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Now they can both be princesses!

"She is literally the Polaroid of perfection
She has everything and she'll give it to you in a second
Looks can deceive, she wears her heart on her sleeve"
China Forbes, "Ordinary Girl" (theme to Clueless)

The Spoiled Sweet character is a naive, spoiled, rich, or comfortably upper-class or upper-middle-class girl, who has everything she could ever want, but instead of being mean, she is as nice as can be to everyone. While still spoiled, slightly naive, perhaps shallow, maybe even a bit selfish at times, when it comes right down to it, she is a loyal friend and doesn't use her money or popularity as an excuse to treat everyone like garbage — though the trope Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense is in play, especially since a particularly common sticking point is that characters of this type often believe their friends and other loved ones deserve to live just as well as they do. She might also be an Innocent Bigot. If she is in school, she’ll likely be the Class Princess.

A mild warning to prospective writers — the Spoiled Sweet card must be played carefully. If the writer isn't careful, she'll just wind up as a Canon Sue or a whiny, ditzy little brat and may even turn into Condescending Compassion.

Differs from Jerk with a Heart of Gold in that she's always outwardly nice to begin with; if she's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, she doesn't belong here. She may end up a Sheep in Sheep's Clothing if other characters assume she'll be a jerk because she's rich and pampered. Note that a Spoiled Sweet character doesn't have to be always nice to qualify; this kind of character is certainly prone to a selfish moment or two, or even a What the Hell, Hero? moment if her selfishness gets the better of her, but neither do just a few sweet moments count. Just being rich and not a jerk doesn't qualify her either. A good baseline description would be a friendly character who's quite accustomed to getting her way, even insistent upon it, but is willing to take "No" for an answer if getting her way means hurting others.

A Sub-Trope of Idle Rich. Almost always overlaps with Nice to the Waiter.

Compare with Lovable Alpha Bitch, Ojou, Princess Classic, and Uncle Pennybags. Contrast with Alpha Bitch, Spoiled Brat, Royal Brat, and Rich Bitch. Also contrast Lonely Rich Kid. If the Alpha Bitch does a Heel–Face Turn she'll usually become one of these.

She might become somewhat of an Auntie Pennybags when grown up. Also, if the Spoiled Sweet character loses her money and position, she'll be a Fallen Princess. If she's a princess, she'll likely become one of the Royals Who Actually Do Something as an adult.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh is from a rich family, with a luxurious house on a big section. She's also a preteen genius, going to high school when she's ten. Still, she's as sweet and cute as they come. One of the main things keeping her away from Insufferable Genius territory is that both she and her classmates are fully aware that she's a ten-year-old in high school, and thus more than a bit naive about "mature" things, like sex and sexuality. (See the infamous "Drunk Nyamo" scene for reference.) Not to mention the physical limitations of being a ten-year-old, especially when it comes to Phys. ed.
  • Kokoro Tsurumaki from BanG Dream! is from a extremely wealthy family, to the point where they own a private jet, a private beach and a cruise that she can book and have ready by the evening. However, she is one of the kindest (and the most energetic) characters in the franchise, and all she wants is to make the entire world smile.
  • Princess Charlotte from Berserk is not only one of the few genuinely nice aristocrats in the series, but one of the sweetest characters in manga genre period. Though sheltered and a bit on the naive side, Charlotte is sweet and kind to just about anyone whom she encounters and never has a nasty thought about anyone. This, being Berserk, makes her a perfect Meal Ticket for Griffith.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura:
    • Tomoyo Daidouji (Or "Madison Taylor", as Nelvana prefers to call her). Even though she was rich and probably going to be a pro fashion designer, she liked being a sidekick to Sakura, giving her "super-hero" outfits and filming her adventures. She manages to be at ease anywhere and to know every (non-magic) thing that's going on.
    • Tomoyo's mom Sonomi is a grown-up version of the trope. Complete with the whole "married below her station" deal, the reason Nadeshiko's relatives didn't like Sakura's dad. Sonomi and Nadeshiko's grandfather Masaaki make amends when they come to fully accept that Fujitaka made their Nadeshiko happy when she lived.
  • Sonoko Suzuki from Case Closed is the daughter of the extremely wealthy Suzuki family but she is consistently portrayed as a loyal friend to the manga's main heroine Ran Mouri, a caring girlfriend to her boyfriend Makoto and a nice person toward everyone around her despite her quirks and their less wealthy financial background. In fact, she even regularly uses her family's wealth and connection to invites the main characters to many elaborate events and one of her dreams is to eat ramen with her friends after school.
  • Mimi Tachikawa from Digimon Adventure is an example of this, moreso in the original than the dub (where she is a little more selfish). Mimi comes from a well-off and extremely loving family and never really experienced hardship, and as such has a much lower threshold than the other kids on what she can endure, whether physically or emotionally. She also has zero filter when it comes to voicing her gripes. However, she is an extremely sweet and friendly girl, to the point she openly declares the other Chosen Children are her precious friends within three days of meeting them. One major episode has her give in to her worst desires and become intensely domineering and selfish, but the moment she realizes how much she's hurt her friends she immediately regrets all of it, and with Sora's encouragement she makes things right as soon as she can. Generally, Mimi is a kind soul who wants the best for everybody, not just for herself. It's one of the reasons for her Crest of Purity (Sincerity in the dub).
  • Oriko Fujido from Giant Ojou-sama. Her father's company has a monopoly on the Japanese vending machine industry, and is so absurdly wealthy that he bought an entire city for her as a birthday present when she was four. Despite growing up so insanely priviledged, Oriko has a very strong sense of responsibility toward the people living in her city. What she wants more than anything is to make it a safe and happy place for people to live, even serving as the first line of defense when alien kaiju start showing up.
  • Relena Darlian from Gundam Wing has all the right elements to be a proper Spoiled Brat or Alpha Bitch (rich and famous family, most popular girl in school, very beautiful)... but instead she's sweet, friendly, charismatic, smart, and clever. As with most Sunrise girls, it went From Bad to Worse, but she hangs on and grows all the stronger for it. And even when she learns that she's adopted, she stops Mrs. Darlian from telling her about her past by hugging her, crying, and asking her to never stop being her mother.
  • Haruka Nogizaka of Haruka Nogizaka's Secret is unbelievably wealthy but still loves anime and gets a very average low-class boyfriend. She's also the sweetest person in the series.
  • Manatsu Tomosato from Kaiju Girl Caramelise is a rich girl who lives in a big mansion with a walk-in closet full of nice dresses and monster costumes and has many servants resembling Ultraman at her beck and call. She's also pretty crazy, being obsessed with Kaiju to the point of harboring a Mad Love for the monster Harugon and having her servants ferry her out on speedboats and helicopters dressed like Mothra in attempts to catch "his" attention. She's nevertheless a kindhearted character, becoming fast friends with and a Romantic Wingman for Kuroe (who she thinks is Harugon's "priestess") despite the latter being shunned by their other classmates.
  • Tsumugi "Mugi" Kotobuki in K-On!. Her family owns the music instrument business that the group regularly shops from, a yacht, and at least three summer homes, with the two smallest ones being immense and gorgeous. In spite of this, she's very kindhearted, always serving tea and cake every day when they meet and gets them huge discounts from the music store. She's shown several times to be eager to feel part of the group such as mixing her fries with the others at a fast-food restaurant (a sign of acceptance in Japanese culture) or asking Ritsu to hit her (she felt that the physical altercations Ritsu had with Mio were a sign of their closeness). She's also eager to try out the places of "the common man", like fast food or the local hardware store.
  • Macross:
    • Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Lynn Minmei doesn't appear to let her fame go to her head, and remains pretty down-to-earth. After the war's conclusion, she is known for giving charity concert tours to keep the people's morale up, even when the only payment they can offer is a few bags of groceries. That said, she's human enough to get frustrated and pull a 10-Minute Retirement.
    • Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome is popular, beautiful, rich, and she's used to being showered by adoration. On the other hand, it's clear that she always puts her fans first, and wholeheartedly encourages Ranka Lee to become a singer. Even when the latter's popularity begins to eclipse her own, she rarely shows any resentment toward Ranka, and the two remain good friends and often perform joint concerts together.
  • Umi Ryuuzaki of Magic Knight Rayearth is the token 'Rich Girl' of her team, but aside from her short temper and justifiable occasional emotional outbursts and whining (being whisked away to another world against her will will do that to her), she really never flaunted her riches and instead came off as a solid, caring and compassionate teammate for her less-financially-fortunate friends.
  • Meiko Akizuki from Marmalade Boy is a warm-hearted girl from a wealthy but troubled (and broken) family, is a member of the literature club and the student council of her school, and is usually there for Miki's support when she's at her lowest points. And in the anime, she single-handedly finances her and Miki's trip to America as a repaying of her support and to rekindle her relationship with Namura.
  • Karin from Medabots is the heiress to a family fortune, but she enjoys cleaning the school as a hobby, and because her butler keeps packing a 10-course meal, there's always plenty of food leftover, so she keeps sharing it with her classmates. She's also a Medafighter, but of a Medabot called "Neutranurse", whose specialty is healing! And to top it off, in terms of Karin's general demeanor she is one of the sweetest people in the series—sweet enough, in fact, that she's never actually lost a Robattle because nobody wants to beat her.
  • Momo Yaoyorozu of My Hero Academia comes from a wealthy family. She is kind, well-mannered, and ready to lend her classmates a hand even as she struggles with confidence issues of her own. At her very worst, Momo is Innocently Insensitive, making comments that exploit her wealth while oblivious to how much greater it is relative to everyone else. Fortunately, her classmates realize she isn't trying to show off and she's so sincere otherwise that they can't get mad at her over it.
  • One Piece:
    • Princess Shirahoshi, who may not know a lot about the outside world, but is very kind to those she meets and is willing to sacrifice herself to protect her subjects.
    • Pre-Timeskip, we have Princess Vivi Nefertari. Princess to a desert kingdom, she is one of the most selfless and kind-hearted individuals in the series, even teaching Luffy about the responsibilities as captain, such as humility.
    • Kaya. The sole heir to a wealthy family, but a very kind-hearted girl and a childhood friend of Usopp.
  • Sailor Moon: Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury, the daughter of a doctor, lives in a large house, and can casually brush off one of her mother's diamonds being smashed. She is still a compassionate, friendly, polite girl who wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and help people.
  • Shiika of Sand Chronicles is the beautiful and delicate daughter of a rich and prestigious family and has plenty of admirers. However, she's a good and cheerful kid who likes helping out and making lots of friends - in particular, she's Ann's best friend and worries a lot about her. It's also because of how overprotective her parents and servants are over her that she's very unaware of the more cynical side of life and struggles to cope when she unexpectedly gets herself into bleak situations.
  • Aria Shichijou from Seitokai Yakuindomo is so amazingly rich that her house contains a room made of solid gold, she forgets that regular staircases don't go automatically, and when she invites her friends to see some fireworks she means a personal fireworks show in her own back yard. She's also incredibly sweet and cheerful, with a big smile as her default expression, and happily hangs out with the much less wealthy rest of the cast (along with working as the student council's secretary and taking orders from Shino). She'd be a Proper Lady if she didn't share Shino's perverted sense of humor.
  • Elizabeth of The Seven Deadly Sins, despite being a princess from a powerful kingdom, is possibly the sweetest female character in the whole series. No wonder Meliodas loves her.
  • Mimori Unyuu from Sket Dance is insanely rich (her house is a self-sufficient underground city), and when we see her dad, he spoils her rotten. Despite this, she's one of the nicest characters in the series and is always shown brightly smiling. She's definitely Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense, though...Her idea of a love confession is giving the other party a large sum of money.
  • Yumemitchi from Tamagotchi comes from an incredibly wealthy family, having her own limousine and butler, but is sweet and kind to a fault.
  • Seikan Girls' Academy, the setting of Shomin Sample, is an Elevator School secluded in the mountains where the daughters of the rich and famous are educated to become Yamato Nadeshikos. As such, the entire student body is Spoiled Sweet by design. An Establishing Character Moment comes in the first chapter when a group of girls has their first experience with Kimito's mobile phone. Reiko Arisugawa leans forward and politely greets the person on the other line. When the line abruptly disconnects, the girls wonder if she's ill, consider writing a condolence letter, only for Reiko to take charge and insist they pray that the person on the phone be able to finish whatever business pulled them away without problems.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Gothtopia Bat Family Crossover, the "perfect world" version of Charise Carnes/Daybreak. Her ditziness and occasional sense of entitlement sometimes rubs her crimefighting partner Barbara Gordon/Bluebelle the wrong way, but Babs knows that her heart is in the right place. (In the regular Gotham City, Carnes is a murderous Rich Bitch Vigilante Woman called Knightfall and pretty much Batgirl's Arch-Enemy.)
  • The Marvel Adventures version of Janet van Dyne is the only incarnation to be this from the very start. As we eventually find out, her father owns a major system of laboratories and a tech company to rival Stark Industries, but she's more comfortable with playing video games with Spidey, helping orphans in Africa, and taking out space threats with the Avengers than going to high society parties, and even went masked for the first dozen or so issues because she thought being publicly known as a superhero (something her counterparts in other realities have never had a problem with) would get in the way of her being able to actively do good.
  • Cornelia from the comic version of W.I.T.C.H. is one of these (though in the cartoon version she's just an Alpha Bitch With A Heart Of Gold). She is depicted as having a rather opulent upbringing, but plenty of stories depict her going out of the way for the benefit of her friends, and she's rarely mean to people who aren't antagonistic to her or the other girls first.
  • In Archie Comics, Veronica Lodge's status as this is very much dependent on what the story calls for. Veronica is consistently a Spoiled Brat, Alpha Bitch, or a Rich Bitch. Despite this, she consistently shows no problem letting her friends enjoy her mansion and its amentities, is very very nice to Jughead's little sister, will come to her friends' defence (Even Jughead!), and on occasion is depicted taking part-time jobs just becuase she wanted to find a way to fill her time. This is of course very writer dependent - stories that feature her and/or Betty will often play up her Spoiled Sweet tendences, such as buying expensive clothes for Betty (or giving her ones she "Doesn't need", resulting in Betty getting quite a fancy wardrobe!) or even saving Betty's cat.

    Fan Works 
  • The LDD-fanfic Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Last Time introduces a new character, Caitlyn Freece, a rich but kind-hearted (and somewhat simple-minded) girl who's one of Jess Aarons' old flames, but is content on remaining as friends. When Leslie Burke is revealed to be alive (after her supposed death five years ago) but have difficulties fitting in with the rest of the school, Caitlyn is more than happy to help Leslie re-adjust to life back in society and is frequently shown hanging out with the two protagonists, with the intention of pairing them as a couple because "they're so cute together" according to her.
  • The fanfiction Poppy Playtime: Break Time has the titled character, Poppy Playtime. She is spoiled endlessly by the toys and employees of the toy factory, which causes the tendency for her to throw a lot of tantrums. However, she still cares for them, would do what they ask for, and would go as far to switch to her Girly Bruiser side when she and others get hurt or if Mommy Long Legs crosses her lines. She is also an example of Bratty Half-Pint.

    Fairy Tales 
  • Older Than Print: Kaguya-hime, the Shining Princess from the 8th or 9th-century Japanese Fairy Tale of the same name (or "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter"). Despite her adoptive parents lavishing their newfound wealth on her, she remains sweet and kind, and even though she demands impossible things of her suitors, it turns out she has a very good reason for wanting them to fail: She has to return to the Moon when she's older, so she cannot have any real emotional bonds with humans other than her parents, and even then they can't go to the Moon with her until they're dead.
  • In Pintosmalto, Betta gets whatever she wants from her father, but she doesn't go overboard. When Pintosmalto is abducted, she gives up everything to find him, whenever and wherever that may be. As well, while she is skeptical about the spells given to her by the old woman, she reasons that it is not done to judge the help she's been given.

    Films — Animation 
  • Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. She is the daughter of a wealthy Sultan but is very kindhearted and compassionate. She is sweet to everybody, and her life is shown to be grand and sumptuous, although she somewhat resents her sheltered life, causing her to sneak out of the palace. She gives a hungry boy an apple, though having never had to deal with money, she steals it, getting into trouble. After she's saved by Aladdin, a poor but altruistic thief, she soon falls in love with him, unbothered by the fact that their two social statuses couldn't be further apart.
  • In Fantasia 2000, the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment features an extremely wealthy small girl living in New York City at the height of the Great Depression. Despite having everything money can buy, she's content with simple toys like a rubber ball, and her deepest wish is for her eternally-busy parents to spend time with her. At the end of the segment, her mother and father save her from a potential traffic accident and joyfully take her home, and she's clearly happier with that than all of the luxuries in the world.
  • Jenny Foxworth in Oliver & Company. She has only a butler and a remarkably spoiled show poodle for company on her birthday. Her wealth is obvious and it's clear she can have almost anything she wants, but what she really wants is a lovable companion.
  • Pictured above: When first introduced, Charlotte "Lottie" LaBouff of The Princess and the Frog is shown to have her dad's wealth and influence as the uncrowned king of New Orleans completely under her thumb, and she gets anything she wants. She is a ditz with an obsession with becoming a Princess, but she is a remarkably sweet ditz and is Tiana's best friend. Early in the film she throws a lavish masquerade ball to snare the visiting Prince Naveen and hires Tiana to cook her delicious signature treats to help, since "the way to a man's heart is Through His Stomach." However, when Tiana crashes into the table of treats and knocks them to the ground, Charlotte, rather than get annoyed at Tiana or demand that she bake a new batch, instantly realizes it was a total accident, takes her upstairs and gets her cleaned up by lending her some of her (Charlotte's) own clothing. Before that, she was helping Tiana buy her restaurant by hiring her for the party without haggling the prices of the food. Charlotte's dream is to marry a prince, but she wants Tiana to have her dream, too, so she kisses Naveen the Frog Prince to turn him and Tiana human, even if he will not marry her. Her kiss ultimately fails to turn him human again, but she didn't know that at first.
  • Fru Fru, the beloved daughter of local crime lord Mr. Big, is as spoiled and pampered as they get, but she is always jolly, friendly, and can be considered one of the nicest characters in Zootopia. In fact, she even saves Judy's life by asking Mr. Big not to "ice" her and Nick Wilde, to pay Judy back for saving her life earlier in the movie.
  • In The Secret Life of Pets, Gidget is a female white Pomeranian and she is owned by a very well-off couple who pamper her like a princess, and is one of the sweetest and most affectionate characters in the film.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Cher Horowitz from Clueless is wealthy, stylish, and rules the school with an iron fist, but it's an iron fist tempered with sweetness. She even attempts to play matchmaker to a couple of nerdy teachers. The film is an updated version of Jane Austen's Emma, who was practically the Trope Maker.
  • Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Shallow, rich, beautiful, and fashionable, yes. However, she's also very sweet, fiercely loyal to her friends, and smart enough to get into law school. When she goes to Harvard Law, she doesn't judge the people who in turn judge her and presume she's a walking stereotype of a dumb blonde. She later becomes friendly with several of them.
  • The trope is discussed and deconstructed throughout the whole of Parasite (2019), but specifically in Yeon-kyo, who appears to be the archetypal example. She's very pretty, sweet, kind to her servants...but she (and the rest of her family) are totally clueless about the problems faced by the lower-class people who work for them (and that they're scammers); she lets go of their original housekeeper without a second thought, and thinks she is much more worldly than she is. This gets lampshaded by the family:
    She's not nice in spite of being rich. She's nice because she's rich.
  • Phyllis Nefler (played by Shelley Long) from Troop Beverly Hills is a stereotypical spoiled Beverly Hills housewife who cares very much for the girls of the troop she leads. She is also genuinely heartbroken over the impending end of her marriage and her soon-to-be ex-husband's new girlfriend. When Velda, an enemy troop leader who has constantly put down and sabotaged Phyllis' troop, is injured and abandoned by her own troop during the Wilderness Girl Jamboree race, Phyllis and her troop carry Velda to the finish line.
  • Sandra from Stahlnetz: PSI has hundreds of Euro as pocket money, but still prefers to be nice and friendly, and rescues the other girl by The Power of Friendship.
  • Ursula Stanhope, the wealthy heiress, in the film adaptation of George of the Jungle, who is a sweet, kind woman compared to her harsh, status-obsessed mother.
  • Meg Thrombey from Knives Out is a deconstruction. She appears to meet all the requirements (she's very nice, she views her grandfather's underprivileged nurse Marta as a genuine friend, etc.) as well as coming from serious money, but that's only as long as she continues coming from serious money. All in all, the "spoiled" part of this is shown to ultimately win out with her and when push comes to shove, Meg will put her and her mother's luxurious lifestyle before anything, even if it helps out Marta.

  • Catherine Linton (Cathy 2) from Wuthering Heights starts out as a narrator-identified Spoiled Sweet. Of course, that's before Heathcliff gets his claws into her... She's the only child of Edgar Linton and Catherine Earnshaw Linton, who dies at childbirth, and Edgar is an extremely devoted father. Cathy is demanding and willful and a bit of a wild child. Catherine Linton is also kind, amiable, and gentle. She can be pettish and snobbish, Catherine's generosity and kindness toward Hareton and her love of Linton Heathcliff show that she has true compassion and selflessness.
  • A Brother's Price has Cullen Moorland, the son of a noble family. In a world where boys are almost routinely spoiled because they are very rare (about one boy born for every ten girls), he could be a Spoiled Brat, but manages to avoid this - in contrast to other people of the same social standing, he doesn't look down on Jerin, who is only landed gentry, but is all excited to meet someone new. He has a very happy and bubbly personality and tends to spontaneously hug his sisters when they do something nice for him. He envies Jerin his freedom, having genuinely no idea at all how much work people poorer than him have to do every day.
  • Bride of the Rat God: Christine Flint (aka Chrysanda Flamande) is a rich and famous movie star. While she has aspects of The Ditz and does care about looking good, she's neither vain nor spoiled. She helps her friends and family out, at least in ways she thinks is the right way. This includes taking off the fur coat she's wearing and letting Nora wear it when Christine notices she's getting cold (even though Christine's wearing even less otherwise than Nora).
  • The Crystal Calamity: Josephine Pryce is introduced as the only good member of the horridly rich Pryce family. She is kind, generous, and her Uncle Sam left her the entire company when he died (despite hating the rest of his family) despite only interacting through letters because she proved herself to be a forthright and invaluable business partner even at a distance. And then almost immediately subverted when we find out this is Josephine O'Connor, a Pryce family servant. Josephine Pryce was such a Spoiled Brat that, when she was ordered to send her uncle a letter just to keep up some semblance of politeness, she made her servant do it. Josie continued writing to Sam Pryce for years, building a close relationship with him and helping him run his business. The real Josephine is extorting money out of her because technically Sam left everything to her when he died, even though it was Josie who he meant to leave everything to.
  • Jane Austen's Emma: Miss Emma Woodhouse is an Unbuilt Trope. Emma is a young woman of landed gentry in the position to behave like a Rich Bitch, is spoiled by her doting father and her loving governess, but she also has a happy disposition, loves her family and friends, and treats servants and people of lower social standings really well. She is charitable to the poor but doesn't have romantic ideas about them. She befriends a young orphan Harriet for whom she intends to find a suitable match. However, Emma is prone to attitude: she doesn't consider a young farmer who is in love with Harriet good enough and she actively separates the couple, though she does it with good intentions and her heart tells her she's not being fair. Quite realistically, she cannot be sweet to everyone: she doesn't like Jane Fairfax and really dislikes the insufferable Mrs Elton, but tries to be polite to them. She finds some of her neighbours tiresome but treats them with compassion and respect. She rarely slips and is rude or unkind, but whenever that happens, she repents deeply.
  • Miss Rosamond Oliver from Jane Eyre is a spoilt girl who knew nothing but indulgence from her family, but she's never jerkish or proud to anyone and treats Jane, a poor teacher with little connections, like a friend (even though Jane is a bit distant towards her). At one point Rosamond simply gushes about Jane's education and accomplishments.
  • Sara from A Little Princess. She is a bit clueless about people below her station at first, but she soon develops a very strong sense of compassion even before things all go to hell in a handbasket for her.
  • Being a princess with little knowledge of ordinary life, Sisi, from Slaves of the Mastery, is by all standards quite spoiled, but she also has an incredibly sweet nature and is unwilling to hurt anyone. Then she takes a massive level in badass.
  • Sandrilene fa Toren of the Circle of Magic books is the most wealthy heiress in the Namorn empire, closely related to royalty in two countries, had rich parents who travelled around the world with her having fun all the time, and yet readily befriends those of lower social status, is determined to think well of them, and has such a sense of noblesse obliege that Empress Berenene plays off it in order to keep her from leaving the country out of loyalty to the tenants who work on her lands. Of course, she also has a few Well, Excuse Me, Princess! moments, but they all stem from wanting to do the right thing. Even her foster-sister remarks that she has "too good a heart".
  • In the Chilena novel Martín Rivas, the female lead Leonor's cousin Matilde is a very sweet, naive, and kind young woman, and also the Uptown Girl to Martin's best friend Rafael. When Rafael is revealed to have had a child while in the rebound of the Parental Marriage Veto coming from Matilde's parents, poor Matilde is pretty devastated, but after Rafael's tragic death she bounces back and marries Leonor's brother Agustín.
  • Louisa May Alcott's Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom:
    • Rose Campbell, the main character. In the first book, as a teenager, her best friend is the maid Phebe, who she informally adopts as a sister, and then Rose gives up one of her holidays to help the housekeeper so that Phebe can have a holiday instead. As an adult in Rose in Bloom, she's an heiress but deliberately limits her spending, refrains from conspicuous consumption, and puts serious effort into managing philanthropic enterprises rather than opting for the life of pure leisure she could afford.
    • Kitty Van Tassel is a well-off young lady, happy and cheerful though a borderline ditz. She genuinely cares for her boyfriend Steve and gets along well with everyone, and when Rose points out she's not the sharpest tool, Kitty seeks self-improvement.
  • Lara in Cheri Bennett's Life In The Fat Lane is best described as a failed attempt to create a Spoiled Sweet. Readers are expected to believe that Lara is a Lovable Alpha Bitch, while a character who acts the same way towards Lara after she gets fat is treated as a subversion of same. They both come off as equally condescending. However, it's possible that she's intended to be an Unreliable Narrator.
  • In Artichoke's Heart, we have Kay-Kay, despite being blonde, thin, pretty, and popular, is friendly with the main protagonist, who is subjected to much teasing from the Alpha Bitch of the school.
  • Tina Hakim Baba from The Princess Diaries is another example; she Thinks Like a Romance Novel due to reading them so much, befriends Mia when the latter loses Lilly as a friend in Book One and remains The Pollyanna. She also donates her allowance to Lilly's show, to help fund it.
  • Lady Sybil Ramkins, Vimes' wife from the Watch books of Discworld. Born to an extremely rich family, never lacked for anything, among the most highly connected families of Ankh-Morpork... but an extremely good-hearted, generous woman who opened a (mostly) charity hospital and runs a shelter for sick dragons. She's nice to everyone and still keeps up correspondence with her friends from school, which includes wives halfway across the continent in either direction.
  • Madge Undersee of The Hunger Games is the mayor's daughter, but she's also friends with lower-class people like Katniss and Gale, to the point that Haymitch is suspicious when she rushes through a snowstorm to bring Gale medicine. Katniss' Prep Team, Venia, Flavius, and Octavia, also are unbelievably shallow and foolish, but Katniss cannot bring herself to hate them (as she does most Capitol citizens) because she reasons they have no actual malice in them and simply don't know any better; they genuinely care about her very much and are all three devastated when Katniss has to return to the Arena for the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire. The team goes on to defect to District 13, where, despite being woefully ignorant and ill-equipped for a lifestyle so radically different from the Capitol, they do their best to adjust and get along.
  • The Chalet School books: There's Robin. While Joey does have a tendency to baby her even when she's older and less delicate, it doesn't have a bad effect on Robin's personality at all - in fact, she grows into a kind, sensitive teenager with a strong sense of right and wrong, who acts as a Cool Big Sis to Daisy Venables.
  • Maggie in the Newsflesh series. All she has to do is ask, and her extremely wealthy parents fall all over themselves to give her what she wants. She doesn't usually want a lot, normally being quite content with her isolated house (the parents do insist on a level of security normally associated with Presidents and so on, but keep it out of her way as much as possible), bad movie parties, rescuing miniature bulldogs, and blogging. When her friends need help, she treats them much as her parents treat her, lavishing attention and material aid on them without hesitation.
  • Lissa Dragomir from Vampire Academy is rich but not conceited or arrogant. She is generally kind-hearted and loving. She is also friendly and generous with Rose, while most other royals treat their guardians as servants.
  • Dagny Taggart and Francisco d'Anconia of Atlas Shrugged were born obscenely wealthy, but their fathers taught them both growing up that merit had to be earned. Thus, they grew up never thinking that their wealth or family names made them superior to others and considered Eddie Willers, the lower-class son of Taggart employees, their equal and included him as their playmate in everything as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  • Alice Adair in Super Powereds quickly becomes this. Being the daughter of a Fiction 500 father, she has been raised in high society, although her father was more interested in business than his own daughter, and her mother died when she was little. All her social interactions come from dealing with the servants and others like her. She is genuinely surprised (and, eventually, relieved) that things don't work that way in college. Nick quite rightly nicknames her "Princess" early on and keeps using the nickname after she mellows out. Despite her distrust of Mary's telepathy, Alice makes a genuine effort to make friends with her and eagerly helps her prepare for her first date. She can be pragmatic, such as during the Labyrinth challenge, when she appears to partner with Sasha only to stun her a few seconds later. She does, however, point out that Sasha was about to do the same. In fact, when she joins her father for dinner with another businessman and the man's daughter, she feels a little out of her element, having forgotten the backstabbing ways of debutantes.
  • The Hearts We Sold: Most of the students at Brannigan, a fancy, expensive boarding school, qualify, but Dee's roommate Gremma most of all. She doesn't judge Dee for her financial situation and invites her to go with her on expensive vacations in hopes of cheering her up.
  • In Madicken, Madicken is brought up in a privileged upper-middle-class household, and her family belongs to the upper crust of their small town. But still, she has been taught by her Bourgeois Bohemian father to treat all people the same and has sympathy for the less fortunate. So she's not above being in love with their charming but poor neighbor Abbe, despite that his father is a hopeless alcoholic. And she also defends her poor classmate Mia against the mean headmaster and later becomes friends with her.
  • Lucy Westerna from Dracula as part of an affluent family, is privileged and enjoys all the perks that come with being among the Upperclass Victorian Society, and beloved by everyone who meets her for her kindness and genuine sweet personality, treating her lower-class best friend Mina Harker with the same respect she would show the Lords and Ladies in her lives.
  • The Velvet Room: Gwen McCurdy. She has a gorgeous house and room, has had personal tutors and is intended for boarding school on the East Coast by her mother, has her own horse and piano teacher, and two doting parents. But she's also as friendly, open-minded, and good-hearted as can be, instantly hitting it off with Robin, letting her into her life without reservations, and remains her good friend when school starts despite both her rich friends and the poor children from Las Palmeras Village disapproving. She even has no problem getting down with the migrant workers and pitting apricots when her father suggests it as a character-building exercise.
  • In The Horse and His Boy, runaway Aravis is pressed into staying at the home of her old friend Laslareen, a pre-teen Brainless Beauty in Arranged Marriage to a wealthy older nobleman who spoils her with slaves, fine clothes, and jewelry. Despite being conditioned by Calormen's culture of slavery, war, and oppression, Laslareen accepts immediately that Aravis has run away and does not want to be found, gives her shelter, secrecy, and provisions, and the majority of her questions are Innocently Insensitive efforts to understand why Aravis does not want to be married (to a known abuser) for money and honor. They part on friendly terms, with Aravis specifically noting that Laslareen is a nice girl with nice dresses and deserves a nice life... it's just not for her.
  • Bazil Broketail: Serena lived a sheltered and luxurious life as a princess, but she is aware that many other people are not as fortunate and regrets she can't help them all.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Downton Abbey:
    • Lady Sybil Crawley. Born into tremendous wealth, clearly the apple of the earl's eye and the favorite of her formidable older sister, Sybil never has a mean word for anyone, is interested in social justice and women's rights, and spends half the first series helping one of the housemaids try to land her dream job. She ends up marrying the Irish Catholic and socialist chauffeur Branson, giving up the chance at a life of luxury to follow her heart.
    • Lady Grantham, the earl's wife, is the daughter of a self-made Midwestern magnate, so you might expect her to be charmless, crass, and selfish. Not so: Cora is eminently proper, graceful, and kind, doting on her daughters, showing genuine concern for her servants, and is probably one of the two most reasonable characters on the show.
  • Sheffield sisters Maggie and Grace from The Nanny. They live on Park Avenue with their multimillionaire father but crave affection more than material things. Their nanny Fran helps them see the fun of "simpler" joys like Chinese takeout and horror movies, and they love her in return.
  • Charlotte Grayson from Revenge. Her parents are the richest people around, and she's the sweetest thing ever. She can be wild and have an attitude at times, but the girl has her heart in the right place.
  • Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy. In season 3, she is revealed to be living off a generous trust fund from her doting father. Though she has a rather fiery personality, she is usually unfailingly kind to just about everyone. Except Izzie. But Izzie did sleep with her husband.
  • Jo Grant of Pertwee-era of Doctor Who. She was a sheltered Cloudcuckoolander who only got her job because of nepotism, but she always tried her best anyway. She even showed flashes of competence Depending on the Writer.
  • From the Japanese drama version of A Little Princess, the main character Seira of Shōkōjo Seira, being Nice to the Waiter and always kind and patient to anyone she meets, even those who are rude, cruel, and love to Kick the Dog.
  • Desi Beggins of The Saddle Club is almost, if not richer than Veronica, but according to Melanie and Jess...
    Melanie and Jess: She gives us smiles, hugs and love, she's not like Veronica at all.
  • Snobs: Abby Oakley comes from a well-off family but doesn't consider herself superior to the Ferals. In fact, she's a friendly girl in spite of her mother's position and arrogance.
  • Played with by Love in You. Love is fantastically wealthy but extremely nice to everyone, especially Nice to the Waiter, and genuinely wants to love and nurture people. She's also ignorant of the fact that Joe is a murderer and that he really despises Forty, her twin brother. However, the end of Season 2 plays with this by revealing that Love is capable of murder if she feels threatened, although she won't drop the "sweet" part of it to those she loves. Just don't threaten her perfect spoiled existence.

  • Princess Amneris of Aida is the daughter of the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. As such, she's the wealthiest woman in the country, with legions of slaves to cater to her and an insanely full wardrobe (her introductory song is all about her love of fashion). But despite having everything a young woman in ancient times could want, she's a decent person who treats her slaves, and especially Aida, with kindness. By the end of the musical, she's grown enough as a person to become a peaceful and just pharaoh herself.
  • In The Merchant of Venice, Portia is the most eligible heiress in all of Belmont because of her vast wealth; she's her father's only surviving heir and has inherited massive sums from him. But she's equally kind, generous, and wise—upon hearing that her new husband Bassanio's friend Antonio is in deep financial trouble, she immediately offers to pay off his debts at triple the cost if it means saving his life, even though she's never met the guy. Later, Portia takes an even greater risk by disguising herself as a male lawyer, traveling to Venice, and successfully arguing for Antonio to be freed, just because Bassanio is worried about him.
  • The Pirates of Penzance has the many, MANY adoptive daughters (wards in Chancery) of Major-General Stanley. As the children of a high-ranking military man, they have a life of ease and privilege—in their opening scene, they skip through the mountains while their servants carry a picnic lunch for them. But despite their wealth, they're gentle girls who are more excited at the prospect of dipping their bare feet in the ocean (a huge deal in the late nineteenth century) than lavish meals. The Stanley Sisters also demonstrate a powerful Big Sister Instinct when Frederick takes an interest in Mabel.
  • Mrs Arlington in Caryl Churchill's Owners is described as a very young woman, about twenty, who is well-dressed, well-bred, with the good nature of someone who has never met difficulties or been disliked. Deconstructed because she is as nice as possible, but Lisa, who is forced to lodge in their luxurious house, still thinks Mrs Arlington is insufferable and intolerable. Lisa is jealous of her beauty, her carelessness, and how easy her life is compared to her own family's struggles.

    Video Games 
  • Super Mario Bros. has Princess Peach.note  She's quite attractive, and judging by the fancy dresses she wears, the big castle she owns and the fact that she's a princess, she's probably stinking rich too. However, she's depicted as sweet, gentle, and willing to do anything for her friends, and despite being so pretty and rich, she's in love with a chubby, short plumber. She's also willing to be nice to Bowser fairly often, despite the numerous times he has kidnapped her.
  • Estelle from Tales of Vesperia, who had never left the imperial city (and possibly not even the palace!) and had only read about the other parts of the world, yet when she goes out and sees sick and injured people, her first response is using her Healing Artes on them.
  • Tales of the Abyss: Natalia usually acts princessy around the party, but after seeing the sick people in Akzeriuth, her first reaction is to help them with her Healing Artes. In fact, when Luke suggests that this "isn't their problem," she gives him the same look you'd give to someone who told you that fire is cold. IT is the reason that people of her nation are far more loyal to her than her father, and she is famous throughout the and for her philanthropy.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Deku Princess from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She can boss around her own father and intimidate her subjects like a typical spoiled princess, but she's still a nice girl who went out of her way to brave a dangerous dungeon to cure the swamp of its poisonous water and only lashed out at her father and subjects because they were about to punish an innocent person. She also lacks the Fantastic Racism of the other Deku Scrubs; while they will only let fellow Deku Scrubs into the palace and are implied to be eager to punish the monkey in part for being a non-Deku, she is a close friend and ally of the monkey who also politely refers to Link as "Mr. Link" regardless of what form he takes.
    • Cloudcuckoolander Agitha from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, self-proclaimed Princess of the Insect Kingdom. She's got a lavish house, no day job (she's ten), an Impossibly Cool Dress, and spends Rupees like water — but she rewards Link for bringing her golden bugs, her dear little friends, and appears to not have a malicious bone in her body. You can't help but like her. There is also the fact that she is one of the few humans in the game that isn't afraid of Link's wolf form because she doesn't see a wolf, she sees a very large puppy.
    • Agitha continues to behave the same in her appearance in Hyrule Warriors. Her general mindset towards the war she's ended up in is "everyone's trying their best, so I'm going to try my best, too". Among other things, she helps Lana find the Artifact of Doom she's trying to shut down, reacts to an army of Stalchildren by assuring their leader (Midna) that a butterfly who was flying past them isn't poisonous, and is more than willing to defend a position against Warriors-style hordes because her friends need to be on the other side of the palace. And she doesn't get mad at Midna capturing one of her 'subjects' because she doesn't see an imp, she sees a floating talking kitty.
    • Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Although she's not a princess this time around (what with the game predating the founding of the Kingdom of Hyrule), she's still the daughter of Gaepora, Knight Academy headmaster and de facto leader of Skyloft, with the spoiled and privileged position that would imply. Among the "spoiled" things she has done include throwing a tantrum as a child over Link being able to bond with the unique Crimson Loftwing and pushing him off the edge of Skyloft under the assumption that he's lying about being unable to call his bird. In fact, due to her lacking the heavy responsibilities that future rulers of Hyrule would have, she's actually more spoiled than she would be if she was a princess. She's nonetheless an empathetic character who goes into Bully Hunter mode when Groose is bullying Link and immediately springs into action to explore the various temples on the Surface when informed of the important role she must play in defeating the demonic hordes.
  • Rival Schools:
    • Tiffany Lords is the Dumb Blonde daughter of a millionaire businessman, but she's very cheerful and outspoken and she befriends the Japanese students quite faster than her Jerkass crush Roy. And when she happily hugs Hinata after she and Roy rescue her from Kurow in the Taiyo path of Project Justice, it's so cute.
    • Yurika Kirishima seems to be a sweetheart but is only pretending and is actually The Mole for her Smug Snake brother Kurow. Thanks to a Becoming the Mask process, she becomes the real deal and has a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Nalia d'Arnise of Baldur's Gate crosses this with Rebellious Princess, and as such is listed as Chaotic Good. She is a bit clueless and is by far the least street-wise party member in the game despite her own proclamations of spending lots of time in the streets, but she is genuinely well-intentioned and does try to be nice and understanding to the poor.
  • Bianca in Pokémon Black and White is sheltered by her parents and is a daddy's girl, but she's very open and friendly towards your character and Cheren and is very eager to go out and try new things on her own.
  • Flora Reinhold from the Professor Layton games. As the only child of an eccentric baron, she's the rightful heiress of impossibly cool wealth. She gives it up so that her Ridiculously Human Robot friends won't be shut down, and spends her time traveling around solving puzzles with Layton, who adopts her. She's the series personification of sweetness, and beloved by the rest of the cast; even resident villain Don Paolo has a soft spot for her, volunteering to be her escort in a dangerous situation. She has a bit of a Tsundere streak if left behind, but the implication is that she's just afraid of being left alone, and it's not hard to soothe her when she does get upset.
  • Rune Factory: Sofia from Rune Factory 3. Despite being a rich girl, she is probably the sweetest character in the entire cast with the possible exception of Innocent Flower Girl Shara. In fact, one of the reasons why she started speaking in opposite is so her very weird father wouldn't seem so weird. Another reason why Sofia speaks in opposites is so that she wouldn't have to tell people things that would put them down, such as Evelyn's...questionable taste in clothing that she designs. This is stated to actually be the reason she started so that her lies become the truth.
  • The protagonist of the indie Vera Blanc games is strong-willed and snarky, but doesn't act like her wealth puts her above other people, and after surviving a deadly brain tumor, she dedicates herself to using her talents and resources to help people with unusual problems.
  • Kloe Rinz (alias Princess Klaudia von Auslese) from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a kind, supportive girl who just so happens to be the next in line to the throne of Liberl. She was raised in the palace, never wanting for anything and given the rich lifestyle you'd expect, but as soon as she was able, she ran off to be a normal student at Jenis Royal Academy. She's always one of the first to lend a hand when needed, is a strong White Mage in gameplay, and only wants to take up her duty as future queen because she wants to help her people, something Kloe doubts she can accomplish. In a scene in SC, Estelle assures Kloe that it's because she worries so much that she'll be a great ruler, contrasted with her uncle Duke Dunan.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Nadia Grell, the Consular's eventual Padawan, is the daughter of a Senator. Her dad loved her dearly and was willing to move galactic politics to find help for her (she's the first and only known Force Sensitive of her species). Nadia is aware of this and struggles hard to win the approval of her dad (and the Consular). She is very sheltered and naive, but also generous and kind. Kindness, mercy, and generosity will win ridiculous amounts of approval from her.
  • Elise, in Story of Seasons (2014), starts out as an almost stereotypical Rich Bitch. However, if her friendship events are completed, she grows to have greater respect for farm life and the hard work of her servants and mellows into this trope instead. If the player character is male and marries her, it's in full force.
  • Mii Koryuji from Project × Zone. Despite her hotheaded and selfish demeanor, she's a pretty friendly and cheerful girl and also happens to care for her allies, as shown in Chapter 37 of the game when she consoles Ogami when he thinks the party members died being catapulted into the Tarqaron.
  • Candy from the Richman series is born in a rich family, but she's nice to all other opponents, including the snooty ones. When she buys an island in her ending in Richman 7, she invites all of the opponents to have a vacation there!
    narration: Candy is always everyone's best friend!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog's Cream the Rabbit is the only known character in the games to have a parent alive, Vanilla, and it's stated in a games bio that Vanilla spoils her daughter. Cream, however, is the sweetest, most polite, and gentle girl you'd ever likely meet in this universe.
  • Fate/EXTRA: The Nasuverse's take on Emperor Nero of Rome is a teenage girl who acts this part. Nero is hilariously arrogant, vain, and haughty... but at the same time equally generous and kind, wanting to do everything in her power to see her citizens safe and happy. One character bio describes her as being filled with love for her people... and she doesn't always realize that such feelings are not necessarily reciprocated. This came to a head during the Great Fire of Rome, which Nero wasn't responsible for at all and even organized a very efficient rescue force to save as many of her citizens as she could; unfortunately, Nero then innocently made the mistake of building her personal theatre, the Domus Aurea, over the burnt land, which made her look horrible in the eyes of the people and caused them to blame her for the fire. Her terrible reputation today was caused by her royal upbringing leading her to express her generosity in the worst possible ways.
  • Splatoon 2: Pearl's family is rich enough to have bought her a fully-fledged ship for her sixth birthday and still give her an allowance despite her being a famous rapper in her twenties. But while she has some bratty tendencies, she seems to genuinely care for Marina and never seems to use her wealth as an excuse to treat others poorly or disregard boundaries. Learning about Marina's past as an Octarian military defector only makes her more loyal to her best friend and galvanizes her desire to help other Octolings who want to leave violence behind, like Eight.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: Despite her Condescending Compassion towards non-nobility and non-humans, Lady Paulina Kemm genuinely cares about the people of Arx, hosts regular tea parties to meet commoners and hear their concerns, and is aghast to learn that they're in danger from her own Social Darwinist husband.

    Visual Novels 
  • Kotomi Ichinose from CLANNAD. Her parents are revealed to have been professors who studied the hidden world, she lives in a reasonably big house and is super intelligent, but she is one of the nicest (and not to mention extremely naive) characters in the series.
  • Sonia Nevermind from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a Princess Classic — rich, beautiful, and in line to become queen one day of the small country of Novoselic. She has a few moments of being a Fish out of Water due to being unfamiliar with Japanese culture, and there's hints that she's a Covert Pervert and a Nightmare Fetishist. Even so, Sonia is unfailingly polite and nice to everyone, even taking the role of The Heart late in the game by leading the other students into holding onto hope in the face of the Big Bad trying to make them all succumb to despair. Sonia's role as The Heart and her kindness even helps her in another way: the only way to escape the Killing Game is to literally get away with murder or to survive until the countdown ends. And since Sonia's so sweet and polite to the other students, nobody wants to kill her. Indeed, Sonia survives the events of the Killing Game and escapes, even making a cameo in Danganronpa 3 where she retains her kindness to keep the newest victims' spirits up.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
    • Desiree DeLite is set up as a Thrill Seeker, Badass Biker and shopaholic who her Shrinking Violet husband Ron worries would leave him if she ever found out that he had been stealing to support her shopping habit, especially since she has a deep disdain for criminals as a result of a traumatic experience that, coincidentally, turned into their Meet Cute. However, Desiree truly does love him just as much as he loves her, to the point of breaking into Luke Atmey's detective agency office and stealing a piece of evidence that would get Ron freed of thievery charges. She also isn't the least big angry at him when she learns that he's been moonlighting as a high-stakes thief, because he eventually came clean and was never doing it out of malice. He didn't even enjoy stealing at all, he only did it to make her happy.
    • Regina Berry is similar. She's been raised to be so sheltered that she doesn't understand the concept of death and is so beautiful that Even the Girls Want Her, but she's very kind to everyone around her. Unfortunately her naivete leads her to do cruel things without knowing what she's done.

    Web Comics 
  • Homestuck:
    • Feferi Peixes is the heir apparent to a violent intergalactic civilization, and her lusus is a telepathic Eldritch Abomination that's bigger than most cities. The Blue-and-Orange Morality of her species dictates she should, therefore, become a ruthless conqueror like the Condesce, but she plans to reform society to become equal and abolish the Fantastic Caste System. All of her friends are technically beneath her, but she's nevertheless near constantly friendly and cheerful towards them being Eridan's Morality Pet and, briefly, Sollux's girlfriend. She even manages to convince the eldritch Horrorterrors to create a safe afterlife for her and her dead friends in Sburb.
    • Downplayed with Jane Crocker. She's the heiress to the Betty Crocker corporate empire and plans to stop their more unsavory business practices, but otherwise lives a normal, suburban, middle-class life. She's also unfailingly friendly and kind, until her time playing Sburb starts seriously affecting her. The trope seems to run in the family: her grandfather eschewed his fortune to become a renowned comedian, and since Betty Crocker and the Condesce are the same person, she's technically Feferi's niece.
  • Hanners from Questionable Content - she has billionaire parents but has her own job and rarely takes advantage of their money or influence; when she does it's generally for something nice or at least well-intentioned. In fact, she is appalled at many of the things her own mother (a Corrupt Corporate Executive who wouldn't be out of place as the villain in a James Bond film) does just because she can.
  • Marina Carniero from X Dragoon is from an extremely rich and well-connected family and has her own gigantic RV. While she is somewhat shallow and manipulative, she is also loyal and helpful to her friends. She is especially so to Renata, who was helpful and friendly to her without knowing who she was.
  • Alice of Alice and the Nightmare has been raised in seclusion as a protegée of country's immortal ruler, provided with everything (apart from people her age). However, she is extremely nice to everyone, instantly accepts Edith, even though Edith's not supposed to be there, and Alice stands up to Fantastic Racism directed at her new friend.
  • Philomena Vasillia of Never Satisfied comes from one of the two richest, most-entrenched families in the city. She's also the sunniest character in the main cast, and the majority of the times she hurts others are out of obliviousness.
  • Fiona Fennec in Kevin & Kell, once she earns millions fixing the Y2K bug. When she found out her giant mansion was blocking the sunlight and endangering her neighbor's house (which included her boyfriend), she tried hard to find a solution to it over her parents' objections, and later bought Kevin's company to save it from his evil ex. She eventually loses all her wealth due to poor stock decisions, but the only thing she worried about was the very reasonable thought 'how will I pay for college now'.
    • Once she was adopted by R.L. in Angelique's marriage, Gweneth, one of her skunk stepchildren, qualifies as well. She even sometimes acts as a Morality Pet for her otherwise-wicked stepmother.

    Web Animation 
  • Barbie plays this up to Parody Sue levels in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. She has a giant dream-house with an exaggerated walk-in closet that stores thousands of clothes. Still, she's very friendly and sweet and everyone loves her, except for Raquel.

    Web Videos 
  • Emma Approved: Emma Woodhouse was born into tremendous wealth, she's doted on by her father and adored by her older sister and family friends. She wants to make other people happy, and she's charming when doing it. She's just not ready to understand what concretely makes them happy, because she's too spoiled and shallow to get into the depths of it.

    Western Animation 
  • Arcane: Caitlyn grew up in one of the most affluent and influential houses in Piltover. As she grew up there was not a single thing she would need to want for, to the point that she legitimately needed to ask if she had won a contest fair or if her parents had paid off the other contestant. All that and the career she chooses for herself is that of a lowly Enforcer, something her parents greatly disapprove of, though mostly because of the danger. Throughout the show, it is shown time and again that what Caitlyn desires most is to help people, and unlike some other characters with the same sentiment, Caitlyn manages to hang on to her morals. In the end, she is probably the most purely selfless person in the whole show.
  • As Told by Ginger:
    • Courtney Gripling came off as a spoiled sweet girl from the pilot episode. Courtney is a very friendly, nice person, and can be pretty quick to include the "unpopular" girls in whatever she's doing at the time. Though she's a self-proclaimed "snob", she's actually very nice. A lot of the time she's a better friend to Ginger than her so-called "BFF" Dodie, and it was usually Courtney's friend Miranda who egged her on toward more Alpha-Bitch-like deeds as well as just just not knowing what she said was insulting.
    • Macie is shown to live in quite a spacious house with a pool and plenty of comforts, being the daughter of two prominent psychologists. She's very shy and awkward but essentially good-natured and a much better friend to Ginger than Dodie.
  • Jasmine in Aladdin: The Series. She's one of the only two Disney Princesses who grew up as a princess (the other being Ariel). Her life is especially shown to be grand and sumptuous, and she is sweet to everybody. She regularly comes to Aladdin's defense when other elites insult his low origins, reminding them he's her fiancé.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Princess Yue is extremely kind, despite her position as the daughter of the Northern Water Tribe's chieftain (and being the polar opposite of Eska, who is the chief's daughter in The Legend of Korra.)
  • Most of the female cast of Beverly Hills Teens are all rich and can buy anything. Larke is the kindest and most willing to help others, with the other girls showing it to various degrees (Bianca showing the least).
  • Sissi in Code Lyoko, if given the chance (usually in dangerous, XANA-induced situations), and hopefully she'll stay that way in the end once the main group makes her their friend. As shown in the third season premiere/origin episode, she in fact started as one of these before the other kids in the group (particularly Ulrich) blew her off when she threatened to blow the whistle on Lyoko (out of concern rather than malice). She then became the Alpha Bitch out of spite. Later she gradually reverted back to Spoiled Sweet.
  • Apple White of Ever After High is incredibly polite and cheery to everyone, even the "villain" in her Fairy Tale, Raven Queen. She doesn't even flip out at Raven when she endangers the very fabric of their existence.
  • Amy Wong from Futurama; her parents own half of Mars (the good half), but she's very nice and friendly with the Delivery Express crew, in addition to being a ditzy klutz who always dresses like it's laundry day.
  • Goldie in Goldie Gold and Action Jack is "the world's richest girl", but she doesn't hesitate to help others (particularly if it means also stopping bad guys). She's even willing to pay for things before asking Jack to (but has to anyway, since she forgets to bring cash with her).
  • Sarah Whitney, the main character of Horseland. Unlike the other rich girls (sisters Zoey and Chloe Stilton), she believes making friends are more important than wealth. She even says this in the first episode.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Princess Cadance, the God Empresses' niece, is one of four known Winged Unicorns, and one of the nicest ponies in Equestria. The real one, that is; it's rather odd that no-one but Twilight (whom she used to foalsit) noticed something was up when she was replaced by a bitchy Changeling.
    • Princess Celestia. Immortal God Empress of Equestria, revered by the entire population, lives in a fairy-tale palace surrounded by snobbish nobility. She takes the time to come to Ponyville for a social gathering in a local bakery (and playfully teases the proprietors to break their tension when they work themselves into a tizzy over her), joins Twilight and her friends in a doughnut shop after they ruin the Grand Galloping Gala, and grants crown land to a family of traveling seed merchants merely because they looked worn out from their itinerant lifestyle.
    • Minor character Zippoorwhill from "Filli Vanilli". She wears a Cool Crown and wants the most popular band to perform at her cutecenera (a coming-of-age party that had previously only been celebrated by a Rich Bitch character.) Yet the present she loves most is the puppy she got from an animal shelter and even Fluttershy describes Zippoorwhill as sweet.
  • Scooby-Doo: Daphne was made into one of these in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. While she was kind of a Spoiled Brat sometimes, Daphne still was loyal to her friends when needed, and would sometimes use her money to help with cases.
  • Kaeloo: Eugly the rabbit, despite being extremely rich, is an extremely nice character who tolerates the horrible people around her and rarely ever gets mad, as opposed to her twin sister who is a Spoiled Brat.
  • The Kids from Room 402: Jordan. She lives at a Big Fancy House (fancy enough to have a bowling lane and two pools - one inside and another one outside), has a butler but never shows off or belittles other people. In fact, she hides her wealth from her friends out of fear of how they'll react.
  • The Legend of Korra has Asami Sato. Despite her wealthy background, she is very polite and generous, allowing Mako and Bolin to stay at her mansion when the Pro-Bending arena is closed following the Equalist attack. Ultimately, Asami actually sides against her father, who is working with the Equalists, because she wants to do the right thing.
  • Lindsay from Total Drama is one of the nicest characters in the show, which makes the times she's pushed too far all the more awesome.
  • The three protagonists of Totally Spies!: Sam, Alex, and Clover (especially the last), the crime-fighting heroines of Beverly High.
  • Stella from Winx Club is a princess. She's very rich and popular amongst her people. She's also a real sweetie towards her friends. Even in her worst moods she never belittles others for not being royalty.
  • Kimiko from Xiaolin Showdown—her father is a major video game developer in Japan, but despite her wealth (which is mainly shown through her endless parade of gadgets and constantly changing hair color/style), she's kind, gentle, and willing to fight the forces of evil without hesitation. Besides, she has to be super sweet not to have killed Raimundo or Omi for that matter.
  • In contrast to the Spoiled Brat Chloe Bourgeois, Adrien Agreste from Miraculous Ladybug is almost her opposite. Despite being born into a rich family living in a Big Fancy House, being the son of famed Fashion Designer Gabriel Agreste, and also being a model heavily desired by all of the teen women in Paris, Adrien himself is selfless, compassionate, and considerate of others, enough to be chosen as the wielder of the cat miraculous.
  • Caitlyn Cooke of 6teen is from a rich family and had expensive shopping tastes before her parents cut her off. She's also probably the nicest of the six teens, as well as very cheerful and friendly. Her former best friend, Tricia, is the exact opposite.


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