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Almighty Protectors is a superhero comic by Ave Messer, hosted on ComicFury and Tapas Media that follows a team of characters as they right wrongs in their own universe and beyond. The Comic Fury site is here while you can find it on Tapas here.

This comic shows examples of:

  • The Adjectival Superhero - The name of the team is supposed to be the Protectors. "Almighty" is an adjective used to differentiate from all the other "Protectors" teams, though it's also used in-universe.
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  • Amazing Technicolor Population - Pinball's skin is blue.
  • Amnesiac Hero - Pinball can't remember hir past, even hir name. Zhe even experiences simple things, like eating, for seemingly the first time.
  • Animal-Themed Superbeing - Dispawn is a dragon man, and his telepathy for those with dragon ancestry makes him able to commune with them.
  • Art Shift - Most issues are drawn by multiple artists, for various reasons. The creator has expressed that she doesn't like this and that she's trying to move towards this no longer happening.
  • Badass Family - The team, barring two members (Arianna and B.A.D.), are family in some way.
    • Flame Thrower and Rearranger are adopted siblings while Mineral and Multiblades are biological siblings.
    • Flame Thrower is dating Multiblades while Rearranger is dating Mineral.
    • Dispawn is Flame Thrower's biological father.
  • Blind Seer - The team encounters one in a fantasy world in issue 1. She's blind, but "sees" using her precognition (which doesn't work for anything involving Pinball).
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  • Brainy Brunette - Arianna.
  • Breath Weapon - Dispawn can breathe fire.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S" - Flame Thrower has a combined "F" and "T" as her logo. Multiblades has an M as her belt buckle, while she and Mineral both have M-styled patterns on their costumes.
  • Chest Insignia - Flame Thrower has an "F" and "T" combined, while Rearranger has a stylized helium atom.
  • Code Name - Starting in issue 5, the team gets their own as well as their costumes.
  • Curtains Match the Window - Multiblades and Arianna. Rearranger, as well, if one is only counting half his hair.
  • Dishing Out Dirt - Mineral and Multiblades both have rock-based powers, with Mineral able to create a rocky coating over himself, while Multiblades is able to create rocky shards.
  • Dragon Ancestry - Dispawn.
  • The Fair Folk - Arianna comes from an insular race of fairies who fit this sort of description.
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  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences - Mineral and Multiblades are called out for this in issue 0 (Karabear Comics Presents #1).
  • Flight - Flame Thrower is able to fly without aid of wings. Arianna and Dispawn, meanwhile, do have wings.
  • Flying Firepower - Flame Thrower can both fly and shoot fire from her hands.
  • Half-Identical Twins - Mineral and Multiblades. They actually are identical twins, but Mineral is trans.
  • Heroic Build - Not all of the team, but Rearranger, Pinball, Dispawn, and Arianna have such physiques.
  • Land of Faerie - The first three issues of the comic take place in such a land, especially issue 2, which takes place in their woods.
  • Mass Super-Empowering Event - Flame Thrower, Rearranger, Mineral, and Multiblades seem to be at the center of one of these, and Pinball might be involved.
  • Medium Awareness - Pinball seems to have this.
  • Mind over Matter - B.A.D. is telekinetic.
  • Multicolored Hair - Rearranger has two-toned hair, brown on top and black at the ends, as if it was dyed black and grew out. However, a scene from his childhood shows that his hair has always had this color. It seems to be exactly half the hair is brown and the other half is black. Also, his right eyebrow is brown while his left is black.
  • Playing with Fire - Flame Thrower. Dispawn to an extent.
  • Power Incontinence - Pinball may seem to have control over hir power usually, but it does often go off at random, sending the team into a situation that none are prepared for.
  • Pstandard Psychic Pstance - Arianna will assume this stance when using her telepathy. B.A.D. will sometimes use it, as well, for her telekinesis.
  • Randomly Gifted - The mass empowering event seems to have this effect.
  • Secret Identity - B.A.D. pushes the others into taking such to protect her own.
  • Secret Keeper - Bridge, B.A.D.'s best friend, knows her secret identity and those of the other members of the team. She even let the majority of the team stay at her place after they had just returned from the fantasy world.
  • Sixth Ranger Traitor - Either Arianna or Dispawn is a manipulative, evil murderer, pretending to be good in order to use the team as a cover for their actions. Just which of the two this one has yet to be revealed.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation - Multiblades can do so with rock-like shards, which she can use as knives, swords, etc.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero - B.A.D.'s superhero name is just her initials (from Bridget Anna Dell).
  • Stock Superhero Day Jobs - Flame Thrower, Mineral, Multiblades, and Rearranger are college students.
  • Superhero
  • Superheroes Wear Tights - When the team gets their costumes.
  • Telepathy - Arianna. Dispawn has it for anyone with dragon ancestry.
  • Theme Twin Naming - Mineral and Multiblades, whose real names are Miquel (aka Michael) and Miguela (aka Michelle) respectively.
  • Thinking Up Portals - Pinball. This is how the team travels to different universes.
  • The Tourney - In issue 1, the king holds a tournament to find the best warrior to face "the beast in the mountain" (Dispawn).
  • Transgender - Flame Thrower is a trans woman and Mineral is a trans man.
  • Winged Humanoid - Dispawn and Arianna

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