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Also has the best figure, best smile, smells nice, we could go on...

"Kristine Sanchez, the most popular girl in school with over two thousand followers. She's stylish, she's tall, she never sweats in gym class. And the worst part is, she's actually really nice."
Hailey Banks, Hailey's On It!

She's the most popular girl in school. She's beautiful, fashionable, a social butterfly, maybe even with a rich family and lots of cool stuff. Every girl in school envies her, and every guy (and maybe some of the girls) wants to bang her. Now, according to the laws of High School Fiction, a girl like that must be a backstabbing Alpha Bitch who guards her status with an iron fist and ruthlessly bullies the losers.

Well, not this time.

The Class Princess is actually a genuinely nice person, who is admired for her compassion and friendliness as well as looks and charm. Instead of mocking those lower on the Popularity Food Chain, she treats them with empathy and respect. Sometimes, although rarely, she will even let a less popular girl join her Girl Posse, helping boost the chosen one's own reputation.

If the Princess ever does say anything offensive, she's being Innocently Insensitive rather than intentionally cruel. If she is a cheerleader, she will be more like the Pom-Pom Girl and less like the vicious, vindictive types most cheerleaders are portrayed as.

Sometimes the Princess will come under suspicion from a Wrong Genre Savvy type who assumes she must be hiding a vicious side to better manipulate people. But they're wrong; the sweetness in genuine. Sometimes she will have a Beta Bitch who is actually more like a traditional Alpha Bitch than she is, or she'll date the Big Jerk on Campus before realizing just how awful he is.

If from a rich family, she's likely Spoiled Sweet. But this trope differs from the Ojou, either, whose defining traits are wealth and an aloof personality, and whose presence doesn't require a school setting.

A sub-trope of School Idol, along with her gender-flipped counterpart, Big Man on Campus, who if more popular than her will likely show her a tremendous amount of respect. The opposite of Alpha Bitch, who is popular through fear and manipulation rather than actual admiration from her peers, and may consider her a worthy adversary. Is different from Lovable Alpha Bitch, who is equal parts lovable and bitchy but with some Character Development can become one, while the Class Princess is a mostly kind person who is still admired by her classmates.

Examples of this trope:

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Yukiko Kanzaki from Assassination Classroom is a nice, elegant girl whom everyone considers beautiful and is popular among boys because of her looks (to the point of attracting thugs) and pleasant personality. However, she possesses a rebellious side where she goes against her father's wishes and can also kick ass if she wants to. In fact, this rebellious side is what landed her in E Class in the first place, since her constant visits to arcades caused her grades to slip.
  • Attack No. 1: Kozue Ayuhara is very popular due to being the school's star athlete, and she also excels academically. Aside from her mild Sugar-and-Ice Personality in the beginning, she is generally humble, polite, and reasonable, even gaining the respect of people who initially are hostile to her. She also never brags about being The Ace of the volleyball team, but she encourages her teammates instead.
  • Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun has Mio Odagiri who's widely loved by everyone in school and is deemed the prettiest girl among first-years. She's referred to as a school idol and has a very kind personality along with her cute looks. This causes the self-conscious wallflower Moka to compare herself with Odagiri in terms of who will win Aoyama's heart.
  • Danganronpa 3: Chiaki Nanami is the Class Representative of Class 77-B and a complete sweetheart who is unanimously beloved by her classmates due to her efforts to bring them together as a group. Even Fuyuhiko and Hiyoko are shown to be fond of her, and she’s the only member of the class who seems fond of Nagito. Unfortunately, this makes Junko decide the best way to make the rest of the class as obsessed with despair as she is is by combining the effects of Ryota’s brainwashing video with live footage of Chiaki getting tortured to death.
  • Destroy All Humankind. They Can't Be Regenerated.: Emi Sawatari is known by the entire school as a polite, beautiful honor student who always ranks first place in each exam. While she is admired by most of her grade and treats everyone (except her rival Hajime) with kindness, her efforts breed some jealousy among a few of her classmates.
  • Good Day to You, How About a Game?: Chise Kannami is introduced surrounded by fawning admirers begging to eat lunch with her and is nicknamed "Chise the Goddess" by her class. Despite that, she's actually a puppy-like goofy Genki Girl who becomes fascinated by Mahjong when she spies aloof loner Sae Kitoaji playing it on her phone.
  • Tsubame from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is near the top of her class academically, is considered one of the school's top three beauties, and is adored by pretty much everyone. She also doesn't seem to have a single mean bone in her body, is the first person outside of the student council to befriend Ishigami, and helped the similarly unpopular Osaragi and Ryugu in the past. That said, she can be somewhat indecisive, and has a string of bad relationships behind her because of her looks.
  • Kodocha: Sana Kurata's career as a well-respected, if ditzy and attention-seeking child actress earns her this title at her elementary school (and later middle school) because of her friendly, cheerful, determined and nurturing personality. She's even capable of bringing out the good side of some of the worst people, such as her former enemy, best friend and future boyfriend, Akito Hayama.
  • The titular Komi Shouko from Komi Can't Communicate pretty much becomes the school idol from Day 1 to the point where everyone in her class but the protagonist Tadano Hitohito seriously considers giving her the title of God instead of Class President. While she is genuinely sweet, however, she's actually extremely timid and ironically has difficulty making genuine friends because of this.
  • My Deer Friend Nokotan: Koshi is adored by everybody at her school for being a cool beauty. She is adamant nobody finds out about her past as a Japanese Delinquent to avoid ruining their image of her.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Female lead Marin Kitagawa fits the trope to a T, being popular for her looks and lively personality and is always surrounded by friends, and she seems to come from a well-off (if not excessively rich) background. Despite this, she's unfailingly kind and friendly to everyone, barring one exception with a guy who tried to hit on her and made fun of the otaku merchandise in her bag.
  • My Hero Academia has Momo Yaoyorozu who may seem stern at first but still checks all of the boxes: she's wealthy, stunning, sweet, and on the top of her class in terms of grades.
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!: Megumi Imae, the Student Council President, is stated to be very popular in part because she's so nice to everyone. She makes it a point to look out for Tomoko, apparently for no other reason than she feels sorry for her.
  • Witch Craft Works: Kagari Ayaka is her school's most popular student, with a huge fan club and all. Much to Takamiya Honoka's chagrin, she sits next to him - because said fanclub is all too willing to assault him if he so much as says a word to her.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics: Betty Cooper is often portrayed as being on the same level of popularity as her best frenemy Veronica Lodge. Although Veronica is more admired for her wealth, sex appeal, and fashion sense, Betty is adored for her sweetness and willingness to help everyone at school. In context, this makes her endless pursuit of Archie kind of depressing, as she could easily get any other boy in school, and instead chooses to chase after one of the only guys who treats her like a spare tire.
  • Bruce Wayne: Not Super: Diana Prince is the most popular girl in school and, while she doesn't go out of her way to befriend Bruce, she is one of the few popular kids never to bully him, is a Cool Big Sis to her sister Donna, and has a couple of Heroic Bystander moments that cause her to consider forming something like the Justice League when she grows up.
  • Crossed: In Yellow Belly, prom queen and cheerleader Katie Weiner is well-liked enough that no one makes fun of her surname to her face and is quick to join the attempted defense of the town. That being said, it's implied that she cheated on her boyfriend once.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the American Pie spinoff The Book of Love, cheerleader and Girl Posse member Ashley is friendly to the geeky characters and gets a Damsel out of Distress moment while stranded on a gondola.
  • Can't Hardly Wait: Prom Queen Amanda is far nicer than her Jerk Jock ex-boyfriend and shallow acquaintances, and is only ever mean to any of the less popular kids in one brief moment that she later regrets.
  • Clueless: Protagonist Cher Horowitz is one of these, forming The Beautiful Elite with her best friend Dionne, Dionne's boyfriend Murray, her friend/rival Amber, and Elton. The movie is about Cher deciding to use her popularity powers for good, taking new girl Tai under her wing and inducting her into their group.
  • Dance of the Dead: Jennifer the prom queen is horrified by all of the deaths during the zombie rampage rather than just being relieved by her own survival. She also isn't embarrassed to admit that she has some geeky beliefs and interests. Her one Jerkass moment is only in a Deleted Scene and is more of a Jerkass Has a Point moment.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Like in the books, Holly is one of the most popular girls in her grade. Unlike in the books, where her personality is vague at best, she's a very nice and caring girl who willingly hangs out with "losers" like Greg and Rowley.
  • The Duff: Jess and Casey are the most popular girls in the school, are friends with a character who would be a Straw Loser in most stories, and are offended by the suggestion that they see her as a Straw Loser.
  • Final Destination 3: Ashley and Ashlynn are popular, scantily-clad ditzes, but they act genuinely kind even toward people they don't know very well and resident Goth Jerkass Ian acknowledges that they've never done anything bad to anyone.
  • High School Musical: Gabriella goes from a loser in the first film to this trope in the sequels. In the first film, she's a pretty, sweet, and smart girl but also a Shrinking Violet with no friends. In the sequels, she's super-popular and outgoing (being the star of a school play and dating the Big Man on Campus helped) but still keeps her kind personality.
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer: Helen is a well-liked cheerleader and pageant contestant whose best friend is a Girl Next Door type. Her sole moment of selfishness and unpleasantness comes in the aftermath of a hit-and-run that she's implied to feel pretty tortured about afterward.
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Purr is described at the start of the film Jawbreaker as the "Princess Di" of Reagan High. Her frenemy Courtney is the more traditional Alpha Bitch, who was pissed off by Liz's reputation of being adored rather than feared. Her Establishing Character Moment is helping a plainer student collect her dropped books. Too bad Liz got killed at the beginning of the movie.
  • Just One of the Guys: Deborah is Rick's Lust Object, the best-dressed and most popular girl in school, and is never seen being personally mean to anyone. While she does date Big Jerk on Campus Greg, she believes that he has Hidden Depths, sometimes tries to talk him out of bullying people, and eventually dumps him after accepting that "You are an asshole." She's also the head of the prom committee and is pleasantly surprised when she's voted prom queen, in contrast to Greg's cocky but justified Assumed Win for prom king.
  • Legally Blonde: Elle Woods has all the basic necessities to be a traditional Alpha Bitch: rich family, leader of her pack, hot boyfriend, and a killer sense of style. But Elle Woods is the kindest, most enthusiastic girl you will ever meet, and she will not hesitate to stand up for others in need as well as herself.
  • Love Actually: Joanna, the daughter of a well-known singer, wows the entire school community with her Christmas pageant solo, and according to Sam, the other kids at their primary school "worship her because she's Heaven." However, she acts sweet and down-to-earth in her interactions with other people.
  • Man of the House: Head cheerleader Anne has a lot of school spirit and says that they have a sense of responsibility to be role models for the community by being cooperating witnesses in Ranger Sharp's investigation. She does act like a Bratty Teenage Daughter around Sharp at first, but this is mainly in response to how stern and unreasonable he comes across in controlling the lives of his bodyguard charges.
  • The New Guy: Danielle is the cheer captain and has her own Girl Posse, but is a lower class girl who is genuinely nice to everyone who isn't a Jerkass, used to be a nerd, and regrets not staying in touch with her old friends.
  • Prom Wars: Diana is the influential head girl of her boarding school, has a Girl Posse, and is rich enough to casually hire a theater critic to judge a competition between high school plays. However, she does care about getting boys to respect women more, is never shown bullying anyone even when they show resistance to her Zany Scheme, and still cares about her nerdy, working-class boyfriend even after their breakup.
  • Safety Patrol: Head cheerleader and valedictorian Hannah is a Perky Goth who starts dating the Straw Loser main character and gets involved in his Amateur Sleuth antics. She and her fellow cheerleaders also stand up to a bully who's harassing Hannah's geeky little brother.
  • Say Anything...: Peerless Love Interest and valedictorian Diane is viewed as aloof by her classmates due to her academic focus, but once Lloyd dares to approach her and invite her to a party, she gets along well with classmates from various cliques and social classes despite being out of her depth.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming: Peter's classmate Liz Toomes is the head of the academic decathlon team and homecoming committee, has a small crowd of followers, and hosts lots of parties at her house. She's also hardworking, affable, and protective of her fellow students whenever any of them are in danger.
  • Split: It's hard to tell whether Claire is this or a Lovable Alpha Bitch (as most of her screentime is spent trying to escape from an insane killer rather than in a regular setting). She is a bit air-headed and occasionally rude, but she strives to avoid being mean or exclusionary, even to people she doesn't really like, such as inviting Casey to her birthday party so she won't feel left out after Claire invited the rest of their class and offering her a ride home after the party.

  • Animorphs: Rachel is a straight-A student, an athlete, and her clothes and hair are always perfect. It's sometimes noted by other characters that she looks like an Alpha Bitch at first glance, except that she's best friends with Cassie (a Granola Girl with no sense of fashion who works with animals), a great fighter, and eventually falls in love with bully-magnet Tobias. She even tells off an actual Alpha Bitch for trying to make a move on her cousin Jake and pushes Cassie to go out with him to the school dance (or rather, informs Jake that they're all going to the dance and he will be taking Cassie).
  • Battle Royale: Yukie Utsumi is a trustworthy, proactive, compassionate, and widely admired volleyball player and student government leader who tries to protect other people during the Program rather than focus on self-preservation.
  • Classroom of the Elite:
    • Subverted with Kikyo Kushida; while she's popular with her classmates for her good looks and friendly personality, she only pretends to be nice to get positive attention from everyone. In reality, she's very selfish and manipulative.
    • Honami Ichinose, the class representative of Class B, is a straighter example. She's admired by everyone for her beauty, intelligence and kind personality, and unlike Kushida, her kindness to others is genuine.
  • Dear Dumb Diary: While the earliest books characterized her as a Clingy Jealous Girl with an implied history of misbehavior, Angeline is generally a sweet, generous person, despite also being the most popular and gorgeous girl in school. The fact she's so kind to Jamie just makes Jamie dislike her even more for being so perfect.
  • Don't Call Me Ishmael!: Sally is a pretty and popular girl who largely hangs out with equally pretty and popular friends. She is also a friendly star athlete with great grades whose circle of friends includes various nerdy characters and a lesbian couple. Everyone is amazed when she starts dating Class Clown Razz and has a positive impact on his personality.
  • Fear Street Seniors:
    • Zigzagged with Trisha Conrad. She's the wealthiest and prettiest girl in school, never looks down on anyone, and invites the entire class to fabulous parties. However, she also has a taste for macabre pranks and steals other girls' boyfriends.
    • Phoebe Yamura is the head cheerleader, and a straight-A student, perfectly nice, and well-liked by everyone except a couple of jealous rivals who bully her.
    • Lisa Blume is really pretty and popular, and, other than being a Deadpan Snarker, she's really quite nice.
  • Fun Jungle: Head cheerleader Violet is part of a clique that is called "The Royals" on occasion but is always friendly and helpful toward the narrator, his nerdy best friend, and the student body at large.
  • Himeko, of Girls Kingdom, is an extremely popular, attractive girl who also happens to be a member of the exclusive Sky Salon, and deputy chairman of the school, but she doesn't let her status go to her head, being kind and polite to everyone around her, and helping a student who was going to be late for the entrance ceremony and thus expelled, by offering to let said student, protagonist Misaki, become her seraph (read: maid, and nowhere near as demeaning as it sounds). Misaki even thinks of her as a queen early on in the story.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry's mother Lily Evans was very popular during her time at Hogwarts and was also described as an "uncommonly kind woman" who was able to see the best in everyone. She was kind enough to be friends with the unpopular Snape.
    • Cho Chang, Harry's first crush, is a popular student, a Quidditch star, and also friendly and polite.
  • Help! I'm Trapped...: Amber is the prettiest and best-liked girl in Jake's grade. She is smart enough to skip a grade (she declines the honor, though), is embarrassed about getting special privileges, and is quick to give bullies the What the Hell, Hero? treatment.
  • I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too: Kaori Hojou, the girl who invites Yuuya to Ousei Academy, has the wealthy background as the daughter of the school board's chairman but is unfailingly nice and kind to pretty much everyone (except the time she rejected Yuuya's siblings, as she investigated their background and was aware of the things they'd done to him). Some students even refer to her as "Princess".
  • InCryptid: James mentions that when he and Sally were in second grade, everyone liked her and would have felt lucky just to touch her hand, although he never mentions if she retained her popularity as a teenager after befriending him. He initially avoided her due to fearing that his status as the class outcast would get him beaten up for talking to her. However, Sally didn't feel that way about him and got into a fight with another kid when she saw him bullying James, who admiringly recalls that she won the fight without even messing up her hair.
  • Allison Monceau of Just as Long as We're Together is shown as very popular among her fellow students, and is very loveable towards everyone, including the protagonist Stephanie and her friend Rachel.
  • Sara Crewe is treated as A Little Princess at her boarding school in the beginning. Not only is she the Teacher's Pet, the other girls admire and envy her luxurious lifestyle. Of course, Sara acts like a little princess, too, being smart as well as kind-hearted. She befriends two outcasts in her class and even the school's scullery maid, Becky, which was unheard of in Victorian times, which is when the story takes place.
  • Catarina Claes in My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! is being called "Saint-sama" (Lady Saint) with full sincerity for a reason. She is blind to social status despite being one of the top nobles in Sorcier, and always gets into other people's good graces. You see that plains-clothes commoner over there, the one being bullied or whispered about by the many nobles at the school? That is one of Catarina's best friends, and Catarina steps in to stop any bullying she notices. What is unusual is that she acts more like a Tomboyish Genki Girl, and completely lacks the proper decorum for a duchess, let alone a potential Queen Consort.
  • Operation Do-Over: Ava is a scientifically-minded Head-Turning Beauty who is nice to Mason and Ty and interested in their projects, even after spending five years hanging with the popular crowd instead of them. She also feels terrible about accidentally being the catalyst for Ty and Mason ending their friendship. After Mason goes back in time, he inadvertently changes history so that Ava starts hanging out with Ty and the popular kids while fitting in well with both of them.
  • Origami Yoda: Due to Jen's popularity, Tommy says that he initially assumed that she was stuck-up, but once he got to know her, she turned out to be very friendly. She also becomes an ally to the team when they start a rebellion against FunTime videos.
  • Sammy Keyes: Bit Character Tyra Estavan in The Dead Giveaway is into sports, community service, and leadership. She beats Alpha Bitch Heather in the election for most popular seventh grader even before the faculty figures out Heather submitted fifty-two fake ballots with her name on them.
  • Slacker: Jordan's Student Body President rival Kelly is a straight-A student, Extracurricular Enthusiast, being the softball captain, Blood Drive Coordinator, Parents' Night Hostess, a National Honor Society member, and part of every other student organization that Jordan and Felicia know of (including the golf team, the art club, and eventually even the P.G.A.). She is also genuinely nice to everyone but Jordan (who suspects that she set up a third candidate named Jordana just to siphon votes away from him), and even they make up and decide to become co-presidents while doing P.G.A. charity work together.
  • Sweet Valley High:
    • Elizabeth Wakefield is as pretty and popular as her twin sister Jessica. Unlike Jessica (a shallow cheerleader with several Alpha Bitch traits), Elizabeth is kind, caring, and studious.
    • Regina Morrow is a beautiful, rich, very popular, and incredibly kind girl who is beloved by the whole school.
  • In The Worst Class Trip Ever by Dave Barry, Suzana Delgado is a good student, a star soccer player, the prettiest girl in class, and has a Girl Posse and lots of other popular friends, but she is generally helpful and sweet-natured.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Dan Schneider: Most of the female leads of his shows are portrayed as pretty, popular, smart, and nice girls who are loved by (almost) everyone.
    • Zoey 101: Zoey Brooks is the most obvious example. She's a compassionate, multi-talented Academic Athlete, and a natural leader who is loved and respected by all the other students. She's usually a helpful and caring Nice Girl, only showing her snarky side towards people who deserve it.
    • iCarly: Carly Shay is a popular Dude Magnet with a successful web show, gets good grades, and is incredibly sweet and friendly. She's also The Heart in her group of friends.
    • Victorious: Tori Vega is an attractive, mature, and kindhearted girl who wins the lead roles in most school plays at Hollywood Arts and usually gets more attention than everyone else (despite being a Naïve Newcomer), but still remains humble. However, unlike Zoey and Carly, she also gets her share of bad luck and Butt-Monkey moments, like being bullied by the Alpha Bitch.
  • Kat is implied to be this in 13 Reasons Why. She dates jocks, throws killer parties, and is generally witty and likable.
  • All American: Layla Keating is the most popular girl in school, has had multiple boys wrapped around her fingers, was the student council president, supposedly a straight A student, and despite being the wealthiest girl in Beverly Hills, she's a sweetheart and a down-to-earth girl. Needless to say, her academic skills granted her the valedictorian position.
  • Bones: One-shot suspect Alyssa Howland is the valedictorian, student body president, and a volleyball player, but got pregnant while seeking Sex for Solace with the fairly geeky Clinton after feeling that her parents were pressuring her into a life she didn't want. Granted, this did inspire a lot of her friends to get pregnant to follow her example, but Alyssa insists she didn't ask them to do that and is working on a plan to give all of them some support and stability in the future.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Alpha Bitch Cordelia's homecoming queen competitors, Holly and Michelle, are Bit Characters but seem to qualify. Michelle is a cheerleader and yearbook editor, while Holly is an athlete and debater. The two of them beat Buffy and Cordelia to tie for queen.
  • Cold Case:
    • Madison Reed in "8:03 AM" is a well-liked track runner and student government member who never has an unkind word for any of her peers except for a drug dealer who has been feeding her mother's Descent into Addiction.
    • In "Almost Paradise," prom queen, cheerleader, and student body president Felicia Grant is disgusted when her boyfriend Cole humiliates a nerdy student with a crush on her by giving him a fake love letter and tries to get Cole to apologize to his victim. She also wants a serious college education and spends most of her flashback scenes trying to reconnect with her former friends. It's unclear if she was always like that or is a former Alpha Bitch who had a Jerkass Realization.
  • Freaks and Geeks: Sam's cheerleader crush Cindy does turn out to be too shallow to have a relationship with Sam, but she's nice to the geeks, volunteers as a designated driver, and is pretty well-liked. Cindy is implied to be less popular than head cheerleader Vicky, who is more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch (by her final appearance, anyway), but Cindy appears far more often than Vicky does.
  • GCB: Invoked when Amanda's daughter Laura is invited to join "The Foxes". She's well aware of how popularity turned her mother into a mean girl. As such, Laura makes an effort not to let popularity change her and to be a nice person.
  • Growing Pains: In "Homecoming Queen", Formerly Fat straight-A student and Extracurricular Enthusiast Carol's fellow nominees (including two cheerleaders) are all pretty and popular people who make Carol feel hopeless and out of place. However, it turns out that all four of them respect Carol for how many clubs she's part of, and feel that they aren't important and popular enough to be Homecoming Queen nominees. The five girls quickly bond and Carol isn't upset about losing to one of them.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: Stephanie Wright from "Tiki Lounge" is a pretty and preppy girl who's had plastic surgery and helps run the fundraising club. She's not very good at fundraising, but she is earnest about it, as she expresses genuine excitement when the club finally does raise a lot of money, even though it involves auctioning off embarrassing photos of Stephanie.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers had Kimberly Hart, a popular gymnast with short brown hair that never missed an opportunity to volunteer. In the Pilot episode, she was more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch, while in the show proper, she was the Class Princess, popular, nice, academically successful (A's and B's) and friendly, albeit blended with Valley Girl traits during the first two seasons. By the third season, the valley girl attributes were mostly written out and she was the most emotionally mature member of the team. Her replacement, Katherine Hillard (an Australian immigrant student) became this eventually in Zeo.
  • My So-Called Life: Sharon is popular, good-looking (one boy says she has the "best hooters" in the sophomore class), a cheerleader, and dating a football player. She's also sweet as pie and friendly with virtually the entire student body, including all the outcasts.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Overweight “Hefty” Hanna was the Butt-Monkey of the Girl Posse before, but after Alison, the leader of the clique, went missing, she distanced herself from her old friends. Over the summer, she lost weight and became gorgeous, taking Alison’s place as the most popular girl in school while still being nice to everyone.
  • Saved by the Bell: Kelly Kapowski is head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and overall Dude Magnet of Bayside High School but she never lets the status get to her head. She's the quintessential Girl Next Door type, both figuratively and literally, as she is neighbors with main character/love interest Zack.
  • Stranger Things:
    • Nancy Wheeler started out this way in the first few episodes of the first two seasons before the main plot kicks in. She's shown to be as caring as she is beautiful, excels in school, is frequently shown studying with her much less attractive best friend Barbara Holland, and at least somewhat popular thanks to dating Steve Harrington. It causes her to be frequently mocked by Steve's hateful friends and is how she ultimately befriends and ends up in a serious relationship with Jonathan Byers after dumping Steve.
    • Season four has Chrissy. Beautiful, popular, a cheerleader, and girlfriend of Big Man on Campus Jason, but also very sweet, even to outcasts like Eddie. Everyone is crushed when she is killed by Vecna.
  • Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries: Before her parents' death, she used to be the most popular girl at school, being attractive, fun, charismatic, a cheerleader, and an honor student who was on friendly terms with most of her peers. Post-accident, she becomes too depressed to keep the same attitude and later gets too involved with the supernatural happenings around town to care much for school.
  • The Worst Witch: Fenella and Griselda are popular girls a year above Mildred. Despite having a fondness for pranks, they are always quick to help out younger students and the more reasonable staff members.

  • ABBA implied in "Dancing Queen", as the girl in question would obviously have to be popular to be the prom queen, and she's described as "young and sweet".
  • The painfully self-aware singer of Saving Jane's "Girl Next Door" describes her rival as this. Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen, a cheerleader, senior class president, beautiful, and undeniably lovely.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • Princess Evangile:
    • Rise Rousenin is the leader of the reformist White Lily Society that seeks to turn Vincenne Private Girls Academy into a co-ed school in order to save it from eventual bankruptcy. True to the trope, she's established to be a popular figure, and treats Masaya Okonogi, literally The One Guy in a school full of girls, as an equal from the get-go, not to mention many of the other girls in the school considered as outcasts for societal and financial reasons. Three of these outcasts — namely Chiho, Ruriko, and Ayaka — end up becoming associates of the White Lily Society thanks to Rise's Nice Girl attitude and provide the manpower necessary to continue the Society's goal.
    • Marika Myougi is the Student Council President of Vincennes and is unsurprisingly very beautiful and very popular with just about everyone in the school. However, she's actually a subversion when she ends up getting Masaya into hot water by performing a False Rape Accusation on him. This interestingly turns out to be a double subversion when it's revealed that she's not only regretted doing the action but was also under the influence of her sole guardian, her grandmother, into doing it. She ultimately makes a Heel–Face Turn and plays this trope straight by the 13th chapter of the story after Masaya saves her life during an Interrupted Suicide.

    Web Animation 
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: While most of the titular popular girls are Alpha Bitches, with the odd Lovable Alpha Bitch like Trisha, there is one shining exception in Amberlynn Weggers. She's beloved throughout Overland Park High for being the kindest, gentlest girl around, to the point where she's a Morality Pet for the other popular girls. Amberlynn isn't the most popular girl, but that's mostly due to the fact that she simply isn't callous or ambitious enough to engage in social warfare with the other characters. Thanks to her genuinely nice and selfless personality, she doesn't really have to in order to have a respectable place on the school hierarchy.

  • Brenda Miller from Jackson's Diary is a pretty, bubbly cheerleader, school musical leading actress, and ex-girlfriend of the Big Man on Campus, who remains warm and friendly to her loser ex-best friend, and is even a Shipper on Deck for her and her crush.
  • In the current iteration of Nineteen-Ninety-Something, Lindsey very quickly becomes this, due to being a skilled cheerleader, and her kind personality to practically everyone, which makes the other popular kids more than happy to displace Jessica, the school’s resident Alpha Bitch as the most popular girl in school, and even starts dating her boyfriend Craig after him and Jessica break up.

    Western Animation 
  • Beverly Hills Teens: Larke Tanner is the most popular girl in Beverly Hills, a part-time model, a talented girl who often wins contests, and her boyfriend is the resident Lovable Jock. She is also a sweet and caring girl, always willing to help everyone, in contrast to her rival Bianca.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Nazz, despite being the prettiest girl in the neighbourhood and a cheerleader who hangs out with the Jerk Jock, is still a kind and friendly Girl Next Door. One flashback establishes that she was friends with most of the cul-de-sac kids even when she was very overweight, implying that her popularity largely stems from her genuinely nice personality.
  • Ever After High: Apple is the class princess in more ways than one. She is an actual princess, the daughter of Snow White, and the expected future Queen. Taking after her mother, she is the ideal picture of a Princess Classic. She's kind to one and all, a natural-born leader, and adored and/or envied by almost everyone at school.
  • Fillmore!: In "Codename: Electric Haircut'', missing cheerleading co-captain Alexis has a kind and selfless demeanor and has always made people feel good about themselves regardless of what clique they belong to. Her coach credits her for getting the cheerleading squad to the regionals competition.
    Coach: The girl was a born leader. And by born leader, I mean popular, loved, and more limber than a $10 pipe cleaner.
  • Bea Goldfishberg from Fish Hooks is adored at Freshwater High as the drama star and leading candidate for queen of the dance. She can get a big head sometimes but is never once mean to any of her dorkier or more socially awkward classmates. In fact, her two best friends are hopeless nerd Oscar and his brother Milo, who is way less cool than he thinks he is.
  • Aimee was a loser in high school on Earth, but at Galaxy High, she quickly becomes the school sweetheart, especially after she's given a makeover.
  • Hey Arnold!: In Lila's debut episode “Miss Perfect”, the girls of Arnold’s class are envious of how she instantly becomes this trope after coming to their school. Lila is as smart as Phoebe, as fashionable as Rhonda, admired by all the boys, and throughout the rest of the series, she’s seen only as kind and sugary sweet, never seen angry at anyone or given any flaws.
  • Kim Possible is not only a cheerleader with a heart of gold, she is badass to boot.
  • The Loud House: Carol Pingrey has been besting Lori at everything since kindergarten and is rather popular. Lori initially believes Carol has intentionally been upstaging her, but Carol is revealed to be quite modest and friendly once Lori actually interacts with her. She has her own share of insecurities as well.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette Dupain-Cheng wins hearts both in and out of her Ladybug mask. She is one step away from fashion design fame thanks to her work for celebrities, and she is always willing to lend a hand to her friends and give even Spoiled Brat Alpha Bitch Chloé second chances. She's even dubbed their “everyday Ladybug”.
  • In the 2000s animated specials for the Polly Pocket franchise, Polly is not only the richest and most popular girl in school, but also has a heart of gold to match her hair and a group of loyal, amazing friends who would do anything for her, and vice versa. Her Class Princess status is the whole reason behind her rivalry with Beth, who is jealous of her and seeks to usurp her as the most popular girl in school.
  • Sofia the First: The titular Sofia is one both figuratively and literally, she's an actual Adopted into Royalty princess, and her kind heart makes her incredibly popular at Royal Prep.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: In "Brittney's Party", Star Butterfly is a literal princess shown to be beloved by the whole student body except Brittney. When the latter doesn't invite her to her birthday party, Star decides to crash it (bringing Marco along for the ride). Of course, part of the reason Brittney didn't invite her seems to be because Star ended up stealing her thunder without even meaning to.
  • Total Drama: Despite the first season taking place at a summer camp rather than a high school, resident Dumb Blonde Lindsay otherwise fits the trope. Lindsay is genuinely popular among the first generation cast, her boyfriend Tyler is a lovable but Dumb Jock, and her best friend Beth is a short, naive, and socially awkward nerd. Lindsay was also a former friend to Heather, originally believing that their alliance was a genuine friendship, with Lindsay even standing up for Heather against the other campers, up until Heather betrayed Lindsay in "That's Off the Chain".

    Real Life 
  • Sissy Spacek was kindly and well-liked in her high school (Quitman High), and was even made Prom Queen, which is rather ironic considering her most famous role.
  • Amy from this article. She was friendly to just about everybody, no matter what clique they were in.