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Don't train children with their mothers around.

Boss: Hey, who said you were on break?
Kitty: I did.
Boss: And who are you?
Kitty: I'm his mother.
Boss: ...that's good enough. [leaves the room]
That '70s Show, "Eric's Burger Job"

The Almighty Mom can tell off anyone. Anyone. From her own kids to army generals to an Elder Thing from Beyond, you name it. It doesn't matter if she is severely outclassed by the object of her ire in every relevant way; her iron-willed personality will pound him/her/them/it into submission without her needing to lift a single finger. Don't get fresh, don't talk back, and if she wants it done, chances are it'll get done.

She can reduce grown men to the level of children with only a sentence and a glare, and, guess what, she's always right. Not only can she put anyone in their place, but she knows the best way out of any situation.

A Sub-Trope of Mama Bear, and often a characteristic of the Team Mom, the Jewish Mother and the Apron Matron. This trope is more likely than not to be Played for Laughs (but not always). Compare One Bad Mother and Never Mess with Granny for the older version. See also My Beloved Smother, which this can often seem from the embarrassed offspring's perspective. Overlaps with Almighty Janitor when she also works at the company and has influence that goes beyond protecting her children.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Black Butler gives us Ciel's paternal aunt Frances Midford. A terrifyingly strict Iron Lady, she cracks the whip on the entire Phantomhive household whenever she appears. Sebastian is a frequent victim of her wrath, being berated for his "slovenly" appearance and forced to slick back his hair to appease her sense of decorum. While usually Played for Laughs, Frances more than earns her fierce reputation as a highly-accomplished Master Swordsman.
  • Hinata Uzumaki (née Hyuga) has grown into this in the Boruto anime, a far cry from her Shrinking Violet self from the original series. While she's still as sweet and caring as during her youth, her angry outbursts can outright terrify her husband and son when they're loafing around or fighting each other.
  • In Captain Tsubasa, Ryo Ishizaki is terrified of his mother. Mrs. Ishizaki turns out to be one of these: harsh, Hot-Blooded like her son, very strong-willed, and not afraid of speaking her mind at all. Though if you're on her good side, she's a total sweetheart.
  • In the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie, Syaoran is also pretty scared of his mother Li Yielan, and even his super bubbly and energetic four older sisters settle down when they're around her, implying that she is this trope.
  • The Eastern Hero, Hero, from Dont Cry Maou Chan is a max-level powerhouse along with his party. His mother can outdo all of them at the same time without even paying attention despite looking like a stereotypical homemaker.
  • Dragon Ball:
  • Invoked in the episode Odd One Out in Halo Legends. Two of the natives on the planet claim "No one is stronger than Mama" as they and Spartan-1337 are about to face off against a super-powered Covenant Brute. At the end of the fight, the wreckage of a UNSC frigate, which up to this point was just a background object, lights up and fires a MAC round at the Brute, forcing it into a Slipspace rupture. Mama was the frigate's AI.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Sesshomaru is a Youkai so powerful and willful that his father's allies fear him, and even Naraku plots carefully before crossing paths with him. His obsession with obtaining his younger brother's sword is such a problem that it can't be resolved until after direct intervention from his mother. Her ability to put her wayward son in his place is brutal. It's terrifying. It works.
      Sesshomaru's Mother: Did you think you were like a god or something? That as long as you had Tenseiga there was no fear of death? Sesshomaru, it's something you had to learn, that when your heart wishes to save someone dear to you it must at the same time feel sadness and fear of losing them. Your father said this as well: Tenseiga is a healing sword. Even when wielded as a weapon, you must understand the weight of life and carry a compassionate heart when dispatching your enemy. That is what is necessary for the one who wields the Tenseiga which can save a hundred lives and send enemies to the Meidou.
    • Jinenji's old crone of a mother is very Hot-Blooded and bossy, which alongside her withered looks made the main characters think she's a demon.
  • Pokémon: The Series's Delia Ketchum gets to be this in the third movie, Pokémon 3: Spell of the Unown, when she stands up to Entei. It is a failed effort, but she gets points for trying.
    Delia: I don't care if you're a real Pokémon or not! You can't take the place of her real father!
    Entei: I AM Molly's real father! As long as that is her wish!
  • Miyako Sakuragawa's mother, Kyouko, from Private Prince. Runs the family ryokan firmly, is both loved and feared by everyone in it (her husband and daughter included), and does not tolerate anyone stepping out of line.
  • Anna Kyouyama, later Asakura from Shaman King became one of these in Shaman King: Flowers. Her reputation as the only person able to master Hao's techniques makes her son's enemies plot things carefully before messing with him. Heck, this woman can talk back to Hao, God himself, threaten him to revive Hana's little baby body and have him comply at the first threat.
    • The original manga has Hao's mother being this as well, despite being dead for a millennia by the time the story begins. She is the only one who was able to convince Hao to abandon or at least postpone his plan of wiping out humanity, after pretty much everyone failed to stop him.
  • Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: Shinichi Sakurai's mother Haruko, despite looking rather sweet and quiet outwardly, comes from a family who owns a judo dojo, and is actually capable of throwing down her husband and son without effort. She also snapped when she saw her son had a girl at his apartment, smacking him in the head.

    Comic Books 
Which promptly leads to her husband admitting to Jaime's best friends that she is the reason he never has to raise his voice.
  • Jean Grey is usually this for the X-Men, in her capacity as Team Mom. She is loving, compassionate, motherly, and one of the most powerful psychics ever to exist - when she's not wielding the Phoenix Force. Accordingly, even the gods themselves will probably not be able to save you if you threaten her students, or, worse, her children, who all listen to her. It doesn't matter that one is a time-travelling psychic as strong as she is (potentially stronger) and the supposed 'One True Phoenix', another is a time-travelling soldier at least twice her age capable of taking down Apocalypse through sheer martial skill and stubbornness, and the youngest is a fully-fledged Reality Warper who created and became his own reality - and all of them are impossibly stubborn. Even if they don't obey, she is literally the one person they will all listen to, whether they want to or not.
  • Lois Lane as of Superman (Rebirth). When it comes to her family, she is the undisputed boss, she doesn't care if you're Superman (her husband), Superboy (her son), the goddamn Batman (whom she fed apple pie), or Wonder Woman, you will act like civilized people around her home. And if you ever threaten her son, she will climb into a Batsuit designed to fight Darkseid and smear you across the floor with your own entrails.
  • Spider-Man: This trope could be named after Peter's Aunt May, because she is often this trope:
    • In The Amazing Spider-Man (J. Michael Straczynski), Aunt May does this to Tony Stark and Reed Richards during The Other story arc, when they want Peter to take more tests instead of going out with Mary Jane. The two most brilliant men in the Marvel Universe are no match for Aunt May's stern reprimand.
    • Aunt May also does it to J. Jonah Jameson over the phone in an early episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man, when JJJ yells at Peter for being late.
    • When the Parker family moved into the Avengers' tower, Aunt May scolded Wolverine for drinking and smoking so early in the morning in the breakfast room. Wolverine is stunned into silence.
    • Aunt May also slagged off JJJ in #616 after she found out Peter was Spidey; she couldn't stand JJJ badmouthing her nephew in the Bugle, even if she couldn't tell JJJ why she was pissed at him for badmouthing Spidey.
    • Aunt May told off the Scorpion for being impolite. "I don't much care for that awful Spider-Man, but at least he is polite!" Complete with finger-waggle.
    • Ultimate Aunt May is just as almighty. After JJJ unfairly fired Peter, Peter calls her to ask if she can come pick him up and she ends up yelling Jameson's ear off when she finds out he fired Peter. Then she insults his mustache. Jameson calls Peter back and tells him he can have his job back under the condition that he never has to talk to Aunt May again.
      • Ultimate Aunt May takes it a step further post-Ultimatum when she not only takes in Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake (in addition to Gwen Stacy who'd been living with the Parkers for a while), she gets them into Peter's school and sets a moratorium on super-heroing unless she gives the boys permission. And when Peter dies, she gives Captain America a "The Reason You Suck" Speech (complete with Bitch Slap) so strong that Steve Rogers (who was every bit as determined as he was an Adaptational Jerkass) decided to quit being a superhero for good (only returning to deal with 616!Galactus trying to eat the planet... which ended up being a Dying Moment of Awesome).
  • Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother and Queen of Themyscira, has shown she's not afraid to mouth off to or stand up beings such as the Olympians, including Zeus, when it comes to her daughter.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • Inverted in the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal. Johanna Smith-Rhodes is a teacher at the Assassins' Guild School. Time passes, and she becomes a mother of daughters. An older boy at the Guild School becomes enamoured of her oldest daughter. His friends desperately try to deter him from pursuing the romance, citing this very trope. They gloomily speculate about how long he's going to live. note . Meanwhile her middle daughter becomes a student at the School. After she gets into a fight with older boys Famke wipes the floor with them, the boys involved are absolutely terrified that they've incurred the wrath of her mother. note 
  • In the Ranma ½ fanfic Cheaper by the Dozen, Ryōga runs across Ranma twenty years later and is horrified to discover that his former rival has become an almighty mom after a trip to Jusenkyō gone disastrously wrong forced her to spend the next twenty years giving birth to 24 copies of herself.
    Damn it, Ranma may be a mother, but she wasn't HIS mother. So how did she manage to make him feel like a little kid?
  • In En Tempus Veritas, this trope is regarding Martha Kent, who Lois considers 'the ultimate mother'; when Lois learns about the circumstances of Clark's adoption in reality, she observes that she thought the Kents were amazing parents before she was told that they were so quick to adopt an alien.
  • In the crossover fic Event Horizon: Storm of Magic, colony director Fred Kovacs is chewed out by his mother (the Company's CEO) for his incompetence in his role, and is punished by having some of his trust fund money donated to charity and by being reassigned to the Avatar world to assist the main delegation from another company.
  • Leia Organa in this spoilery The Force Awakens fancomic.
  • Inko Midoriya in Green Tea Rescue. All Might finds her terrifying.
    All Might: Young Midoriya, are you sure your mother wasn't a professional hero? I've been in rooms with trained interrogators that didn't scare me as much as that woman!
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku has no problems jumping into a crowd of armed terrorists, getting flung at a giant monster bird large enough to swallow him whole, or getting his bones broken repeatedly in his attempts to master his Semblance. But he will never talk back to his mother. When she tells him to go to his room so she can interrogate Yang, he almost immediately cracks under the pressure and obeys. Even a Thrill Seeker like Yang finds herself thoroughly intimidated by Inko, who doesn't even have her Aura unlocked.
  • Nier: Automata (RE)Birth: A2 was already the strongest android on Earth, even before adopting baby Alexander. Afterwards, no one dares try to piss her off when it comes to her son, not even 2B and 9S who could reasonably take her on in a fight.
  • In Spider-X, May takes on this role to the X-Men, to the point where she can actually tell Logan not to smoke inside. On a more affectionate note, Jean becomes comfortable enough with her to talk to May about her feelings for Scott when she’s trying to figure out if she’s in love with him or not.
  • the superhero game: Jason is a rare male example. His experience as a single father and an experienced superhero in the previous timeline allows him to essentially cow a de-aged JLA and JSA into behaving through some ear-twisting and sheer force of will. He also has no issues ordering around the aged-up Young Justice, who are clearly scared of him after that display.
  • PARIAH in Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is one of the most powerful beings on Remnant, and yet Summer Rose is able to handle him as if she were even stronger than him (which she's not)

    Films — Animation 
  • Queen Elinor in Brave. She can stop a Ballroom Blitz between three feuding clans (and her husband) of Violent Glaswegians simply by walking through it in a calm, regal manner. All the brawling Scots will immediately stop and bow, moving only to let her pass. She then calmly walks back to her throne while holding her husband (the king), as well as the three leaders of the clans, by the ear, and none of them even try to resist. Merida, though, has a low opinion of her mother, believing her to be just My Beloved Smother until the Queen is transformed into a bear (which is Merida's fault) and ends up defending her daughter against a demon bear basically making her a literal Mama Bear until the curse wears off.
  • In Coco, Abuelita Elena and Mama Imelda, the matrons of the Rivera household in the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead respectively, are effectively in charge of their households, refusing to take no for an answer and being ridiculously stubborn about their music-hating principles. This is deconstructed in that said stubbornness leads to great pains for Miguel when he tries to become a musician and he gets no help from his family and it nearly gets Great-Great-Grandfather Héctor Deader than Dead.
  • Helen Parr from The Incredibles. When you cross a Female Superhero with a Mama Bear you get someone who can make you eat your vegetables and literally make a parachute out of herself when your airplane is exploding.
  • The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part: Whenever Finn and Bianca argue, the dad is nowhere to be found, leaving the mom to be the peacemaker.
  • Mrs. Davis in Toy Story. She's very strict and expects her kids to listen to her and pay attention to her sometimes. She doesn't want Andy or Molly leaving toys or other stuff on the floor, as shown when she steps on one of the Army men and kicks them away during Andy's birthday party. She doesn't want Andy to drive until he's 16. She also argues with her children, usually over little things.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The main character's mother in Almost Famous does this to the rock band that's touring with him.
  • Fargo: Margie Gunderson is an Almighty Mom in the making - just witness her telling off multiple-murderer Grimsrud after shooting him in the leg and taking him in single-handed.
    "There's more to life than a little money, you know. Don'tcha know that? And here ya are, and it's a beautiful day. Well. I just don't understand it."
  • Ghost Note: When Lawrence is trying to get his younger daughters into the car with their sister, they just keep playing in the dirt. They listen to her mom when she shouts "Kids, listen to your father!" though.
  • Jojo Rabbit has Rosie Betzler, mother of the eponymous Johannes "Jojo" Betzler. It's Germany in the midst of WWII. And yet Rosie has no qualms about greeting the Jaded Washout Nazi officer whose negligence led to her son being scarred with a swift Groin Attack, followed by a glove slap to shut him up when he starts complaining. Subverted when you know the full picture; the officer is not a loyal Nazi. He knows Rosie is part of La Résistance, and has deliberately not told his superiors because he agrees with her actions. When genuine Nazis catch Rosie passing out anti-war literature, things get rapidly darker.
  • In Monster Trucks, assuming that the red creature is the female of the species, during the final chase sequence between the three truck-dwelling creatures and Terravex's security forces, Creach’s mother shows the most pro-active attitude of the creatures, flipping two opposing trucks and helping to stabilise Creach/Trip during their race down the mountain.

  • In Robert A. Heinlein's The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, the Moderator [Mayor] of Hong Kong Luna has our hero, Richard, under arrest when "Auntie" Washington arrives and makes the kids who have gathered praise Richard for his heroism. Naturally, they let Richard go rather than mess with Auntie.
  • This is one of the main character's "powers" in the novel Confessions of Super-Mom.
  • Discworld's Sybil Vimes comes from a long line of these. Her aunt is mentioned to have given a pair of highwaymen who attacked her coach such a talking to that they ran home to their own mothers to apologize.
  • Charity Carpenter from The Dresden Files. Harry claims her tongue is sharper than the Absurdly Sharp Blade Amorrachius. She turns out to be one badass Mama Bear.
  • Mrs. Molly Prewett-Weasley to everyone in the Harry Potter series, except Harry whom she almost never criticizes. She's especially hard on her own children, but the members of the Order of the Phoenix know all about her wrath as well.
    • Especially evident in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Ron and the twins come home after their night trip to rescue Harry.
      Mrs. Weasley was marching across the yard, scattering chickens, and for a short, plump, kind-faced woman, it was remarkable how much she looked like a saber-toothed tiger.
    • She also has one of the most famous lines of the series — partially due to the Precision F-Strike, and partially due to its awesomeness.
      Molly: Not my daughter, you bitch!
  • People are impaled in The Last Dragon Chronicles, but no one will ever disobey Liz. Think about it.
  • In One Hundred Years of Solitude, When Arcadio takes over Macondo and is killing people in violent reprisals, his grandmother/adopted mother Úrsula stands up to him, calling him out and whipping him while chasing him away. From then on she has authority in Macondo. She also later gathers the mothers of revolutionaries together to try to stop her son Colonel Aureliano Buendía from having General Moncada executed.
    Úrsula: You have taken this horrible game very seriously and you have done well because you are doing your duty. But don't forget that as long as God gives us life we will still be mothers and no matter how revolutionary you may be, we have the right to pull down your pants and give you a whipping at the first sign of disrespect.
  • Kel's mother in the Protector of the Small books by Tamora Pierce. Although the most badass thing she does in the present is yell at Kel's Drill Sergeant Nasty, in a flashback we see her protect her daughter and a bunch of sacred relics by slicing up a gang of pirates.
  • Adah from The Red Tent. Don't underestimate her just because her health is failing in her old age!
  • Catelyn Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire isn't afraid of sassing even kings if they're acting too foolish for her taste. Robb deeply admires his mother's strength and initially looks up to her for war advice.
  • Vorkosigan Saga: Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan. She even tells off the parents of other children. In less than five minutes. By telling them to sit on a sofa. This effect is enhanced by the stature of her 'children,' which includes *the Emperor of Barrayar.*
    • Lady Alys Vorpatril is this in her own way, combining it with her position as a Grande Dame and The Social Expert. When it comes time to plan the emperor's wedding, she leads a cohort of matriarchs to get everything done.
  • Nita's mom in the Young Wizards series stops her daughter from making a Deal with the Devil, and tells off the Lone Power.
    • Dairene pulled off a similar feat for the species of wizard supercomputers she built on her ordeal.
    • Certain wizards hold the title of Planetary, which (shockingly) means that they have jurisdiction over their home planet, its natural forces, and every wizard who lives there, human or otherwise. In Earth's case, the title is currently held by Irina Mladin, a suburban housewife who has a habit of carrying her infant son with her on business.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 30 Rock: Jack Donaghy is a true alpha male and a powerful executive over at GE. Yet the presence of his mother often reduces him to a near childlike state where he is utterly unable to do anything except go along with whatever she says.
  • Burn Notice has Madeline Westen, whose real skill is the way she can shift effortlessly between soft-power "I'm a sweet little old lady and I know what's best" mumsiness to hard-power "Do what I tell you or there'll be trouble" Mama Bear Mode. In other words, she can play Good Cop/Bad Cop on her own.
    Michael Westen: Mom, put down the shotgun.
  • In Dad's Army, one thing that could derail the orderly military life of the Walmington-on-Sea platoon of the Home Guard was Mrs Pike storming round to complain about all the things Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson were making her son do. Private Pike, the youngest member of a platoon composed of elderly men too old for regular military service, and otherwise a pampered mummy's boy note  was frequently excused the more arduous and dirty aspects of military service for this reason. Nobody wanted his mum coming round to complain.
  • Mrs. Kim on Gilmore Girls. She arguably terrifies everyone in Stars Hollow.
  • Beverly Goldberg from The Goldbergs will stop at nothing to defend her children, whether they want it or not. She goes to complain to the principal's office so often he considers her The Dreaded, and she's even tried to call the White House to make sure Adam doesn't have to take the President's Fitness Test.
  • Marion Cunningham on Happy Days was the only person on the planet who could make Fonzie, the King of All That Is Cool himself, sit down and eat his veggies. She also owned the exclusive right to call him "Arthur". Added badassery points for "Mrs. C" once telling The Fonz to "sit on it!" and living to tell the tale.
  • David's mom on Kings did this a couple of times to different people, including once to the King himself.
  • Lois in Malcolm in the Middle is this to such a degree that she has a minor Heroic BSoD when faced with a problem that she can't fix by telling people off (a highway accident blocking traffic), or with proof that she's in the wrong (security footage of her making an illegal manoeuvre). Eventually, it turns out that she was right in the latter case, but Hal and the boys destroy the evidence to avoid giving her the impression that she's always right about everything.
  • Sonia Rey from Rebelde Way is generally a friendly, easy-going woman, but harm Marizza in any way and she won't hesitate in retaliating in any means possible, doesn't matter if you're the principal of the school or the mayor of the city.
  • Stranger Things: Joyce brooks no mistreatment of her sons, she doesn't care if you're an interdimensional monster or a local police officer. When she finds out that Jonathan has been arrested, she demands, nay, commands that he be let out of his handcuffs. It's telling that whenever she gives an order to Chief Hopper, he never argues.
  • Two and a Half Men: In one episode, Charlie and Alan have become victims of a possibly-real Satanic cult, and the witch is planning to use Charlie to father the Antichrist, which Charlie is forced to agree to on pain of a curse. Then their mother walks in, the witch recognizes her ("These are my sons"), and nearly runs out of the house.
    Charlie: W-wait! What about all the shriveling, and the husk?
    Witch: [to Evelyn] I have no idea what they're talking about. [flees]
    [everyone slowly turns to Evelyn]
    Evelyn: What? She's in my Pilates class!
    Everyone else: [muttering] Yeah, sure, I'll buy that.
  • Moms, stepmoms, and moms-in-law like these will show up at least Once per Episode in any versions of Say Yes to the Dress, trying to take control of the dresses that their daughters/stepdaughters/daughters-in-law will try on for their soon-to-come weddings. Both the original and the Atlanta Spin-Off had whole episodes dedicated to specifically dealing with these overbearing and often stiffling ladies who treat the brides like little girls and boss everyone around.
  • Young Sheldon: Mary is the only person who can put Sheldon in his place and deal with him whenever he gets too difficult for the others to handle.

    Video Games 
  • Macha from Chrono Cross is this for the few moments that she has time to actually display a personality.
  • Crono's mom in Chrono Trigger seems to have quite strong character when she scolds Ayla over her provocative clothing. She's also no the least bit intimidated when she meets the rather menacing-looking Magus.
  • In Dynasty Warriors Zhang Chunhua is known to inspire fear in even enemy troops by her mere presence, let alone among her family, who are too afraid to even ask her for help.
    Wang Yuanji: Lady Zhang Chunhua, do you have a moment? It's about Master Zhao...
    Zhang Chunhua: Is that idiot son of mine causing you grief, Lady Yuanji? I'll be sure to punish him, so please don't give up on him.
    Wang Yuanji: Oh no, it isn't that bad...
    Zhang Chunhua: You must not go easy on him. It is vital to take a strong stance from the beginning.
    Wang Yuanji: ...Y-Yes, my lady.
  • In Final Fantasy XIV, Julyan Manderville wears the pants in the Manderville family. She puts both her husband and son, both of whom are able to pull off Looney Tunes style cartoon fight scenes, to shame and every battle she takes part in is a Curb-Stomp Battle in her favor. Everyone, even the Warrior of Light, is beholden to her, lest they suffer her frying pan.
  • The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. She acts as a surrogate mother to Naked Snake, her son is Ocelot, and she is feared and respected and also feared by everyone including Colonel Volgin, who is also nearly twice her size. At one point, he says he's beginning to question the Boss's loyalty, and her stoic reaction makes him back away in fear. Later on, when Snake is discovered, he and The Boss brawl only to have him lose, and when Volgin is about to shoot Snake in the head, The Boss retorts "Stay out of this!", grabs the gun from Volgin's hand, and beats him. Volgin is over 6 feet tall, heavily muscled, batshit insane, and has lightning powers and The Boss slaps him down. She also has a habit of quickly disassembling people's guns while they are still in their hands.
  • In Suikoden V there's one person Logg and Lun wouldn't cross, it's Kisara.
  • Tales Series:

    Visual Novels 
  • In Double Homework, the protagonist really doesn’t want to be on her bad side of Rachel’s mom.
  • In Fate/stay night and related materials, Servants have Natural Enemies, people who are best suited to combat them. Fate/Zero Rider's is his mother. Which fits his legend, actually: Alexander the Great is historically remembered as a momma's boy.

  • Miranda Deegan, mother of Dominic Deegan, is the most feared woman on the face of the planet. Defy her at your own risk, for her Death Glare will find you. It helps that she is The Archmage of the Fifth Circle, and thus famed worldwide. And she's a teacher, who sees her students as she does her actual children. Anger her, and not even being in a different plane will save you.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball. She once stopped a Wild Teen Party just by snapping her fingers and putting one partygoer into a catatonic state by staring into his soul. She's even been known to Hulk Out on more than one occasion. There's a reason Gumball and Darwin prefer fighting a giant T-Rex to dealing with their mom.
  • Ben 10: Omniverse, Sandra Tennyson shows herself to be one, talking down Ma Vreedle when the latter attempts to destroy the world. Sandra succeeds, with the fact that they were fellow mothers getting through to the Vreedle Mother.
  • On The Fairly OddParents!, Timmy's Mom attempts to do this to the mean Dr. Wendell after he steals Timmy's ball. Eventually she, without losing her motherly tone, decides to slam Dr. Wendell in the face with the ball and steal his perfect dentures instead.
  • In the episode "Halloween on Spooner Street" from Family Guy, Lois tells off another mother of a child who stole Stewie's candy.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Fluttershy can act like this towards her animals or monsters when she gets assertive. Her staring down a cockatrice while lecturing it (despite it turning her to stone the whole time) as if she was its mother was an example.
  • In an episode of Rocko's Modern Life, Heffer has sold his soul for a chance to be on a game show, and has to spend eternity in Heck. His grandmother (who he had been told was in Heaven) is down there, and she doesn't want to spend eternity with her grandson, because she doesn't like him. She tells off Peaches, and Heffer is allowed to go home scot-free. Peaches gets in big trouble with his beanie-wearing boss for listening to her, though
  • We have an Almighty Dad in the case of Stephen Stotch from South Park, as he apparently has the authority to ground Vladimir Putin. South Park: The Fractured but Whole shows that he is also able to ground kids that are not his own.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Queen Moon Butterfly is one. Despite her being married to a King, she is the "alpha" in their relationship due to Mewni being a matriarchy. In the first episode, she seemed way more comfortable with the idea of packing her daughter, Star Butterfly, off to St. O's in order to become a proper Princess, but was implied to have not gone through with it because Daddy interceded. Star also avoids contacting her whenever a crisis happens for fear of receiving disapproval, and King Butterfly has to hide his guys' nights out from her.
  • Super Best Friends Forever shows that while Supergirl may be a Kryptonian Flying Brick that could challenge Superman in a fight, she still has to bow down to the authority of Martha "Ma" Kent.
  • Superman: The Animated Series: Ma Kent took out Braniac, who has destroyed whole worlds, with a shotgun when he went after Clark.

    Real Life 
  • The "Baltimore Mom". She recognized her son in the middle of the Baltimore riot in April 2015 (in a ski mask, no less), went right up to him, beat his ass on live TV, and dragged him home so he wouldn't get himself killed.
  • While Margaret Beaufort is often portrayed as My Beloved Smother, in truth, she was more similar to this trope. Henry VII was a ruthless and formidable king but loved and respected his mother deeply, awarding her privileges equal to that of a queen consort (his actual consort didn't seem to care much for politics) and listening to her advice. Given her position within the royal family, this also makes her an Almighty Janitor.
  • Genghis Khan/Temujin's mother Hoelun, who he counted as one of his closest advisers until her death and a badass well before her famous son began his exploits. After her husband Yesügei died their tribe wanted to abandon her and her children, so she shamed them into staying by taking to horseback with her husband's banner (which they considered his soul) and riding around them until they caved. The tribe then resorted to sneaking away during the night because they were so afraid of her. And when her son grew up to be Khan she got word he was mistreating and imprisoning one of his brothers because a scheming shaman had convinced him that this brother was a threat. Her reaction? Ride to his camp that very night, burst into his tent, untie said brother, sit down right across from a stunned Temujin and flash her breasts at him while she launched into an enormously colorful tirade where, among other things, she reminded him that both he and his brother had nursed from that same teat and he had better remember that. And he listened.
  • There's a memetic Indonesian stereotype of the "scooter mom" who rides her scooter bike like crazy and without helmet, yet other people and even the police would rather look the other way than confront her and take a verbal beatdown.


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