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YMMV / Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Yuusuke dreaming about being involved in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai. He only kept it inside his head and never mentioned it to anyone else.
  • Crossover Ship: The Blue warrior is usually paired/got some teases with the Pink warrior (in particular both Youhei and Miki, also Hoji and Mei). However, as Word of God decreed, this will be strictly friendship, not romantic (even if Hoji and Mei staged a wedding)
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  • Epileptic Trees: Not producing one, but this fic uses one of the theories that Radiguet possessed the mugger that stabbed Gai to death.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The author did NOT expect that Shinkenger!Takeru would 'cross-dress' in the actual Shinkenger V-Cinema special when he wrote the 9th chapter.
    • Miki and Sayaka in one team. Hm, when they are called together, it sounds so familiar…
    • AkaRed is said to have teammates with naming schemes similar to his, like AoBlue and KiYellow. Come Super Animal War, this has been Jossed as the blue ranger of AkaRed's team is not AoBlue, but AkaBlue, and so on. Though due to the canon validity of Super Animal Wars, it's still not known that AkaRed was bluffing or serious, since none of those he mentioned has appeared.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Some to include:
    • Radiguet goes even further from the place he is when he turned Miki's mother into a monster and had them pitted together in a fight. And when the mother recovered, he killed her IN FRONT OF MIKI. And still gloats of it.
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    • And further more, when he first shows visions of him killing both of Mako's parents in front of her and shows the two as skulls. When the vision ended, he threatened to repeat it in real life... unless Mako went to the kindergarten she used to teach... and kill everyone there, her students included. She obviously didn't have the heart of it and was instead nearly Driven to Suicide only to be stopped by Takeru.
    • Subverted in Another. Rio appeared, started to do unnecessary destruction, and blasted Mele off, causing her to break down in despair on his cold betrayal. But then this is subverted... It's not Rio, it's Long disguising as him.
    • Long goes for another when he orchestrated the death of Maboroshi no Gekkou using Mei as the one to kill him (or else he would blow both Hoji and Sakura up), and later on, brutalized and killed Kaze no Shizuka in front of Mei... with a sadistic glee. And this is after Shizuka could possibly do a Heel–Face Turn.
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    • And Radiguet ups the ante again by letting some prisoners go... only to get them to a trap that had the Monster of the Week turn them into first small statue and then let one of them recover and then reveal that the victim has been turned into The Worm That Walks. To the others, it might look like a Kick the Dog, but for Remi, this is definitely it.
  • Replacement Scrappy: In-universe. Remi's big worry was that she thought the team didn't acknowledge her as much as Sayaka, and only saw her as a replacement. She's proven wrong.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In-universe as well. After the events of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger episode 8, the hero Igrec (the Ultraman Expy) was no longer a well-loved icon thanks to the Evoliens' plot. After the battle with Zeta Doggler (who looked like Zetton), in which Mele, of all people, dressed like Igrec and fought against the monster and winning, Igrec's reputation is restored.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The whole chapter 11 (Team 1), according to most readers. To wit: The chapter starts as Miki found her mother, and was treated badly. Then said mother is revealed to have been turned into a monster by Radiguet, and Miki had to fight her to free her. And when the deed's done, her mother revealed that she's actually trying to avert the danger from her daughter and was instead proud of her... then Radiguet killed the mother in front of her eyes.
    • Some would say that chapter 7 Team 2 is filled with this in regards of how much Love Hurts is subjected to Hoji by pitting him against his old girlfriend and in the end, had to break up further rather than endangering her again. And in the end, even when Mei embraced him and tried to soothe his mind, he couldn't take it anymore and broke down on his own.
  • Unexpected Character: Mele is the only oddball of the team since she's the only extra ranger.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the author's blog, the teams' initial lineup is a little different. Akira/Blue Mask was considered, but to make way for the second team having another Takeru as the Red Warrior, Akira ends up replaced by Youhei. The second team initially had Jasmine/Deka Yellow as the definitive Yellow Warrior, while for the Blue Warrior, Ayase/Time Blue or Shun Namiki/Mega Blue were considered. However, on the basis that Jasmine felt incomplete without Umeko/Deka Pink (roll calls compliments together and most of their specials are the team-based Twin Cam Angels attacks), Jasmine didn't get to the team and the Dekaranger representative went to Hoji instead, and this in turn makes Chisato the Yellow Warrior of the second team.
  • The Woobie: To wit, this makes the otherwise 'happy' and 'less filled with woobies' Sentai get a lot of these:
    • Miki, as detailed in the Tear Jerker entry.
    • Momoko/Pink Mask appeared briefly in Another's first chapter, and she kinda missed her camaraderie with the Maskman. And the next thing that happened was that Takeru was being whisked away to the other world in front of her, leading her to break down that her friends are leaving her behind.
    • Mei briefly entered this status when she got her voice volume got increased to the point of supersonic screams, she couldn't even speak, cry or giggle. Problem lifted at the end of the chapter though.
    • Mele, although she got 'better' into a Jerkass Woobie later. The betrayal of 'Rio' was terribly painful to her that she was reduced into a crying wreck until Mei calmed her down with Cooldown Hug.

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