sacrificial Lamb.
    • While the violinist Brady is said to have a bad case of Face of a Thug, lots of fans find him adorable anyway. In his endings, he becomes "the world's scariest violinist". And if he marries either Kjelle or Nah, either of the girls will be inspired to take up music so they can keep him company.
  • If singing counts, then Princess Azura from Fire Emblem Fates definitely fits in. Many of her romantic supports have her singing her songs and having potential boyfriends commenting on how lovely her singing is. In the same game, Sakura and Elise bond over playing their string instruments.
  • Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth is at least a former member of this trope, as he is both extremely elegant and classy, and in school, was an accomplished flute player.
  • Crescendo ~Eien Dato Omotte Ita Ano Koro~: Miyu Shizuhara, one of Ryo's possible love interests, is a very cute-looking piano player. You can have Ryo attends one of her recitals! And one of the sex scenes with her happens in the music room... and on the piano itself.
  • The five musicians of the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra in Granblue Fantasy, all having mastered their instrument and bringing brilliant and elegant music all across the Skydom for everyone to enjoy.

    Web Original 
  • Codex from The Guild was a concert violinist, and plays her violin with the door open to try to get the attention of her attractive neighbor.

    Western Animation 


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