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Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
She's all I want and I've waited for so long
Stacy, can't you see you're just not the girl for me?
I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Stacy's mom

In media where the protagonists are somewhere between pre-teens and twenty-somethings, there's usually at least one character older than the other protagonists. This character is often the Team Mom, Mentor Archetype, etc. Sometimes, in addition to just being attractive and wise in general, an older character attracts the romantic attention of one or even most of the younger characters. Even the ones who don't have a crush will admit the character in question is one of the most attractive people that age they've seen.

In general, Stacy's Mom will not return the boy's affections and may not even notice them. However, upgrades occur occasionally.

Also known as a MILF, or "Mom I'd Like to Fuck", or, in Britain, as a 'Yummy Mummy'. However, men (DILFs) can also play the Stacy's Mom role, as it's possible for adolescents (female or male) to be attracted to older men.

This is a character who meets the following requirements:

  • Another character, who is a same-age friend as one of their own children, or young enough to be their biological child, has a crush on them, fantasizes about the older character, etc.
  • Same-age peers of the character with the crush agree that the recipient of the crush is indeed "hot."
  • The crush remains unrequited either permanently or for a significant period of time. If the two get together towards the beginning of the story, then that's Mrs. Robinson.

Note that it does not count if the person with the crush is:

May overlap with Even the Girls Want Her/Even the Guys Want Him and Hollywood Homely.

Compare Teacher/Student Romance and Mrs. Robinson, in which the attraction is mutual. Compare Likes Older Women, where a character deliberately pursues an older Love Interest. Also compare Silver Fox. May result in a May–December Romance. See also the College Widow, a trope from the early 20th century, who is closer in age to her younger male interests. If the interest is mutual, it may result in I Banged Your Mom. See also Precocious Crush for general examples of prepubescent characters crushing on older people.

Contrast Old Maid, a trope where an older character struggles with relationships.

In-Universe Examples Only:

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    Anime & Manga 
  • When the titlular Richard of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard was a young boy, he invited friends to come with him to France and stay with his mother one summer and they all were enamored with her appearance. Richard no longer invites anyone he knows to meet his mother, not even the woman he was engaged to, for fear they will leave him for her.
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!: Athena's so hot, that suffering years of constant sexual harassment forced her to retire from being a superhero. Now she's a single mom with a 17-year-old daughter and has been acknowledged as a MILF.
    • Proven when the teen supervillain, Point Blank (also 17), screwed Athena both times he was given the chance,note  despite declaring himself her sworn enemy.
    • The epilogue doujinshi chapters reveal that it's the reason Clara gets upset over her mom's habit of sleeping around... because Athena's been giving it up to everyone, except her. Clara finally gets the chance to vent her frustrations in "The Amazing Eighth Wonder", where she gets possessed by a phallic alien parasite. She uses it as a strap-on to gangbang her mom 'til both of them collapse in exhaustion.
  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?: The reason why Masato is extremely shy about his mother Mamako and is afraid of being next to her is because she looks extremely young and beautiful. Everywhere they go she gets hit on by people who don't realize she's a mom, and whenever she gets involved in or submitted to fanservice situations, he can't enjoy it because she's his mom.
  • Food Wars! has Alice's mom, Leonora Nakiri, who is described by her own daughter as a cougar. When she appears to judge the final between Souma, Kurokiba, and Hayama, most of the students are dazzled by her hotness. She does state to see the three finalists as attractive young men, but she is also shown to be Happily Married.
  • Kunio's mother in Great Teacher Onizuka. Once, Kunio and his buddies come home to see his mom asleep on the couch and wearing very little clothes.
  • In Haré+Guu, Weda, a 24-year-old Jungle Princess Hard-Drinking Party Girl type with a 12-year-old son is extremely popular among both the men and teenage boys. In episode 12, there's even a contest held over who gets to spend the day with her (with one of the contestants being her annoyed and overprotective son)!
  • Played for laughs in High School D×D. When Issei travels to Rias' home and meets a brunette copy of her, he instantly assumes Rias has a beautiful sister she never mentioned. Rias calmly tells Issei to stop perving on her mother. (To Issei's credit, he's nothing but respectful after the revelation.) Grayfia - Rias's sister-in-law, Sirzechs's wife and mother of Milicas - and Yasaka - Kunou's mother - fill this role too.
  • The premise of I Want Your Mother To Be With Me! is a twentysomething freeter falling in love with a single mom in her thirties. She rejects him at first, but they grow closer after he starts taking care of his niece, who's the same age as her son and becomes friends with him, and acting like a surrogate father to her son.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • In Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable, Tomoko is an example of this, with Okuyasu straight out telling Josuke that she is hot.
    • A dark example is Kaato Higashikata in Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Jojolion. A classmate of her son Jobin found her attractive and bullied Jobin into stealing her undergarments and taking photos of her in the shower. When Jobin mortally injured the bully in self-defence, Kaato took care of the issue by transferring Jobin's curse to the other boy and burying him underground. When the bully’s corpse was discovered years later, Kaato’s DNA was found on him and she was arrested for murder.
  • Shuuko Komi in Komi Can't Communicate is the spitting image of her daughter Shouko (bar having shorter hair). Having her daughter's beauty, plus the personality of an "eternal seventeen-year-old teen" quickly makes her an object of admiration of the entire class, much to her daughter's embarrassment.
  • Misato from Mazinger Z, cousin of secondary character Boss and copter pilot. She is in her early twenties and all male teens (including The Hero Kouji) other than her cousin are infatuated with her. She also showed up in one of the manga versions of Great Mazinger, and Tetsuya also felt attracted to her.
  • Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion definitely applies, considering she is Shinji and Asuka's legal guardian and how Kensuke and Touji react to the sight of her.
  • In The Prince of Tennis, Kawamura's friends mistook him for someone who Likes Older Women when they saw him talking with Akutsu's mother, Yuuki. Kawamura is 14 and Yuuki is 33 at the time.
  • In Rosario + Vampire, the finale reveals that Outer Moka was really a copy of Akasha Bloodriver, Moka's mother. That means that Tsukune was in love with Moka's mother the whole time. And the fact that she was in love with him, too, didn't make it better.
  • In episode 25 of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, Patitchi sees Mametchi looking at Cafe Mama through a window and later hears him mentioning his love for her, causing her to believe he has a crush on Cafe Mama. These suspicions are dismissed later on in the episode, however Mametchi was working on a birthday gift for Cafe Mama, and the declarations of love were him voicing a robot he was making of her husband Papapianitchi.
  • It's mentioned in the Tenchi Muyo! novels that Prince Yosho had a brief infatuation with his father's second wife Misaki when he was a young man. Exactly how reciprocated his feelings were on Misaki's part isn't known (as Misaki is a bit of a Cloudcuckoo Lander in the first place and apparently saw nothing wrong with it) and while nothing inappropriate ever actually occurred, her husband and mother emphatically did not think it was okay and sent Yosho away to the Galaxy Police Academy to nip it in the bud before a scandal could occur.
  • Tomo-chan Is a Girl!: Underneath all the Hot-Blooded Belligerent Sexual Tension between Junichiro and Tomo throughout the series, he does genuinely feel attracted to her. And in a flashback, it's revealed that he got this way from when he first met Tomo's mom, Akemi. Both women are red-haired Tomboys unafraid to scrap when insulted, so when his attraction to Akemi wouldn't pan out due to her marriage to Tomo's father, Jun's affection transitioned to Tomo herself when they met again in high school. The core focus of the series, as the title suggests is getting him to look at Tomo past their friendship and have something closer.
  • Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs: Queen Mylene, despite being in her thirties and having a 15-year-old son, looks fairly young and beautiful, to the point Leon finds her more desirable than most girls in the academy. Her son Julius, of course, is having none of it.
  • Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: Tsuki Uzaki, despite being in her early 40s, barely looks older than her daughter Hana, who's acknowledged in-universe to be attractive. One episode in Season 2 has her and her family going to a resort, and several young men begin hitting on her, until her husband Fujio comes along and scares them away.
  • The manga You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! is about a college student who is in love with his friend's 34-year-old single mom,note  and has been since he was a kid.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Fic 
  • In Amazing Fantasy, one of the first things Izuku notices after meeting Mitsuki Bakugou for the first time in years is how beautiful she is.
  • In Animorphs Redux, when Marco first sees Loren, he initially asks "Who's the babe?" before Tobias clarifies that the 'babe' in question is his mother, which prompts Marco to sit down in shock.
  • Child of the Storm has quite a few of these, of both genders, since the main character (Harry) and his peers are in their early to mid teens. Examples include Pepper to Harry (and Ron), Sean Cassidy (to Hermione and a significant number of other students), Jane (to Ron. Harry's not remotely attracted to her, to everyone's relief), Rhodey (to Carol), Clint (to Carol), Natasha (to everyone) and Wanda (to most heterosexual male characters, and initially Harry to an extent, which is a bit awkward, since she's his godmother). Others, like Darcy, Betsy and Warren are only about ten years older than the main characters, so don't quite count.
  • In "Cobalt," a chapter of Christine Morgan's "The Guardians" spinoff of her Gargoyles fanfics, original character Amber, daughter of Elisa and Goliath, time-travels to 60-something years before the night the Gargs were petrified...and ends up making googly eyes at Young!Hudson, whom she considers a grandfather in the present. She even catches herself and tries to stop...but then he flexes a bicep.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, student Assassin Andrijs duPris has what's more of a "Stacey's Aunt" moment when he re-encounters Mariella Smith-Rhodes, the woman who recruited him, aged eleven, as a Guild student. Seven years further on, he is forging a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Mariella's niece. It's just that aged eighteen, he finds her aunt as intoxicatingly beautiful as he did when he was eleven. note 
  • in "My Hero Playthrough", Inko becomes one. She gets back into shape, and the first time Izuku's classmates (specifically Kyoka Jiro and Hanta Sero) see Inko, they agree she is hot, much to Izuku's dismay. Kyoka in particular sports a crush on Inko, making occasional asides when Inko does something the turns her on.
  • Rare gay example in this Glee AU. Blaine is Sugar's dad, and Kurt and Sugar are friends. All of Sugar's friends, including Kurt, agree that her dad is really cute, and eventually Kurt and Blaine start a relationship. This is actually a borderline case, however; since Sugar was born when Blaine was still in high school and Kurt is several years older than Sugar, the age difference between Blaine and Kurt is only about 14 years.
  • Anne's mother is considered to be quite hot by her girlfriends Sasha and Marcy in Just the Three of Us, an Amphibia fic. This typically manifests in Anne's two girlfriends either joking about it or happy to know Anne will look like that going forward, while Anne typically wants nothing to do with the jokes or groans loudly.
  • Sasuke has had a Precocious Crush on Naruto's mother Kushina ever since he had met her in Sasuke's Dillema, and planned on making her "his woman" after becoming a Genin. Unfortunately for Sasuke, he accidentally found out that Kushina is in an incestuous relationship with her son, promptly Going Mad From The Revelation.
  • Us and Them: In "Aeris & Sephiroth, the Early Years", while living in Corel, Seph overhears the neighborhood boys referring to Ifalna, his adoptive mother, as a MILF. One of them even goes so far as to try to flirt with her right in front of him. With her husband present, no less.
  • Vanishing Act: While in Hawaii, the Phantom Thieves run into Jotaro and Jolyne. Ann ends up falling for Jotaro's Joestar attraction Aura, and Shizuka has to remind her that Jotaro is 47-years-old.
  • In "The Merry Widow(s)," chapter 38 of the RWBY fic Love Hurts, the famous "thirsty moms" from Mantle show up. Jaune has to dodge half a dozen amorous and attractive mothers, including two who are waiting naked in his room. The whole thing makes him very uncomfortable, and at one point he jumps out of an airship to avoid one. In the end, his teammate Weiss wins—because she's the only one who said "please."
  • Daria fic Camera Obscure, by A.A. Pessimal, has Daria expressing revulsion when Upchuck describes Daria's mother Helen as a MILF. And then explains to Daria what "MILF" stands for. note 
  • Things Are Gonna Get Easier: In typical Okuyasu fashion, when he meets Hayato's mom Shinobu for the first time, he blurts out loud how good-looking he is. In a notable example, Shinobu does entertain the idea, particularly after finding out how he's close friends with Hayato and that he's a Kindhearted Cat Lover, though she shuts it down given that she's a grown woman and he's still a high schooler.
  • With This Ring: Paul is actually in his late thirties, but his ring-optimised body makes everyone think he's younger, and he ends up rolling with it, claiming to be seventeen. As a result, Jade and Artemis, who think they're approximately his peers, are disturbed by him finding their mother attractive, even though Jade acknowledges that as a result of repairing Paula's spine with the ring and inadvertently giving her an overall tune-up, said mother "[looks] like Miss Ho Chi Minh City".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Subverted in 17 Again, as the main character is actually the husband of the Stacy's Mom, and only looks like he's a teenager.
  • Hoshino's mother in All About Lily Chou-Chou. When the teenage protagonists discuss her and the fact that she's old enough to be their friend's mother, their consensus is the immortal line, "Who cares, pretty is pretty."
  • Stifler's Mom from American Pie. She is the reason everybody knows what "MILF" means. She is certainly the Trope Codifier for the acronym.
  • Bill & Ted
  • The 90's comedy Blank Check has a 13-year-old protagonist who is in love with a female, adult bankernote . He even sets up a romantic dinner with her. At the end of the movie, he asks her to wait for him until he's 16. She laughs it off as a crush but then the Squick-factor sets in when she negotiates that she will wait until he's 18... and then she kisses him on the lips.
  • Class (1983) is a 1983 romantic comedy about a prep school student who has an affair with his dorm mate's mother. Said mother is played by Jacqueline Bisset.
  • Eight Legged Freaks: Bret's friends make a bunch of lewd jokes about Sheriff Samantha Parker (who is also his girlfriend's Ashley's mother) behind her back after she pulls them over and fines them for speeding.
  • The hero of Enter the Void and the mother of his friend Victor have an affair. When Victor finds out, the movie takes a bad turn.
  • Played with in Freaky Friday (2003). After the teenage Anna and her mother Tess switch bodies, Anna's crush Jake spends time with Anna in Tess's body and develops a crush on "Tess", who is about to re-marry, while falling out with "Anna". The real Tess does not have romantic feelings for him.
  • The Graduate is easily a candidate for this one, given the memetic line that sprang forth from it.
  • In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indy's father has an affair with Dr. Elsa Schneider, who is younger than Indy.
    Indy: You're old enough to be her—her grandfather!
    Henry: (Shrugs) I'm as human as the next man.
    Indy: I was the next man.
  • Life as a House: Teenager Josh sleeps with his girlfriend’s mom, Colleen.
  • Simon Birch: The titular character remarks to Joe that his mother has "The best breasts out of all of the mothers."
  • Private Lessons: a 1981 R-rated, softcore film about a 15-year-old being seduced by his father's late-20s French Maid, who is played by Sylvia Kristel.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming: Aunt May is re-imagined to be several decades younger than her classic incarnation, and as Tony Stark misses no chance to lampshade, much prettier.
  • Dorothy from Summer of '42. Teenage Hermie and both of his teen buddies gawk at her.
  • In Superbad, Seth is attracted to Evan's mother.
  • Bottoms: Jeff is hooking up with his schoolmate Hazel's glamorous and beautiful mother, cheating on his girlfriend Isabel in the process.

  • Woody Allen wrote a story called "Retribution" where the main character falls for his girlfriend's mother. (Ironically, his girlfriend had warned him about her sister, who he was indifferent to.) He ends up spending so much time with her that his girlfriend gets turned off since he's almost like a brother. When he gets married to her mom, though, she finds him attractive again and jumps him at the ceremony.
  • Joe lusts after his friend Sammy's mother Lucy throughout his teenage years in The Book of Joe. They sleep together when he returns to town as an adult.
  • Early in The Catcher in the Rye, Holden meets the mother of a former classmate on a train. He finds her attractive.
  • In the Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures book Father Time, the Doctor's adopted daughter (actually implied to be his Kid from the Future, but you'd probably guess that based on the repeated references to the fact she's basically a younger, blond, female copy of him) has a friend who squicks her with constant comments about the Doctor being "gorgeous" and "hunky". The fact he's wealthy and brings them homemade lemonade probably doesn't hurt.
  • Steve calls Park's mom hot in Eleanor & Park, much to his disgust.
  • The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero’s Mother! takes this trope and runs with it. The protagonist Ceres is a reincarnated middle-aged man who thinks that girls his new life's age are too young and immature and is instead attracted to the mothers of his four childhood friends (who are coincidentally the same Hero party that kicked him out), something that is very out of place in a medieval fantasy culture where 50 is considered old age and women are seen as old by 17 and washed up by 30.
  • In Infinite Jest, the attractiveness of Hal's mother and headmaster of the Enfield Tennis Academy, Avril Incandenza, is frequently mentioned, along with her truly enormous number of affairs. She even hooks up with one of the students, prompting the soon-widely-disseminated joke stating that their relationship "proves 17 can go into 56 more than 3.294 times."
  • Biff spends a good amount of time making passes at Joshua's mom in Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff — That would be Mary, the mother of Christ to those not in the know.
  • A Prayer for Owen Meany: The titular character remarks that Johnny's mother has "The best breasts out of all of the mothers."
  • Star Wars Legends, being what it is, invokes this a lot:
  • In Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Eric's mom was a teenage parent and so is 36 when Eric is 18. Eric's friend Steve pats her on the butt and Eric notes in the narrative that half the kids who come to their house hope to catch her in shorts and a tank top.
  • In This Is Not a Werewolf Story, Vincent's mom is an attractive, youngish woman who rides a motorcycle. Raul's narration generally refers to her as "Pretty Lady."

    Live-Action TV 
  • Used as a throwaway gag in Big Wolf on Campus.
    Merton: I know we've never talked about this before, but your mom's kinda—
    Tommy: The next word that comes out of your mouth had better be talented.
  • The Big Bang Theory: The first time that Sheldon's mother visits, Howard flirts with her. She shoots him down, but is flattered by the attention and encourages him with "you just keep tryin'." Raj finds her attractive enough that it triggers his selective mutism.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In "Restless", it is revealed that Xander has sexual fantasies about Buffy's mother Joyce, played by the very attractive Kristine Sutherland. The show also contains two notable gender-reversed examples in that both Faith and Willow expressed attraction to Giles at different points. Willow even went so far as to decorate her locker with pictures of him.
  • Rose has a crush on the Doctor early on in the new Doctor Who, who is 700 years her senior, not to mention an alien, though he doesn't look like either.
  • Disney Channel and Nickelodeon love using this trope in many of its sitcoms (probably too many to count them all), and it usually is always used for male pre-teen or teen characters who have a small or even a huge crush on a certain character's mother who is considered very attractive and often leading to their child or children responding to it angrily, or just being grossed out by it (and although its rare, there are a few examples of it happening with female teen characters being attracted to and having crushes on their friends' dads as well, although it's not nearly done as much as the male version). However, because both networks are primarily aimed towards kids and young teens, it's obviously never heavily sexualized and it's usually kept very innocent. (And it also should be noted that because of this, when it comes to Disney and Nickelodeon, it is always Played for Laughs, and never taken seriously.) But this trope is often used and hinted at a lot in several Disney and Nickelodeon sitcoms, especially when the characters are male teens or pre-teens in high school or middle school, and they're going through their "horny for any woman they see" stages.
    • Just to name a few examples from Disney, it happens with Zack and Cody's friends on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and even on The Suite Life on Deck in one episode where Woody tells Zack and Cody that their mom is hot when she boards the S.S. Tipton cruise ship to visit them one day, it happens in A.N.T. Farm with Chyna's mom, Wizards of Waverly Place with Justin, Alex, and Max's mom, Austin & Ally with Austin's mom, Good Luck Charlie with Gabe and his friends and sometimes with P.J.'s friends too, Dog with a Blog with Tyler's friends, and Liv and Maddie with Parker and Joey's friends, especially since their mom is the principal of their high school.
      • Jessie could also be considered an example as sometimes some of Luke's friends sometimes express their romantic and lustful attraction to Jessie, however Jessie is only Luke and his siblings' nanny, not their mother, but the trope still applies because more often than not, she's the one who's usually always seen with the kids in the show all the time. Luke also has a crush on Jessie too, but this is rather normal for his age range throughout the show as a Precocious Crush, and is not exactly the same thing as the Stacy's Mom trope, given that she's his nanny.
    • As for Nickelodeon, it sometimes occurs in Henry Danger with Henry's mom and some of his acquaintances from school, Drake's mom and Josh's stepmom on Drake & Josh, the moms of the bandmembers and main characters of Big Time Rush, Victorious with Tori and Trish's mom, Taylor and Frankie's mom in The Haunted Hathaways, and in The Thundermans with Max and Phoebe's mom.
  • Legends of Tomorrow parodies it in the season three episode Phone Home, where the Legends go back in time to Ray's hometown in 1988, and Ray's best friend Nate develops a temporary crush on Ray's mother. The main joke because Nate's from 2017, both he and Ray's mom in 1988 are around the same age.
  • ER's Sam Taggart gave birth in her teens, and at least one of her son Alex's friends has a crush on her. He's also apparently told them she's his older sister.
  • Frasier's son Frederick Crane had a notable crush on Daphne in the middle seasons of Frasier. Leads to a moment where Freddy visits for the first time after Daphne and Niles get together:
    Niles: So you're okay with it now?
    Frederick: Please! I liked her when I was a little kid. I'm over it now. Plus, she's like a hundred.
    Niles: She most certainly is not. It just burns you up that I got her fi—
    Frasier: NILES!
  • Friends has Monica, in her late 20s, in a relationship with Richard, who's 21 years her senior. And a good friend of her dad. Her friends Rachel and Phoebe, also in their late twenties, agree that he's very hot.
  • Gilmore Girls: When Lane's band sets up their equipment in the Gilmores' garage, Zach starts hitting on Lorelai, whom pretty much everyone in the show considers to be attractive. Lorelai gets a bit of teasing from Rory about it.
    • Later in the series, Lorelai and Christopher (Rory's dad) meet her at Yale, where they both garner attention from the co-eds. Rory jokingly laments that she "hates having the hot parents!"
  • Ginny and Georgia:
    • Georgia is very attractive, and boys and Maxine of her daughter's new high school certainly notice.
    • In a more unusual male example, Ginny's dad Zion is quite handsome too, and she's disgusted to see girls at her school giving him appreciative looks when he picks her up, complaining that in her next life she wants ugly parents.
  • Glee provides several examples:
    • Judging from a recent interview with Jane Lynch Puck and Sue may also qualify, although this would venture into Mrs. Robinson territory.
    • This trope is subverted when Puck crushes on Shelby, as she's the adoptive mother of his biological daughter. What's even more amusing about this is the fact that Mark Salling and Idina Menzel really aren't that distant in age in real life.
  • In The Goldbergs, any gathering of boys from Quaker High School can break away from what it's doing to answer a Hot Mom Alert, usually when Beverley Goldberg walks into shot. Indeed, when Beverley's force of personality gets her a gig as Phys Ed Coach, her classes in Jazzercise are packed with boys keen to see their new Coach in her leotard and tight leggings. note 
  • In Grounded for Life, Lily (the Bratty Teenage Daughter) complains in one episode about how all the boys in her neighborhood are more attracted to Claudia (her mom) than her.
  • In one episode of How I Met Your Mother, a series which generally avoids swearing, Lovable Sex Maniac Barney refers to these as "MILSWANCAs", which Ted correctly guesses means "Mothers I'd Like To Sleep With And Never Call Again."
  • On The Inbetweeners, it's a Running Gag in the series that Will's mum is a MILF, much to his chagrin.
  • On Just Shoot Me!, this happens to Nina. A Jewish boy tries to bed her during his bar mitzvah reception, and since she believes him to be dying, she agrees to give him a kiss. He tries to take it too far, and they share their frustrations on their respective ages. After the boy leaves the room, several more boys stand in the opened door, asking if she's "the lady that kisses boys".
  • In a Law & Order: SVU episode, there's a rather Squicky use of this trope (although considering the show, no one should be surprised). A school-going boy has a stepmother who is considered extremely hot and is very popular with the local boys... Then his father is murdered, and both boy and stepmother are suspects. Their solution? Stepmother and stepson get married so neither has to speak against the other in court. The detectives first figure it out when they interrupt the two of them while they're having sex on their honeymoon.
    • In another episode, a shy, awkward girl finds out that her mom has been sleeping with the popular boy she has a crush on. She's devastated.
    • A gender-flipped version forms the backstory of another episode; a recovering alcoholic and sex addict believed he had raped his daughter while drunk, but it turns out he actually had consensual sex with her best friend. (The daughter had suddenly stopped speaking to him after that, leading him to conclude that he'd done something bad to her, but it was actually that the friend was the daughter's first love and she was mad at her father for ruining that for her.)
    • In a heartbreaking case, a teenage boy kills his friend because he walks in on what appears to be his friend raping his mother, only to learn that it was consensual and the mother cried rape rather than admit she was sleeping with her son's friend.
  • In Last Man Standing Vanessa (played by Nancy Travis) is an extremely beautiful older woman causing her neighbour Bill Calhoun to become infatuated with her when she wears a sexy pirate outfit in 'Last Halloween Standing'.
  • It's been said on Leave It to Beaver that June Cleaver was this for Eddie Haskell.
  • In Mad Men Betty Draper seems to evolve in this as she and her daughter get older. Sally's friend Glen has a creepy crush on Betty since childhood, and while he and Sally have settled in Better as Friends, he keeps lusting after her mother well into his late teens. Betty enrolls at university in the last season (she's hitting 40 in 1970) and her fellow students nickname her "Mrs. Robinson".
  • In Malcolm in the Middle, a girl Reese liked turned out to not be interested him and instead had a lesbian crush on Lois. Video.
  • In Modern Family, Haley's boyfriend Dylan also has a crush on Hayley's mother Claire. Being a bit of a dimwit, he admits this to her face after mistaking her for coming on to him. He's also apparently fantasized about having sex with both of them at once.
  • Murdoch Mysteries: A young H. P. Lovecraft appears on the series as an example of Young Future Famous People. He becomes infatuated with Mrs Brackenreid, an older but very attractive woman married to Inspector Brackenreid with two grownup sons (one is young adult while the other is a teenager). She's flattered but finds his idea of romance horrifying.
  • On My Two Dads, the daughter's best friend had a crush on one of the dads — who was flattered until she got a little too serious about it, at which point he became very squicked by it.
  • In The Nanny, Fran Fine accidentally steals a boyfriend from Maggie. In another episode there's a pal of Brighton's that they believe has a crush on Maggie... turns out he's interested in Fran again. Bonus for the late season when she actually becomes their stepmom.
  • Marissa and Kaitlin's mom Julie Cooper in The O.C.. It is mentioned that she was always considered the hottest mom, she has an affair with Luke (her daughter's ex-boyfriend), and although Seth doesn't agree with Luke sleeping with his ex's mother, he understands because it's Julie Cooper.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Aunt Zelda is a very beautiful older woman (as is Aunt Vesta, played by Raquel Welch), the show explicitly parodying the film The Graduate with Sabrina's college friend Miles Goodman becoming attracted to her in season 6.
  • In the "Wayne's World" sketches on Saturday Night Live, Wayne was hot for Garth's mom, played by Candice Bergen. This creeped Garth out to no end.
    • Saturday Night Live also used a gender-flipped/gender-inverted version of this trope in two of its sketches, namely "Awkward Birthday Party" and "An Awkward Slumber Party", where a quite nerdy, awkward girl, Melanie (played by Aidy Bryant) is constantly creeping out her friends whenever they have any kind of party together, because she's always going ostentatiously out of her way to flirt with her friends' dads (played by Drake in one sketch, and Ryan Gosling in the other) whom she has always has giant, almost obsessive crushes on. In one sketch, she even has a really awkwardly gross moment where she tries to sexually moan around him and acts like she's almost having an orgasm when she tries to hug him and even fall onto him and make him catch her in his arms, before he gently lets her down onto the floor, only easing her fall.
  • In The Sentinel there is some major flirtatious subtext between Jim Ellison and Naomi Sandburg, his best friend's mother (who really doesn't look old enough to have a son pushing 30, even though the actress has a son a year older than the actor playing said 'pushing 30'.)
  • Sex Education: Jean Milburn, Otis' mom, attracts quite a few younger men throughout the show. Adam, her son's classmate, points out that she's like a "sexy witch" and berates Otis for not telling him that his mom is hot.
  • Stranger Things: There's a funny scene in season 2 where Nancy and Mike's mother Karen Wheeler answers the door in a bathrobe and is flustered to find the hunky Billy Hargrove (looking for his little sister, who hangs out with Mike) in front of her, who starts hitting on her hard. Season 3 takes this further when the two arrange to hook up, but Karen decides her family is more important at the last minute.
  • Teen Wolf: Scott's mother sometimes gets this treatment. She's single, snarky, and played by Melissa Ponzio, what did you expect?
    Peter: (to Isaac, about Scott) Have you seen his mom? She's gorgeous.
    Scott and Derek: Shut up!
  • On That '70s Show, Kelso and Fez fell prostrate and worshipped Eric when they mistakenly believed he'd shagged Donna Pinciotti's mother Midge, a woman about whom the boys have fantasized, made lewd comments, and even spied on. Eric's mother Kitty has gotten her fair share of attention as well. There was also Jackie's mom, Pam, played by Brooke Shields.
  • Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place has various men lusting after Berg's mother (Bo Derek), including his best friend Pete, who eventually hooks up with her.
  • Jeannie Pierce in Tucker. Apart from catching the attention of all the neighborhood kids, she's even shown to lick a Popsicle in such an arousing manner that catches both Leon and McKenzie's attention and holds onto it until Tucker interrupts. It doesn't help that the next scene in that episode shows her date lifting a peek under her dress to get a good view.
  • In an episode of The Wonder Years, Paul Pfeiffer developed a crush on Kevin's mom. It was resolved by the end of the episode and never mentioned again.

  • "What I Go To School For" by Busted is about teenage boys lusting after a hot teacher called Miss McKenzie. The teacher is said to be 33 years old. The song was inspired by band member Matt Willis's dance teacher.
  • "Der Club der schönen Mütter" (lit. "The Club of Beautiful Mothers") by German Fehlfarben eulogizes about a club where the narrator will be served by beautiful mothers all night long.
  • "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne is the Trope Namer. In the music video, as seen in the picture above, she was played by supermodel Rachel Hunter. According to the author of the song, the inspiration came from one of his childhood friends thinking his grandmother was hot.
  • "Stacy's Dad" is a shared name for multiple cover versions of Stacy's Mom that flip the focus to the father.
  • Another Stacy's Mom spinoff that emerged was Stacy’s Brother by Mad Tsai. Poor Stacy, all her relatives have her classmates after them.
  • Implied in "Henrietta" by The Fratellis, which tells the story of the band trying to seduce the title character, who is said to be in a stable but boring marriage.
  • "Full on Kevin's Mom" by Soundgarden in 1990 pre-dates "Stacy's Mom" and is about someone who went beyond the fantasy. Chris Cornell said that the song was about "a friend of mine who slept with another friend of mine's mom. The guy who did it said to us, 'Yeah, full on Kevin's mom'.
  • Non-English example: "Keva" by Marko Mandić.
  • "Motherlover" by The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake is about the two singers having sex with each other's moms as a mother's day gift.
  • Another non-English example: "LBTD"* by Russian pop-punk band Kis-Kis. The music video shows Sonya (the band's singer) and Alina (the band's drummer) ignoring a handsome guy their age in favor of his comically unattractive father, and near the end they even start pummeling each other over him.

    Video Games 
  • In Disgaea, it's strongly implied that Etna had romantic feelings for Laharl's very charismatic father.
  • In Elite Beat Agents in the weathergirl scenario, a mother is trying to make a sunny day for her and her son to have a picnic. When she achieves that, a random kid says to the son "Your Mom sure is pretty", much to his own mom's annoyance.
  • Friday Night Funkin': Mommy Mearest, the Girlfriend's mom, is played up as the sexiest character in the game. In her debut appearance, two of her songs are titled "Satin Panties" and "MILF", a Mall Santa can't help staring her down in Week 5, and Tankman in Week 7 notes that Girlfriend is merely a "dumb, boring teenager wearing her mom's clothes" by comparison. The HD mod goes one step further by having the 19-year-old Boyfriend nearly fall for her, who in turn is deliberately gunning for him despite both parties being taken, in Week 4.
  • In Mass Effect 2, Shepard can express an attraction to Samara, a thousand-year-old asari Justicar who has three adult children; Samara admits interest but gently rebuffs Shepard nonetheless. In the Citadel DLC for the third game, the pair can finally act on those feelings.
  • In the first Mega Man Battle Network, Harukanote  decides to dress up for a party at SciLab, her husbands place of work. One of the scientist NPCs will mention that he finds her "my kind of woman"... until he realizes he's talking to her son.
    • In one of the Mega Man Star Force games, an NPC local to Echo Ridge will mention to Geo that the woman in a certain house is gorgeous. And then he realizes that the woman is Geo's mom, Hope. (For bonus points, the NPC is named Axe Tagrind).
  • Mortal Kombat X has a pre-fight dialogue exchange between Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs where the latter admits to the former that she finds her father Johnny Cage "kinda hot", much to Cassie's chagrin.
  • Tales of Symphonia has Lloyd admitting his crush on Genis' older sister and mother figure, Raine. Depending on Relationship Values, she can come pretty damn close to reciprocating but decides against it.

    Visual Novels 

  • In Better Days, one arc centers around Lucy Black dating a star athlete a year or two older than her, until it turns out that he's just using her in an attempt to get closer to her outrageously attractive mom, Sheila. Neither mother nor daughter is happy to learn this.
  • In Charlie Horse, Calvin comments (somewhat frequently, and well-deservedly) on the hotness of Preston's mom. (Come to think of it, his name may very well be a reference to Bill & Tedd.) Somewhat justified in that Preston was the result of a teen pregnancy, so she's still pretty young, plus she works at Hooters and rarely bothers to change out of her tight T-shirt when home.
    Calvin: C'mon, there'll be girls there! You don't want to end up taking your mom to the prom, do you?
    Preston: Hey!
    Calvin: ...of course, given your mom's hotness, that might not be a bad thing.
    Preston: Stop imagi-fondling my mom!!!
  • In Friendly Hostility, Fox's mom's hotness leads to this conversation among the younger cast members. Even her daughter concedes that she's got it going on.
  • In Groovy, Kinda, Edison Lighthouse used to dress as sexy as possible in an attempt to get more of her son's friends to visit him. This is also where her heavy drinking began.
  • Homestuck:
    • In reference to Jane's dad. Well, can you really blame a girl for still having the hots for her beta session love interest?:
      TG: you dont even let me say your dad is hot even though we both know he way the fuck is i mean come one
    • Averted later. While John and Dave do admit (accidentally or otherwise) to crushing on the other's biological mother, it's only the teenaged, Alternate Universe versions of said mothers.
  • Las Lindas:
    • there’s Diana Linda whom despite being long gone by the time she's introduced, still fit.
  • Questionable Content:
    • Veronica Reed (aka professional dominatrix and fetish model Veronica Vance) is definitely one. Virtually every character who is attracted to women has mentioned that they used to jack off over pictures of her. Needless to say, this has led to some awkward moments for her son Marten, especially when both his girlfriend Dora and her father admitted to it...
    • Similarly, Dora's first reaction on seeing Marten's dad (who looks exactly like his son, but with silver hair and crow's feet around his eyes) is to turn to Marten and tell him how incredibly hot he'll look when he gets gray hair.
  • Scary Go Round: When the teenage (and somewhat hormone-ridden) Linton meets the mother of his new school-friend Grendel, he clearly notices that she's attractive.
  • In Sexy Losers, Kenta's discomfort over his Horny Mom is exacerbated when his friends comment on her hotness.
  • Trying Human: Quazky's flirtation towards Shade becomes this when you realize she is Hue's mother figure.
  • This xkcd.

    Web Original 
  • In Episode 2 of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Pokémon Black and White, he admits that he thinks the player character's mom is hot.
  • Ginny Di did a Critical Role parody cover of "Stacy's Mom", entitled "Jester's Mom", where Campaign 2's Fjord has a crush on Jester Lavorre's mother (justified since the mother, in canon, is a popular courtesan). Uniquely, Jester herself agrees that her mom has "got it going on".
  • Suburban Knights: JewWario, the oldest contributor on Channel Awesome by several years, seemed to have all the female knights' attention in his Jareth get-up.
  • Vaguely Recalling JoJo: Polnareff tries hitting on Enya after giving her a youth-restoring massage. Enya still has liver spots, so she is still old. She refuses the offer because Polnareff killed J. Geil earlier.
  • Fred Perry made an animated music-video set to an abridged version of the song called "Misi's Mom" adapted to be about some of his friends on Final Fantasy XI. Misi was the Gun-Kitty of Midgardsormr, and the 3 boys smitten with her mom end up drawing Misi's ire so badly that she gets out one of her revolvers to make them knock it off. Her mom is not amused by this at all.
  • Rapper Saweetie released a joking video about tips for growing up with attractive parents, based on her own experience of people her age and older frequently complimenting or trying to hit on her mom and dad while she was growing up.

    Western Animation 
  • The aptly-named Yummy Mummy in 6teen is one of these; old enough to be the mother of a young kid, and lusted after by the teenage Jonesy as well as several other men.
  • Used a bit disturbingly in a Valentine's Day episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius when every character makes advances on whoever they believe completes their One True Pairing, and Carl goes after Jimmy's mom. Since the crushes never really wore off completely, it later becomes a Running Gag, as Carl apparently thinks quite a bit about Judy... and Mrs. Fowl, on occasion.
  • Francine Smith on American Dad!. Steve's friends have mentioned it about her. Jeff finds her attractive too (despite the marriage with Hayley making Francine his mother-in-law.) Steve himself in "Rubberneckers" literally sings twice about how he would have sex with her if Francine wasn't his own mother.
  • Butt-Head on Beavis and Butt-Head is shown in several episodes and supplemental materials to lust after Stuart Stevenson's mother, and has made comments about having had sex with or fantasized about Beavis's mother, much to Beavis's annoyance.
  • In one episode of The Cramp Twins, Lucien develops a crush on Tony's mother, mostly because of her soft skin.
  • Lois Griffin in Family Guy. There is an episode where Lois has an affair with Meg's new boyfriend, except that Lois is the one who instigates the affair. Quagmire frequently makes mention of this but is in the wrong peer group.
    • Lampshaded by Chris:
      "All my friends think you're hot. They can't believe I came out of you!"
  • In Good Vibes, Woodie has a crush on Babs (his best friend Mondo's mother).
  • Taken a step further on Metalocalypse Skwisgaar is known for his stable of GMILFs (Grand Mother I'd Like to Fuck).
  • In Ok Ko Lets Be Heroes, Enid sees a photograph of K.O.'s mom, Carol, and this ensues.
    Enid: Whoa, who's the babe?
    K.O.: That's my mom...
    Enid:: -laughs awkwardly-
    • Enid herself has parents who are attractive to Radicles.
      Rad: Enid's mom is a hot vampire! And her dad is a hot werewolf!
  • All of Todd's friends have a crush on Agent K in The Replacements. The Spy Catsuit she always wears must help.
  • Parodied in Rick and Morty in a scene where Summer is hanging out with her friend Trisha. Trisha, inexplicably, decides that the perfectly average-looking Jerry is hot because he has a beekeeping hobby.
    Trisha: How old is your dad? He's obviously beekeeping age. I don't know, I think it's kinda sweet. [Beat] Summer, I wanna fuck your da—
    Summer: Oh, really?
  • When The Secret Saturdays cross over in an episode of Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben is immediately smitten by Drew Saturday, which annoys her son Zak to no end because he will not shut up about it.
    Ben: Um, yeah, meeting you is... the good.
    Drew: Oh, right back at you.
    Zak: Dude, that's my mom!
  • In The Simpsons several young characters, such as Nelson and Milhouse have admitted to finding Marge attractive.
    Bart: My mom wears earrings. Do you think she's cool?
    Milhouse: No, I think she's hot! ...Sorry, it just slipped out...
  • South Park: Both Butters and the Sixth Graders have commented about being attracted to Stan's mom's breasts.note 
  • Total Drama: For Geoff's first attempt to woo Bridgette in "If You Can't Take the Heat...", he compliments her on how good she looks when she's cooking. Rather than ending it there while he's going strong, he compares her to "his friend Evan's really hot mom". Bridgette is not amused and DJ ushers Geoff away before things get more awkward.
  • In The Venture Brothers, a deleted scene has Triana's friend Kim tell her "Your dad is so hot." Triana is squicked out, naturally.


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