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We are...Super Sentai!!

Super Sentai Vs Super Sentai is a massive fic project based on the Super Sentai series made by Chris X (other pen names include Bloody Tears or Neo Juste Belmont). Or specifically, the (insert Sentai series here) vs Super Sentai. It's separated between two fics: One is the original, and one is the 'Another' story, each containing different teams of Super Sentai.

Note: As this was created during the run of Tensou Sentai Goseiger, you should not expect the Goseigers or any team after them to appear.


While the backstory is pretty convoluted, it revolves about how AkaRed actually having his own Super Sentai team where he fought against Rufecil. He drew energies from the Super Sentai teams (who are usually victorious), while Rufecil drew energies from the Super Sentai villains. Eventually, Rufecil is sealed for the umpteenth time and this time, AkaRed and friends decided to separate the keys to Rufecil's seal into two sets of timelines between the Sentai series, one ranging from Goranger to Jetman, the rest from Zyuranger and forward (reasoning speculated that the barrier was made between which Sentai has had a Power Rangers counterpart), and the residents of both worlds cannot see the key pieces, just so the seal can never be opened. Travel between both timelines were also disabled thanks to a time and space barrier set up. The key pieces can be seen by someone from the opposite timeline. EG: The Zyurangers may be able to see and use the piece from the Goranger-Jetman worlds. Problem is, even they can't get into those worlds.


However, when Kamen Rider Decade entered the Shinkenger world, the time and space barrier began to crack. Enough for Rufecil to re-insert bits of his influence into the world (ONORE, DICKEIDO)...

When Takeru Shiba AKA Shinken Red was taking care of a Gedoushuu remnant, the world suddenly turned bizarre and he had to uncover the mystery behind it, alone, without his fellow vassals, but he is helped with several old school Sentai warriors, who are surprisingly also missing their friends. Initially, it consists of Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo, Miki Momozono/Goggle Pink, Gai Yuuki/Black Condor and Sayaka Nagisa/Change Mermaid. However, this is later expanded with the addition of Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow and Dai/Green Flash. However, he also received opposition of a team of villains consisting Count Radiguet, Queen Ahames, Fuwa Juzou, Mazurka and Bouma Princess Jarmin, and it later expands with the addition of Doldora and Great Doctor Lee Keflen. However, further to the battle, Takeru's vassal Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink became entangled to the battle and joined him.


However, the incident does not affect only one world. A year after the defeat of the Emperor Zeba of the Tube Empire, an uprising led by a Doggler monster unsatisfied with Princess Iyal's peaceful rule. The remaining Maskman who were still side by side with Commander Sugata, Takeru/Red Mask and Momoko/Pink Mask, investigated about the Doggler Monster and stopped him before he could do anything else. But, at that time, the same incident happened, throwing Takeru alone to the bizarre world, whereas he'd meet Sentai warriors ahead of his time and had to work together, uncovering the mysteries behind it on his own. The allies of Takeru currently consists Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue, Mei/Ptera Ranger, Jiraiya/Ninja Black and Chisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow, and recently the team seemed to increase with the addition of Rin Jyuu Chameleon Ken Mistress Mele and Mikoto Nakadai/Abare Killer'''. They're also opposed by a team of villains consisting at first Agent Abrellar, Thief Knight Kiros, Lamie, Gasha Dokuro and Shibolena... until eventually, Long arrived and usurped leadership from the villains, and even was joined by a Brainwashed and Crazy Lijewel. Like the first team, Momoko was eventually thrown into the world and after a little misunderstanding, she also joined Takeru's entourage.

This series was ongoing for quite some time, but at the year 2012, the author suddenly went on a MASSIVE hiatus. When suddenly, in 2015, a new chapter is finally uploaded.

The first team's story can be read here. Chapters uploaded: 30

The second team's story can be read here. Chapters uploaded: 27

This page is under HEAVY construction and will be updated in time. As does the character sheets.

Compare Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers which is also a similar 'Dream Team' fic, but in a larger scale and not as serious.

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