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Music / The Fratellis

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From left to right: Barry, Jon, and Mince.

A Scottish alternative rock band formed in 2005. Composed of Jon Fratelli, Barry Fratelli, and Mince Fratelli, the band members took their assumed names from the villains of the 80s movie The Goonies. They've released five albums: the best-known is their first, 2006's Costello Music, which they followed up with 2008's Here We Stand and, following a hiatus, 2013's We Need Medicine and 2015's Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied. Their fifth album, In Your Own Sweet Time, released on March 16, 2018.

Notably, almost all of the band's songs are about girls.


  • Album Title Drop:
    • In "Henrietta", from Costello Music:
      These are crazy times down at Costello Music.
    • In "Laughing Gas", from In Your Own Sweet Time:
      In your own sweet time you’ll see your neuroses unwind...
  • Audience Participation Song: The start of "Chelsea Dagger" is ideal for crowds to sing, not just at Fratellis concerts but at quite a lot of football matches (it was even in the soundtrack of FIFA 09), etc.
  • One-Woman Song: Songs named after women include: "Henrietta", "Chelsea Dagger", "Nina", "Stacie Ann", "Rosanna", "Mistress Mabel", "Jeannie Nitro", and "Lupe Brown".
  • Uncommon Time: The scat-singing refrains from "Flathead" are in 7/4.