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Logical Extreme

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This is a Trope Trope.

Some tropes have a logical extreme that:

  • Fits neatly within the description of the trope
  • Requires no exaggeration
  • Usually has at least one example of that extreme (indeed, the Logical Extreme might be quite common, even to the point of being a Sub-Trope).

Note that sometimes a trope can have more than one Logical Extreme that fit the trope in different ways. For example, the Logical Extremes of Reclusive Artist include artists who no one knows who they are, artists who no one knows where they are, and artists whom no one knows whether they're alive or dead.


For obvious reasons, this cannot be used on YMMV items.

Compare Deconstructed Trope, where tropes are played realistically and sometimes by straining them in the logical extreme. See also Exaggerated Trope, which is the "Illogical Extreme", and the TV Tropes section of Literal Metaphor.


"The critics deplore that in the three Kafka novels many intermediate chapters are missing, but recognizes that those chapters are not essential. I have for me that this complaint indicates an essential ignorance of Kafka's art. The path of these "unfinished" novels is born specifically of The Infinite number of obstacles that stop and return to stop their identical heroes. Franz Kafka does not finish them, because the main thing was that they were endless. Do you remember the first and clearest of Zeno's paradoxes? The movement is impossible, because before reaching B we must cross the intermediate point C, but before reaching C, we must cross the intermediate point D, but before reaching D ... The Greek does not list all the points; Franz Kafka does not have to list all the vicissitudes. It is enough to understand that they are infinite like Hell".


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