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Stana Katic (born 26 April 1978 in Hamilton, Ontario) is a Canadian-born actress with Croatian Serb parentage, who grew up on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border and says on her official website that she is still trying to do so in L.A. Best known as Detective Kate Beckett in Castle, before appearing in that show, she made a number of guest appearances in U.S. TV shows, a small role in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace and a recurring role in Heroes.

She married Kris Brkljac in 2015. They had a baby in June 2022. She is a dual Canadian-American citizen.

Tropes relating to Stana Katic's works:

  • Fake American: invoked She's Canadian who often portrays Americans, although she now holds dual citizenship.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Her fans call themselves "Stanatics".
  • Ms. Fanservice: Averted in her role as Beckett, where she is usually very conservatively dressed, and even her part as a Bond Girl. However, prior to Castle and Quantum of Solace, she starred in a Direct to Video movie called Stiletto that was completely made of this trope. The DVD cover was simply a picture of Stana in her Black Bra and Panties holding two guns and the tagline "Revenge never looked so good."
  • Omniglot: She is fluent in English, Italian, Serbian and Croatian note , as well as being able to "babble in" Greek. Oddly enough, unlike her character in Castle, she can't speak Russian.
  • The Cast Showoff: invoked She has an impressive singing voice, demonstrated in her appearance in the third The Librarian. She also does a fine rendition of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" at the close of a Castle episode.
  • Scully Box: At 5'9", she's not exactly short, but since many of her Castle costars are still taller than her, Beckett frequently wears high-heeled boots that most actual cops would find cumbersome. In-universe, it's given a justification of giving her a stronger presence to intimidate suspects and get respect from co-workers.
  • Star-Making Role: invoked Castle made her a star of the small screen.