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LEGO Power Miners is a LEGO Theme beginning in 2009 and concluding in 2010, revolving around a team of miners trying to prevent a large population of Rock Monsters from destroying the Earth.

In the first wave of sets, the Power Miners are sent underground to investigate seismic activities. There, they discover that native Rock Monsters, rather than eating their natural food source, have started eating Power Crystals that cause them to unleash these devastating earthquakes. The Power Miners set out to excavate these crystals to stop the Rock Monsters from eating them, but the mischievous Rock Monsters keep getting in their way. Eventually, the Power Miners face even larger Rock Monsters, including Tremorox, Geolix, and the legendary Crystal King.

In the second wave of sets, after their encounter with the Crystal King, the Power Miners descend even deeper into the Earth's crust and discover Lava Monsters, posing an even greater threat than the Rock Monsters due to their superheated bodies. The Power Miners continue excavating the crystals while using water to cool down the Lava Monsters to lessen their volatility.


LEGO Power Miners is often considered a Spiritual Successor to Rock Raiders. Compared to its predecessor, Power Miners has much less emphasis on individual characters and goes for a much more Lighter and Softer approach, especially with its goofy Rock Monsters. However, it is agreed that the set designs of Power Miners are far superior to the simple builds of Rock Raiders sets, even if the lime/orange color scheme is rather contested.


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