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A webcomic illustrated by Studio ANT based on the Light Novel of the same name, Dungeon Reset follows the adventures of a Korean teenager who finds himself trapped in the first level a deadly video-game-esque dungeon filled with monsters, traps, magic, and a malevolent game master intent on killing him off.

Jeong Dawoon and 100 other average, modern-day folks were suddenly transported to a video game style "dungeon" by a cruel, rabbit-shaped Guide who orders them to play his game... or die. With each person granted a video-game skill and a starting weapon, the unwitting players are forced to battle monsters, scavenge for supplies, and try to stay alive in an environment full of terrifying beasts and deadly traps. Their numbers quickly dwindle 'till only a handful are left. Even though Dawoon started the game with a tiny knife and a nearly useless skill called "Purification," he manages to survive the hazards of Level 1 by sticking with a group led by the charismatic Ryu Seung-Woo. In fact, the amateur dungeoneers are within spitting distance of the Boss Fight when Dawoon falls victim to a hidden pit trap. His companions are forced to flee, leaving Dawoon behind to bleed out.


But as he lays dying, Dawoon's companions defeat the Level 1 Boss. All survivors of the dungeon gain rewards and move on to Level 2... but not Dawoon. Through some twist of fate Dawoon is granted the same boons as his teammates, but left behind in the dungeon while Seung-Woo's group progresses to the next stage. Even the snarky rabbit-shaped game master is confused, calling Dawoon a bug in the system — one he has no qualms about crushing. (Or leaving in a pit trap to starve to death.)

Now Dawoon has to figure out how to survive in the first level of a fatal video-game-esque world using only his wits, his "useless" Purification skill, and the tools that can be found in a Level 1 dungeon.


Dungeon Reset Contains Examples Of:

  • The Ace: Ryu Seung-woo becomes the leader of the survivors because he's good at everything. His swordsmanship is top-notch, his skill is a flashy lightning-summoning ability, his planning and tactics keep the group alive, and his interpersonal skills make him someone his fellow survivors look up to and are glad to follow. Dawoon in particular idolizes Ryu Seung-woo, hoping to become "a man like him" some day.
  • Cooldown: The biggest disadvantage of the "Vigor of the Horned Boar" skill is the long cooldown period. When first acquired, it gives the users a huge boost in physical ability for ten seconds that allows them to punch above their weight, but once it runs out it can't be used for over a minute. Thankfully, repeated use remedies this along with improving the increase in power even further, something that Dawoon also makes liberal use of by training and fighting with it active as often as possible.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: After getting the ability to create sandblocks, Dawoon levels up the skill until he has the ability to move and mould sand, clay, earth, and stone with ease.
  • Distinguishing Mark:
    • The first wolf to chase Dawoon back into the tunnels is marked with a scar over its eye.
    • The leader of the hoard of rats has an "X" shaped scar on its face.
  • Durable Deathtrap: Averted. On the Life Tower, Dawoon is able to become the owner of the altar because while exploring the temple, the traps installed have gone rusted due to lack of maintenance and time.
  • Evil Tower of Ominousness: Averted for Dawoon, as he's the one that creates the towers as a way to navigate the dungeon's surroundings and to map the environment. Played With for the unknowing players, who are suspicious of the towers that suddenly appear in the middle of nowhere (especially after the Rabbit tells them to enter the tower).
  • Formula with a Twist: It's Trapped in Another World meets Minecraft-esque sandbox survival.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal:
    • The rabbit-shaped "game guider" wears a tailed tuxedo jacket, bow tie, and a top hat. No pants. When he defects to become the manager of Dawoon's Historic Ruins, he adds a vest and an ascot to the ensemble while ditching the top hat.
    • The baboon-shaped manager of Level 2 wears a suit jacket and a fedora.
  • Improvised Golems: After finding out the key to defeat the golems (by stealing their golem cores inside them), Dawoon is able to not only create golems loyal to him, but also to shift their cores between a variety of bodies depending on whether he needs them for construction, close-range combat, ranged combat, defense, or travel. Thusfar, he's created golem bodies resembling elephants, gorillas, centaurs, and ostriches out of nothing more than clay and golem cores.
  • Inconsistent Coloring: Dawoon's eye color changes from panel to panel, often several times a chapter. No explanation is given.
  • Jerkass Gods: The game guiders have god-like powers in the realm of the game, and they use those powers to torment the players they kidnap to run their dungeons.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Justified — players are stuck with the clothes were wearing when they were transported to the dungeon.
  • Logical Weakness: Creatures made from a certain substance will be just as susceptible to skills designed to manipulate them, making defeating them potentially much easier. Just ask the earth golem boss and the stone gargoyle guardian after Dawoon was done with them.
  • Make an Example of Them: The rabbit game guide swiftly decapitates the first human who stands up to him, as a way of showing the kidnapped players they've got no recourse to fight against him.
  • Mook Maker: Through the Golem cores Dawoon is able to easily farm from the Stage 1 boss (because he has expert control over dirt, which the golem is made from), he's soon able to make an army's worth of various golems loyal to him.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • Dawoon's "Purification" skill isn't useful in combat or as a defensive recourse. His dungeoneer companions look down on him as a burden, not realizing that Dawoon's skill is the only thing making the plant and animal monsters they battle edible without expert butchering or cooking techniques.
    • This is also Dawoon's survival strategy after he gets stranded at the bottom of a pit trap: by Stat Grinding seemingly useless non-combat skills and utilizing them in creative ways, Dawoon is able to take on much tougher opponents by himself. After all, making a brick out of compressed sand isn't an impressive "skill" by itself — but dropping a thousand bricks out of his inventory on top of a wild animal that's trying to eat him? That's a useful trick!
  • RPG-Mechanics Verse: All "Players" transported to the dungeon start with a superpower-like "Skill" and a basic weapon. They can improve their skills by using them repeatedly. They have stats, like "Health" and "Satiety" that can be viewed in a Sudden Game Interface window. Players also gain access to an inventory where they can store any materials they gather, accessible through a pop-up window.
  • The Sociopath: Game Guiders seem to take pleasure in watching their players fail — because failure usually results in being torn to pieces by wild animals, crushed by bosses, or killed in any number of gruesome ways by the dungeon's traps.
  • Stat Grinding: Stuck in a rocky, spike-lined pit with nothing better to do, Dawoon starts digging through the sandy soil at the bottom of the trap to tunnel his way out. And digging, and digging, and digging, and soon enough he finds out he's got a new skill: Master of Sand Blocks Level 1. The dungeon appears to have scores of achievements and skills for seemingly useless activities like digging through sand or building fountains. Dawoon practices these non-combat skills obsessively until he can use them to protect himself.
  • Sudden Game Interface: Players can view the details of their skills and the contents of their inventory in little text bubbles/ windows that appear with a thought.
  • Survival Sandbox: The "dungeon" is meant to be used as the backdrop to a sort of dungeon-crawler, with new parties dropped in to face the dangers every few weeks before they move on to the next stage. Dawoon turns it into a Survival Sandbox, utilizing the material he finds in the dungeon first to survive at the bottom of the pit trap, then to thrive.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The glasses-wearing idiot in the first chapter who was demanding more food from Dawoon while calling him useless dead weight. The same guy who was providing respawning food from his inventory and had the power to detoxify and cook the poisoned meat the monsters had. Their whole group was trapped in a survival game, and he was essentially telling a crucial party member to go get himself killed off. Thankfully, Seung Woo was there to shut him up.
    • Thankfully, the next time the guy appears (albeit without the glasses), he seems to have realized along with everyone else just how important Dawoon was during an interlude where Sung brings up the food shortage their group has to deal with despite an abundance of boars.
  • Underground Monkey: While exploring the frozen area in the Gap, Dawoon encounters an arctic version of the bone-nibbling squirrels. Pokkyuu quickly makes friends with these cousins.
  • Verbal Tic Name: Dawoon names his squirrel pet "pokkyuu", after the sound it makes.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?:
    • Dawoon's "skill" acquired at the start of the game is "Purification," the ability to clean dirty things. He can't use it to defend the group from monsters or detect traps, which puts him at the bottom of the pecking order. Subverted in that Dawoon's skill was valuable in keeping players alive outside of combat, they just didn't appreciate his contributions until he was gone. "Purification" can make poisonous monster meat and dangerous mushrooms perfectly edible, clean wounds, and make any source of water safe to drink. Dawoon also uses his skill to destroy fields of poison gas that separate the levels, and create rudimentary gas masks by imbuing the skill into a simple face covering.
    • Dawoon's dirt digging ability was also seen this way by both him and the rabbit at first. With it turning out to be a Magikarp Power like most of the other proficiency-based skills (that he exploits like no tomorrow once he realizes this), it soon becomes his main bread-and-butter in handling situations once it evolves into full-on earth manipulation.
    • Oh Changseok, the Elder/ founder of Gap Village, has a skill called "Insight." At first the skill was disappointing because it granted no benefits to combat or defense, but as Changseok leveled up his "Insight" he discovered it could show him the strengths and weaknesses of monsters, dungeons, and other players. Though the skill became impressive, Changseok was ultimately too weak to face the final dungeon of Stage 4. His "Insight" revealed just how dangerous the dungeon truly was, and he fled as he companions took on the challenge.