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Gives new meaning to the term "Rock on".

"The key to Earthbending is your stance — you've gotta be steady and strong. Rock is a stubborn element. If you're going to move it, you've gotta be like a rock yourself."
Toph Beifong, Avatar: The Last Airbender

This Elemental Power Sub-Trope is about characters with power over earth. Despite being the least used of the classical elemental powers in protagonists ("earth" powers usually manifest as the more nurturing and proactive Green Thumb) there are many things one can do with Earth. Earth users may be able to cause earthquakes, rockslides or split the earth itself and crush their opponent between two slabs of crust or drop their opponent into a fissure; use sand, rock, or mud as an extension of their body to create tentacles or other objects, encase themselves in a rock shield to avoid attack and many other possibilities. A common variant of it is controlling sand and dust, i.e ground-up rock and soil.

Earth users can be down to earth, rock solid, unbending, and slow to act but with a lot of momentum once they finally get rolling, both figuratively and literally. If the Five-Man Band has elemental powers, earth usually goes to either The Big Guy or The Leader. In a Four-Temperament Ensemble that doesn't involve a Power Stereotype Flip, this character is likely to be Melancholic. Often found on the Boisterous Bruiser or other types of jolly and large Blood Knights or Proud Warrior Race Guys. If female, they may be motherly characters due to the extension of the "Earth Mother" archetype (Gaia of Greek myth fits the archetype and is an example of this trope). Sometimes the stock personality is inverted by making the character physically small or quiet and introverted instead of a big, loud, guy. Sometimes they will prefer to go barefoot, if skin contact with the soil increases their power or improves their control.

If they cannot create their element themselves and are restricted to use of rocks/sand/ground around then they may find a tactical advantage in the mountains or desert. This tends to be less of a problem than most who suffer this restriction as the vast majority of adventure stories take place on land. Bigger, heavier Earth users may have a fear of water or be explicitly unable to swim due to their bulk. Another fear of theirs may be flying due the Sky being considered the opposite of Earth. They may be severely disadvantaged in environments made of artificial materials like plastics if they are limited to manipulating unprocessed earthen materials.

If you mix Earth powers with Fire you may get magma related powers (do note that lava is really just molten earth, so in settings where water manipulators can create ice and the like but earth manipulators can't use lava is inherently bound to create a lot of Fridge Logic). Combining it with Wind creates a nasty sandstorm, while mixing it with water often involves the control of mud or clay. Sometimes Earth also includes nature related powers or other "life"-related abilities, or Extra-ore-dinary for metal-related powers; after all, metal is just refined minerals. Crystal based powers can be related to Earth too and can be used for attacks themselves via Gemstone Assault, and if Earth doesn't overlap with Plants or Life in the setting may be used to give Earth users a set of beautiful abilities while still relating to the rocks and minerals theme.

Their Color Motifs will include yellow, green, and brown, and occasionaly orange.

A supertrope to Sand Blaster, where the powers are strictly restricted to sand. Not to be confused with dishing out metaphorical dirt, fighting dirty, or throwing dirt into an opponent's eyes though the last one can be done by an Earth user who controls sand. When someone is just using a rock as a blunt weapon, see Boulder Bludgeon.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Akachi of Arata: The Legend has the power of Earth with his Hayagami.
  • The Earthy card from Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • Sherry Cromwell of A Certain Magical Index uses earth-based magic and uses it to summon her golem, and Terra of the Left of God's Right Seat wields the element of earth, notably when he uses his Absurdly Sharp Blade made of flour.
  • In A Certain Scientific Railgun, a minor gang leader had control over asphalt. She could liquefy it into something similar to quicksand or raise it up as a barrier.
  • Subverted due to a translation error in Digimon Adventure with WarGreymon's attack. One magazine (released before WarGreymon appeared in the dub) stated that the attack "Terra Force" caused earthquakes. (It turned out to be more of a Combined Energy Attack.) It probably should have been translated Tera Force ("tera" being the metric shorthand for trillion), seeing as MetalGreymon's attack was Giga Blaster ("giga" meaning billion), and this was just turned up a notch. On the other hand, the attack's Japanese name was Gaia Force, "gaia" also referring to Earth.
  • Fairy Tail
    • Phantom Lord member Sol has powers over sand and earth as a member of the Elemental Four, which alongside offense he uses for fast travel and can even make golems out of it.
    • "Iron Rock" Jura is a member of the Ten Wizard Saints who specializes in Earth Magic, which he uses to control and launch boulders, create massive eruptions of earth and stone, and, the source of his Red Baron, the ability to create massive rock walls tougher than iron.
    • The Oracion Seis wizard Hoteye can use his Liquid Ground magic to turn even stone into mud and quicksand and manipulate it. He's able to stalemate against Jura due to the fact both of them can solidify/liquify each other's spells at the same time.
    • In Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, the long-dead Earth Dragon God Dogramag possessed this power. While called the weakest comparatively of the Dragon Gods, even in death his Magic Power merged with the earth and created the ever-expanding Great Labyrinth of Dogra that was sealed off to prevent people from getting lost and dying within.
  • Sekio of Flame of Recca, a man who uses the Madogu Sekichu, allowing him the power to control stones. Subverted with main character, Ishijima Domon. He is said to represent the Earth element. However, he doesn't use earth elemental attacks, but focuses more on physical strength.
  • Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist seems to specialise in manipulating the earth's crust.
  • Nagareyama Shimon in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de has earth-based powers.
  • Several paope from Hoshin Engi have powers related to the element of earth. Specifically:
    • Toumasho (Demon-melting Pestle) is a mallet-shaped paope which launches stone fragments all around with each strike.
    • The two Doryuuso (Earth Dragon's Claws) paope have powers over Earth: the former allows the user to move freely through dirt (but not stone) and become a Tunnel King, the second model can manipulate earth masses freely and even forcibly bury people to the neck.
    • Yoshin of the Four Sacred Warriors wields the Hekichiju (Earth-Splitting Orb) which allows him not only to move and shape the earth to attack, but also to fully heal people using the enery of Earth itself.
    • Three of the Juttenkun's spatial paope revolves around earth manipulation: Kosajin manipulates a whole desert to kill and dry the enemy, Tenzetsujin takes the appearence of an asteroid field and finally Chiretsujin, whose actual powers weren't shown as the user was defeated offscreen.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • The Stand, Judgement, from Stardust Crusaders, has the ability to manipulate dirt into convincing duplicates of any matter or object. Rather than attacking directly with dirt or sand, as is typical for those falling under this trope, it uses this ability to create flesh-eating golems that attack the opponent for it.
    • Secco from Golden Wind has the Stand, Oasis, which takes the form of a suit that allows him to liquefy any substance into an elastic-like mud, which he can then swim through or throw at his opponents, as they will turn solid again once it leaves his vicinity.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: Chojuro Zenin's cursed technique lets him manipulate the earth to some degree by placing his palms upon the ground.
  • Kaze no Stigma: Earth mages can detect anyone on the ground, cause spikes to shoot up from the ground, and so forth. They cannot, however, control things like magma. One fire mage protects himself from his opponent's earth spikes by melting the sand around and under him.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid introduces Corona, who has the ability to animate rock and soil and use them to construct a Golem out from the ground in an instant. She later expands her skill set to include raising multiple stone pillars, constructing giant stone fists, launching storms of rock-based missiles, and trapping opponents in concrete binds sprouting from the ground they stand on.
    • The series also has Stardust Fall, a spell used in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS manga that rains down giant rocks over an area.
  • My Hero Academia: For one of the ways Juzo's Quirk can be used by softening the ground, he can create quicksands.
  • Naruto:
  • Fate Averruncus of Negima! Magister Negi Magi uses stone-based techniques, from launching spears of stone at people to turning people to stone to crushing people with huge monoliths of stone from on high. Good with water techniques and rewriting existences, too. It's later revealed that he's also good at using sand, and has a few spells that dip into Extra-ore-dinary, usually by creating and manipulating steel blades.
  • Ninku: Toji is captain of the snake corp and generally uses earth moves that take the form of a pretty live looking giant snake.
  • One Piece:
    • Caribou has control over mud.
    • Whitebeard himself and, later, Blackbeard have power over earthquakes. They can cause vibrations by punching the air, which creates tremors and tsunamis.
    • Pica, one of Doflamingo's top pirate members, can not only control earth and rocks but also assimilate himself into them, turning into gargantuan Rock Monster. Once he merges with rocks it's also hard to actually hit him "inside" them, which he exploits to do sneak attacks. He's so powerful in his control that he can "become" an entire castle or entire mountain.
    • Morley, an executive in the Revolutionary Army, has the Push-Push Fruit, which lets him manipulate earth to move it as if it were clay.
    • Trafalgar Law can use his Tact technique to make rock spikes come out of the ground to hit foes.
  • Re:Zero: Garfiel Tinsel's Earth Blessing gives him super-strength, instant armor, and recovery.
  • Kenshin Himura of Rurouni Kenshin has the Do Ryu Sen, a sword technique that sends rocks flying at the enemy.
  • In Saint Beast, Gai can manipulate earth usually leading to the ground breaking underneath enemies, showers of rock, or even creating massive pillars from the ground.
  • Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins can raise the ground like towers, and turn minerals into sand. Other members of the Giant Clan can also do this.
  • Sword Art Online: Gtacs doesn't use the element much in combat, but he does know an Earth Spell that can create a giant earth wall that can only be destroyed when he's killed, which he uses to cut off Kirito and Leafa's escape.
  • Superior: Sheila seems to have an affinity with earth magic. Even her clothing is made out of enchanted dirt. (Lakshri is disappointed to be told that this does not mean that, should she lose her powers, her clothing would disappear.)
  • Komachi aka Cure Mint from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GO!GO!. She has the ability to create earth-empowered green shields and use them offensively and defensively.
  • YuYu Hakusho:
    • Genbu is a rock demon that can split itself into many stones to launch at foes and travel through rock.
    • Risho is the shinobi "Master of Earth" and can do such things as coating himself in rock-armor.
  • Zatch Bell!: Gofure specializes in using rocks as armor and weapons.

    Comic Books 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Roden is a warlock who serves Twilight and at one point uses his magic to try to attack Faith with a giant piece of rock.
  • The DCU:
    • Perpetua is the creator of the multiverse (as well as the mother of both the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor) and can shape the structures of continents. She used this to form the world for the Batman who Laughs.
    • The Outsiders: Brion Markov, a.k.a. Geo-Force, is able to manipulate the Earth itself by vibrating and transforming its crust (the ground). He can use this power to create earthquakes, tap into lava flows, and levitate or create shapes out of solid rock.
    • Justice Society of America: Sanderson Hawkins, one of the four people to take the mantle of Sandman, can change the shape of soil, make it levitate, and create earthquakes. He also has the ability to turn into a sandlike form.
    • Legion of Super-Heroes: Elysion.
    • The Movement: Roshanna, a.k.a. Tremor, can cause earthquakes by touching the ground.
    • Red Tornado: Red Tornado's "brother", Red Volcano, who, besides the more obvious power, has powers over the ground which he can uproot, reform into sand or silt, create tremors, and more.
    • Robin (1993): Badlands can create localized tremors by sending his powers rippling through the earth beneath him.
    • Teen Titans: Tara Markov, a.k.a. Terra, true to her name. She can control and manipulate all forms of rock and earthly substances and materials. There is no set limit to how far or how close she needs to be to the earth for this power and ability to work. She has been able to be completely off the ground and still control the earth. She has created tremors, earthquakes, sharpen rocks to a needle point, and has control over these elements for as long as she can physically maintain them. The same goes for her heroic brother Geo-Force (see above).
    • Terra: Atlee, the new Terra and recurring character in Power Girl, has volunteered to become Strata's new champion and superhero and is given the power to control rocks and dirt through the same method as the previous two Terras, even though those two lost their minds.
    • Wonder Woman (1987): During "The Witch and the Warrior" Terra, a hero whose superpower is control over earth, and Scirocco, a villain with the same power, fight. Scirocco wins and kicks up a dust storm that blinds Argent to incoming attacks, thereby taking out two Teen Titans.
  • The First: Seahn, a rather nasty demi-god, has the ability to control the earth. His birth mother, Tulity, has the ability to control earth as well.
  • Empowered: Syndablokk can control concrete, brick, and asphalt. Thus, he can attack with streets and buildings themselves. He tends to only use his powers as a last resort because his powers are very destructive and effects linger for a while after he leaves, meaning there will be streets and buildings moving on their own.
  • Hillbilly: James Stoneturner has a hereditary magical power to move rocks around with his mind. Mainly this consists of throwing boulders at enemies, although at one point he creates a sort of golem for a big battle scene. James is the descendant of a powerful sorceress known simply as The Stone Turner, from whom he inherits his power.
  • Invincible: Doc Seismic possesses mechanical gauntlets that can fire energy that breaks apart molecules and fracture. This allows him to create destructive earthquakes that can shatter the entire ground and level buildings. He is first introduced to readers when he uses them to try and destroy Mount Rushmore.
  • Lands of Arran: Nains: The Crown of Trez-Kardum allows its wearer to control the rock of the mountains, summoning giant rock golems that can lay low a whole fortress, presumably due to the gem embedded on it. It has several drawbacks, such as only working temporarily and needing three days to reload, drawbacks that Abokar and Dohan exploit in order to finally defeat the Dwarfs of Ufgrim.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • Codename: Genetix: Base has the ability to control the four classical elements. One of his more common choices are to use the ground and rocks for attacks, as they are common to come across. When his power limiter is removed, he can call upon magma from the underground.
    • Fantastic Four:
      • Galactus has given all his messengers powers related to one of the elements. Terrax, the too-evil one, is the earth-mover. It's worth noting that he is a mutant who already had the powers to begin with; Big G just made them stronger.
      • There's also the Thing himself, who got transformed into a rock creature in the origin story. His affiliation with the Earth element has been played up in some stories (such as Marvel 1602).
    • The Incredible Hulk: The Old Power is an ability to draw power from the Earth which grants improved physical abilities and the ability to manipulate rocks as long as the user is on the ground, with the most notable Old Power user being the Hulk's son, Skaar. Not a case of Personality Powers in his case, as he's more of a devious Barbarian Hero.
    • The Inhumans:
    • The Mighty Thor: As the son of Gaea, the Earth goddess, Thor has limited earth-based powers. He can create earthquakes with his fists, his hammer, and lightning bolts summoned while in flight.
    • Mighty Avengers: Cairn is a member of the Deathwalkers, a group made up of immortal people who gained it using Black Magic. They consist of four members, each having a power to control an element and Cairn has the powers of earth.
    • Secret Warriors: Quake, real name Daisy Johnson, is an Inhuman capable of generating waves of vibration, which she can use create earthquakes that can level even multistory buildings. She used to need gauntlets to make her vibrations more accurate before her training with Nick Fury.
    • Shogun Warriors: Rok-Korr's second form has a Breath Weapon that sends a barrage of rocks against his target. One of his third forms is an Elemental Embodiment earth giant with a wider range of earth powers (including a rock-filled Hand Blast, triggering avalanches and absorbing rock and earth to grow even larger).
    • X-Men: A whole slew of mutants have earth-related powers:
      • Avalanche and Rictor have seismic powers.
      • Rockslide is a big guy made of rocks who can control his separated body parts.
      • Onyxx is just a big guy made of rocks.
      • Rictor's a bit of a subversion, as he's very stubborn and hotheaded. And so is Rockslide.
      • Petra from X-Men: Deadly Genesis can control earth in various ways including forming rock constructs, generating earthquakes and transforming coal into diamond.
  • Mega Man (Archie Comics): Quake Woman is an original Robot Master to the comics, and was designed for geological exploration. The weapon she has is called "Quake Drill", which is capable of breaking through rocks and cause tremors on the ground.
  • The Sword: Of the four demigod siblings, Knossos is the one who can control earth, which also extends to metal.
  • W.I.T.C.H.: Cornelia Hale has this power, as well as her predecessors as the Guardian of Earth. She usually use her control over plants, but she gets pissed enough she can (and has) open fissures under the feets of whoever decided that Bullying the Dragon was a smart move.

    Fan Works 
  • Adventures in Alola:
    • Jermaine has an Alolan Golem, a Midday Form Lycanroc, and a Midnight Form Lycanroc on his team. He later catches a Nihilego in "The Poison Admin"
    • Sophocles has an Alolan Golem on his team.
    • Acerola has a Palossand on her team.
    • Jermaine has a friendly rematch with the Rock-type Elite Four member/Island Kahuna Olivia in "The Rugged Jewel." He wins.
    • Jermaine has a friendly rematch with the Ground-type Island Kahuna Hapu in "The Rocking Core." He wins.
  • Avatar of Victory: Earthbenders. A couple of notable ones include (apart from Shepard) Jenkins, Wrex, James, and Weissnote .
  • Avatar: The Legend of Arata: Earthbenders such as Tetsu and Tsume.
  • Beyond the Outer Gates Lies... A high school library?: One of Seekvaira Agares's Rooks has a Sacred Gear that summons rocks to his hands. Azazel comments that's kinda lackluster as far as Sacred Gears go, but it becomes a reliable tool when combined with a Rook's Super-Strength and some creativity. For example, by using them as projectiles, or summoning rocks with the right shapes and composition to be wielded as improvised weapons.
  • BlazBlue: Control Sequence: Yuega Tegi and his abilities to control earth extend to even the tectonic plates.
  • Blood and bones and heroism: After discovering he has an affinity for the Elemental Sphere, Eijiro chooses to walk its Empyreal Path, which teaches Earth magic.
  • Book 5: Legends: Bolin in particular, making use of the more practical nature of the skillset by building makeshift homes for refugees. Later Fumiko is revealed to have similar abilities, specializing in sandbending.
  • Circle of Life: Gotsumon X specializes in barraging his foes with rocks.
  • CRISIS: Equestria: Applejack's power. She can not only can turn her skin into any natural earthly material (including metals like gold), but can even control the earth around her to a degree.
  • Daisy's Adventures: Daisy is an earth-wielder that can control ground elements. She can even use her Crystal Punch.
  • Dance with the Demons: Geo-Force can control the ground... which means he can form a volcano under your feet.
    The ground and floor above it began to tear apart, forming a small ravine between the warring forces. The ceiling and walls of the chamber felt its effect. The Batman looked up, wary of the mountain above collapsing on them.
    "Rex, Rainie, prop it up!" he ordered. The metamorphic pair switched from shielding to splay their metallic forms out in the shape of an interlocking skeleton pressed between roof and flooring, holding the Outsiders and a few of their foes pent in a protective cage.
    Geo-Force was not yet done.
    The floor beneath them continued to crack, and the crack reached deep into the Earth itself. From it, Brion Markov summoned the molten rock that undergirds its cooled and hardened crust.
  • The Death God Alliance: Nico has some skills in earth magic as a child of Hades.
  • Destiny Intertwined: The Earth element covers a combination of soil, stone, and plant life. Generally, green Earth is focused on flora, grey Earth on stone and minerals, and brown Earth on soil and wood. The element manifests in its most basic form as blasts or streams of nature energy, which with practice can be manipulated in more complex ways. Advanced techniques shift to controlling physical aspects of the element, such as vines and branches and, with greater power, stone and earth.
  • Eigengrau Zwei: Die Welt Ist Grau Geworden: Motte and Bailey have the ability to manipulate earth to create fortifications or smooth out a road for the cart.
  • In the Calvin and Hobbes and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover, Elemental Flux, a Lion Turtle gives Susie the ability to Earthbend.
  • The Element Of Speed: Manic caused an earthquake in the first chapter.
  • The Element of Time: Anyone capable of earth release or dust style. Sakura herself develops this power in the new timeline.
  • Eye Of The Fox: One of Naruto/Rad's elemental chakras is earth. His most crazy awesome moment using the chakra was when he used an earth jutsu to nearly crush Megatron.
  • Falling Is Like Flying: One of the two powers Izumi got from her father Yukio. The other makes her a Reality Warper like he was, but that isn't shown.
  • Fate/Long Night: Brandon has the ability to make walls and pillars erupt out of the ground.
  • The Fourth Apprentice: Sakura's chakra element is discovered to be Earth.
  • Hoenn Happenings:
    • Jermaine has two friendly rematches with the Rock-type Gym Leader Roxanne in "The Rock-Loving Student." He wins both of them.
    • Jermaine has a Flygon on his team. He later catches a Lileep, a Cradily, an Anorith, an Armaldo, and a Regirock in "The Rock-Loving Student" and a Primal Groudon in "The Fiery Passion."
    • Flannery has a Camerupt and a Magcargo on her team.
    • Wallace and Juan each have a Whiscash on their team.
    • Steven has an Aggron on his team.
    • May has an Aggron and a Swampert on her team.
  • In the Eye of the Beholder: Medusa, Allie's Persona, specializes in earth spells such as Magna.
  • Johto Journeys:
    • Bugsy has a Shuckle on his team.
    • Jasmine has a Steelix on her team.
    • Pryce has a Piloswine on his team.
    • Jermaine catches a Phanpy, which soon evolves into Donphan.
  • Kalos Quests:
    • Jermaine has a friendly rematch with the Rock-type Gym Leader Grant in "The Rock Climber." Jermaine wins.
    • Jermaine has an Aurorus and a Tyrantrum on his team. He later catches a Diancie in "The Rock Climber."
    • Siebold has a Barbaracle on his team.
    • Wikstrom has a Probopass on his team.
  • Kamen Rider Kage: Kage's Earth Form gives him the power of Earth.
  • Kanto Kickups:
    • At the beginning of "The Rock-Solid Trainer," Jermaine has a friendly rematch with the Rock-type Gym Leader Brock in "The Rock-Solid Trainer." Jermaine wins.
    • Jermaine catches every Kanto region Rock type.
    • Brock and Jermaine later have another friendly rematch, during which Jermaine only uses Rock types. Jermaine wins again.
  • Keepers of the Elements: Heather controls the Earth Element, including Plants and Metal.
  • Kill Them All: A superhuman named Petra has the ability to move mountains around. Taylor gets these powers once she defeats Petra.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Masters: Terra, though he only does this in the battle with the Guardians in the finale.
  • Loyalty gives Sakura a major power upgrade in the form of a scroll of earth jutsu and a hell of a motivation to use it. Somehow, the author actually makes tunneling powers seriously badass.
  • Mines of Dragon Mountain: Terra, Equine Goddess Of Matter, mother of the Goddess princesses and former Goddess of Ponykind. Also around a kilometer long.
  • The Moonstone Cup: The ghuls are traditional masters of earth magic. When demonstrated in combat by the geomancer Shanhaz, this consists chiefly of spells stored inside gems alongside earth manipulation such as creating localized earthquakes or living hands of stone.
  • My Little Pony vs...: In addition to Toph's Earthbending, Rarity's magic can manipulate crystals.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In the sequel Picking up the Pieces, it's revealed that Standing Wall, Captain of the Cadenza Guard, is capable of a very strong degree of earth manipulation that includes a sort of teleportation through it, moving from one spot to another incredibly fast.
  • New Blood (artemisgirl): Hermione catches an Earth Elemental at one point and gains the ability to use Earth Magic, which she used to stabilize her magical core after she botched a ritual during her first year.
  • A New World, A New Way: Apocalypse knows Earthquake and Rock Slide.
    • And the Durant that appear in the marketplace know Dig.
  • Power Rangers: Element Fury: The Rangers all gain elemental magic from bonding with the Elemental Gems. Thorax gains earth magic from the Element of Strength.
  • In The Rainsverse, King Sombra's alicorn magic has a definite crystalline theme to it.
  • Rise of the Dragon Child: The made-up Shout GOL BEX AL (Earth Open Destroy), used by Paarthurnax and Krenmulqah, causes an earthquake.
  • run:gifocalypse: Out of the "Dean"-ranked .GIFfany copies, this is Sandy's elemental ability. She can possess any sort of rocks around her, performing moves such as forming a wall of rock spikes from the ground. In the first version of the story, she set her domain in the Grand Canyon to make use from its stone. In the rewrite, her Floating Continent domain is covered with rocky terrain. Her main weapon in the original 2015 version is a giant stone carved in the image of .GIFfany's head.
  • RWBY: Second Generation: This is one of the practical applications of Sage's semblance. By channeling vibrations through the ground, she can create localized earthquakes. On a lesser note, anyone who uses Earth Dust can accomplish this.
  • Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy: Sailorcapricorn has earthquake powers.
  • Scorpion Disciple: Jiraiya's "Granite Rose" technique, which can kill a dozen Jounin in a second. The Kicker: it's not even a combat technique but an assassination one. A low level one at that.
  • Sinnoh Stories: Jermaine has two friendly rematches with the Rock-type Gym Leader Roark. Jermaine wins both times.
    • Jermaine catches a Cranidos, a Rampardos, a Shieldon, and a Bastiodon in "The Oreburgh Rock."
    • Gardenia has a Torterra on her team.
    • Crasher Wake has a Gastrodon on his team.
    • Byron has an Aggron, a Bastiodon, and a Steelix on his team.
    • Candice has a Mamoswine on her team.
    • Aaron has a Flygon on his team.
    • Jermaine has a friendly rematch with the Ground-type Elite Four member Bertha in "The Old Ground Lady." He wins.
    • Dawn has a Mamoswine on her team.
  • In Solar Winds, a fic where the cast of Glee live in the Avatar universe, Artie and Mercedes are both Earthbenders.
  • Starlit Heroics: The Earth type of Elemental Powers contains both this and Green Thumb. Its only subcategory consists of what could be the most broken skill out of all the elements, which is using raw Earth power to break through enemy defenses.
  • Tales of Blaze and Artemis: Nick holds the Earth Miraculous, inhabited by Terra, which lets him transform into the earth hero Onyx and grants him the power of Earthquake.
  • The Triptych Continuum grants a degree of this power to earth ponies... but they appear to be taught practically from birth that it must be kept secret from unicorns and pegasi at all costs. There is a public aspect of earth pony magic, a Green Hooves variant locally called The Cornucopia Effect, which can be practiced openly. Anything which goes deeper is concealed. Some of Applejack's thoughts suggest that the youthful indoctrination against confession include stories of what happens to ponies who give the secret away — and that some of those ponies were killed for it. Applejack suspects some of those stories are simply that, create to hammer the lessons home — but that others may be based on actual events.
  • The Tyrant and the Hero: Black Alice knows some earth magic, including a spell that makes the earth behave like quicksand.
  • In Wind Shear, Harry Potter tends to fight by imbuing both his magic and will into the earth around him to create living constructs. Not only do they reform into different constructs when broken, but a lot of dark magic tends to linger on things they hit, so for example a stone leopard can leap through a mist of dark magic and attack the caster, causing them to suffer the effects of said mist.
  • Unova Undertakings:
    • Jermaine has a friendly rematch with the Ground-type Gym Leader Clay in "The Underground Boss." Jermaine wins.
    • Jermaine has a Golurk on his team.
  • Wings of Dust: Earth dragons (such as Pit, Twiggy, Zircon, Mudslide and Ragnar) can cause small earthquakes and shift rocks.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Alter Destiny: Karyu uses the Ancient Gear Archetype, most of which are Earth Monsters.
  • The Zero Context Series: Viridi's Bouldaranote  is used in conjunction with Missy's Mega Brand to Offhand Backhand some of Marc's security guards across Muffinville.
  • Zodiac (EXO): Kyungsoo, the Head Earth Shifter (of a sort, it's actually just a title for the Crown Prince/Princess rather than the most powerful Shifter).

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The martial-arts film, Five Element Ninjas, has five clans of ninjas that each specialize in one of the five elements in the Chinese philiosphy, "Wuxing". The earth ninjas have the ability to bury themselves and traveling underground then emerging at quick speed, allowing them to use surprise attacks.
  • Ghost Rider (2007): One of BlackHeart's three elemental demon minions known as "The Hidden", Gressil, is the earth demon and can transform himself into the element and control it.
  • Guardians (2017), the 2017 Russian superhero film, has Ler, an Armenian with the ability to control the very earth around him. Based on the trailer, he likes to augment his strength by making himself gloves out of rock. For a Bilingual Bonus, "ler" means "mountain" in Armenian.
  • As an adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Last Airbender features earthbenders in it. Sadly, their powers are severely nerfed, as they are only seen using it to chuck rocks at their enemies, and they aren't even big rocks. Even worse, it seems that there needed to be several of them to lift just one rock.
  • Thunderbolt Fantasy: Bewitching Melody of the West: The power of the Dark Phantom - Myriad Generations Divine Humbling (幽冥・萬世神伏 Yōumíng Wànshì Shén Fú/Yūmei Mansei Shinpuku); unsheathing it is enough to make the ground tremble, and a full swing of the sword is enough to open up a massive chasm.
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: while in the comics Apocalypse had control over the atoms of his body, here it's telekinesis on an atomic level, usually manifested by killer sand gusts or turning walls\floors into quicksand.

  • Apprentice Adept: The Purple Adept is capable of Geomancy, such as creating tunnels and causing earthquakes.
  • The Burning Kingdoms: Magic can be used for manipulating soil to create holes underneath people and trip them etc.
  • Brennus: Dunstkreis manipulates dirt and dust into spheres which orbit him, order and sizes roughly corresponding to the planets in the Solar System. Earthmaster was a God-tier geokinetic who could create earthquakes reaching up to an eight on the Richter Scale, and got taken out by a sniper while on the toilet.
  • ''The Broken Earth Trilogy: Orogenes have the ability to control the earth, allowing them to cause or prevent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and attack people with rocks and slabs of earth, among other uses of their power.
  • Broken Sky: Kia's red Spirit Stones allow her to control the earth around her, which she can use to create golems and structures of of it.
  • Children of Blood and Bone: The Aiye Clan, also known as "Grounders", are affiliated with both this and metal. They have the ability to control the earth and ground, which they can use to make impressive structures.
  • Codex Alera: Earthcrafters can control earth furies. This, like all the other Aleran elements, gives them extra abilities in addition to physically manipulating their element; earthcrafters can also draw power from the earth to give themselves Super-Strength, and while most of the "inspire emotions" powers belong to fire, earth controls lust and can "ground" the emotions of others, making them calmer. But only when touching earth. Get them off the ground and they lose everything.
  • Drassil: Dingir's magic. Is a good thing for the team that he has little control over Belekraz.
  • The Dresden Files has earth magic that can be used to control both earth and metal:
    • Morgan is an especially apt practitioner of it, able to summon up massive pincers of rock that he uses to fight off hordes of zombies in Dead Beat and perform an awesome Shockwave Stomp.
    • Harry himself has very rough control of basic earth magic, but that control does give him some serious punch when he needs to pack a sudden punch. He can generate a sort of gravity hammer that concentrates gravity from a wide area into a single tightly-focused point; in one of the short stories, he uses this to kill a Black Court vampire without making any noise, and in Changes, he taps into a ley line to obliterate an entire horde of Red Court vampires at once.
  • Elemental Blessings: Taro Frothen is the Torz prime of the Welce kingdom, and has direct control of earth. His heir Mally is shown to have the same power.
  • The Empirium Trilogy: Earthshakers are elementals who can manipulate the earth.
  • The Fifth Season: Orogenes are people who have orogeny, a power that allows it's users to manipulate thermal and kinetic energy to control seismic events. This is often used to create and/or stop earthquakes.
  • The Heroes of Olympus: Hazel Levesque has this as one of her main powers. She's powerful enough to dig tunnels big enough for three people or cause earthquakes if she chooses.
  • Legion of Nothing: The appropriately named Earth of the Elementals has this power, and seems to be unbeatable until he is lifted off the ground.
    • Earthmover, introduced in Book 6, has the power of terrakinesis.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!:
    • Catarina's elemental affinity is earth, though her magic is weak with the original character only using it to trip people. Current Catarina manages to move a larger amount of earth after seven years of work, but it still isn't much. This is a rare example of a hero being aligned with the earth element (Generally Fire, Air, Light, and Darkness get more attention), but then, Catarina accidentally forced herself into the hero role - the original heroine was the light-aligned Maria.
    • Catarina's adoptive brother Keith also has earth-aligned magic, though his is significantly stronger to the point that he can create massive earth golems.
  • My Vampire Older Sister and Zombie Little Sister: Mermaids, such as Hinoki Kuroyama, unusually have the ability to control rocks and lift them from the ground. The reasoning for this is because mermaids have been long associated with shipwrecks caused by large rocks and reefs.
  • Of Fire and Stars: Dennaleia starts manifesting this Affinity after she initially has only fire, doing things such as breaking cobblestones accidentally when her emotions are strong.
  • The Outside: In The Fallen, Yasira and Tiv are almost captured by an angel. Yasira uses her Outside powers to attack the angel with a skyscraper of dirt.
  • The Quest of the Unaligned: This is the domain of aretzes. Oddly enough, they don't tend to be as notably hidebound and conservative as usual for this trope, that being more a property of the shamais.
  • Release That Witch: Lotus has the ability to control the Earth around her, reshaping it into houses, walls, or any other shape she can imagine. She can't alter its fundamental properties though, so materials with low cohesion like sand will still fall apart easily no matter how hard she forces them together.
  • Seekers of Truth: Golem. Downside: it comes with skin like rough concrete. Upside: she can make really awesome sand castles.
  • Shadow Ops: Terramancy is a sort of grab-bag set of magical abilities. It lets you control rock and earth (a good terramancer can swat a helicopter out of the sky with a sudden spike of rock, for example), lets you manipulate plant matter (ditto, for trees) and control animals. The latter is technically illegal and doing so will land you in the same boat as necromancers and gate mages.
  • The Stormlight Archive: The two orders (Willshapers & Stonewards) of Knights Radiant with access to the Surge of Cohesion are able to manipulate solid objects, including stone. The only uses we have seen as of Rhythm of War have been a Stoneward turning a solid stone door to the consistency of clay, and a Willshaper manipulating stone to create a moving diorama of her ancestors using the power. It is also implied that the ancient Dawncities (which have layouts in the shape of cymatic patterns) were built with the use of Cohesion.
  • Tairen Soul: Earth Fey Magic is known as "Telah", and can be used to create structures out of the ground and control solid mass. It can also be used to increase fertility and healing. It appears as a green thread.
  • Those Who Walk In Darkness: One of the mutant varieties — they communicate with the Earth and talk it into shifting. They're Always Lawful Good and hate fighting.
  • Vampire Academy:
    • Victor Dashkov's earth magic. He can use compulsion almost as good a spirit user and can cause minor earthquakes.
    • Natalie Dashkov uses earth magic until she turns Strigoi. She uses her power to disintegrate the hard, solid wood of a bench which Rose is standing on. The action fractures Rose's ankle.
    • Abe Mazur's magic. In his case he mostly uses the compulsion powers of earth users.
  • The Wheel of Time: One of the five Powers making up the One Power, Earth can be used to create earthquakes or avalanches and is also useful in constructing stone buildings. The most prominent example of the latter is the Stone of Tear, which was created by drawing stone from all around the world to form a seamless stronghold that's virtually indestructible.
  • Whispers Underground: The Quiet People. Peter, always quick with a pop-culture reference, actually calls them earthbenders, although under Rivers of London magic rules, it's more likely they're using the standard "moving stuff about" spell, and the focus on earth is just personal preference.
  • The Witchlands: Earthwitches can control earth, with the most powerful being capable of summoning earthquakes.
  • Wrong Time for Dragons: The Earth Clan doesn't appear much in the novel, despite being stronger than the Fire Clan. However, its leader Anjey is a cowardly pedophile, so it would make sense for him to want to stay out of the fighting. The Earth Clan is the most prosperous of the four, being able to easily find underground resources and ensure bountiful harvests.
    • The only reason Anjey is even involved in a fight against Victor is because of the humiliation Victor gives him earlier.
  • Xenos: The Earth primary schools teaches earth magic, which is commonly taught to dwarves. Secondary schools involving earth include magma, sandstorm, and blood.
  • The Years Of M: Terrakinetic terrorists cause the eruption of Kilimanjaro.
  • The Zombie Knight: This is Sanko's schtick. She's a powerful integration user with a focus on earth and minerals, and using pan-rozum she can integrate herself with the earth, wielding it as a weapon and also building a kaiju-sized golem-like body for herself. She's also a dead ringer for the personality: direct, inflexible, stoic, and famous for her rigid code of honor.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Flint, a young Inhuman the team met when they were sent to a Bad Future, has the ability to control rocks and dirt. This makes him necessary to help them rebuild the monolith that sent them there in order to get back to their home time.
  • Charmed (1998): At one point, the Charmed Ones were given the powers of the Greek Gods. The Goddess of Earth's powers were bestowed to Piper, which she could used to cause earthquakes and open chasms.
  • Chou Sei Shin Gransazer: The Earth Tribe is one of the four elemental tribes on the show. They members of the tribe use earth based abilities and weapons.
  • Doctor Who: In "The Witchfinders", the Morax are able to control soil, and suffuse the bodies of the living and dead with it in order to control them.
  • Heroes: Sparrow Redhouse was revealed as having this power in an online comic.
    • In Season 4, Samuel Sullivan, leader of a carnival stocked with evolved humans, has this power. His dirt-dishing becomes more powerful the more supers he's around — hence the huge group of supers who he convinces are his family so they don't want to leave.
  • Kamen Rider has several Riders and transformations capable of controlling earth to some extent:
    • Kamen Rider OOO: The Sagohzo Combo can cause earthquakes and trap enemies into the ground, allowing OOO to finish them off.
    • Kamen Rider Fourze: The Schop Switch gives the titular Rider a shovel that allows him to throw large amounts of dirt towards his target.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard: The Wizard Land Style and its evolution, the Wizard Land Dragon Style allow Wizard control of the the element of earth.
    • Kamen Rider Saber has Buster and his Dogouken Gekido. His first transformation sequence even includes him slashing a mountain of rock!
  • Legends of Tomorrow: The Earth Totem, one of the six Zambesi totems, allows it's user to manipulate matters of earth, such as stones and soil. Nate Heywood possessed it and used create giant boulders for attacks. It also gives users to ability to manipulate plants.
  • The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nóg: Angus is the Mystic Knight of Earth ("earth beneath me!"). His Terra Sling Mace allows him to throw boulders an cause earthquakes.
  • Super Sentai warriors and Power Rangers with power over Earth include Vul Panther, Change Griffin, Hurricane Yellow/Yellow Wind Ranger, Shinken Yellow/Yellow Samurai Ranger, and Gosei Black and Yellow. Magi Green/Green Mystic Ranger has a blend of earth and Green Thumb powers.
  • Supergirl (2015) gives us Rama Khan of Jarhanpur, who was appointed Earth's guardian millions of years ago and who can control the earth and sense the location of everyone on it (but not in a location not of Earth, such as the Fortress of Solitude, although he can still find someone these using the process of elimination). In addition to basic rock-moving, he can transform himself into an impenetrable stone form, and even reform his body from the ground beneath him in the unlikely event you're able to damage him. He can also travel through the ground and reappear elsewhere. Lately, his 'guardianship' has come to take the form of eliminating societies he and the rest of the Leviathan group feel are holding humanity back. It turns out that under the right circumstances, he can awaken volcanoes and even supervolcanoes like the kind under Yellowstone. The destruction of Pompeii was no natural disaster! This makes him one of the most powerful, though again, the greatest of his feats aren't something he can just casually do on a whim.
  • Ultra Series
    • Tigris from Ultraman Gaia is the God of the Earth, appearing as a monstrous sabertooth tiger. We don't get to see much of its power, but it's shown to be an incredible Tunnel King and able to breathe fire.
    • Maga-Grand King from Ultraman Orb, the King Demon Beast of Earth, possesses the ability to manipulate Ley Lines to create earthquakes and sinkholes.
    • The title brothers of Ultraman R/B gain these powers later on in their own series to compliment their default fire and water powers, thanks to the Ultraman Victory R/B Crystal.
  • Warehouse 13: A lantern in "Parks and Rehabilitation" causes the ground it's shined at to collapse. It can also bury people alive.
  • Warrior of Love Rainbowman: Rainbowman's brown form, "Dash 5", is associated with earth, and gives hime terrakinetic abilities.

  • The Doberg family in Witch Hunter are highly skilled and extremely egotistical shamans, who specialize in earth shamanism. Their signature ultimate finishing move is to create giant spikes that shoot out of the ground for city blocks, or even miles around them, to utterly devastate their enemies, but mostly because they think it looks pretty and like the attention it attracts them.


  • Sargas from Sequinox can control earth, and buries the school in dirt in episodes 3 and 4 to prevent any students from escaping.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Ars Magica: Terram arts are the game's earth spells and have control over earth and rocks. It can be used to create buildings out of of them.
  • Bakugan: Subterra is one of the attributes in Battle Brawlers and is associated with earth. Subterra Bakugan are known to store G-powers in order to attack their foes, but are vulnerable to trickery.
  • Chaotic: Earth is one of the four elements in the game. It is the primary element of Danians and the secondary element of Mipedians. Earth eoement attacks include moves like "Rock Wave", "Pillar Quake", "Granite Balls", "Pebblestorm", and "Tectostrike".
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Earth Grasp, Earth Wall, Rock to Mud, Mud to Rock, Shape Rock, Stone Skin, etc. are spells focused on shaping, altering and controlling earth and stone.
  • Exalted:
    • Earth Aspect Dragon-Blooded are capable of this, as is anyone who uses the Earth Dragon or the Jade Mountain style of Supernatural Martial Arts.
    • Earth elementals and gods of caves, minerals and the earth can likewise make use of these powers. The Kukla, the Greater Elemental Dragon of Earth (one of the most powerful elementals and beings in general in Creation), has powers such as "convert everything within 50 miles into freshly tilled soil" and is incredibly dangerous (simply waking it up causes earthquakes powerful enough to send tsunamis three miles inland on every coast in Creation).
  • GURPS source magic system's Earth spells.
  • Heroscape:
    • Earth Elementals are beings made of living rock who appear as large stones when motionless. They attack by slamming into the ground, which damages any non-flyers adjacent to them.
    • Granite Guardians are beings with a rock-like hide resembling the stone of the mountains that they guard. They attack by hurling rocks and causing landslides.
  • In Nomine:
    • The Corporeal Song of Stone creates localized earthquakes, while the Ethereal Song of Stone allows the singer to shape stone at will.
    • The servants of David, the Archangel of Stone, gain various abilities pertaining to controlling, manipulating, or gaining knowledge of or through all mineral substances, such as stone, metal, gems, and sand. This covers modified forms of these things, such as glass and asphalt, but doesn't extend to soil, especially when it's host to living material such as grass or fungus. David's Cherubim, for instance, can pull mineral objects into their hands from a distance, while his Kyriotates can shape vessels out of stone instead of having to possess a human or animal.
  • Legend of the Five Rings: The Earth Ring is one on the titular five rings. It allows the user to use spells related to it.
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • Earth is the domain of the highly destructive Red mages; thus, there are many spells that fall under this, such as Earthquake and Stone Rain.
    • When not using light, most White elemental powers revolve around dust, pretty rocks (like marble), and utter petrification of the opponent's creatures.
    • A notable example of this is Koth of the Hammer, a Red Planeswalker whose specialty is earth magic (he can make your mountains come to life and attack, for example).
    • Nahiri, known as "the lithomancer", is a particularly powerful White lithokineticist. Her set of powers is rather similar to Koth's, being capable of manipulating rock in all forms and being particularly efficient at melting it to forge weapons from the ore within.
  • Monsterpocalypse: Tectomoc is one of the four Elemental Champions and has control over the earth. His steps alone can cause massive earthquakes.
  • Pathfinder:
    • In general, earth-based magic and the various kinds of earth elementals can exert considerable control over earth, mud and living rock.
    • Stonelieges are xulgaths infused with the essence of elemental earth through alchemy or magic. This grants them much greater strength, resilience and longevity than common xulgaths have, alongside the ability to magically shape stone (represented in-game through a couple of unique earth-based attacks and the ability to cast shape stone thrice per day).
  • Scion: Characters who have access to the Earth Purview have powers that range from being immune to harm from the earth to trapping people in crystals or altering the landscape at whim. At really high levels, you can control magma.
  • Shadowrun examples include Earth Spirit, Earth-based spells, and Sand-based spells.
  • Warhammer: The Slaan Mage-Priests have this ability. Mostly it isn't used in battle, but for making geological changes. Notably they once realized that a mountain range had moved, so they moved it back. Unfortunately the Dwarfish Empire was based there at the time.
  • The World of Darkness:
    • Demon: The Fallen: The Annunaki use the Lore of the Earth, which they can use to meld them together, unearth objects buried within it, control and attack with rocks, and cause massive earthquakes. Their powers also extend to metal and glass.
    • Geist: The Sin-Eaters: The Grave Dirt Key is one of the four elemental keys and allows the possessor to unlock earth based powers. It is associated with the standard burial of a corpse.
    • Princess: The Hopeful: The Terra Invocation allows the caster to have control over earth and stone, including gems without having any cost. It is also used to resolve conflicts non-violently and aiding others without expecting a reward. A Princess must be considerate in order for it to work. It is favored by the Queen of Hearts.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: EARTH is one of the six attributes a monster card can have. It is often treated as a default attribute for monsters without special features, but monsters can also be associated with it by having themes related to rocks and nature. Special monsters with the EARTH attribute tend to have a high defense. Common monster type that have the EARTH attribute include Rock, Beast, Plant, Warrior, and Dinosaur.

  • BIONICLE has two elements that fall under this category, Earth and Stone. The main difference is that Earth controls dirt and creates earthquakes, while Stone controls rocks. Neither controls sand, however (Word of God is that Stone can, the characters just don't do it to avoid confusing the audience about the division between power over rocks and power over dirt).
  • LEGO Power Miners: The Rock Monsters, but especially the larger monsters who throw boulders or even their smaller rocky brethren at foes.
  • Mixels has the Cragsters. They are both earth and rock-based in their elemental abilities, and rely on brute strength. All three are miners with digging abilities, with added earthquake and wrecking ball-like ones as well. Their ranks consist of Krader, Seismo, and Shuff.

    Visual Novels 
  • Long Live the Queen: Julianna. Though not prominently displayed, she does make the ground shake a little if Elodie taunts her while she's imprisoned, and Selene explicitly says her powers lie with the earth — important at the time, given that Selene wants to create an earthquake to crush an invading force.
  • Lorelei "Badger" Linden in Villainous Nights controls rock, with the blunt and no-nonsense personality to match. In addition to making barriers and disrupting enemies' footing, she often covers her fists with stone to add weight to her punches in combat.

    Web Animation 
  • DSBT InsaniT:
    • Dave can throw boulders, create rockslides, start earthquakes, and such.
    • Eel can fire stone bricks.
  • Deimos from Madness Combat fuses with stones during a painful adventure in hell which make his jaw, upper body and hands made of rocks. In this new form, not only he's stronger and surprisingly more agile, he can also spawn rock slabs to embed his foes in.
  • Mighty Magiswords: The Boulder Magisword is able create large boulders. The aptly named Dirt Magisword is only able to summon dirt and earthworms. Prohyas actually finds it quite useful with a little bit of ingenuity.
  • Quirky Misadventures of Soldine the Cyborg: Golem, one of Dr. Schadenfreude's henchmen, is capable of travelling through earth, generating large stones and hardening his body to become like a solid rock.
  • In RWBY, Cinder's Semblance (her superpower) is the ability to manipulate molten glass and sand. Most notably, she can't manipulate dirt; it specifically has to be molten before she can control it. Once the glass is molten, however, she can then freeze it into projectiles or weapons that are strengthened by her Aura to make them stronger than metal, and can telekinetically control the glass. Once she acquires the Fall Maiden's powers, which include control over heat, cold, lighting, and wind, she uses the power to control fire to instantly melt sand into glass and shape it into weapons, or melt the weapons to break them apart and reshape them. She can even weave threads of glass into her clothes and then melt and reshape the clothing to serve as instant disguises.

    Web Comics 
  • In Agents of the Realm, this is Kendall's power. Seeing what a BFS she wields, it comes with a Super-Strength.
  • Almighty Protectors: Mineral and Multiblades both have rock-based powers, with Mineral able to create a rocky coating over himself, while Multiblades is able to create rocky shards.
  • Demon Thesis: Alain's power. It also creates earthen barriers that can stand up to a hit or two, allowing on to entrap a creature inside, to cut off routes of getting around the battle maps, etc.
  • The Boy Who Fell: Quartz can create earth spikes and terraform and is responsible for shifting the Forest of Spires by virtue of being a rock demon.
  • DrowTales: Foci are special gems that allow Fae without a given elemental affinity to manipulate that element. Quain'tana made earth foci standard issue for her clan.
  • Dirtamancer Sizemore Rockwell of Erfworld. Though, before Parson entered the picture, he was mostly only used to create Crap Golems and tunnels. He could also convert gems into hard currency and, with the help of a Croakamancer, reignite an extinct volcano. Probably a good deal more, given that Erfworld seems to be rather liberal in what a given caster can do within their domain.
  • Dungeon Reset: After getting the ability to create sandblocks, Dawoon levels up the Skill until he has the ability to move and mold sand, clay, earth, and stone with ease.
  • Grrl Power: One of the situations described in a briefing is the existence of a geokinetic who has extracted enough gold from the earth's mantle to severely disrupt the economy if he sold it all at once. However, he doesn't want to cause trouble, he just wants to live a comfortable lifestyle, so he sells a few bars now and then and keeps the rest deep beneath the earth where only he can get at it. The authorities keep an eye on him but generally leave him alone.
  • Huckleberry: Pulpland controls earth, sand, and rocks.
  • Iron Violet: The Shy Titan: The criminal Rock Hard has D-Gene powers over rock and earth, though currently he's only shown the ability to create a form of rock armor around his body.
  • Muted: The Moreau can bend the Earth to their will, summoning pillars of earth and stone.
  • In Pacificators, the power of earth is apparently one of the hardest to learn, and as a result, there are only two known T-Pacificators with the power of earth. We know of two renegades, as well: Shiva and Khnum. Khnum is a very powerful user of earth, being ranked at 9 (with 10 being the strongest), and capable of Extra-ore-dinary. Shiva is a weak user, but he's unique because he's also capable of Playing with Fire.
  • Sleepless Domain: Gwen Morita, as the magical girl Alchemical Earth, has the power to control the earth around her. She's the most physical fighter of Team Alchemical, and generally fights by launching heavy rocks at her enemies, but she can also manipulate the ground beneath her to enhance her mobility. Her powers can also be combined with those of her teammates — she and Undine can perform a Fertile Soil attack that generates massive plant structures, while her and Sally's "Lava Whatever"note  sprays molten rock upon their foes.
  • Earth is one of the possible elemental powers in Slightly Damned. Among those who wield it are the Demon Iratu, the Angel Darius Elexion, and the Jakkai Median Rhea Snaketail (though her normal use of the power is limited, as she hadn't been fully trained before her first death). Angels who wield the Earth power usually dye their hair brown.
  • Wayward Sons: Haydez, after a few weeks practice after discovering his power, was able to carve a whole city out of a mountainside as a Holy Day gift to his crewmates.

    Web Original 
  • Dragon Cave: Green dragons. In-game, they have a Breed-Specific Action called Earthquake, which targets all eggs on a player's scroll.
  • The Saints: Marcus can manipulate the ground around him with his magic.
  • SporeWiki Fantasy Universe: Geomancy and arenamancy, the Source magical schools of earth and sand respectively.
  • Gale from Trinton Chronicles has control over earth to a limited degree in addition to Magic.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Valley Girl of the West Coast League. She's definitely not the Big Guy. The only thing big about her is her boobs.
    • Molefinger, an Underdog alum who made a small fortune from the Mundane Utility of being able to dig really big holes really fast.
  • In Worm:
    • Tecton's powers and equipment let him create targeted, localized earthquakes.
    • Butcher XIV (and Butcher VIII before her) could shape inorganic matter like sand and stone into weapons with a touch.

    Web Videos 
  • Aventures: Grunlek began to develop earth-based Elemental Powers after the confrontation with Death.
  • Couette from Noob can be this if she chooses in the later part of the webseries. Being the smallest female of the cast, she also qualifies for the Glacier Waif variation (but is a Stone Wall strictly speaking).

    Western Animation 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Earthbenders control most stone and sediment-derived things. It is most often seen as a form of telekinetic martial arts that shapes and moves stone to attack and defend, with the strongest earthbenders capable of casually levitating giant boulders through the air. Most Earthbenders also exhibit an innate level of invulnerability to blunt force trauma, though forging literal rock armor around themselves is a technique several advanced earthbenders use. In both the original show and The Legend of Korra, earthbending has two subtypes: metalbending and lavabending. The former was unknown for most of history until it was invented in the original show; it relies on manipulating "impurities" within metal, so it was discovered by a blind earthbending prodigy who relied on earth vibrations instead of sight. The latter is difficult for unspecified reasons, and was historically only used by the Avatar (who, having all four elements at his/her disposal, can heat things faster with firebending), but in Korra the earthbenders Ghazan and later Bolin can melt rocks, presumably through a technique similar to the one waterbenders use to change their element between a liquid and a solid.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Kwame is given the earth elemental ring, which he can use to shape the ground, move rocks, create earthquakes, and more. He is the most level headed member of the Five-Man Band and acts as the Standardized Leader.
  • Invincible: Doc Seismic can manipulate the earth, including lava.
  • My Little Pony 'n Friends: Gnomes have power over earth and stone. This comes up twice in "Flight to Cloud Castle, Part 2", where the gnome Garth uses this power to turn rock (first a cliffside, and then the ground) into mud, in order to soften otherwise fatal falls.
  • Ninjago: Cole, the Black Ninja, is the Elemental Master of Earth. He has the ability to create earthquakes, attack his enemies with rocks with Super-Strength, and burying things at a rapid pace.
  • The Owl House: One of the covens on the Boiling Isles is Construction magic, which as seen in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins" includes the manipulation of earth and stone.
  • Teen Titans (2003): Terra can control earth and rock, an ability known in-universe as geokinesis.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender: All Balmerans are symbiotically linked to the Balmera, and Shay uses this connection to help Coran and Hunk escape by triggering a small cave-in.
  • W.I.T.C.H.:
    • Cornelia. Though her powers are far less rooted simply in earth, and also in nature.
    • At one point in the first season, she levitates and throws a massive chunk of earth through a portal. It's clear that the rock is heavy, really heavy.
  • Xiaolin Showdown: Clay is the Dragon of earth and can use Sheng Gon Wu with his element, such as turning them into stone and using them to create earthquakes.

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