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Age-Gap Romance

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"Mr. Rochester was about forty, and this governess not twenty; and you see, when gentlemen of his age fall in love with girls, they are often like as if they were bewitched."

This is a romantic relationship where there is a big difference in age between two lovers.

The age difference usually causes some raised eyebrows or disapproving comments from other characters in the story, like these: "He's old enough to be your father!" — "You could be his mother or much... much older sister."

The age gap is often presented in the work as an obstacle that the couple must overcome as they might be judged by others. Some characters can assume that the younger one is only in it for the money or nice gifts, or that the older one only wants to score a hot piece of ass and is not interested in anything else. And it often can be precisely the case.

The age gap is often not significant because of the specific number of years, but because of how the disparity in age is relative to each other in the couple. As a general rule, when an older character is dating a character less than two-thirds of their age, it becomes notable; for example, 9 and 14 is notable, 19 and 24 not so much; 18 and 30 is notable, 38 and 50 again not so much. Naturally, this means that as the characters grow older, their age gap becomes less and less significant. Generally, the man is the older one and the woman is the younger one, though it can be reversed as well. When the woman is older, she may be Mrs. Robinson. As a general rule, the difference should be noted in-universe as unusual. It may often overlap with Unequal Pairing if the age difference overlaps with a difference in authority/status as well.


Subtropes include the following:

  • Age-Down Romance: A character experiences a dramatic change in age (typically down, but aging up also apply), and begins a romance with someone else of the same (apparent) age.
  • Mal Mariée: A young woman (and it's always a woman) marries an older man because of the socioeconomic advantage, but soon comes to regret the union, which in most cases, cannot be dissolved.
  • May–December Romance: The mundane Logical Extreme version. There is over 30 years difference between the lovers, and the younger is in the spring of their life, while the older one is a senior citizen, and they could easily be mistaken for a grandparent with their grandchild.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: The fantastic Logical Extreme version. One of the lovers is either extremely Long-Lived compared to the other or is outright Immortal, and thus the former will eventually outlive the latter several times over.
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  • Wife Husbandry: One of the lovers has raised the other from childhood, and the former has fallen in love with and has been deliberately grooming the latter to be their future spouse, or the latter has independently fallen in love with the former, or both. May overlap with either of the above sister tropes.

The Jail Bait Wait can be related if the younger one in the couple is below the legally defined age of consent.

The ways in which these relationships can occur in media can vary:

See Precocious Crush when the younger one is a child with a (usually one-sided) crush on a teenager or adult.

While Truth in Television, the fact that since the 1990s women now marry in their mid-late 20s/early 30s like men (and that getting hitched at a young age (early-mid 20s) is nowadays considered quite chauvinistic) has made this trope less common outside period pieces (the few cases depicted in media set in the present generally involve the man being the younger lover). Actually, before women became a major force in the job market and romance became a major part of marriage and courtship in the 1920s, the average age for a bride was about 17-18 due to high infant mortality rates requiring a longer window for women to be pregnant. Men would also try to ensure their economic security before starting a family, a longer process back in the 19th/early 20th centuries. Thus, ten to fifteen years' difference between man and wife was considered quite normal.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia: Kizuna (age 17) becomes involved in an incestuous relationship with his 27-year-old sister, Reiri. The age difference and the difference in rank creates an ethical issue, since Reiri would likely lose her position if anyone among the top brass were to find out she's sleeping with a minor, whereas Kizuna would likely be expelled from the academy. So Reiri uses her authority to give Kizuna days off so they can be together, without fear of being caught.
  • Junjou Romantica: It is a major point of conflict in the Junjou Terrorist sections featuring the 35-year-old Miyagi and his boss' son, the 18-year-old Shinobu. Miyagi worries about the relationship ruining his career and reputation if it gets out and Shinobu is self-conscious about his relative lack of sexual experience and the fear that Miyagi isn't taking him seriously.
  • Ian Vashti and his wife, Linda, in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Ian is even called out on how young his wife is, causing him to defensively note he waited until she was legal to marry her (or try anything else), before demanding they focus on the important reasons they're there and not on his young wife. They are 57 and 32, respectively, in the second season (which is when Linda first appears); it's also worth bearing in mind that they have a 14-year-old daughter, the Bridge Bunny Mileina.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Middle school student Natsumi is crushing hard on the 10-year-old Kotaro, but she's in denial about it because she doesn't want to think she's a pedophile. According to the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, Natsumi and Kotaro marry when they're both in their twenties.
  • While the nine year difference between Alice Sakaguchi and Rin Kobayashi of Please Save My Earth may not, relatively, seem like a lot, it's much weirder when you consider that Rin was seven when he asked to be engaged to the 16-year-old Alice. They were around the same age as Shion and Mokuren, the Star-Crossed Lovers from their past lives. Mokuren died of illness many years before Shion did, though, explaining why he was reincarnated much later.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Academy Chairman Akio Ohtori romances and has sex with 14 year old protagonist Utena Tenjou. While his true age is unknown, he's at the very least clearly an adult and is Really 700 Years Old. It is strongly implied that he has done this with many students in the past.
  • The 28-year-old Himura Kenshin and the 17-year-old Kamiya Kaoru form the Official Couple of Rurouni Kenshin.
  • There's a gap of about six or seven years between 14-year-old Usagi and university student Mamoru in the Sailor Moon anime. It's a deal big enough that Usagi worries about her father's reaction.
  • Godannar: 29 year old war hero Goh Saruwatari marries 17 year old high school student Anna Aoi and they team up as robot pilots to fight an alien invasion. The series is all about balancing taking on the monsters with handling their own personal struggles as newlyweds.
  • Kotori from Tonari no Kashiwagi-san is six years older than her husband Takuya, despite looking young enough to be his child. While it might not seem like a big deal now (he's twenty-six and she's thirty-two), Kotori offhandedly mentions that they were already dating when she was taking her college entrance exams.
  • In one episode of Violet Evergarden, Violet assists the fourteen year-old Princess Charlotte in writing letters to her betrothed, Prince Damian, who is twenty-four years old, where their marriage is arranged by their countries. Charlotte reveals to Violet that she is actually in love with Damian years before the marriage arrangement but she worries that their age difference will be an issue and that Damian isn't really interested in her. He shares the same feelings and he and Charlotte end up in a Perfectly Arranged Marriage.
  • Jiro from The Wind Rises is about a decade older than his wife Naoko. When they first meet, he's a university student (late teens/early twenties) and she's a pre-teen. Although since it's set in the 1930s mostly, it certainly wasn't out of the ordinary at the time.
  • Healer in training Jessie of Blue Ramun just turned 15, and she falls in love with Captain Eagle of the city guard, who is 24. Eagle also develops feelings for Jessie, but the drama in their Ship Tease is exacerbated by Jessie's Arranged Marriage to another member of her clan and Eagle's unresolved guilt over the death of his wife three years previous.
  • In Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai, Yamato is a 15-year-old high schooler and Yakumo is a 28-year-old widower at the start of the story, and there's clear indication that Yamato is interested in her beyond being friends.
  • In Rin Ne, Shinigami are The Ageless, and it's almost impossible to tell their ages. So when Sabato and Otome get married, she hides that while he's in his thirties, she's only two years younger than his Really 700 Years Old mother. However, once she reincarnates as an elementary school girl, they decide not to continue their marriage.

    Comic Books 
  • Judge Dredd: In the story "Terror", a 35-year-old female college professor becomes romantically involved with a 21-year-old male terrorist. When she's under interrogation by the Judges, they inquire if she "likes them young", but she points out that it's not a crime.
  • Top 10: We learn in the prequel The Forty-Niners that this was the case when Captain Traynor ("Jetlad" at the time) and his partner got together. They're now both old men, so the gap isn't really noticeable anymore, but at the time Traynor was still in his teens.
  • Donna Troy (the original Wonder Girl) was in her late teens when she met her future husband Terry. He was 29 at the time, and her professor at that. Terry frequently joked about their age gap. Their marriage was short-lived as Terry didn't like how invested Donna was in being a superhero, so he divorced her and took full custody of their kids. Terry and the kids were later Killed Off for Real in a car crash.
  • Captain America: Sin and Crossbones, the daughter and right-hand man of the Red Skull respectively, are together; Sin is physically in her late teens/early twenties, but was artificially aged from childhood, while Crossbones is well into his thirties. Since they’re both ruthless killers and Neo-Nazi terrorists, this is the least uncomfortable thing about their relationship.
  • Tim Drake (Robin III/Red Robin III) is the son of Jack and Janet Drake, and Janet was at least ten years younger than Jack. After Janet's murder Jack marries a much younger woman within a few months, whom Tim notes to Dick is young enough to be Tim's sister while Jack is more than twice her age.

    Fan Works 
  • In Frostbitten Flower, Celia is eighteen and Marlin is thirty-two. Their age gap comes up a few times. When Celia was fourteen, Vesta asked her brother to marry Celia in four years, but he declined in heavy part due to their large age gap combined with Celia's youth. This didn't stop him from falling for Celia as she aged.
  • In Pain And Blood: There's a ten year age gap between Elsa and her husband. It's mentioned that the gap is unusual but Elsa is attracted to Halvard's maturity.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: Jack O'Neill is nearly old enough to be Willow's father, and thinks he should take their relationship slowly as a result, but Willow is having none of that. Alex's family are initially concerned, but conclude that they're both adults and they make each other happy.
  • Between Cadoc and Rukhash in Splint. He's forty-two at the beginning of the story, while she puts her age at around twenty-three (she never really bothered keeping track), making a for a gap of nearly two decades. It never really seems to be an issue for them, although on one occasion Cadoc has to reassure Rukhash that although he's quite a bit older than her, he probably won't die for several decades yet.
  • In Tithing Love, Carter tries to use the excuse that him being 30 and Claire being 22 is one reason they shouldn't marry. Elli puts down the excuse by saying it's not that big of a gap.
  • People Like Us: Travis is 31 while Arthur is in his mid-forties, but in their dynamic it is often Travis who's the more experienced partner in many different ways.
  • Saintly Phantom has Danny and Luz. Danny is in his late teens while Luz is old enough to have been married for 20 years. The only one who raises even so much as an eyebrow at the couple is Dex, and that's only to express disbelief at their incredibly kinky sex life.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • All About Eve: Discussed, as Margo is forty and her boyfriend Bill is thirty-two. He doesn't care, and Karen points out that this really isn't that much of a difference at all, but to Margo, it's a big deal. Her age in general is a bit of a sore spot for her; as an actress, she knows that older women are less valuable and have fewer roles for them, and she feels like a fool playing twentysomething ingenues when she's in her middle age and looks it. (Though, as Bill repeatedly points out, she's just as gorgeous as she ever was.) She's very paranoid that Bill will leave her for a younger woman—like, say, Eve. He doesn't, and they get married.
  • American Beauty: Deconstructed and subverted. Lester Burnham, while going through a mid-life crisis, starts to lust after his daughter's teenage friend Angela and decides to seduce her. However, when they're actually together, she reveals that all her talk of having been with multiple boys was just bragging and she's really a virgin. Lester, who realizes how inappropriate he's been, refuses to take advantage of her.
  • Flashdance: Nick is considerably older than Alex. She's only recently become a legal adult, he's old enough to be an established industrialist and already gone through a divorce. Pointed out by critics who say that the age difference is WAY too big for both the characters and the actors to be believable.
  • In Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, Count Frankenstein has an affair with his daughter Maria's school friend Krista (who is literally young enough to be his daughter). Krista seems quite infatuated with the Count, and Maria makes a joke about the possibility of Krista becoming her mother.
  • Irresistible: Defied. Steve Carell's character Gary has a few romantically charged moments with Diana, played by Mackenzie Davis. Carell was 56 during filming, while David was 32, though her character is even younger. Near the end, Gary suggests that there's "something between them," and Diana protests, "I'm 28. Where would that ever be acceptable?" During the credits, however, Diana embraces Gary lovingly, suggesting that they did get together. But that turns out to be a Credits Gag, and Gary is simply day-dreaming a fantasy. The real credits play after revealing who Gary did end up with.
  • Liar Liar: The soon-to-be ex-couple Richard and Samantha Cole are this. Richard Cole's age is never stated, so we don't know if this crosses into May–December Romance, but Samantha is thirty-one and Richard looks to be in his late forties to early fifties. It turns out that Samantha was only seventeen when she married Richard, but changed her birthdate on her driver's license so that she'd be able to legally get married without parental consent. The fact that she was a minor when she got married meant that the prenup was void, and thus she was still entitled to half of Richard's assets, since they were together long enough to be considered a common law marriage.
  • Liberal Arts follows the Unresolved Sexual Tension between 35 year-old Jesse and 19 year-old Zibby. He also had a one night stand with his former professor, who is at least twenty years his senior. Ultimately, he ends up with the more "age appropriate" (as he calls it) Ana.
  • Malcolm & Marie: Malcolm is older than Marie is (they met when she was 20 and he was implied to be in his late 20s or early 30s), which factors into the imbalance in their relationship (as being younger contributes to how superfluous and used Marie feels).
  • Woody Allen's Manhattan is probably the most iconic example, with the forty-something (and twice-divorced) comedy writer Isaac Davis (portrayed by Allen himself) dating 17-year-old film student Tracy.
  • The French film One Wild Moment is about a divorced man who falls in love with his daughter's 18-year old friend during a holiday trip. Naturally, they try to keep it a secret from other people.
  • Prime: A 37-year-old divorced woman falls in love with the 23-year-old son of her therapist. They have a wonderful time together, but ultimately break up because of their fundamental differences in their life—she's divorced, established in her career, he's just starting out in life, etc.
  • The Reader: As a teenager, Michael has his first sexual experiences with Hanna, a woman in her thirties. He later admits that it was a borderline abusive relationship fueled more by hormones and didn't really help his psyche. Moreover, he's rightly shocked when he later finds out that she used to work at a concentration camp, which she kept hidden from him.
  • Rear Window: There's a 21-year age gap between James Stewart and Grace Kelly. No one acknowledges the age gap, though several characters imply that her character is way out of his league.
  • Star Wars:
    • Anakin and Padmé have a slight one in the prequel trilogy, with a 5-year age gap between nine-year-old Anakin and 14-year-old Padmé in The Phantom Menace. However, this becomes significantly less of an issue come Attack of the Clones, where Anakin is nineteen and Padmé is twenty-four. Considering that they do not officially get together until Episode II, this example is Downplayed.
    • Leia and Han Solo have one in the original trilogy, wherein Leia and Han Solo are twenty-three and thirty-six respectively in Return of the Jedi. They stay together until Han's death in The Force Awakens, though, which takes place thirty years after, by which the Age Gap has become far less significant.

  • Jane Austen:
    • Sense and Sensibility: Colonel Brandon, 35, falls in love with young Marianne Dashwood, 17. She thinks that he is extremely old and uninteresting, pointing out with pity that he must wear a flannel waistcoat to keep himself warm. She also has absolutely no idea that he's into her. Her sister Elinor agrees that 17 and 35 is indeed a significant gap and not an ideal age difference. When her mother starts supporting the relationship, she acknowledges the age difference as well but thinks it might be a good thing that his principles are steady and fixed. After being disappointed with her First Love, Marianne eventually marries him, and the narrator wryly notes that they're a happy couple even though he wears a flannel waistcoat.
    • Emma: When they decide to marry, Emma is 22 and Mr. Knightley about 38, and the text suggests it's slightly unusual. Previously, when Mrs Weston observes that Mr. Knightley might marry Jane Fairfax (who is the same age as Emma), she says there is "a little disparity of age" between them.
  • Ruth and Boaz in The Bible. While the exact difference between them isn't given, Boaz is old enough to call her "my daughter" at one point before they're romantically involved, and thanks her for not pursuing a younger man when they are.
  • John Buchan:
    • In Mr Standfast, Richard Hannay and Mary Lamington meet and fall in love when he's approaching forty and she's seventeen. Hannay is somewhat self-conscious about the age gap, and Mary occasionally tweaks him about it, but nobody regards it as a serious obstacle. It's noted that Mary is mature for her age compared to what she might have been if she hadn't spent the last few years as a wartime nurse and an agent of British Intelligence. In the sequels, they're married and the age difference is never mentioned.
    • In The Courts of the Morning, Sandy Arbuthnot and Barbara Dasent meet and fall in love when he's in his early forties, and she's twenty-four. They don't start a relationship until the last page of the novel, with the age gap being one of the factors that make both of them reluctant to admit their feelings. In the sequel, they're happily married.
  • Appears in a few books by Mary Higgins Clark:
    • In I Heard That Song Before, protagonist Kay Lansing is twenty-seven when she marries her husband, forty-two-year-old Peter Carrington. The age gap between them, in addition to the fact Peter is very wealthy and that they married after only dating for a short time, leads many people to assume Kay is a Gold Digger, though in actual fact she's Not with Them for the Money and genuinely loves Peter.
    • In Stillwatch, the heroine nixes her budding romance with a politician given that he's 25 years older than she and married. They rekindle things after his wife dies and agree to work through any qualms about their age difference.
  • John Hamilton and Petra bint Miden in Caliphate. Though his age is not specified, he is introduced as an Private Cadet implying that he is at least in his mid-20s while she is 9-years old. They only meet each other 8 years later when she is 17 and he is implied to be middle-aged. In any case, the age difference is enough for him to initially feel bad about being attracted to someone so young which is why he only proposes to her after she turns 18.
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has a very twisty and complicated example with Benjamin and Hildegarde. They meet and marry when they're both in their twenties but since Benjamin ages backwards, he has the physical appearance and mentality of a 50-year-old which causes observers to tut about how a young and beautiful lady like Hildegarde shouldn't be marrying a middle-aged man like him. After about thirty years pass, Benjamin and Hildegarde's roles have become flipped with Benjamin reverse-aging to his twenties and Hildegarde normal-aging to her fifties, and observers are now clucking their tongues about how a young and spry man like Benjamin shouldn't be tied down to a nagging older woman whose beauty has long since faded.
  • Eighteen Days To Graduation: Miranda is 17 when she starts dating 30-something Jeff. This disgusts many of her friends.
  • In the Fairy Oak series:
    • Vanilla and Jim meet for the first time when she's 10 and he's 16. He proposes to her not long after and they remain engaged while he is away. They officially start acting as a couple when she is 15 and he is 21.
    • Dahlia Periwinkle is 10 years younger than her husband, Cicero. They started dating when he was in his early twenties, but mentioned feeling attracted to her before, making him an adult eyeing a pre-teen. .
  • In Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Chips is 48 and Kathie is 25 when they fall in love. The phrase "young enough to be his daughter" is used by the narrator. Chips is surprised at first to find so much in common with a member of a generation that usually makes him wonder what the world is coming to, and vice versa, but they get past that quickly and the age gap doesn't cause any real problems.
  • In Harry Potter, Tonks and Lupin have an age gap of around thirteen years; she's in her early twenties and he's in his late thirties when they fall in love. Lupin spends some time angsting over it, believing he's too old for Tonks and she'd be better off with someone closer to her own age (plus he's, you know, a werewolf), but they ultimately end up together.
  • The Immortals controversially ends with the sixteen-year-old Daine finally winning over the thirty-year-old teacher she'd been crushing on since she was thirteen. It should be noted that in the context of her world, by this point Daine is considered an adult woman, and has been through more than most people twice her age (including fighting in a war). It's still a little bit weird, though.
  • Island in the Sea of Time: Marian Alston is a captain in the Coast Guard and she is in her late thirties. Her love interest Swindapa is around 19 when they meet. They eventually get married according to their own rules since neither of their countries allows gay marriage.
  • Jane Eyre: When they fall in love, Jane Eyre is 18 and Mr Rochester is over 40. Another problem is the Uptown Girl aspect of the relationship because she is a governess and he is a rich gentleman.
    "Mr. Rochester was about forty, and this governess not twenty; and you see, when gentlemen of his age fall in love with girls, they are often like as if they were bewitched."
  • In the Little House on the Prairie, real-life Laura and Almanzo are ten years apart, marrying when she's 18 and he's 28. Interestingly, in the books themselves, he's aged down to only five years older, except in The First Four Years. (It possibly wasn't the age gap itself, which wasn't uncommon in that time and place, but the fact that she was 15 when he started courting her. Ma, at first, protests that Laura's too young to be courted.) Laura herself at first finds it strange that a "grown up" (because she assumed, at the time, that he was 21 or so) would want anything to do with a schoolgirl. Somehow, none of this actually comes across as skeevy.
  • In The Phantom of the Opera, Erik (the Phantom) is implied to be in his fifties while his Love Interest Christine is around twenty, with a heart "as pure as that of a fifteen-year-old", bordering on May–December Romance. The age gap is probably the least messed up thing about their relationship, though.
  • In Rebecca, the unnamed narrator is around 20 and her new husband Maxim de Winter is in his 40s. Her former employer states the age difference as a reason that the relationship will not work.
  • Sisterland: Violet and Kate's parents, Earl and Rita, were born about seventeen years apart. When they first met, he was 39 and she was 21.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire features a few examples, mostly due to Deliberate Values Dissonance (for example, girls are considered women the moment they begin menstruating for the first time, so they can be married off pretty young):
    • Daenerys Targaryen is only thirteen when she is married off to Khal Drogo, who is said to be around thirty. Her brother Viserys even wonders if Drogo will be interested in her at all because she's so young. Surprisingly, they end up having a Perfectly Arranged Marriage until he gets rendered comatose by a healing spell gone wrong and Daenerys smothers him to put him out of his misery. In the TV adaptation, this is toned down slightly by aging Daenerys up to sixteen, but it's still a pretty significant age difference.
    • Speaking of Daenerys, Ser Jorah Mormont, a knight sworn into her service, is completely head-over-heels for her and he's even older than Drogo, being around forty-four (a gap of over thirty years). Dany, however, only views him as a friend. She later starts a relationship with mercenary Daario Naharis, who is in his thirties, when she is fifteen/sixteen (in the show, she's closer to eighteen).
    • Cersei Lannister, who is in her early thirties, has an affair with her younger cousin Lancel Lannister, who is approximately sixteen, although for her it's just a distraction while her real lover is away from King's Landing, who is much closer to her age given he's her twin brother.
    • Tyrion Lannister has an Arranged Marriage with Sansa Stark; he's in his mid-twenties while she is only thirteen. However, neither of them are happy about it and he ultimately refuses to consummate the marriage because she's just a child. In the TV show, the gap is even more significant despite Sansa being aged up to fourteen, as Tyrion is also aged up to about forty. The two do start to bond a little bit in spite of everything, but then the Red Wedding happens...
    • Euron Greyjoy is thirty at his youngest and takes seventeen/eighteen-year-old Falia Flowers as his mistress. She is deeply in love with him and believes he will marry her. Unfortunately for her, this is Euron we're talking about...Euron also plans to marry Daenerys, who is in her mid-to-late teens.
  • Warren and Verna from the Sword of Truth books are actually both the same age, but due to Warren spending more time in a spell that slows aging, he looks much younger. Verna was at first really self-conscious about her apparent age.
    Verna: Warren, I love you. I mean I really truly love you.
    Warren: You have no idea how long I dreamed of hearing you say those words, Verna. I love you, too.
    Verna: What about my wrinkles?
    Warren: Someday, when you get wrinkles, I'll love them, too.
  • Deconstructed in My Year of Rest and Relaxation:
    • The 20-something Reva is The Mistress to her married middle-aged boss Ken, who strings her along and eventually dumps her.
    • The narrator met Trevor when she was 19 and he was 33, and it is consistently shown that Trevor takes advantage of her and exploits her when a romance with a woman his own age goes awry.
  • Ginger Pye has Mama and Papa, who met at the ages of seventeen and thirty-five, respectively. They had a Crash-Into Hello when Papa was running up the down escalator just to see if he could manage it and Mama was too busy reminiscing about an opera to get out of the way, hit it off almost instantly, and got married not long after. As her own grandmother had Mama at a fairly young age, she actually had a second kid, a son, who is three years old at the time of the book—making him younger than the two Pye children despite being their uncle.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Alma Gêmea:
    • After Luna reincarnates into Serena, it takes about 20 years for her to reach adulthood and move to Roseiral, so Rafael is naturally much older than Serena. She's barely younger than his son Felipe.
    • Olívia is significantly older than Vitório. He teases her by saying she's too old for him, prompting her to spend half of the money she was supposed to invest on the restaurant to revamp her wardrobe in order to look more youthful.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210: In the episode "Wild Horses", Dylan enters into a brief affair with a woman at least 20 years his senior. It's not stated how old she is, but it's roughly late 40s/early 50s.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Leonard and Penny are around five years apart in age.
    • Later in the series, Bert ends up getting into a relationship with a Gold Digger who was younger and more attractive than him. Sheldon even compares Bert and his girlfriend to Leonard and Penny.
    • After Raj's parents get divorced, Raj's father begins dating a 22-year-old grad student.
  • Bob Hearts Abishola The titular couple. Bob is fifty, and while Abishola's age is never stated, she appears to be in her thirties (Abishola's actress, Folake Olowofoyeku, was 36 during the first season). While the age gap is briefly mentioned a time or two, it tends to be overlooked in favor of them being an interracial couple.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Vivian Ludley is a professor whom detective Charles Boyle meets at Captain Holt's party and they hit it off. She's twenty years older than Charles (he's in his forties). Charles' friend Jake and the squad discuss it as unusual and somewhat weird, but ultimately they're happy for him because he was particularly unlucky in love before. They get engaged really quickly, but break up soon after because Vivian wants to move to Canada for her work and forces Charles to retire early from NYPD.
    Jake: Man, Charles has been so happy and confident ever since he hooked up with that professor at the captain's party. She has tenure, and also has ten years, times two... older than him.
    Rosa: That sucked.
  • A recurring sketch on The Catherine Tate Show involved a woman who would be introduced to people at parties and say something tactless or make an insulting assumption about them. In one sketch, she offends a man in his 20s by assuming his girlfriend, around her mid-40s, is his mother.
  • In Charité at War, Doctor Margot Sauerbruch is near to thirty years younger than her husband, much closer in age to his son Peter than himself. This is never even commented upon; the two are unquestionably very Happily Married.
  • Community:
    • There's a series-long Ship Tease between Annie (eighteen in the first season) and Jeff (a thirty-something guy). In the first season, Jeff states that Annie is too young to sexualize, but by the end of that season and for the remainder of the show, they have a number of romantically charged moments. In the second season, Annie is already complaining that Jeff will act like he desires her one moment and then firmly state that she's too young for him the next moment. Subverted because they never got to have a real romance.
    • Evil Annie & Evil Jeff are together in the Darkest Timeline. When Evil Annie asks if he has a problem with the age difference, Evil Jeff says he wishes she were younger.
    • In the second season, Annie briefly flirts with dating Rich, a friendly doctor who, like Jeff, is in his thirties. Rich ultimately declines to date her because she's too young for him.
  • Grissom and Sara on CSI. He was also her supervisor. Grissom is at most in his early 50s, and Sara is either late 20s or early 30s at most. The age gap isn’t their main obstacle though, it’s their work relationship as supervisor and employee and different desires later in the series.
  • Dark Desire: Alma has an affair with Darío, who's about her daughter's age. After Esteban finds out, he gives her as much of a hard time due to their relative ages as that it was adultery. This comes off a bit hard to believe as the actors are only about twelve years apart. She's apparently supposed to be twenty plus years his senior, though their exact ages are unstated.
  • Downton Abbey:
    • Lady Edith Crawley (in her 20s) and Sir Anthony Strallan (in his 50s, and widowed). Within her family, this was actually considered a fairly decent match for Edith before the War, in large part because her family thought Edith, being "less pretty" than her sisters and a bit tomboyish and abrasive, couldn't do any better than a middle-aged widower. After the War, though, Sir Anthony came back with a crippled arm, and the family decided—and Sir Anthony recognised—that the match was no longer any good, as Edith would have to be a nursemaid to him rather than a wife, and their age difference was discussed as well. Edith refused to believe this until Sir Anthony jilted her at the altar.
    • Anna Smith, a head maid, falls in love with and later marries John Bates, the valet to the Earl. He is about two decades older than her. He is troubled by his past, but they are both very happy together. In one scene, one of the ladies asks Anna about their marriage, especially if their age difference causes any problems.
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman:
    • Jack Slicker (a young guy in his late twenties, early thirties) falls in love and courts Dorothy, a woman in her late forties. The town people don't particularly approve. Dorothy enjoys the attention and encourages him, but she's courted by Loren at the same time, too, who is closer to her age and did in fact love her when she was a young girl.
    • Loren (an older guy) has a brief passionate relationship with Mike's sister Marjorie (in her late thirties, early forties). Mike's family doesn't approve, even the ever open-minded Michaela. Tragically, Marjorie dies of sudden illness and the romance is cut short.
  • On Empire, Hakeem, who is in his early twenties (judging by the fact that he was a baby when his mother went to jail in the '90s) is in a relationship with Camilla, a middle-aged fashion designer. His parents are not pleased.
  • Frasier:
    • It is offhandedly mentioned in the pilot that Niles is five years younger than his wife Maris. He mentions this fact again in a later episode when asked about the prospect of having kids with her. After his divorce, Niles had a brief fling with a twenty-something barista at Cafe Nervosa, while Niles would have been in his mid-forties at least by that point.
    • Frasier himself had a few flings with younger women. One was in an early episode where a twenty-two-year-old sales associate at the department store he shopped at made a pass at him. Frasier was forty-one at the time. They ultimately decide that the age difference is too much and don't go through with it. Another younger woman Frasier dates turns out to be a complete weirdo, but the sex is so good that he sticks around a bit longer for this one.
    • In the show's final season, Martin gets together with Frasier and Niles' former babysitter Ronee Lawrence. Her exact age is unknown, but there is probably at least a decade and a half between them.
  • A French Village: Daniel has relationships with two women significantly younger than him. Hortense isn't quite as much (her actress is twenty years younger than Daniel's). Sarah definitely was though (a nearly thirty year age gap between the actors).
  • Friends:
    • In "The One with the Ick Factor", 26-year-old Monica dates a guy the others call Young Ethan. He's a senior in college. Monica originally tells him she's 22, but admits her real age when they sleep together. He has a little confession himself: he's a senior in high school. Monica freaks out and breaks up with him because it's icky.
      Monica: What we did was wrong. Oh god, I just had sex with somebody that wasn't alive during the Bicentennial.
      Young Ethan: I just had sex.
      Monica: Ethan, focus. How could you not tell me?
      Young Ethan: Well, you never told me how old you were.
      Monica: Well, that's different. My lie didn't make one of us a felon in 48 states. What were you thinking?
    • Monica's boyfriend Richard was "a person who can drink" older than her and is friends with her parents. His friends are impressed that he's dating a twinkie. Her friends freak out at first, but Rachel and Phoebe admit that he's very hot. They eventually broke up because they were at such different stages of their lives. Specifically, Monica really longed to have children and Richard was only willing to consider it because of her wish.
      Monica: I'm dating a guy whose pool I once peed in.
    • Phoebe's younger half-brother Frank marries his former teacher Alice. He is 18 and she is 44. When Phoebe found out about them dating, she tried to break it off and wanted to convince Frank he needs to have fun and enjoy his youth, but he was just too unhappy without Alice.
    • Ross and Elizabeth, who was ten years younger than him and was his student to boot. Rude jokes aside, Monica eventually pointed out that there were legitimate issues despite such a small age gap, namely that Ross was established in his life and career while Elizabeth was still in college and hadn't even started out yet.
    • Rachel dates and later decides to break up with her much younger boyfriend Tag. She's 30 and he's 24. 6-year gap doesn't look that huge and she really likes him, but she realizes he's rather immature and absolutely not ready to even start thinking about settling down and having a family. She however feels she has the highest time to start working on it for herself.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Lord Petyr Baelish aka "Littlefinger" is creepily obsessed with Lady Sansa Stark, and loves her in his twisted way. She is the daughter of his first love, Catelyn Tully, and he views Sansa as a suitable replacement.
      Shae: Men only want one thing from a pretty girl.
      Sansa: Littlefinger's not in love with me.
      Shae: Love is not the thing he wants.
      Sansa: He's too old.
      Shae: They never see it that way.
    • Tyrion Lannister (about 40) and Sansa Stark (14) are forced to get married. Tyrion is unsettled that she is so young, and she is unhappy that she has to marry a dwarf from a family that killed her father and holds her hostage. He promises her not to force her to consummate the marriage unless she decides it's what she wants. They later start to bond, but the relationship suffers another blow when his father orchestrates the murder of her eldest brother and mother.
      Tyrion: She's a child.
      Bronn: She's a foot taller than you.
      Tyrion: A tall child.
    • Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. He's about thirty, while she's nearly seventeen, though they end up having a (more or less) Perfectly Arranged Marriage. In the books Dany was only thirteen when they got married, with the series opting to age her up to avoid having underage actors in sexual situations. At the age of around eighteen, she begins a romance with Daario Naharis, who's in his thirties. Notably, Daenerys' third romance with Jon Snow is also her first where there isn't a significant age difference. Instead, it's weird because she's his aunt, although neither of them actually know that.
    • Jorah Mormont, who is forty-four when the series starts, falls in love with Daenerys while she's still in her teens and remains utterly devoted to her even though she views him only as a friend and trusted advisor.
    • Tommen Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. He's seemingly in his early teens (his exact age is a bit iffy to determine) while she's in her early 20's when they get married. They still consummate the union. Despite the disturbing implications of this, Tommen adores his wife and even worried about hurting her during sex. Margaery for her part is likely just manipulating Tommen as he's her Meal Ticket to queenhood, but does seem genuinely fond of him too. Considering she was briefly married to his psychopathic brother Joffrey before he was sadly assassinated, Tommen is comparatively a vast improvement. When she's murdered in the bombing of the Sept, Tommen commits suicide out of grief.
  • In the made-for-HBO movie The Girl in the Cafe, the girl from the title (in her early 20s) falls in love with a 46-year-old diplomat. They are in denial of this until the very end, even though he invites her to a conference in Iceland with him. They pull a bit of She Is Not My Girlfriend until they admit their feelings.
  • Quinn from Glee was shortly involved with one of her professors at Yale, hinted to be at least middle-aged while she was barely 19. It ended so poorly it chased her away from all men and into Santana's hotel bed .
  • Grey's Anatomy:
    • Intern Meredith Grey begins dating attending Dr Shepherd, and eventually marries him. Their age gap is no more than 10 years, but it still causes amusement with Shepherd's friends, who call her "the 12-year-old". The age difference between the actors is only four years, thanks to Dawson Casting, so by later seasons it's hard to remember there's even supposed to be a gap.
    • One of Dr Shepherd's friends, Dr Sloan, starts dating Lexie Grey, Meredith's little sister. There's a twelve year age gap between them, but they joke that they have to call her "the fetus".
  • On Halt and Catch Fire Joe MacMillian and Cameron Howe are about 13 years apart; Joe is 35 at the start of the series and 45 by season 4, Cameron is 21-22 at the start of the series and 32 by the final season.
  • In the British House of Cards, there is a distinctly creepy relationship between Francis Urquhart (53 at the beginning of the series) and Mattie Storin (23 or 24). She actually calls him "Daddy," and although he's clearly using her for his own ends, it seems both are into this whole father/daughter dynamic for their own, twisted reasons (although we never quite fully figure out what they are).
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • In one Thanksgiving episode, Robin (in her twenties) dated Bob (about forty). However, as Ted is telling the story, he pictures him much older and he's portrayed by Orson Bean who was 79.
    • In a flashback, viewers learn that Barney's first serious girlfriend Shannon broke up with him to be with an older suit. She was around twenty and Greg the suit was about forty. Barney tells the story to the gang and at first, he says Shannon talked and started to make out with her dad. Presumably, when he saw her, he thought she was making out with was her father.
      Barney: We're breaking up? But what about the Peace Corps?
      Shannon: Yeah, all this granola business, it was just a phase. Greg's older. He's successful. He buys me all this cool stuff. (smiles and laughs)
      Barney: But I love you.
      Shannon: He has a boat.
    • Ted dates Carly, and while they barely fit this trope (he's in his early 30s, she's 21), she seems to only be dating him because she thinks he's really old (remarking that he "still goes at it like he's in his 50s"). She describes being turned on by watching 60 Minutes with him and playing shuffleboard.
  • In The Last Kingdom, middle-aged father Beocca tries to help a young traumatized girl Thyra who was imprisoned as a sex slave to Sven, and he falls in love with her. She seems to have found her safe place with him. Uhtred advises his friend Beocca to ask her to marry him. Beocca is anxious about the age gap as he says that he knows he could be her much, much older brother. Another obstacle for them is their origin: he is a Saxon while she is a Dane. They get married and seem very happy together.
  • In Legends of Tomorrow, a demon possessing a young man and his Dragon and lover, a magical creature who normally takes the form of an old woman, share a kiss and it's played for laughs. Eventually, she reveals that he is actually much, much older than her.
  • Mad Men:
    • Office manager Joan Holloway and Roger Sterling (one of the firm's partners) have a long love affair. She's in her early thirties, he is in his mid-to-late forties. Most people in the office don't know about it. Bert Cooper advises Joan she could "do a lot better" — She thinks he means a professor she had a date with and Joan explains "he's just a friend", Cooper insists, "that's not what I'm talking about, my dear. Don't waste your youth on age."
    • Roger started an affair with Jane Siegel, a college graduate and new secretary, and later they got married. One day she told him that their souls were the same age. At a country club party hosted by Roger to help Jane socialize with his colleagues and friends, Jane becomes wildly drunk and expresses her frustration at not being accepted. Roger's mother confused Jane with his similarly-aged daughter Margaret from his first marriage. Margaret was very upset by Jane's attempts to befriend her.
    • Don Draper and Megan. After they get married and Megan throws Don a surprise birthday party, we find out that Don is forty while Megan is in her mid-to-late twenties. Don is not super excited about Megan's younger friends and her modern ideas.
  • The Masterpiece Theatre Mini Series Reckless features a young doctor falling in love with his boss' wife. This is the main focus and conflict of the story. That she's 10-15 years older than him is completely unimportant to him. She's more affected by it in the sequel where she's reluctant to marry him, lest he dump her for a younger woman like her husband did.
  • In episode "Something's Rotten in Redmund" of The Mentalist, a high school drama teacher had a love affair with her student. She killed the victim of the week (a fellow teacher) because he saw them making out and wanted to report her.
    Ms. Austin: I know what I did to Mr. McTierney is unforgivable, and I wish to God I could undo it, but you have to understand. What Billy and I have is special. It's real. I'm not some pervert. I love him, and he loves me. Is... that wrong?
    Agent van Pelt: Yes.
  • Subverted on Modern Love. Maddy estimates that Peter is about 30 years older than her. He already has a young grandson. Subverted, however — Peter and the audience are led to believe that Maddy's intentions in getting close to him are at least partially sexual, but it turns out that she's just seeking a father figure.
  • The Nanny: Fran is deliberately obtuse about her age but the evidence suggests she is in her early thirties. Maxwell appears to be approximately ten to fifteen years older, and has three children, two of whom are college-aged by the end of the series.
  • The Night Manager: Roper is far older than Jed. Hugh Laurie as Roper is thirty one years older than Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Jed. Laurie was about fifty six at the time, and she around twenty five.
  • In Parks and Recreation, Andy gets together with April, who's almost nine years younger than him, just after she turns 21. While he had some minor angst about the gap in the beginning, he quickly gets over it and no one else minds it (probably because his mental age at best is around 21).
  • The Plot Against America: Evelyn is clearly much younger than Rabbi Lionel Bengelsdorf (the actors are fourteen years apart, though he looks older on the show). Nobody really comments.
  • Romper Stomper: Blake is about twenty years older than his wife Zoe.
  • Parodied in the Saturday Night Live skit "Meet Your Second Wife", in which three male contestants are introduced to the girls who will become their second wives in a number of years. Already distraught at the idea that they're going to leave their wives, the men are even moreso at seeing how young the girls currently are—the first is only 13, the second only 5. The third contestant is relieved that his next wife is currently a college sophomore, but is then told that she isn't the second wife, she's three months pregnant with the girl who is.
  • Schitt's Creek: An on-the-rebound Alexis dates a man who is around her father's age named Artie. Johnny is not at all thrilled with his daughter dating a man with grandchildren, especially since Artie is trying and failing to be young and hip. Thanks to Johnny's meddling, Artie breaks up with Alexis, who tearfully admits to Johnny she was only seeing the older man to distract from her heartbreak.
  • Switched at Birth:
    • Sixteen-year-old Daphne starts a romance with her boss, the much older Chef Jeff, to her family's disapproval. In fact, it's later shown that he was interested in her at first because he thought she was in college; it's only when she tells him that she wants it to happen that he gives in and kisses her.
    • In season 5 Regina dates Luca, a college student.
  • Played with and double subverted in The Twilight Zone (1959) episode "A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain" where an old man takes an experimental rejuvenation serum to keep up with his younger wife's lifestyle. He's rejuvenated to her age, but keeps regressing due to the serum being faulty. By the end, he's been fully rejuvenated to an infant and his wife now also has to raise him as his mother.
  • On True Blood: Middle-aged Sam Merlotte seems to only date girls at least a decade his junior, and ultimately marries college student Nicole, whose mother sharply disapproves when Sam declares his love.
    Mary: Nicole, you are only 22 years old! *turns to Sam* And may I ask how old you are, silver fox?
"Silver Fox" became her nickname for him.

  • The Spanish songwriter Jose Jose has a song called "Cuarenta y Veinte" ("Forty and twenty"). The song is about the protagonist who is in his 40s and has fallen in love with a young twenty-something girl, and it deals with the obstacles the couple has to face, including other people's disapproving comments.
    "Cuarenta y veinte, cuarenta y veinte. Es el amor lo que importa y no lo que diga la gente.
    Forty and twenty, forty and twenty. It's the love that matters and not what people say."
  • The '90s Chilean group Sexual Democracia has a song called "Profanador de Cunas" (in English "Cradle Desecration"). The song tells a story of a guy (and a friend of the narrator) that likes to date young girls in high school, but this guy is implied to be over thirty. The chorus has various local expressions about these relationships, including the Title Drop "profanador de cunas".
  • "Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan is about a middle-aged man's disappointment with a young lover. There is not so much of an age difference — at most, the man is in his early 30s going by the lyrics as well as the song creator's age at the time. But the generation born about 1950, give or take a couple of years, had a hugely different world to deal with in their coming-of-age compared to that of those born about 1960.
  • "Our Ages or Our Hearts" by Roberta Flack is about a woman in a relationship with someone much older (or younger) than her. This age gap is large enough to be deemed inappropriate by society, but the woman doesn't care. She asks her lover if they will stay with her or leave her due to judgment from others and the pressure of societal norms.
  • "Oah" by Alexander Rybak, while the song isn't mainly about this trope, it still does mention that she's significantly younger than the singer.
    "Singing oah
    I love you moah
    You're way too young for me
    But I don't mind."
  • "Does Your Mother Know?" by ABBA is about a man feeling conflicted about a significantly younger woman who is interested in him.
    "And I know what you mean when you give me a flash of that smile
    But girl, you're only a child
    Well, I can dance with you honey
    If you think it's funny
    Does your mother know that you're out?"
  • The music video of Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved" is centered around the male protagonist's affair with his girlfriend's mother. The mother herself is shown to be in a May–December Romance as her husband is old enough to be her father.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Dustin: Among their many differences, the main character's parents have almost a whole decade between them, which is sometimes exaggerated—at a restaurant, the waiter asked for their I.D.'s: he wasn't sure if Dad qualified for a senior discount and had his doubts about Mom being old enough to drink.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Battletech: As part of a particularly inspired piece of Altar Diplomacy, 18-year old Melissa Steiner married 45-year old Hanse Davion (the marriage was arranged when Melissa was 12 and Hanse 39), creating an Inner Sphere power couple with 27 years' age difference. Melissa consented to the marriage and even went on a secret state mission to meet with her husband-to-be beforehand, and their marriage was genuinely happy.

  • Hedda Gabler: Thea Elvsted's husband is twenty years older than her, leaving them with little love between them and nothing in common. The gap is one of the causes for Thea's departure from the house and her romance with Lovborg, a man her own age.
  • In the Mrs. Hawking play series: In part four, Gilded Cages, we see Reginald Hawking falls for Victoria Stanton when he is 31 and she is 19. Though not an unusual age gap in the Victorian period in which the story is set, it is made clear to the audience that he is an adult and she is still a child— one of many subtle indicators that the match is a bad one.
  • In the William Shakespeare play Othello, the title character (age unspecified, but getting up there) marries the young beautiful Desdemona. Their age difference is one of the many reasons Othello suspects her of cheating on him: The man he thinks she's sleeping with is closer to her own age. She's actually perfectly loving and innocent, but the play is a tragedy and they all end up dead.
  • Downplayed in The Sound of Music. The real Maria von Trapp was twenty five years the junior of Captain Georg von Trapp and only six years older than her eldest stepchild. They married when she was 22 and he was 47.

    Video Games 
  • Beyond Eden allows 26-year-old Villain Protagonist Alex Wake to pursue and eventually romance the once-divorced 46-year-old doctor Morris Bell. Even after Morris gets past his initial horror at possibly taking advantage of Alex, who he'd cared for in childhood, he still wonders why Alex would be interested in an old man like him. Alex reassures him that he specifically Likes Older Men.
  • In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Haar is old enough to have served in the Begnion army under Shiharam before they both fled to Daein and Shiharam settled down and had a daughter, Jill (making Haar at least 20 years older than Jill). In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, if Jill and Haar have an A Support together, they get married.
  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, some of the pairings for Hanneman (56) and Manuela (whose age is listed as a secret on her profile, but datamining actually lists her as 41) fall into this category, as most of their paired endings have them being involved with their former students in some capacity. While most of Hanneman's student endings (Annette, Lysithea, Marianne) are platonic, his endings with Edelgard (23) and especially Dorothea (24) are not; He can also - like with the rest of the cast - marry a female Byleth (26). Manuela, on the other hand, will marry almost all of her romantic prospects - Lorenz (23), Ferdinand (24), a male Byleth (26), and, even Dorothea. In a similar vein, the DLC student Balthus, who's 26 during Part I and 32 during Part II, has Lysithea as one of his love interests; Lysithea is 15 during Part I and 20 during Part II.
    • There are two pronounced aversions: While Byleth can also S-Support Gilbert (60) and Alois)(49), they're both framed platonically, and any other paired endings those two can achieve are also strictly platonic, as both men are already married with children.
  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life has 30-year-old Muffy being able to marry the 20-something-year-old protagonist. Muffy is quite self-conscious about being a Christmas Cake. If you don't marry her, her age will constantly ruin her love life as men end up leaving her due to it.
  • My Vow To My Liege allows the 19-year-old protagonist to romance her 37-year-old mentor and minister Wu Zixu, who loves her deeply and selflessly regardless of route, just not necessarily romantically. He doesn't even consider himself a potential match for the protagonist initially; when he urges her to find someone to marry, he's shocked when she suggests him. She has to be noticeably more forthright and active in pursuing him than for her other love interests.

  • Beloved: Ding Yi is sixteen years old while her lover is thirty-four. Wei Wei thought she was older because they were both at a bar when they met. A lot of the comic revolves around troubles that their age gap gives them as they try to hide their Secret Relationship.
  • M9 Girls!: Any, a college undergrad in her early twenties, develops a crush for the Professor, who has two Ph.D.s and must therefore be in his late thirties. Her feelings are later shown to be reciprocated.
  • In Smoke Fur And Stone, Caliban is in his early-mid 20s and Skoll is about 42. What makes it interesting is that Caliban is the one actively pursuing the romance despite Skoll's misgivings.

    Web Original 
  • A running gag on The Hard Times is Pop Punk frontmen inappropriately dating underage girls, as seen in "Pop Punk Frontman Tired of Homeschooling Girlfriend" and other articles.
  • In you could make a life, the 35-year-old Mike is very reluctant to get into a relationship with the sexually inexperienced 18-year-old Liam who looks even younger than his age. The fact that the age/size difference actually turns Mike on makes him feel even dirtier. Even when he inevitably gives in to Liam's persistence, he lives with the constant belief/fear that Liam will eventually outgrow his crush on him. He doesn't.

    Web Video 
  • In CollegeHumor web video series Hot Date, Murph and Emily play various date scenarios. One sketch is titled "Dating a College Girl Isn't as Sexy as It Seems" ("Big Age Gaps"). Leon is 38 years old and has a date with Carissa who is supposed to be 21 and in college, but she acts more like a wild teen. The guy says later it's not gonna work because he's really feeling the age gap, but enthusiastically agrees when Carissa wants to hook up at her place.

    Western Animation 
  • BoJack Horseman:
    • Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter have an age gap minimum of 15, she is at 34 at the beginning of the series and he is in his early 50s. As everything else, this does end up with them facing troubles in their marriage as she is facing her last chances to try new things in her life while he is already used to a certain lifestyle and has a hard time adapting to her younger way of thinking.
    • This gets deconstructed in Season 5. In general Mr. Peanutbutter has a pattern of dating women much younger than him, which Diane explains in "Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos", may be the reason why all his marriages fail, since these women keep growing whereas he has stopped doing so, eventually, they outgrow him.
    • Penny and BoJack at the end of season 2, in which she falls for him and they briefly almost sleep together. She is 17 and he is in his early 50s. Although nothing ends up happening, the event severely made them feel guilt-ridden.
    • BoJack and Sarah Lynn briefly sleep together on season 1, the age difference is around 20 years. He knew her when she was a child actor before she hit puberty. They get together in the episode "Prickly Muffin", but their relationship is a short one.
  • In Central Park, Season 1 "Live It Up Tonight", Molly and Cole sees a couple like this and mistakes them for a father and daughter. Even when they start kissing, they still think they're related and they're way too close to each other.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Phineas' mom is described to be in her late 30s while Ferb's dad is described to be in his mid-to-late 50s, having actually been an explorer in the 1970s and 80s.
  • Rickand Morty: "Ricksy Business", Birdperson was 40 while Tammy was 17.
  • The Simpsons: "Rome-Old and Juli-Eh" revolves around the romance and marriage of Abe Simpson and Selma Bouvier, their ages separated by nearly four decades (Selma is in her forties, while Abe is at least 80). Their marriage didn't work out, due to Abe's senility leading to the ruination of their kitchen and Selma finding her new job as a department manager too stressful.
  • DC Animated Universe: Some time between Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon were in a relationship. Bruce is at least a decade older than Barbara, who had previously been in a relationship with Bruce's adopted son, Dick Grayson.
  • Luanne from ‘’King of the Hill’’ married a redneck known as “Lucky”, she’s 21 while he’s in his late 30’s-early 40’s.


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