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Undressing the Unconscious

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A character is rendered unconscious and upon waking up, finds out that their clothes have been removed. They may be naked (Usually under a Modesty Bedsheet or blanket), in their underwear, covered only in bandages or even wearing an entirely different outfit.

The reason for their unconscious state varies, but it's common for the character to be ill or injured and to fall unconscious, maybe in a Post-Victory Collapse or Power-Strain Blackout, only to be found and rescued by someone and have their clothing be removed in order to get treatment (After-Action Patch-Up or After-Action Healing Drama may be in effect). Or if they almost drowned and their clothes are wet and their clothes need to be removed to avoid Catch Your Death Of Cold, maybe even having to resort to Intimate Healing. Or they were a victim of Instant Sedation or Knockout Gas. The act of stripping itself normally occurs off-screen.


Usually, the character will be Waking Up Elsewhere from the place from where they passed out; it can be someone's room, a medical room, a cell, the morgue or even an improvised bed on the floor.

Upon waking the character may react in various ways, such as acting confused about their surroundings if they're Waking Up Elsewhere and can't remember how they got there. They may be startled and wake up in a panic or be drowsy and confused about their surroundings. It may take a while before they notice their clothes and/or equipment were taken/changed. Their reaction to their undressing can range from embarrassment to nonchalance. If the person who undressed them is in the room, they may angrily demand their clothes or calmly query about them. If they're alone, expect them to wrap themselves up in a Modesty Bedsheet and to wander around in search of some clothes, which may be in a nearby closet, hanging out to dry or even be neatly folded right beside them.


The character who performed the undressing can also get different reactions. Sometimes, such as if the character is a servant or medical staff, it probably won't be a big deal. Other times some awkwardness and sexual tension can be expected.

This trope can be done for several reasons, such as putting the character in a vulnerable state, adding Unresolved Sexual Tension and Ship Tease between the unconscious character and their undresser (Florence Nightingale Effect may be in effect) or for pragmatic reasons such as ridding them of any equipment or MacGuffin they previously had on them.

Sister Trope to Shameful Strip (a conscious character is forced to undress against their will) and Take Off Your Clothes (when a conscious character is asked to remove their clothing for similar innocent reasons). See also Sleeps in the Nude for characters that prefer to sleep unclothed of their own volition.

This trope often overlaps with Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me (when the villain orders an unconscious character to be bathed), Dude, She's Like, in a Coma! (if the one doing the undressing takes advantage of the situation or stares too much), Go-Go Enslavement (if the character is changed into an embarrassing and revealing outfit), Intimate Healing (when a character has to strip another before cuddling for warmth) and Mugged for Disguise (when a character renders another unconscious with the intention of taking their clothes and pose as them).


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Berserk:
    • Guts wakes up naked and bandaged after his first fight with Griffith, with fuzzy memories of Casca also laying naked next to him. He's later told she was ordered to do so by Griffith since Guts body needed to be warmed.
    • When Guts and Casca fall down a cliff into a river, he drags her unconscious body into a cave and has to strip her so she won't die of hypothermia. When Casca wakes up naked and realizes that it was Guts took her clothes off, she punches him in the face and drives him out by throwing bits of their equipment and armor at him in a rather cartoonish fashion.
  • Blood+: After Amshel chokes out Saya and is about to kill her, she's rescued by Solomon who picks her up and flies away. The next episode opens with Saya awakening naked in a strange apartment, with all her wounds bandaged. She wraps herself in a Modesty Bedsheet and walks around the window until Solomon comes in and says he prepared a change of clothes for her in the closet... which turns out to be a dress, displeasing Saya who Hates Wearing Dresses and she changes into it simply because she doesn't want to be naked.
  • Burst Angel: After Meg and Jo escape an R.A.P.T. ship by diving into the ocean, they end up on an island and Meg strips off hers and Jo's clothing and leaves them out to dry so they won't get sick.
  • In the Campione! anime, after Yuri is captured by Duke Sasha Dejenstahl Voban, she awakens to find herself dressed in the same Stripperific outfit he forced on his other enslaved Mikos.
  • Change 123: In Chapter 29, Kosukegawa is bitten in the crotch by a viper and passes out. Panicked Tsukishima, Fujiko and Hino strip off his shorts in order to Suck Out the Poison. But then they notice he doesn't have any bite marks and that viper actually missed him only managed to bite his shorts and Kosukegawa only passed out from the shock. He wakes up moments later, pantless with all three girls staring at commenting on his Teeny Weenie and gets a massive Naked Freak-Out.
  • Detective Conan: In chapter 830, Kaitou Kid knocks Sera Masumi unconscious and strips her for a disguise. She is actually such a Bifauxnen that even after he stripped her down to her boyish underwear he still mistook her for a boy and is baffled when Conan says she was a girl.
  • Dragonaut: The Resonance: In the second episode, Jin is knocked unconscious by Sieglinde's Battle Butler and awakens in a bunker room with all of his clothes gone. He wraps a bedsheet around his waist and starts looking around, until Sieglinde enters the room and startles him, causing his sheet to slip down the floor and giving her a Naked First Impression. She promptly nicknames him "Little man".
  • Fairy Tail: Whenever the demons of Tartaros kidnap people, they tend to wake up tied up and naked. In the anime, this was changed to them waking up tied up and in their underwear, with the exception of Mirajane, who was put in a fluid-filled pod naked for experimentation and her nudity hidden via Scenery Censor.
  • Happened to Yanagi Sakoshita in the sixth episode of Flame of Recca. This was due to her clothes being dry cleaned after the Battle in the Rain between her friends and her kidnappers in the previous episode. Notably, the original scene from the manga instead has Kaoru Koganei delivering her food instead of her freshly dried clothes.
  • Fushigi Yuugi: Happened to lead character Miaka Yuuki twice. First was when she and her Love Interest Tamahome wake up in Taiitsukun's domain. The divine entity and her charges had the lovers' clothes cleaned up after arriving from their brief battle with the Seiryuu team. When Tamahome wakes Miaka up, she's understandably aggressive. The second was after Miaka wakes up after her Bungled Suicide by drowning, which leaves Hotohori flustered when she wakes up since she's unaware her wet clothes were removed.
  • Golgo 13: In Episode 42, Golgo is hired by the CIA to kill a Double Agent in a snowy area of Canada and uses this trope as part of a Batman Gambit. He captures a female agent guarding the man, drugs her, strips her naked and confines her to a cabin so that she can't escape without freezing to death. Before leaving, he tasks a local girl with watching the prisoner, and pays her with an expensive red coat. When she awakens, the henchwoman quickly knocks the girl unconscious and steals her clothing in order to escape, and heads off to find her boss. While the two of them are fleeing, the woman realizes too late that Golgo planned all of this, and that the red coat was meant to make her stand out as a target against the white backdrop of the terrain. They're both sniped by him before she can do anything about it.
  • If I See You In My Dreams: Inverted and zigzagged. At one point, a sick Hamaoka barely reaches for her phone to call Masuo for help, and when he arrives to her apartment, he finds her lying on the floor, wearing only a towel. The poor guy has no choice but to place her on her bed and then put her pajamas on, all the while covering his eyes with his tie to avoid looking at her.
  • Imadoki!: Tanpopo overworks herself in the rain while already under the weather and collapses. Her Love Interest Koki finds her and takes her back to her apartment, since she hates hospitals. When he gets her inside, he realizes that her clothes are soaked and may worsen her condition, and he ends up being the one to change her clothes while she is unconscious.
  • Inuyasha: In "Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part II", when Kagome is captured by Tokajin she wakes up naked in a big cooking pot bath to clean her, since he plans to feed her to a man-eating tree (or in the original manga, he just planned to eat her himself). Soon after, Inuyasha barges into the room and Kagome bolts out of the water, happy to see him... until she realizes her nudity and squeals in embarrassment before diving back down. Inuyasha gives her his fire-rat-hair kimono for her to wear, which she does for the rest of the episode.
  • Kill la Kill: In episode 2, when Ryuko regain consciousness from her "fight" with Omiko Hakodate, she noticed that Senketsu is hanging by a wire. Aikuro Mikisugi actually removed Senketsu from her when he found her unconscious.
  • Linebarrels of Iron: Kouichi loses consciousness due to Linebarrel going out of control and is taken into custody by JUDA. When he next comes to, he's in a medical bed wearing only a sheet with Yui looking down on him. Startled he jumps out of bed, accidentally exposes himself to her.
  • In Made in Abyss: After Riko gets vomit all over her clothes and faints, Reg takes off Riko's clothes in order to clean them.
  • Subverted In Meru Puri. Airi is abducted by Jeile and wakes up in a fancy Gothic dress with her hair in baby doll ringlets. She immediately panics at the thought of being undressed by him while she slept until his fairy Maruru explains that she was the one who dressed her with her magic.
  • Ichijo Raku from Nisekoi rescues Tsugumi Seishiro from the school's swimming pool, and takes the victim's clothes off in the male locker room, supposedly to prevent chills. At the time Tsugumi is thought to be a male student; as Ichijo starts unbuttoning Trugumi's shirt, she regains consciousness, and severely objects to Ichijo's first aid. It's a reverse-trap scenario Played for Laughs.
  • One Piece:
    • After Luffy crashes in the women-only Amazon Lily Island, he eats some poisonous mushrooms that makes mushrooms grow all over his body and passes out and is rescued by a trio of women who happen upon his unconscious body, who bring him back to their village where he's stripped and washed to remove the mushrooms. Once Luffy awakens, he's completely naked in a cell right in front of the curious female populace, who have never seen a man before. They eventually give him some new clothes to wear, however, they turn out to be rather girly looking, much to his displeasure.
    • When Absalom kidnaps Nami, he brings her unconscious to his zombie tailors and orders them to change her into a wedding dress because he plans to marry her.
  • In episode 2 of Queen's Blade Grimoire, Alicia and Tiina are attacked by Liliana and her Ghost Pirate crew and are knocked out. When Alicia wakes up, she finds herself naked and tied up, hanging by a rope on the ship's mast.
  • In the anime version of Ranma ½, after being hit with the "Cat's Tongue" pressure point (which makes her unable to withstand hot water, and, therefore, unable to change back into a man), the episode ends with Ranma falling into a bathtub and presumably blacking out from pain, since the next episode opens with her waking up in the care of the Tendo sisters—and she immediately freaks out at the female underwear and negligee they put on her, since she was already naked when she first passed out.
  • Episode 10 of Rave Master has female lead Elie passing out in the middle of the rain due to her Fear of Thunder. When she wakes up, she finds her clothes being dried up and is using a Modesty Bedsheet.
  • In the final arc of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, Enishi kidnaps Kaoru and she awakens in his remote Island base wearing only a robe because he used her clothes to dress up a fake doll corpse in order to make Kenshin think she's dead.
  • Sailor Moon: Prince Demande kidnaps Sailor Moon. She wakes up in a dress that resembles the one her future self Neo Queen Serenity, whom Demande is obsessed with, wears.
  • In Slayers Try episode 15, after a confrontation with the Big Bad knocks her out, Lina awakens to find herself in a strange land and changed into clothing to simulate Alice from the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland story. She actively dwells on the fact someone must have undressed her to change her into those clothes.
  • Totsugami: In chapter 3, Tasaku awakes in the school's infirmary after being strangled unconscious by the mermaid totsugami he was trying to help seal away. He panics when he realizes he's naked and wonders who undressed him. Chikage then tells him that Kozuka did it
  • In Weiß Kreuz, Sakura Tomoe is introduced waking up covered only in a Modesty Bedsheet in the middle of an ice rink after an organ trafficking ring kidnapped her and removed her kidney.

    Comic Books 
  • Druuna: Towards the end of the first album, Druuna is rescued from the wastes by a patrol after she loses consciousness, then wakes up in the captain's bed stripped of her clothes. He's intending to make her his concubine, so he'd obviously do this, and also make her try on lingerie that he kept in storage.
  • In Gen¹³ Bootleg #13, the team is rendered unconscious and captured by Dr. Monstreau. While most of the team are being turned into his Beast Man, Ms. Fanservice Kat awakens to find herself chained up and wearing a sexy costume. She actively dwells on the fact that this means he's seen her naked.
    Kat: Hey! What happened to my clothes? Did you see me naked?
    Dr. Monstreau: A villain my dear, does have certain responsibilities.
    Grunge: Dude!
  • In Nick Spencer's Spider-Man story arc Hunted, after being beaten unconscious by Kraven's cloned son, Spider-Man wakes up to find himself in Central Park wearing his old black costume (Kraven is intentionally trying to recreate the events of Kraven's Last Hunt, where Spider-Man used his black costume).
  • In Thunderbolts #25, The Thunderbolts defeat and knock out some of Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil members then strip them for their costumes. They're all left unconscious in their undies, which the exception of Joystick who is naked due to her Going Commando.
  • In Top Cow's Tomb Raider #10, Lara falls into a whirlpool and almost drowns, losing consciousness. When she wakes up, she's nude on a luxurious bedroom, with all her clothes, equipment and weapons nearby. As she dresses, she concludes that whoever rescued her is confident enough that they don't see her as a threat.
  • During one of her storylines in Wonder Woman vol 1, Huntress is escaping Arkham Asylum and succumbs to the effects of being shot with a very potent hallucinogen by Professor Fether. After her Journey to the Center of the Mind, Helena wakes up in the flat of her fellow inmate she escaped the Asylum with, Gary Minelli. She also finds herself nude and unmasked and confronts him wearing a Modesty Bedsheet, although she's more worried about her Secret Identity being compromised than her modesty.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman (1942): After getting knocked out by Giganta while trying to arrest Queen Clea Steve Trevor wakes to find the villainesses have stripped him and bound him to a wooden stake.
    • Wonder Woman (1987): Sangtee Empire pumps Knockout Gas into Diana and Natasha's sabotaged spacecraft before boarding, stripping them, dressing them as slaves and shipping them off to "Hope's End" for trespassing. The gas didn't work very well on Diana so they resorted to shooting her in the head at point-blank range which did knock her for a loop.
  • X-Factor (2006): After Darwin is captured by Project Karma, he awakens naked in a huge tank full of liquid where they keep him imprisoned while planning to experiment on him.

    Comic Strips 
  • Jucika: In one strip, Jucika is saved from freezing to death by a man. He takes off her clothes to warm her up, but once she wakes up, she's... not too pleased with him and kicks him out.

    Fan Works 
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Subverted in Dealing with the Blockade Ship, from Dandel's examination of herself:
    Clearly, someone had rescued them, but who, and for what reason? Suddenly worried, she looked down at herself, and was relieved that her familiar costume was still in place, even if was slashed in places and stained with coagulated blood.
  • Fate: Kill: When Akame is injured and passes out, Selka and Elaine remove her bloody clothes and put her in a hospital gown.
  • My Huntsman Academia: Shoto has to strip an unconscious Weiss to get her cold, wet clothes off of her after she got caught in a frigid blizzard. When Weiss learns this, the idea he saw her naked leaves her so embarrassed that she faints.
  • Path of the King: Shirou finds Caster slumped against a wall unconscious in the rain and brings her back to his house. He has to remove her all wet clothes for her health, a task he finds incredibly embarrassing and does his best to do with his peripheral vision and trying not to touch her, which is rendered pointless when he realizes he also will have to dry her while she's completely naked.
    Undressing Caster had been bad enough: her heavily wet clothes had clung to her body like a glove, making it all the more difficult to remove them without touching her... improper places. In hindsight, all his efforts to keep his hands to himself as much as he could were for naught, seeing how the next step was drying her very naked body.
  • Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai: After being dropped into the sea, Youhei rescues the unconscious Miki and has to take off all her wet clothes for her health. He actually dwells on the idea of her waking up to him undressing her and misinterpreting things but does it anyway.
  • Were In Hyrule Stupid: This Ocarina of Time Self-Insert Crack Fic has it Played for Laughs in the sixth chapter, HEY! THEY'RE ALL TEENAGERS! Awesome man!. Everyone except Nicole and Link have awkwardly grown out of their clothes during the Plot-Relevant Age-Up, and Nicole explains that she randomly woke up and, after changing her own clothes, noticed that Link looked uncomfortable and decided to change him as well.

    Films — Animation 
  • Done in reverse during the "Taarna" segment of Heavy Metal: Taarna has been captured by the barbarians, and stripped naked. Their chief then horsewhips her into unconsciousness. Taarna awakens naked on a ledge in a bottomless pit, and has her outfit thrown down to her.
  • Happens to Susan Murphy/Ginormica twice in Monsters vs. Aliens, done first by the government and then by Galaxhar. Both times she wakes up in a different outfit to the one she was wearing before rendered unconscious. An impressive feat considering it's difficult enough to undress and redress a regular unconscious human and Susan is a 50-Foot tall giant.
  • Mulan: Shortly after burying the Hun army with a snow avalanche, Mulan rescues her captain from a plummeting doom. This effort, plus a wound received in combat, causes her to lose consciousness. Mulan awakens in a camp tent mostly undressed, with sarashi-like bandaging around the torso, done by the Chinese army medic. The first face she sees is that of Captain Li Shang, who has learned from the medic that "Ping" is a girl posing as a male conscript. Mulan's reflex to pull a Modesty Bedsheet to cover herself confirms her deception.
  • Cale Tucker from Titan A.E. narrowly escaped a Drej attack in part by a ship-to-ship transit through hard vacuum (Captain Korso helped a lot.) Cale loses consciousness in the Valkyrie's docking bay, and awakens naked in ship's sickbay. Akima gives Cale the once-over, and snarks, "We rescued the window washer?" Still, it's a cheerier greeting than Preed's "Is he dead? Can we eat him?" Cale is clearly uncomfortable and flustered at being naked on an exam table among strangers.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Ant-Man, one scene goes from Scott falling to his apparently death to him waking up in Hank Pym's house, watched over by Hope and an army of ants. He's wearing the same sort of shirt/pajama pants combo that many men would wear to bed, but when he asks who they belong to he isn't given an answer.
  • In Back to the Future, 1955 Lorraine removes Marty's pants while he's unconscious in her room.
    Marty: Where are my pants?!
    Lorraine: Over there... on my hope chest.
  • Black Cat: The protagonist, Erica, after being shot at and allegedly dead, turns out to be alive and waking up in a government facility... in a sleeveless vest and panties. She spends the next four minutes running all over the facility wearing only those, because Fanservice.
  • In the 1956 western film Fort Dobbs, after being rescued from drowning by Walker, Ms. Mayo awakens to find herself naked under a blanket. She slowly puts 2 and 2 and 2 when she sees her wet clothes on a clothesline and realizes with horror and embarrassment that he must have stripped her.
  • In Get Smart, while attempting to use a knockout dart on a guard so that they can infiltrate their target's mansion, Max accidentally sucks in the poisoned dart, knocking himself out. When he wakes up, he finds that Agent 99 has changed his clothes for him, including his underwear.
    Max: Am I wearing boxers? Just so you know, I prefer briefs. For their security, and peace of mind.
  • Hannibal: Clarice is rendered unconscious by a gunshot wound and then taken by Hannibal, and wakes up wearing an evening gown (specifically a Sexy Backless Outfit with Absolute Cleavage) instead of the casual clothes she was wearing.
  • Jupiter Ascending: A recurring bit in the film is Jupiter waking up to find herself dressed in something she wasn't wearing when she passed out in prior scenes, to which she responds with shock and sometimes annoyance at being made to wear something way fancier than she's used to.
  • Knight and Day: After being sedated by Roy, June wakes up in a bikini on a tropical island. She confronts him, pointing out that he must have done this to her at one point.
  • The Legend of Zorro: Alejandro is awakened by a maid in a hotel and is perplexed to find he's naked. She explains she had to remove his wet clothes since he went swimming at their fountain after he got drunk. Alejandro uncomfortably covers himself with his hands as she explains since she's also obviously Eating the Eye Candy, until Padre Filipe walks in and sternly tells her he will be expecting her at confession.
  • Naked Killer: This Fanservice-laden action film had its protagonist, Kitty, being rescued by an elder, more experienced hitwoman, Cindy, after a botched assasination attempt, before waking up in Cindy's mansion... only in her underwear.
  • After Angela is chloroformed and kidnapped by her Stalker with a Crush in P2, she wakes up wearing an Absolute Cleavage white dress.
  • Played With in the 1953 Romantic Comedy Roman Holiday where Princess Ann gets drunk one night and ends up in Joe's apartment where she jumps into Joe's pajamas before falling asleep. Of course, the next morning she doesn't have any recollections of that and reacts with shock to the fact that she is now wearing a man's pajamas and not knowing how she got into them. She quickly reaches under her blanket to check if her undies are still there and is relieved when they are. All of this is played quite subtly due to the production code of the time. Watch the scene here.
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009): Holmes blacks out after he drinks the doctored wine Irene Adler offered him. When he awakens, he finds she stripped him naked and handcuffed him to a bedpost. She is kind enough to leave a pillow strategically placed to cover his privates... but also mischievously leaves the key to his cuffs below the pillow, leading to an awkward moment when a maid finds him.
    Sherlock Holmes: Madam, I need you to remain calm, and trust me, I am a professional. But beneath this pillow lies the key to my release.
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: After Sky Captain, Polly Perkins and Kaji Out Run The Fireball of the explosion in the uranium mine, they are knocked unconscious. When they wake up in a room in an unknown location, they find that they are all completely naked and in the same bed together.
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back has Luke Skywalker lose consciousness on the icy plains of Hoth. Han Solo finds him, and keeps Luke warm until an Alliance patrol can ferry them back to base. Luke awakens in a bacta tank (basically, an aquarium with an air supply) mostly undressed except for a modesty diaper.
  • Vertigo: Scottie undresses Madeleine and puts her in his bed after she jumps into San Francisco Bay and loses consciousness.

  • In Scott Sigler's Alight, Em awakens in a coffin-like med-chamber after passing out, now wearing some black overalls that perfectly fit her. She blushes when she remembers O'Malley brought her there and must have been the one who stripped her and questions Smith about it who explains it was actually the med-chamber.
    Em: Who, um ... who undressed me?
    Smith: Don't worry, the med-chamber did it. It removed your old clothes, cleaned you up, treated your wounds, fed you intravenously, handled your waste and fixed your hair. It even put on your new clothes for you.
  • The Belgariad: in the second book, Garion is kidnapped and drugged by Queen Salmissra and awakens wearing a short Loincloth while her servants are giving him make-up.
  • A Brother's Price: Jerin strips off the wet clothes of an unconscious, injured Odelia after he rescues her, picking her out of the river.
  • Discworld:
    • Carpe Jugulum: Waking up after being knocked unconscious in a fight with vampires, witch Agnes Nitt demands to know who put the poppy seeds down her bra and threatens that if it wasn't a woman who took her stockings off, somebody is going to be in real trouble.
    • Mort: Ysabell puts an exhausted Mort to bed. When he wakes up and she asks him to Please Put Some Clothes On, he asks how he got undressed in the first place. She replies that she undressed him, but she "looked the other way".
  • Eragon: After rescuing Arya, Eragon and Murtagh attempt to move the comatose elf to a bed, but her sleeve gets caught in a branch and tears, revealing numerous cuts and bruises on her arm. Worried, they both start stripping her to check on her other wounds, and find her entire body has been beaten, whipped, branded, and scarred from long periods of Cold-Blooded Torture. Eragon is then forced to use his magic to heal her and uncomfortably notices how attractive she is.
    Although he tried to preserve the elf's modesty, he could not help but notice that underneath the disfiguring marks, her body was exceptionally beautiful. He was exhausted and did not dwell upon it — though his ears turned red at times, and he fervently hoped that Saphira did not know what he was thinking.
  • In the Stuart Woods novel Fast and Loose, Stone Barrington has an accident at sea and passes out. When he next comes to, he's in a luxurious bedroom with a beautiful woman. When he notices he's naked, he queries her on who undressed him and she laughs and tells him "That pleasure was all mine".
  • In Gorky Park, Arkady undresses Irina after she's been attacked and drugged by KGB agents, and puts her in a cold bath because the drugs the KGB agents used raised her temperature dangerously high.
  • His Dark Materials: In The Amber Spyglass, after Lyra and Will start to sleep, Mary Malone removes their dirty and tattered clothing and clothes them in linen.
  • Johannes Cabal and the Fear Institute: Miss Smith was a Necromancer who died by mob and whose stolen corpse was broken down for Human Resources by Johannes. When he meets her spirit in the Dreamlands, she appreciates the professional courtesy he showed her remains, then has the horrified realization that he had to undress them first.
  • Last Herald-Mage Trilogy: In Magic's Price, after Vanyel's Gift channels are blasted open, he's eventually sedated and taken to a Hawkbrother Vale for healing. He wakes up in bed, nude under a bedsheet, and Moondance freely admits to undressing Vanyel on his arrival.
  • In The Man In The Mirror 1910 by Hudson Douglas has Baxendale meet with Prince Juric to scope out one of Princess Ingrid's pretty servants. The Prince has thoughts of wooing this lovely lady, but needs to know if her demeanor is true, or merely a facade. Baxendale's tongue gets lubed with a goodly amount of booze, which ultimately makes him pass out. He awakens in another room of the palace, so thoroughly dressed and groomed that he doesn't recognize his own reflection in a mirror.
  • In Providence Of Fire, a lightning bolt strikes Adare, killing many nearby her but only knocking her out. When she awakens, she's naked in bed with Lehav nearby who explains they had to cut off her clothing since the lightning seared it to her skin in places, which prompts her to survey her body and notice she's now covered in intricate lightning scars.
  • Queen of the Tearling: When the man who calls himself "the Fetch" has captured the protagonist and she wakes up from unconsciousness, discovers someone stripped her of her clothes, bathed her and dressed her in something else, she is understandably upset. The Fetch then essentially tells her, "That was me, but don't worry, you are too plain for my tastes." She is hurt by the statement that she's plain, but does not for a moment think about the fact that he essentially told her he would have raped her if she was prettier.
  • Spellfall: It's implied, though not outright stated, that Hawk was involved in taking Natalie's clothes while she was unconscious.
  • In Jack Chalker's Soul Rider series, Cassie is abducted by the male-dominated society of New Eden, waking up from unconsciousness to find herself naked, gagged and handcuffed. The abduction is a prelude to an extended period of "re-education."
  • In Nell DuVall's When Lilacs Bloom, after Libby passes out from illness she awakens in a room wearing a nightgown and soon takes notice of her lack of underwear under the gown, meaning whoever changed her clothes must have seen her naked.
  • Whateley Universe: In A Single Fold, Folder, during his medical emergency that renders him unconscious, is said to be wearing a white robe, and after a while, when he wakes up in the Doyle Medical Center, he has a gown.
  • Zero Sight: After a bloody fight in a warehouse, Dieter starts to Freak Out in Rei's lap due to the carnage and eventually faints. When he next comes to, he's on the floor, naked and clean, having been stripped and washed by Rei. He barely has time to register she gave him a sponge bath before he notices she's actually still showering in the stall next to him. He can only see her Toplessness from the Back due to her having her back to him and Censor Steam concealing most of her, but it's enough to cause his body to react and he rushes into another stall to take a cold shower.
  • The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. An exhausted Alexander falls asleep on top of the stove (designed to double as a bed, as he's in Russia) and wakes up to find Tatiana has removed all his clothes, which she claims that she did by removing them while he was covered with his blanket.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: When the SOS Brigade makes a film for the school festival, one of the scenes has Mikuru's character thrown into a lake and then nursed back to health by Itsuki's character, who puts her in bed now wearing a nightshirt. Kyon is not happy with the implications, and he nearly goes berserk when he realizes that Haruhi got Mikuru drunk so she'd go along with the scene.
  • The Familiar of Zero: Luctiana kidnaps Saito and Tiffania and holds them prisoner in a house to study elf and human interaction. When the pair awakens, Saito's outfit is untouched but Tiffania is now dressed in a traditional Elvin garb.
  • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Horn falls into a river and passes out, but Diablo pulls her out before she drowns. Diablo makes a fire and strips her of her wet clothes so she doesn't catch hypothermia. Amusingly, Horn was disguised as a boy and Diablo didn't hesitate to strip her because he thought that seeing a fellow boy naked isn't embarrassing. When he sees Horn naked and realizes she is actually a girl, he freaks out. When she wakes up, she is embarrassed until he provides her with new clothes.
  • Sky Wizards Academy: After Yuri is curb-stomped by a hooded Real, Kanata takes her injured and unconscious body to the room where the E601 members are staying. Later, Yuri is sleeping in bed, while the girls are asking Kanata for details about what happened, when Yuri suddenly awakens and bolts up, startling the girls who rush to cover Kanata's eyes, which causes Yuri to take notice of her nudity and that the Modesty Bedsheet that was covering her fell off when she sat up and she has a Naked Freak-Out while covering herself back. Kanata tells the flustered girl not to panic as it was the girls who undressed her because they couldn't let her remain in those tattered clothes, but when she asks if he saw her just now, he avoids answering and just laughs awkwardly before making a hasty exit and Yuri laments she's now Defiled Forever.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Daredevil (2015): In "Nelson v. Murdock", Matt Murdock finds himself only in his briefs, as he had just received the beating of a lifetime, and his friends had to undress him off-screen to treat his wounds.
  • Dark Skies: In "The Warren Omission", John is ambushed fresh out of the shower by Juliet while he's only wearing a Modesty Towel. After being beaten up by her as a warning, she gasses him and once he's out, she rips off his towel and leaves him naked on the floor, seemingly just to humiliate him further.
  • Played With in the pilot episode of Eureka. Carter is sleeping naked in a room in Beverly's inn and wakes up to find his clothes are gone. He wraps himself in a Modesty Bedsheet and goes in search of Beverly and is uncomfortable to find out she went into the room while he slept naked to take his clothes in order to wash them.
  • Haven: In the pilot episode, Duke rescues an unconscious Audrey from the water and removes her wet clothes so he can launder them and puts her to bed. When she wakes up, the only clothing available is his shirt, obviously for his perverted enjoyment. When she finds him, she angrily pulls a gun on him.
  • Life on Mars. Happens to Sam Tyler after he's slipped a mickey by a prostitute in a Frame-Up. He wakes up naked and Chained to a Bed with Gene and Annie soon breaking into the room, much to his embarrassment.
  • A Passion for Revenge: While arguing with Samuel, Andrea accidentally falls off her horse and bumps her head, passing out and is taken by Samuel back to his room. While she's out, she has an Erotic Dream about him and wakes up in a rush and is mortified to find herself in his bed in only her underwear and is thoroughly peeved at Samuel for supposedly undressing her. It was actually Soledad who undressed her and he just came in to check on her, but he has no time to explain it as she starts throwing things at him.
  • Pretty Little Liars: In "Game On, Charles", The Liars fail to escape A's dollhouse and get hit with a Knockout Gas. They wake up later in a morgue-like room with a Modesty Bedsheet draped over their naked bodies, looking like they are corpses. Spencer theorizes A took photos of them like that to send to their families so that they would stop looking for them.
  • Simon & Simon: In the Halloween Episode "The Skull of Nostradamus," both brothers and their dog are gassed by the bad guys who steal their clothes and leave them unconscious in caskets that have been lowered into open cemetery graves.
  • Smallville:
    • In "Crusade", after touching the Mark of Transference symbol in Countess Isobel's tomb, Lana blacks out. When she next wakes up, she's in her bed back in her room, completely naked and drenched in sweat, with no memory of what happened. Later when she showers, she finds the same symbol is now tattooed on her bare back.
    • In "Facade", Dr. Fine gasses Lois after she notices Lois had been investigating her kryptonite plastic surgery operation. When Lois wakes up, she finds she's been stripped down to her underwear and is strapped in Dr. Fine's plastic surgery machine. Clark arrives shortly after and frees her from it.
    • Subverted in "Committed", after getting wasted, Lois wakes up in the Kent's farm wearing only Clark's football jersey and freaks out for a bit thinking they either slept together or he undressed her, but Clark reassures her that nothing happened and she changed into his clothes on her own while she was drunk.
    • In "Conspiracy", Vala and the other Kandorians are kidnapped and stripped down to their underwear by Dr. Chisholm.
  • In Stranger Things episode "The Sauna Test", Hopper wakes up naked under a blanket on his couch after being beaten into unconsciousness by a Russian muscle in the previous episode. He is nursed by Joyce who apparently brought him home and undressed him. Hopper only realizes that fact when he gets up and feels himself without clothes. He looks at Joyce and sternly asks for his clothes while Joyce turns her head.
  • Supernatural: In the season 7 episode "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!", when the Love Potion Becky has been using to trick Sam into loving her wears off, she knocks him unconscious. He wakes tied to a bed and gagged. When Becky un-gags him, he demands to know where his pants are. She explains that she took them off so he'd be more comfortable. She then says has a bottle and offers to help him "tinkle".
  • The X-Files: In "Anasazi", after his father is seemingly murdered, Mulder goes to Scully's apartment and quickly passes out as she gets him into her bed (Scully later finds out he was being drugged). When he next wakes up, he's only wearing his underpants. He finds his clothes nearby but notices Scully has taken his gun while he slept.
  • Farscape in the premiere episode. After being knocked out by D'argo's tongue, John Crichton wakes up in a cell some time later and realizes he has no clothes on (which is explained that Zhaan examined him while he was out). This is even replayed and subverted with in Season 4's episode "Unrealized Reality", where John, while jumping through past events and alternate realities, wakes up laying on the floor in the cell, him realizing when/where he is and hoping that he wasn't naked this time (turns out, he's lucky and he's not).

  • Can-Can: The first act ends with Aristide being dramatically rejected by Pistache and his career being derailed by a manufactured scandal. The second act begins with him waking up in an unfamiliar bedroom in an artists' studio loft, wearing unfamiliar nightclothes and no memory of the intervening period. The artists explain that they rescued him after he got blind drunk and picked a fight with an entire nightclub full of people who already had a grudge against him.

    Video Games 
  • BLUE GUARDIAN: Margaret: In the Underground Laboratory level, should Margaret be spotted by the patrolling enemies, she will be captured and wake up naked in a cell. She must then break out and continue sneaking through the base to recover her clothes and weapons in a Save Point.
  • Dead Rising 2: If Chuck is knocked out by looters, he will awaken in the nearest bathroom wearing only Goofy Print Underwear, having had all his other items taken.
  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • After the Warden is rescued by Flemeth during the disastrous battle of Ostagar, they awaken in their undergarments in Morrigan's bed, having been nursed by her on Flemeth's orders.
    • If the Warden is defeated by/surrenders to Ser Cauthrien, they are imprisoned in Fort Drakon with a cutscene showing them waking up in their cells wearing only their undergarments.
  • Fallout 3:
    • Happens to the Lone Wanderer when he/she is captured by the Enclave. They are knocked out and wakes up in a stasis field wearing only their Pip-Boy and their unmentionables and about to be interrogated by Colonel Autumn.
    • The Mothership Zeta DLC also starts like this, and leaves you that way until you can find your gear in a conveniently close storage container.
  • Haunting Ground: After a car crash, Fiona Belli is taken to a dungeon and wakes up naked in a cage except for a Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: After the Exile blacks out after the attack on the Ebon Hawk, he/she awakens in a Kolto tank in Peragus wearing their undergarments and have to explore the mining station without any gear or clothes for a while.
  • Hitman: A staple of the franchise, Agent 47 can undress people while they're unconscious (or dead) to use their clothes as his disguise, leaving them in their underwear. If the NPC is found by another, it will usually make 47's disguise not work anymore and the stripped NPC will hurry to the nearest closet to get dressed.
  • Metal Gear:
  • Outlast: In the Whistleblower DLC, Waylon is knocked unconscious by Gluskin who has him stripped and Strapped to an Operating Table, planning to castrate him with a buzzsaw. Waylon manages to escape before it happens.
  • Postal 2: When The Postal Dude is knocked out and kidnapped, you wake up in a brewery dressed in an assless Gimp suit. After escaping and getting your weapons back, you then have to go to the laundromat to change back to your regular clothes.
  • Rimworld: Any pawn is capable of stripping another when they're unconscious, including Raiders or neutral NPCs. Due to the mechanic where clothes and armor getting a "Tainted Apparel" debuff when the pawn wearing them dies, this had the unintended side effect of players prioritizing their pawns to strip downed enemies during Raids and then leaving them to bleed out naked on the floor, while hauling off their clothes and equipment back to base. Rescuing them is also possible, but players and unlikely to do that unless they have good stats.
  • Saints Row:

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • Dead Fantasy: A preview for a future episode before the series was cancelled shows that after Tifa Lockhart was beaten up and extremely bloody from her battle with Hayate and his ninjas, she wakes up naked with a Modesty Bedsheet.
  • A big question in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is how Link changed his clothes (or pierced his ear!) during his seven-year sleep in the Sacred Realm. This fan video by Laura Kerger is based on the idea that Rauru did it. Rauru also decided that Link should have pierced ears, apparently.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Played For Black Comedy in the American Dad! episode "Vacation Goo." The rest of the family wake up in the goo, stripped to their underwear, because Steve wanted to get rid of them, leading to this exchange:
    Hayley: You undressed me?
    Steve: Uh, no, Toshi did.
    Toshi: <I was not gentle.>
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • In "Mad as a Hatter", Mad Hatter kidnaps and hypnotizes his secretary whom he crushes on then dresses her up as the title character of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
    • In "Baby-Doll", Baby-Doll goes after her old co-stars so they can "be a family again" kidnapping them by knocking them out and they all wake up at the studio where they had filmed their television program, all now wearing their old costumes.
  • Batman Beyond: Max gets kidnapped and wakes up in an Egyptian-esque tank top, skirt, and gold jewelry.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: In "Nagged to Ed", The Ed's get lost into a forest and end up falling into the mud and faint in terror when the Kanker Sisters come to help them. The Eds then wake up in the sisters' trailer to find the girls undressed them and put them into bathrobes that belonged to the Kankers' fathers, and their clothes are hanging to dry outside.
  • Superman: The Animated Series:
    • In "Fun and Games", Lois Lane answer her door wearing a bathrobe and receives a box with a Creepy Doll that sprays Knockout Gas on her and she blacks out. When Lois wakes up, she's dressed like an old-fashioned cupie doll in Toyman's warehouse.
    • In "Legacy" After rescuing an unconscious Supergirl from her military cell, Superman takes her to Professor Hamilton in the S.T.A.R. Labs. The next time we see of her, she's naked on an examination table while Hamilton and the others doctors check on her condition, with only Scenery Censor preserving her modesty.
  • Young Justice: In "Bereft", after an encounter with Psimon, the whole team has their memories of the last 6 months erased. When Artemis and Kid Flash wake up in a shack, Artemis is confused about her hero outfit (she wasn't a superhero 6 months prior) and suspects she's undergoing some sort of training mission from her father, Sportsmaster, and all but outright says Waking Up Elsewhere in a different outfit frequently happens to her whenever he pulls such stunts.


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