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This is the characters involved in the fanfiction Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai. You may want to check out the character sheets of many of the series involved for much more information pertaining the characters.

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    First Team - Heroes 

Takeru Shiba / Shinken Red

Shinken Red! Shiba Takeru.

Red Warrior from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, leading a team full of seniors. He was transported to the verse while battling a Gedoushuu remnant, and was later handpicked as the team leader after gathering a team guided with 'History of Super Sentai' book. Of course, being a leader of even seniors has its ups and downs, but he endured, usually.

Youhei Hama / Blue Turbo

Blue Turbo!

Blue Warrior from Kousoku Sentai Turboranger. After defeating the Bouma, Youhei went to college and studied well, until his study was disturbed with the reappearance of the Bouma Tribe, and the appearance of Takeru. After realizing what was going on and that there are bigger things at stake, he befriended Takeru and helped him out.

He sort of formed a close bond of friendship with his younger senior Miki.

Miki Momozono / Goggle Pink

Goggle Pink!

Pink Warrior from Dai Sentai Goggle Five. After the defeat of Deathdark, Miki resumed her studies and was in the final year of her high school, until suddenly the Deathdark returns and she met Takeru and Youhei. She helped them out and after moving her apartment, she helped out Takeru and his friends... also witnessing much more brutalities that she has yet to see since her age.

Tragedy later struck Miki when her mother was killed in front of her by Radiguet. After coping up, she resolved to fight harder to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Gai Yuuki / Black Condor

Black Condor!

Black Warrior from Choujin Sentai Jetman. After the defeat of Vyram and before his death, Gai led a honest life trying to be a businessman, until his untimely death. The recently resurrected Vyrams also brought him Back from the Dead, Brainwashed him and pitted him against Takeru, Youhei and Miki, until he was snapped out of it. After a bit of difficulties, Gai accepted his place in the team and became a steadfast ally.

It turned out his 'revival' was in-name only. While he has a fully functional body, he is still like a spirit, Dead All Along. He fell into a Heroic BSoD after learning this, but he recovered his resolve thanks to a fellow Black warrior, Ryuu Hoshikawa.

Sayaka Nagisa / Change Mermaid

Change Mermaid!

White Warrior from Dengeki Sentai Changeman. Sayaka resumed her post in military after Gozma's defeat, and saw its return, and received a call from someone who knew what was going on. She managed to gather Takeru, Youhei, Miki and Gai to eventually form up the team for the moment and fought against the resurrected evil forces here and there.

She later performs a Heroic Sacrifice to stop the plan of her arch-nemesis Ahames. However, she lived, at cost of being captured. As of now, she's saved and rejoined the team.

Remi Hoshikawa / Five Yellow

Five Yellow!

Yellow Warrior from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. Remi was separated from her family during her trip back to Earth after defeating Zone, and stumbled upon Youhei, Miki and Gai. She helped out recovering a Heroic BSoD-induced Takeru and later was included as part of the core team, not being treated as a replacement for Sayaka, in order to fight the returning Zone.

Dai / Green Flash

Green Flash!

Green Warrior from Choushinsei Flashman. Found in another world and has aligned with Sayaka and Yuusuke for a short time fighting the combined force of Gozma and Mess, until he was separated with both. At that time, he met Takeru and the rest and eventually helped them out. Once the teamup was over, Dai decided to stay with the team.

And quickly after, he found his long lost father.

  • You Look Familiar: Him being played by the actor of Chevalier (Kihachirou Uemura) has been thought by Remi on meeting. This also gets used in Chapter 24 where Remi got 'brainwashed' into thinking he's Chevalier.

Mako Shiraishi / Shinken Pink

Shinken Pink! Shiraishi Mako.
The same, Pink! Shiraishi Mako.

Pink Warrior from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and the only person from the same team from one of the main core team. At first, while staying in Hawaii, she met Maskman!Takeru and his team and helped him out facing a stray Ayakashi, and brought him back to his world. However, after that, while falling unconscious due to fatigue, she was captured by Radiguet and was forced into his servitude due to her parents being taken hostage, and ended up fighting the good guys in the first time. However, Takeru and the team managed to save the parents and Mako immediately returned to the good guys. She chose to eventually stay with Takeru and help him out.

    First Team - Allies 

Yuusuke Amamiya / Red Falcon

Red Falcon!

Red Warrior from Choujuu Sentai Liveman, though not part of the core team, taken just a few months after Volt's defeat. He helps out the Super Sentai when some of them lost powers, and tutored Takeru in sword fighting and drive in fighting. Seemed like he received visions about his later involvement in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai... After helping the team rescuing Sayaka and recruiting Dai, Yuusuke handed the Super Sentai Ball to Takeru and left. He is later seen reuniting with Ryuu, who fought alongside him in the past, and eventually Jun as well.

It turns out that he has more friends from the past, including Sakura Nishihori, Nanami Nono, Daigo and Sae Taiga

Ryuu Hoshikawa / Dyna Black

Dyna Black!

Black warrior of Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. He fought alongside Yuusuke, was separated and was trying to find him or his former Dynaman, when he saved Miki from a certain death. He later played part in snapping Gai out of his Heroic BSoD and helped the team fight the Monster of the Week, and mounts a defense all alone against the invading enemy, until the appearance of Mako caught him off guard and he was wounded. The Super Sentai helped him recover and he helped to defeat the current Monster of the Week, especially after Mako returned to the side of good. He later opts to safeguard Mako's parents and ends up reuniting with Yuusuke.

It turns out that he has more friends from the past, including Sakura Nishihori, Nanami Nono, Daigo and Sae Taiga

Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four II

Yellow warrior (the second) of Choudenshi Bioman. She also fought alongside both Yuusuke and Ryuu before all these happened. She helped out against Takeru and the team when Silva resurfaced thanks to Radiguet, but she also helped out Remi in washing away her doubts in order to fight better. She also gave a warning about how Mako should avert using the Super Sentai Ball lest tragedy would befell her and/or Miki. After separating with the team, she reunited with Yuusuke and Ryuu.

It turns out that she has more friends from the past, including Sakura Nishihori, Nanami Nono, Daigo and Sae Taiga

    First Team - Villains 


The count of the Vyrams, formerly defeated by the Jetman, now leading the villains to have his vengeance against the Super Sentai that dared to kill him. Thus far agreed as the most brutal of the villains.


Queen of Amazo Star, once defeated by the Changeman. Her sanity restored and she fights the Sentai for both revenge and restoration of the Amazo Star.

  • Barrier Warrior
  • The Dragon: The closest one Radiguet could get, being another fellow 'galactic conquering warlord'.
  • Evil Duo: With Lee Keflen in the other world against Sayaka and Dai.

Fuwa Juzou

Stray Gedoushuu who considered Shinken Red his greatest rival and desires nothing but to kill with his sword Uramasa. On revival, his Uramasa was set to never disobey him again and he looked forward in fighting Sentai seniors.


Disguise mistress agent of Deathdark Empire who died after a suicide run against the Goggle V. She's revived and plans to improve her plans and methods with the new age of Sentai villainy, and her vengeance against the Sentai.


Princess of the Bouma tribe, once her life was cut short by the Turboranger. Now revived, she wanted vengeance and tried to live longer than before, so she could savor her vengeance.


Genius mad professor of the Zone Empire, who was forcefully merged with her assistant Zaza and defeated by the Fiveman. She combined her brains with her assistant's strength in her new form, and also planned vengeance.

Lee Keflen

Mess Empire's professor who fell the last against the Flashman. He started out solo and later helped by Ahames to wreak his vengeance against the Sentai, starting with a lone Flashman, Green Flash, but once the rest of the Sentai arrived, he joined forces with Radiguet, looking forward for the teamwork.

Sentai Hunter Silva

Formerly known as Bio Hunter Silva, who was defeated by the Bioman, his remnant was brought back by Radiguet via Orb of Corruption and as such, he became a lot more loyal, though still retaining some tendencies to shoot his own allies. He's re-christened Sentai Hunter Silva and set out to destroy the team, but on the appearance of Yellow Four, Radiguet modified him further into a berserker robot, now completely insane and only lived to kill those he sees.

    First Team - Monsters of the Chapter 


Species: Ayakashi

Shield Bouma

Species: Bouma Tribe

Leech Mozoo

Hades Goat


Species: Space Beast

Gate Bouma

Species: Bouma Tribe


Species: Space Beast


Species: Ayakashi

Frog Mozoo

Species: Super Synthetic Beast

Grinam King

Species: King Mook of the Grinam

Graviton Hornet

Species: Bio Dimensional Beast


Species: Space Beast



Species: Ayakashi + Galactic Warrior

Gunman-Porcupine Bouzoo

Species: Bouma Tribe + Super Synthetic Beast

Behemoth Gash

Species: Bio Dimensional Beast

The Marmoss

Species: Beast Warrior

Tank Zimerus

Species: Bio Dimensional Beast + Beast Warrior


Species: Ayakashi


Species: Space Beast, also a former Evo Beast

Future Doggler

Hourglass Fugujigin

Species: Bio Dimensional Beast + Galactic Warrior

The Flaezu

Species: Super Synthetic Beast + Beast Warrior

Nurujindan Bouma

Species: Ayakashi + Bouma Tribe


Species: Galactic Warrior

Tormon Horse

Species: Bio Dimensional Beast + Space Beast

    First Team - Others 
These are the list of other characters appearing throughout the 1st team's story and at least has some 'significance' to the chapter they appear. Although Momoko did appear in the first team, she's listed in the 2nd team's.


AkaRed's assistant who gathered the first team together, starting from Sayaka.


The surviving little brother of Saki, who used to be Radiguet's Morality Pet before he crossed the Moral Event Horizon and killed her. Thus he hated Radiguet ever since and wasn't fooled with his disguise. Through his confession, Gai was able to save Sayaka from dating a disguised Radiguet.

Maki Momozono

Miki's mother. She's apparently bitter at Miki for not contacting her throughout her days as Goggle Five and when they reunited, she rejected her. She came back as a monster, as Radiguet converted her, forcing Miki to eventually fight her, and revealed that she only put up a facade to protect Miki, she was instead proud of her deeds of defending justice. However, the heartwarming reunion ended abruptly as she protected Miki from an assault from Radiguet, killing her and breaking Miki's heart.

Commander Ichijou

The totalitarian commander who once commissioned the Neo Jetman project. Apparently, he was previously under Hiryuu Tsurugi, but was the only person to ever get expelled, and the failure of Neo Jetman didn't make him better. He blamed his failures on the Jetman and Super Sentai and in turn, he's turned into a monster by Radiguet and he gained delusions of being a god. As he tossed away his humanity, the Super Sentai had no qualms on destroying him like a monster, making him the first victim of Super Sentai Ball.

Kenjiro Kobushi

Formerly just a police captain under Ichijou, he withstood his abuses, and eventually was hospitalized. It is later revealed that he's actually Dai's blood father, recognizing Dai through his dead twin Kai. After the monster-ized Ichijou was taken care of, the father and son had a reunion, but Dai still have to leave him to protect the world.

Princess Iyal

The now-ruler of Tube Empire. Takeru met her during his trip to the real world with Momoko, where he inquires some secret of Carol Love to save his friends. She was apparently contacted by AkaRed about an upcoming battle and remembered that the battle would be led by two Takerus...

Mamoru & Kyoko Shiraishi

Mako's parents. Taken hostage by Radiguet in order to force her to fight under her banner and stored inside a monster. It takes the planning of the Super Sentai and Takeru's relationship with Mako that they're eventually saved. Ryuu later opted to defend them as they recover while Mako can join Takeru.


A thug that eventually ended Gai's life. Was a ruthless member of the Hell Horse biker gang due to a debt for the family, but being reprimanded by Gai, he began to rethink of his way of life, but was momentarily possessed by Radiguet and his burst of emotions ended up having him stab Gai with a knife. He's extremely remorseful about it in the end, but Gai lifted up his spirit to continue on living, even accepting his lifetime sentence happily.


    Second Team - Heroes 

Takeru / Red Mask

Red Mask!

Red Warrior from Hikari Sentai Maskman. After he resumed his racing days, he heard news of some Tube remnants who were loyal to Zeba and investigated with his fellow Maskman, Momoko, until a phenomenon occurred and he was transported elsewhere into another verse, where guided with the 'History of Super Sentai' book, he gathers several of his successor Sentai members and fought against an alliance of evil, which included some Tube remnants.

Hoji Tomasu / Deka Blue

Pursue mysterious cases! Deka Blue!

Blue Warrior from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. As many of his fellow Dekarangers mysteriously went missing, Hoji ended up taking the SPD branch himself and managed it until he met Takeru. After a bit of misunderstanding, they became allies. However, the SPD branch was later crushed, and Hoji ended up tagging along in a journey with Takeru, despite being able to save most lives.

Mei / Ptera Ranger

Ptera Ranger! Mei!

Pink Warrior from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. She curiously attempted to look at how Earth has prospered after Bandora's defeat, but ended up thrown to the current verse and lost contact with her Heaven. Her mission was to protect the threatened Dinosaurs so she could return to her verse, and she helps out Takeru and Hoji in that endeavor.

Jiraiya / Ninja Black

Ninja Black! Jiraiya!

Black Warrior from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. After defeating the Youkai, he ended up separated and found out that the seal of Youkai weakened as someone stole his Doron Changer and he resolved to recover it. He managed to find it in possession of Youkai Onibaba and helped Takeru and Hoji rescue Mei from her clutches. Later on, he decided to stick with the three after realizing that there may be more threats than Youkai.

Chisato Jougasaki / Mega Yellow

Mega Yellow!

Yellow Warrior from Denji Sentai Megaranger. She graduated to college and accidentally stumbled on the team fighting the Youkai. Later, she found the team disguising themselves as students and janitor in her school, Moroboshi High, and said school was being targeted and frozen by the recently returning Nejirejia Kingdom. She is helped by the team to restore her school and ends up in the team, once again leading her double life between a Sentai Warrior and college student.

Rin Jyuu Chameleon Ken Mistress Mele

I live for the love of Rio-sama, for Rio-sama's love I fight as his love warrior! Rin Jyuu Chameleon-Ken Mistress… Mele!

The Green Warrior from Juken Sentai Gekiranger (Despite being technically an Extra Hero). Mele was thrown out of from her endless hell of fighting during the dimensional rift and continued to serve Rio, although she was having doubts. When she faced Takeru and the rest, Rio instead backstabbed her and left her for the dead, causing Mele to spiral down in despair, but the Super Sentai restored her will to live and she found out that this 'Rio' was actually Long in disguise and have converted many Rin Jyuu Ken students to his will. Mele now resolves to punish all the traitors of Rin Jyuu Ken before she can face Rio again.

Throughout the journey, Mele starts to learn a more kinder approach in life and with everyone, something she usually avoided when on Rio's side. However, she remains aloof.

Mikoto Nakadai / Abare Killer

Excitement at its finest. Abare Killer!

The White warrior from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. Thanks to the planning of Top Galer who was thrown to the bizarro universe, Mikoto was able to enter the universe with his mind intact through the gate called Sheol. Long tried recruiting him, but Mikoto was repulsed at him in first sight and instead joined in Takeru to fight him. After seemingly killing him (but Long survived due to Immortality), Mikoto opted to go solo to explore the new bizarro world, planning up one Game along the way... a Game that turns out to be poisoning one of the team members of Takeru, and had his friends accuse each other to divide them. Takeru called him out for it and on eventually being revealed, Mikoto declared that it's just a test to see his worthiness to have him join the team. However, when Long revealed that Lijewel is on his side and brainwashed, Mikoto makes the vendetta personal and joins the team for good.

Momoko / Pink Mask

Pink Mask!

Pink Warrior from Hikari Sentai Maskman and the only person from the same team from one of the main core team. At first, she was with Takeru during investigating the remnants of Tube, but she was left alone when Takeru was transported. Momoko later met up with Takeru/Shinken Red, who was stranded in her timeline, and saw his team off. However, on her way back, she fell unconscious by a golden fog and suddenly vanished... The next time she appeared in the bizarro world, she's against Takeru, taking Long's side for unknown reasons.

    Second Team - Allies 

Sakura Nishihori / Bouken Pink

The Deep Sea Adventurer! Bouken Pink!

Pink Warrior from GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Still a SGS Foundation member, she came confronting Hoji shortly after Mei was kidnapped. At first attempting to enlist Takeru's help to recover the Precious Comb of Kushinada, she became entangled with their efforts to save Mei. Once the deed is done, she left the team... and it was revealed that she later met up with Nanami and helped out from afar, and then meeting up with Daigo.

It turns out that in the past, she used to fight not with just those two, but also Yuusuke Amamiya, Ryuu Hoshikawa, Jun Yabuki and Sae Taiga

Nanami Nono / Hurricane Blue

The water dances, the waves jump. Water Nin! Hurricane Blue!

Blue Warrior from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger. She was whisked away to the bizarro world and at first attacked Mikoto, still thinking him as a bad guy. Once set straight, she helped the Super Sentai repel the Kyoukingers, until the Super Sentai got whisked away and she ended up captured... which is part of her plan to uncover the enemy's weakness. She succeeded, and eventually after revealing some of Long's plans, opts to help the team from the shadows and reunited with Sakura and later on Daigo.

It turns out that in the past, she used to fight not with just those two, but also Yuusuke Amamiya, Ryuu Hoshikawa, Jun Yabuki and Sae Taiga

Daigo / Shishiranger
Shishiranger! 'Tengensei' Daigo!

Green Warrior from Gosei Sentai Dairanger. While he was whisked away to the bizarro world, he still ran his pet shop. Along the way, he encountered the Rinrinshi Ryuukyo and set him on a straight path. Later on, he met up with Chisato and then after learning Long's plan, he decided to tell Takeru one vital secret that might be the key to winning the war, in addition of helping him. Once all the deed was done, he reunited with Sakura and Nanami, which reveals some other things. He's also the one to inform about the side-effects of Super Sentai Ball, this time to Mei and Momoko.

It turns out that in the past, he used to fight not with just those two, but also Yuusuke Amamiya, Ryuu Hoshikawa, Jun Yabuki and Sae Taiga

    Second Team - Villains 


The immortal dragon who was eventually sealed in a ball by the Gekirangers. At the dimension rift, that ball was set loose and stumbled on the new universe. He took the guise of Rio and misguided Mele until his cover was blown thanks to the rest of the Sentai. He then took over the leadership of the villains group.

Agent Abrellar

Notorious Alienizer black market merchant. Killed in the final assault of the Deka Base by the Dekarangers, Abrellar returns with vengeance, foregoing profit chance in order to concentrate on killing the Super Sentai, leading various other villains. However, Long later usurped his place as the leader.

Thief Knight Kiros

A stray knight of the Tube Empire who longs for Princess Iyal's love, but couldn't win it. As such, he held a grudge on Takeru for ruining his record and joined the villains group in order to kill him.


One of Bandora's servants, sealed by the Zyurangers. She was forcefully pulled out of her sealing alone and was promised by someone that if she could defeat the Super Sentai, she would be reunited with her husband Grifforzer and her infant baby.

  • Anti-Villain: Nearly invokes this, as her desire to destroy the Super Sentai was purely to reunite with Bandora's gang and her baby. Too bad she has no qualms in killing to achieve that.
  • Bling of War
  • Dark Chick
  • Lovely Angels: While she hasn't really fighting side by side, she and Shibolena is getting like an inversion of the trope.
  • Worthy Opponent: Views Mei as such.

Gasha Dokuro

Son of Daimaou of the Youkai Corps, defeated by the Kakurangers early. Once revived, he swore to surpass his father by accomplishing a feat his father failed: Kill the Super Sentai.


Creation of Dr. Hinelar of the Nejirejia Kingdom, based on his dead daughter, and later defeated and killed by the Megarangers. On revival, Shibolena swore revenge at the Super Sentai for the death of her family, including her ally Yugande and her half-sister Hizumina.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: She didn't take Long brutalizing her Nejire Beasts well.
  • Evil Genius: As she came from a tech-savvy villain group, she's usually this. Later shares the position with Abrellar
  • Lovely Angels: An inversion, though not yet fighting side by side together along with Lamie.
  • You Killed My Family: Her motivation to fight the Sentai.


Evolians' Disciple of Light and one-time lover of Mikoto. She's forcefully aged back to her more adult form as she appeared mysteriously (presumably by crossing Sheol) by the side of Kiros, and Long brainwashed her into being loyal to him and Kiros to spite on Mikoto for not joining him.

    Second Team - Monsters of the Chapter 

Space Doggler

Goonian Jarkjinbars

Species: Alienizer

Dora Hydra

Species: Dora Monster


Species: Youkai

Penguin Nejire

Species: Nejire Beast

Shell Nejire

Species: Nejire Beast

Vengeance Doggler

Species: Underground Imperial Beast

Calconian Finix

Species: Alienizer


Species: Youkai

Dora Succubus

Species: Dora Monster

Dora Medusa

Species: Dora Monster


Species: Rinrinshi

Peacock/Phoenix Nejire

Species: Nejire Beast

Zeta Doggler

Species: Underground Imperial Beast


Species: Tsukumogami


Species: Youkai


Species: Rinrinshi

Romino of the Lorzin Star

Species: Alienizer


Species: Trinoid

Dora Catsith

Species: Dora Monster

Kyoufuu Sentai Kyoukinger


Species: Ayakashi

Rat Nejire

Species: Nejire Beast


Species: Trinoid

Xalzer of Planet Berfry

Species: Alienizer


Species: Rinrinshi

Gatekeeper Wall

Species: Gorma Tribe

    Second Team - Others 
These are the list of other characters appearing throughout the 2nd team's story.


AkaRed's assistant who gathered the team together.

Mikean Teresa

Hoji's ex-girlfriend, now working as a nun. She was forced to become the host of Vengeance Doggler and attacked Hoji in revenge of her brother Clord. While hesitating at first, Hoji managed to eventually free her from the possession and saved her life. However, before she even woke up, Hoji left her and told her to move on without him, for her safety.

Angelonian Michael

A sculptor who constantly failed in his job and was once saved by Hoji and Jasmine. He was offered an opportunity by Abrellar by giving him Dora Medusa, who petrified men to become his model. When he learned the truth, he was so horrified, thus avoiding being declared guilty. On Mei's suggestion, he decided to make sculptures for children and found success there. He's very thankful at her.


A little girl that Chisato used to play with. She somehow was fond with Mele and continued to think of her as a good person. This eventually sort of 'melted' Mele and softened her that she treated her nice. Her last thoughts was that Mele was a really cool person.

Bakuryuu Top Galer

Mikoto's Bakuryuu, thrown to the bizarre world first. On hearing that Mikoto can return through Sheol, he conducted a plan in the short time he has in the world, by 'aligning' with Long and kidnapping Mei so her nature as a Risha Tribe member was able to keep Mikoto safe and being himself once he got out of Sheol. Once Mikoto steps in, Top Galer's time runs out and he vanishes, but he tells Mikoto that he'll always be with him through his Dino Minder.

Kaze no Shizuka

Kunoichi of the Dark Shadow, she was out to get the Comb of Kushinada, once again for big bucks, but was stopped by the Super Sentai and to her shock, the Tsukumogami accompanying her was actually a Youkai in disguise and backstabbed her, also revealing that Gekkou was killed, sending her to a catatonic state until Mele brought her spirit back... but when she learned that Mei was involved in Gekkou's death, Shizuka tried killing her in revenge, but learned that she's not the true culprit. The true culprit was instead Long, who brutally killed her in front of Mei.

Maboroshi no Gekkou

Leader of the Dark Shadow. He reveals that his intention of thievery and cash is for the eventual revival of the Dark Shadow into the Society of Shadows, honorable ninja society. That plan was halted when Long put his plans together and used Mei to kill him.

Clint Gilleron

A legendary director from America who sought to create a film that will bridge the relations between the Western and Eastern culture, taught by another legendary director from Japan, Hayao Kurosawa. Unfortunately he ran afoul Xalzer and is forced to create films that totally go against that spirit (insulting both cultures), until he ended up being helped by the Super Sentai.

He and his master are meant to be off-shoots to George Spielburton

Strength Knights

A Super Sentai-ish team that was meant to be characters from a show in the Planet Berfry, but they were in fact created so they will be 'imported' by other nations, and the popularity of both the original and the imported shows, due to planned offensive elements, caused an argument that escalated into an all-out war that ravaged their planet. Saddened with how they were used as such, they pretty much became the slaves of their creator Xalzer, but eventually they re-discovered the joys of being a hero with the Super Sentai and Turned Against Their Masters. They expired afterwards without regrets.

If anything, they're meant to be a big Shout-Out to the Power Rangers, or the Powerful Rangers when Played for Drama.

Black Lion Rio

The leader of Rin Jyuu Ken and former enemy of the Gekirangers, as well as Mele's true love. He's stuck in Hell while Mele was transported to the bizarro world, but it was revealed that he's there to prepare for a certain big combat. He ran to the Super Sentai when Xalzer transported them to Hell, and fought alongside them until they can get out.


A celestial dragon/immortal that is tasked with the job to preserve balance of the cosmos, interrupting the battle between the Dairangers and the Gorma tribe. He lays dormant afterwards, but then it's revealed that he knew Long, the Infinite Dragon, and banished him for his evil ways. Unfortunately Long came back to him, and then through trickery, killed him and absorbed his power.

Sae Taiga/Gao White

A White warrior from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger and had a hand in defeating the threat of the Orgs. She seemed to also form a team in the bizarro world, alongside Yuusuke, Ryuu, Jun, Sakura, Nanami and Daigo. However, she's currently missing, implying that something bad has happened to her. Her new friends missed her.


    Universal characters 
These are the list of characters whose presence are on both teams

Aka Red

The personification of the Red warriors. As this fic goes, he has yet to form the Red Pirates. He was the leader of the endless battle against Rufecil.

Ao Blue

Ki Yellow

Mido Green

Momo Pink

Kuro Black

Shiro White


The ultimate Big Bad of the story. Still an enigmatic figure, he's Aka Red's archnemesis and is said to be empowered by the power of Super Sentai villains.


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