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Chapter 12 - The Trials of Nogi

Dungeon Legacy by George Ward is a long form comic dealing with the adventures of a mismatched group of characters dealing with the troubles brewing in the world around them. They are skilled warriors and magic-uses but the forces against them are more powerful then they at first realize. They have trouble working together and sometimes work at odds with each other, which doesn't help the situation.

Will they ever get organized to deal with the current threat or will they constantly get beaten down by the forces out to control the world?

  • Taddin the Halfing: a military expert and trained soldier, he is currently traveling the world looking for wrongs that need to be righted. He can be a bit long winded then talking about military history and can be a bit demanding when the other get out of line. His heart is in the right place and he is the most stable of the group

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  • Zetork the dragonborn: trained in espionage and stealth, he is the black sheep of the family and was forced to leave home and find his way in the world. He met Taddin on his travels and they have become close friends. He doesn't talk much and when he does it's in draconic. He does understand the common tongue which catches people off guard.

  • Ersaor the wood elf: a trained archer and woodsman, he is more at home in the wilderness then in civilization. He can be a bit dense when it comes to social situations. He is in love with Arlina but is a bit clumsy in getting his feelings across. He has fought along side Taddin in several battles and considers him a friend. He used to date Karlaia but her hot temper was more then he could handle.

  • Arlina the Eladin: Originally from the fae woods, she was kicked out of her home by her mother after she absorbed the soul of a dark fae. Her mother hunted her down and would have killed her except the dark fae left Arlina's body in a moment of weakness. Arlina had too much adventurers blood to stay with her mother and has returned to the party to continue to help in their quest.

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  • Karlaia the Tiefling: A fire mage with a hot temper and a powerful right hook, she is a danger to herself and all those around her. She was raised in an orphanage which was destroyed when she was still young. She was forces to fend for herself and struggled to make a living while not killing anyone in the process. Living the life of an adventure gives her the ability to let off steam and she had gotten a bit milder lately. That is until she was mind-controlled and let loose on a near by city.

  • Nogi the Dwarf: Trained as a fighter until she was of age, she was sent to train as a paladin in a nearby human town. While she was away, her home was attacked and everyone was killed. In her anger, she killed all those responsible only to learn a close friend had betrayed them all. Disillusioned with life she wandered the countryside until she met the other party members and focused on killing all those who would harm others. Recently she has had to repent for her actions and is on a quest to redeem herself.

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