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Robin (Damian Wayne): Who put a hit on me?
Deadshot: Anyone who's ever met you.

There are some characters who are unlikable; they may be a Jerkass, a Villain or even a full-on Hate Sink. Then there are these characters, ones that are so unlikable, so horrible that every single character that has met them In-Universe hates them.

The reason why the character is so hated can vary. It may be because they are such an obnoxious jerk to everyone around them that nobody likes them. They could be a villain who commits atrocities so horrible and openly that everyone, including other villains, is revolted by them. In some cases, the character may even be a genuinely nice person but for some reason out of their control, they are hated by everyone. However, it is more often than not a Super-Trope to Asshole Victim and 0% Approval Rating.

Compare Hate Sink, where the author purposefully makes a character to be despised by the audience — and the two frequently overlap, with the character's in-universe hatred meant to mirror how the audience is supposed to feel about them. Also compare The Scrappy, where nearly the entire audience unintentionally hates a character, All of the Other Reindeer, The Dreaded, Friendless Background, and Even the Loving Hero Has Hated Ones, when a character is so horrible even the All-Loving Hero hates them.

May overlap with Butt-Monkey if the hatred leaves everyone pushing the character around and making fun of them, or Karmic Shunning, if the character's loved ones cut ties with them.. The reason could be due to Once Done, Never Forgotten. Could also overlap with The Friend Nobody Likes and Token Evil Teammate if the Hated By All character is part of a group.

If this character dies, this may lead to And There Was Much Rejoicing and/or Who Murdered the Asshole

If the audience likes them, this character may be a Unpopular Popular Character.

The opposite trope is Loved by All, a character loved by everyone else.

The opposite of Hates Everyone Equally, though the hated character may well be this in response. Alternatively, this may be the main reason why the character is hated in the first place. Compare Cosmic Plaything if the hatred is for no reason.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the Ace Attorney manga, some of the Asshole Victim characters achieve this status, just like in canon.
    • In Phoenix's manga, Robin Wolfe, the victim of the second case invited his arachnophobic employee Eddie Johnson over to his house and tortured him with spiders, ostensibly because of Eddie's bad attitude at work, although Robin's daughter Lira claims he disapproved of him going out with her. Robin manipulated his brother Robert "Bobby" Wolfe by using him as a courier in order to get him out of the way, and it is later revealed that Robin physically restrains Bobby in a chair to keep him out of sight of guests. Robin, anticipating that he'll be prosecuted for killing Eddie after the latter commits suicide, but Phoenix, realizing that Robin is most likely guilty, decides to refuse his request. Robin is so hated by the rest of his family that when he ends up being murdered, practically everyone has a plausible motive for killing him, not just Bobby or the actual culprit Eddie's brother Brock.
    • Marco Swindell from Edgeworth's manga bilks money from the clinic where he was treated, resulting in the clinic staff despising him, although the doctor, who's too nice for his own good, puts up with him. Clive Fortuna, a patient, kills Swindell out of misguided loyalty to the doctor.
  • The Devilman series is filled with evil, loathsome demons who will bring horrid fates on the innocent. Which should tell you something that Jinmen, the turtle demon, is reviled even by other demons for his sadistic personality and utter relishing of human suffering. No one likes Jinmen.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • For most of the franchise, nobody liked Vegeta, and given his arrogant, selfish personality, it's not hard to understand why. He was ostracized and insulted by Frieza's empire for being a Saiyan, and the Z-Fighters could barely tolerate him and spent most of their time insulting him to his face, with Krillin coming right out and saying he wouldn't care one bit if Vegeta died; even Future Trunks, his own son, spent as much time berating Vegeta as he did seeking his approval. As revealed in Minus, not even his fellow Saiyans really liked him, with Bardock outright describing him as a pain in the neck. This has leveled off come Super after Vegeta got a healthy dose of Character Development.
    • Goku Black is despised by everyone, and because Black despises mortals, the feeling is very much mutual for him. It says a lot that the only person that he has any kinship with is his Alternate Self, Future Zamasu.
  • Durarara!!: Izaya is detested by nearly everyone for his awful Manipulative Bastard tendencies and his twisted love for humans that drives him to force people into worse and worse situations for no other reason than to see what will happen. The only reason he's tolerated is that as an information broker, he's an invaluable resource, but that does not mean anyone remotely cares when he's hospitalized after a stabbing or when Izaya is forced to depart from Ikebukuro in the end.
  • Fairy Tail: Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse. Nobody likes him, which is just fine for him because he Hates Everyone Equally to the point that he rampages around destroying homes and buildings, and killing people, for fun. In fact, one of the main reasons why Zeref wants Fairy Heart is to take Acnologia down. If that had been his only goal, there is a very good chance that Fairy Tail would've aided him as they want him gone too. Unfortunately, Zeref also wants to destroy humanity, nixing any hope of an Enemy Mine.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Akito Sohma is a Yandere Spoiled Brat whose actions and extensive physical and emotional abuse of the Zodiac members have earned her the hatred of nearly the entire Sohma family, to the extent a separate faction formed. Unfortunately, due to the power Akito holds as the head of the Sohma family and the God of the Zodiac, there's generally very little most of them can actually do to fight back against her. Even come Another, where she has undergone a Heel–Face Turn and Taken a Level in Kindness, she's not very popular outside of her immediate family, with several retainers harassing her son Shiki by telling him what a horrible person she used to be; one flat-out refers to Akito as "human garbage."
    • While Akito does at least have the support of the older maids, who believe that the head of the family deserves their devotion, nobody likes her abusive mother Ren. A good portion of the Sohma family hated her when she managed to win the heart of the then-head of the family, despite being a maid, and nowadays, she's despised for being an Evil Matriarch who shaped Akito into the abusive Yandere she is today.
  • High School D×D: Diodora Astaroth is a sadistic Hope Crusher who's favorite pastime is getting nuns branded as heretics and driving them to despair before raping and/or murdering them. Just about everyone hates him (even before knowing about the aforementioned pastime), and Issei eventually realizes, and states outright, that the only reason any of the other Devils even put up with Diodora, let alone haven't just killed him, is because he's related to Ajuka Beelzebub, one of the Four Great Satans, and offing him could cause a civil war. Once he throws in his lot with the Chaos Brigade and participates in a plot that would have killed a lot of high-ranking people, what little protection he had disappears and nobody misses him when his boss Shalba offs him for his failure when the plot is foiled.
  • InuYasha: Nearly every named character in the series completely despises Naraku and wants him dead, including his detachments, which are explicitly stated to be spawned from his own flesh. Yes, that's right; Naraku is such a dick that even his own body parts hate him. It's to the extent that when he creates the Infant, a construct of his own heart, he actually anticipates that it will eventually betray him.
  • The Apollo familia in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? isn't particularly well-liked by the other familias due to their completely irredeemable qualities and get the third parties caught in the crossfire of their attacks on Hestia and Bellnote . Other familias are so disgusted that before the War Game they actively break the pact of neutrality; Ais helps Bell train to become a better fighter while Miach and Takemikazuchi abduct Luan so that Liliruca can serve as his body double behind enemy lines.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Golden Wind has Cioccolata, a Mad Doctor working for Passione as a chance to torture and murder people for the sake of it. Even the Big Bad despises him and has at least two loyal members working for him. Cioccolata doesn't even have that, since his only ally secretly hates him and only assists him for protection.
    • Stone Ocean has Kenzō, an egotistical former leader of a suicide cult hated by everyone in the entire prison, even pedophiles.
  • Kengan Omega:
    • Yumigahama is a greedy and smug jerk who took the title of Fang to gain prestige before betraying the Kengan Association to work for Purgatory for money. Obviously the people from the Kengan Association despise him for being a turncoat, but his new colleagues aren't warm about him either, since he often goes out of his way to be a dick to everyone else. At the start of the tournament, Carlos punches him for injuring his friend Jose, while Lolong never wastes any opportunity to badmouth Yumigahama.
    • Akoya's obsession with delivering "justice" and his penchant for using excessive violence in his fights causes him to be treated as a liability by his own teammates, none of whom really want him to be there. When he eventually enters the ring, even those who support the Kengan Association are reluctant to cheer for him.
  • This is the main motivation of All For One in My Hero Academia: he wants to become the ultimate 'Demon Lord', both hated and feared by everyone.
  • Naruto: Almost everyone who has ever met and spoken with Madara Uchiha completely despises him, including his protege Tobi aka Obito Uchiha. Even the Nine-Tailed Fox, a self-proclaimed "living mass of malevolence," finds Madara to be nothing but an insufferable dick. The only people who can actually tolerate him are Hashirama Senju, who was once his best friend, and Izuna, his brother, though Madara did everything he could to hate Hashirama and, in rejecting his assistance, essentially let Izuna die.
  • One Piece: Spandam, the leader of the World Government intelligence cell CP9, is such a power-hungry, incompetent and egotistical asswipe that no one in the series likes him. The Straw Hats hate him for nearly taking Robin away, Franky already hated him for sending Tom to his death, the Marines of Enies Lobby hate him for trivializing their imminent deaths with his accidental invocation of the Buster Call, and CP9 hates him for trying to pin the whole fiasco on their heads.
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero: Malty Melromarc slowly becomes this over time as she commits increasingly depraved acts out of petty spite, For the Evulz, or because a seemingly better opportunity presents itself. Anyone who has allied with her would eventually get stabbed in the back by Malty when she decides they're no longer needed, enlightening them to how evil she truly is. When she begs for mercy, not even her former allies are willing to come to her aid as she already betrayed them (and in Motoyasu's case, his insanity caused him to see her as an ugly pig). Any attempt to correct her behavior instead results in her sociopathy growing worse, and her vile actions eventually cause even her own family (including her once doting father) to declare her a lost cause.
  • A Silent Voice: Due to Shoya's past as a bully to Shouko, everyone has turned their backs on him when Shouko leaves his elementary school. Shoya does make more friends as he redeems himself, though. This makes him one of the very few instances where the main protagonist is this trope.
  • Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs: Alzer Nobles as a group, due to the fact that commoners are so helpless against them, due to tree Crest granted powers, and nobles like Pierre can Kick the Dog all they want without repercussions, as long as the victim isn't a noble.

    Comic Books 
  • Bone: Phoney, by way of being The Friend Nobody Likes. It's said that nobody in Boneville aside from his cousinsnote  respected him due to his greed. Smiley even mentions that the mayor declared a school holiday just so the kids could throw rocks at Phoney. Gran'ma Ben and Lucius also don't care much for him. Thorn is tolerant of him, mostly, but the citizens of Barrelhaven abhor him for his scams.
  • Apart from Harley (and even then, only when their on-off relationship is "on"), Gaggy and Punchline, no one likes or supports The Joker. In any way, whatsoever. Damn near every other member of Batman's Rogues Gallery hates his guts, mostly because not only is he completely sociopathic and unpredictable, but also they are all scared shitless by him. The only reason why he's even allowed in teams such as the Legion of Doom is because of that fear: if they exclude him from the lineup, then chances are that dead bodies will be lining the streets in their name. Trickster spells it out in "Underworld Unleashed."
    Trickster: Great going, Neron, bring in the one guy no one wants to be in the same room with. When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories.
  • Popeye: Almost everyone in town hates Wimpy's guts for his constant mooching. Geezil hates him the most and wants him dead (and he's even tried to kill Wimpy a few times). Popeye, however, usually gets along with him, though even he's gotten angry with Wimpy, like when he [Popeye] paid a policeman to arrest him. Olive also mostly tolerates him (probably for Popeye's sake).
  • Much like The Joker above, The Red Skull is loathed almost universally in the Marvel Universe — both Doctor Doom and Magneto want him dead, for very justifiable reasons,note  and nearly no other villains (outside of his own henchmen) will have anything to do with him. And he is the one villain who will unfailingly get a Heel–Face Door-Slam (assuming he'd ever do a Heel–Face Turn) from every hero anywhere. And that's even multiversally. Protip: When The FREAKIN' Joker wants nothing to do with you, you've gone so far past the Moral Event Horizon that there's no coming back. It's a Justified Trope in that he's not just a Nazi, but was hand-picked by Hitler himself to be the personification of Nazism. And he plays the part with relish and absolutely zero remorse. To further emphasize this, towards the end of the war, even Hitler himself became scared of the guy.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) has Dr. Starline, who, by the events of a Mêlée à Trois between himself, Sonic & company, and the Eggman Empire, comes to be viewed as reprehensible beyond all measure by anyone who has ever had dealings with him: the heroes view him as being worse than Eggman, Eggman wants nothing more to do with him after their failed partnership, and even his own creations, Surge and Kitsunami, hate his guts. The only one shown to have any pity for him is Belle when she briefly mourns his death.
  • Squee: Squee himself, as a part of his bad luck. His mother is apathetic to his existence and his father is actively abusive towards him. With the exception of Pepito, almost every kid he meets bullies him. Johnny is another very rare person who cares about him.
  • Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, and Secret Six have all demonstrated that Cheshire is loathed by nearly the entire world stemming from her dropping an atomic bomb on Qurac just to prove she could and laughing about it as the country burned. That's really not the type of thing any person would be immediately forgiven for. She only reinforces this mindset because she's an Ax-Crazy wannabee sociopath and repeated backstabber, and even the people still capable of loving her (solely Roy Harper and their daughter Lian) are wary of Cheshire and tend to get very depressed thinking about her and what she's done.
  • The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye: Despite being a pretty adept captain, pretty much the entire crew hates Megatron's guts because he's Megatron. In a twist however Skids and Getaway admit to one another that it's actually hard for them to hate Megatron — because his crimes are on such a large scale, it's almost impersonal (One death is a tragedy, a billion is a statistics) and hard to process an emotional response. On top of that Megatron is competent and rational on a personal level.
  • The Transformers: Robots in Disguise:
    • During and after All Hail Optimus, the only ones who seem to like Galvatron are the really battle-hungry Decepticons like Acid Storm, Blitzwing, and Brawl. The Decepticons on the commune hate him and the colonist soldiers view him as a Memetic Loser. Even Frenzy and Rumble (who love killing) decide to abandon him due to their loyalty to Soundwave.
    • In Optimus Prime #7, the President mentions that Jazz is feared and hated by humanity for killing John Powell.
  • In Transformers: Shattered Glass, nobody likes Star Saber, who is considered whiny and useless. Not even Swoop likes him, and he loves everyone (Even his enemies).

  • A Christmas Carol: It's established from the very beginning of the story that Ebenezer Scrooge is universally despised by everyone in London to the extent that in his Bad Future, not one person mourns his death or has anything nice to say about him. Indeed, one businessman remarks "Old Scratch has got his own at last". "Old Scratch" is a euphemism for the Devil — he is unashamedly saying that he's sure Scrooge has gone down to Hell.
  • Mr. Men:
    • In Mr. Rude's spotlight book, it is said that nobody likes him because he's constantly insulting everyone.
    • No one likes Mr. Snooty for his pompousness and snobbery, and they often call him "Miserable Old Snooty".
  • Harry Potter
    • Played straight with Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort. While there are devoted followers such as Bellatrix Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr., the rest of the Wizarding World fears and/or despises him. None of his other "followers" looked for him after his supposed "death" after the first Wizarding War. Most stay with him out of fear or their cause and not loyalty. At the end of the final battle, most of them abandon him. When he dies, everyone rejoices and they throw his body in an unmarked vault in the school.
    • Marietta Edgecombe is shunned by everyone except Cho, including the kids in Ravenclaw because she sold out Dumbledore to Umbridge and to the Ministry of Magic. This leads to Umbridge taking over Hogwarts and turning the Slytherins into her Inquisitorial Squad. The one thing that most of the houses can agree on is that Umbridge is horrible and a tyrant. Thus, anyone that works with her is evil by association.
  • Jack Ryan: Communists on the whole don't do well in this series. However, the extreme-left terrorist community is in a league of its own. While they claim to be leading a worldwide revolution towards equality and justice, they usually have 0% Approval Rating in the communities they're trying to "liberate," and tend to induce Even Evil Has Standards in their Soviet and other East Bloc handlers. The latter fall into two categories — those like Felix Cortez or Dmitri Popov who consider them rabid dogs that are nevertheless useful if pointed towards the West or other mutual enemies, and those like Sergei Golovko or Vladimir Platonov who consider it disgraceful and counterproductive for their service to be supporting them in any capacity at all.
  • The Bourne Series: Medusa and Carlos in the first three novels both qualify: they're violent murderers that are loathed by their enemies and the world at large and have been cut off by the governments that trained them and now consider them an embarrassment.
    • Medusa was a death squad sponsored by the CIA during The Vietnam War, made up of mercenaries, criminals, and old colonial elites, who were trained by and turned loose against their North Vietnamese enemies. The CIA eventually gave up on the program and now considers it an Old Shame, its leaders admitting that the entire project was born of frustration and desperation rather than strategy.
    • Carlos the Jackal (loosely based on a real person who was once the most wanted terrorist in the world) was a left-wing radical who was initially trained by the Cubans and Soviets to fight for them. However, he was considered too dangerously unstable to be kept on the payroll, and instead ended up becoming an independent and for-profit Professional Killer. Like the CIA with Medusa, the KGB is loath to discuss their past with him and would just as soon see him go away forever.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!: Considering that all of her routes involve being exiled or dying, it really shows how unpopular the original Catarina is in Fortune Lover. To wit, even her fiancee Prince Geordo can break off his engagement to her in order to marry the game's protagonist Maria, her adoptive brother Keith cares nothing for her after all the abuse she put him through, and both of them can end up killing her to protect Maria. Naturally, the trope is inverted in the story proper, with Catarina ending up unwittingly gathering a harem instead.
  • Origami Yoda: Harvey isn't very popular at McQuarrie Middle School due to his smart-alecky sense of humor and general rudeness. In "The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee", when he denies that he acts like a jerk, everyone else immediately responds with, "Yes, you do."
  • House Frey of A Song of Ice and Fire are, and quite impressively considering they're competing with the ruthless Lannisters and flay happy Boltons, the most reviled house in Westeros. After the infamous Red Wedding, no one in the realm will ever trust them again. And even their nominal remaining ally, House Lannister, doesn't do much to help when their wedding massacre spurs people to start offing them left, right and center.
  • Bazil Broketail:
    • Porteous Glaves is a pompous jerkass hated by all of his subordinates immediately as he makes them wear outdated leather collars that are very uncomfortable. He only makes himself more unpopular, and turns out to be a cowardly traitor as well.
    • Nobody among his subordinates likes Digal Turrent — neither humans, nor dragons, as he's a tyrant who enjoys punishing subordinates. Their feelings are apparently reciprocated. Fortunately, they all get better eventually.
    • Humans and dragons under Delwild Wiliger's command dislike him even more than Turrent (who, at the very least, knew what he was doing) at first, as he's a Mood-Swinger jerkass.
  • Jaine Austen Mysteries:
    • In the eiplogue to Pampered to Death, Jaine explains that Mallory Francis was so despised that various Hollywood crew members who have worked with Mallory raised a defense fund for her killer that reached nearly a million dollars.
    • It's clear that practically all the suspects hated Dean Oliver in Murder Has Nine Lives. Given he was a sleazy Con Man and was constantly cheating on his wife, it's hard to blame them.
  • Star Wars Legends:
    • The novels do a fairly good job of fleshing out the Empire — and its breakaway remnants — so that we see a lot more of it than just two-dimensional villains. One fairly consistent principle across the board, however, is that nobody, not even mass murderers like Darth Vader, likes or respects the ISB. The organization fades away a few years after Return of the Jedi, as did its parent organization, COMPNORnote , which probably did not hurt the Imperial Remnant's eventual moderation and reconciliation with the New Republic.
    • On the underworld side of things, the Hutts are universally loathed. The authorities have effectively written them off as criminal scum, while the outlaws who work for them consider them an entire species of Bad Bosses. It's notable that despite this, they're far too wealthy and powerful to ignore; those who live in the fringe hate them, but they still take their coin, while various galactic governments have been happy to come to accommodations with them especially if they involve bribes.
    • Neimoidians, similarly, have essentially the same image in the legitimate economy that Hutts do in the illegal one — they're widely viewed as greedy, selfish, cowardly, and dishonorable. The Duros, the species of which they're an offshoot, work furiously hard to distance themselves from them and take great offense at being mistaken for them. And jokes like "how can you tell if a Neimoidian is lying?" "His mouth is open" are apparently long-running truisms for the average citizen.
    • In a less faction-specific example, slavers are widely despised even by many members of the fringe. Possibly the biggest dividing line between people like Han, Chewie, Lando, Roa, Talon Karrde, or the Terriks and the truly irredeemable criminals like Black Sun and the Hutt clans is that the former — despite being drug smugglers, con artists, thieves, and other forms of criminal — draw the line at dealing in slaves. Similarly, the fact that the Empire has taken steps to re-introduce slavery after it was banned for centuries under Republic law is treated, just as much as Alderaan's destruction, as a sign that it's an unforgivably evil government that needs to be brought down.
  • Men in Black: The two Expanded Universe novels that followed the first film each feature a race hated by pretty much every other sapient race in the galaxy.
    • Men in Black: The Green Saliva Blues: The Zahurians, a race of Plant Aliens that look like trees and devour almost any flesh-based species (with the exceptions of those that they use for pollination or transport across the galaxy, or that make them sick if eaten) in their path. A number of races have something personal against them, and come to Earth with the intention of destroying the batch that's recently arrived, forcing the MiB to repel them while trying to hunt down and destroy all the Zahurian invaders.
    • Men In Black The Grazer Conspiracy: The Golgotha, or Grazers, are one of the most hated races in the galaxy (one species in particular refers to them as "Those-Who-Eat-And-Are-Worthless"), and when a man disguised as one of the MiB (acting on behalf of a disguised Florian, whose species is also hated by just about everyone because of their criminal tendencies) invites all the Golgotha to Earth to eat, this offends and outrages most sapient species in the galaxy to the point where they head for Earth to destroy it. Fortunately, the MiB are able to stop the prospective attack.

  • The titular Earl of The Chicks song "Goodbye, Earl". An abusive, white trash scumbag that no one spares a thought to after he goes "missing" following his abused wife and her best friend poisoning him and dumping his body in the woods.
    Well, the weeks went by and spring turned to summer and summer faded into the fall
    And it turns out he was a missing person who nobody missed at all

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Disco Inferno/Disqo had eventually become this during the latter days of WCW. When not only the entire roster (Including his Filthy Animals stablemates), but even WCW employees are looking for a way to hopefully get you fired, you know you are this.
  • Ever since he's turned against his father, Dominik Mysterio is despised by everyone save for his Judgement Day allies (And even that, according to Edge, is questionable). It doesn't help that he has become a Smug Snake Boisterous Weakling who hides behind his allies and seems to be hell-bent on making his father's life hell to the point where Rey actually considered quitting rather than placing his hands on his son.

  • Things Bob Is Not Allowed to Do on TV Tropes: Part of the main concept of the game is that absolutely nobody likes Bob, with his constant antics causing terrible things to happen to everyone involved by and getting in the way of doing actual work.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Ars Magica: People and animals instinctively dislike and distrust most people with the Gift of magic. Those with the flaw "Blatant Gift" have it so bad that most strangers want nothing to do with them and might try to run them off; if they want to visit a shop or inn, they'd better keep a low profile and have someone else do the talking for them.
  • Warhammer: Nagash is despised and feared by literally everybody in the setting, all thanks to being responsible for being a horrendously vile and depraved monster who bought about the end of Nehekhara, cursing both the Tomb Kings and the Vampires to their problematic circumstances, attempting to end the world on multiple occasions and being a raving sadist who enjoys tormenting others for sick gratification. The main reason he even has followers is that he's a master of necromancy and thus holds control over them. When even Malekith hates Nagash for how evil he is, that's saying something.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons, Tharizdun, god of entropy, decay, and destruction, is despised and opposed by every god who's ever heard of him and knows what he is, and it's noted quite frequently that if he ever got out of his prison dimension, every other god would immediately put aside all rivalries and join hands to stop him. This is largely because he's an Omnicidal Maniac, and his list of targets has no exceptions whatsoever—even the most evil of gods has to admit that they're rather fond of continuing to exist. He does have mortal worshippers, but the vast majority of them aren't actually aware they're worshipping him, and think they're praying to a different being with a more beneficial or relatable ethos than "kill everything, including my followers." Genuine, dyed-in-the-wool Tharizdunites are vanishingly rare for a god of his power, and are generally the most extreme of Straw Nihilists.

  • Mrs. Boyle in The Mousetrap spends most of her time on stage pissing and moaning, coming across consistently as a reactionary, entitled, elitist, obnoxious, and just generally unbearable person. Almost every single character in the play expresses their displeasure of her in the first act, and then after she's murdered, literally no one expresses any sort of sorrow or grief on her behalf. Indeed, if it wasn't for the "three blind mice" motif leading to a high chance of another death, there wouldn't be much of a mystery because it would be hard to care who killed her.

    Visual Novels 
  • Danganronpa:
    • Nagito Komaeda in the second game has this relationship with everyone except possibly Hajime, because he's completely open about how his insane hope obsession lead him to outright support the Killing Game; he got Teruteru and Byakuya killed by trying to make the first move (though he intended for himself to be the victim), and he outright states that he'll help murderers get away with their crimes (leading to everyone else's deaths) if it means that their hope is stronger. Everyone's negative opinion of him is cemented when he gets Chiaki killed in chapter 5.
    • V3 has Korekiyo Shinguji post-chapter 3, and Kokichi Oma in chapter 5. The former gets it for being a creepy incestuous serial killer who even disgusts Monokuma, and the latter for his actions during the 4th chapter, in which he manipulated Gonta into killing Miu, which essentially meant that Kokichi got away with murder and the class had to execute the kind and gentlemanly Gonta for something he didn't even remember.
  • Super Danganronpa Another 2: Nobody enjoys being in Mikado's company. That's what he gets for openly being the mastermind.

    Web Original 
  • Dream SMP: Absolutely no one likes Schlatt, thanks to him being a petty, tyrannical President Evil and Control Freak on top of being a massive asshole; even his own allies despise him, with his Vice-President and ex-fiance Quackity shooting him after having enough of his abuse, and literally everyone else in his cabinet (excluding George, who's absent from the story) is a spy working against him.
  • Epithet Erased: Martin Blyndeff is pretty much despised by everyone he either meets or interacts with because of his irresponsible behavior as a selfish man-child, with even his own children growing to despise him.
    • According to the Eye Catch, the teachers draw lots for PTA meetings, and he's the short straw. This heavily implies that Martin is unpopular with teachers and fellow parents at his daughter's schools, "Prison of Plastic" confirms that one of his daughter's teachers dislikes him for his irresponsible behavior and calls Social Security on him for concern for his younger daughter.
    • In Epithet Erased: Prison of Plastic, everyone is frustrated by his antics, with him being the only one who thinks his habit of never remembering Phoenica or Trixie's names is funny. Naven is described as "[wanting] to die" while interacting with Martin and has even called child protection services on him at least once. Giovanni ends up hitting him over the head with a bat and declaring Martin to be his greatest nemesis. When Molly hears about this as Giovanni "kidnaps" her, she's more amused than concerned that Giovanni hit her dad.
    • Both of Martin's daughters, Molly and Lorelai, grow to despise him as well; it was heavily implied that he was much closer to them and a much better parent when his wife was alive, but after her death and him pretty much ignoring it and his selfishness and immaturity growing worse this caused his relationship with his daughters to deteriorate.
      • Molly gets the brunt of his selfishness with her having to work in the family toy store at night because he was not willing to do any work after his wife died, with Molly being overworked and underfed because he is unwilling to be in a responsible adult and dad towards her. He would often put pressure on her to work at the shop and would talk out of doing his shift at the store by justifying it by saying that he had punched his parent's card. At his best, he embarrasses his daughter with unwanted attention with his embarrassing behavior; at his worst, he has no care for his daughter's well-being once forgetting about her on a school field trip he was chaperoning. While Molly does not have a deep hatred for her father, it is clear that whatever love and positive feelings she had for her father in the past are now gone, and it should be noted that while at first Molly wanted to reconnect with her sister Lorelai, she never wanted to reconnect with him.
      • At first glance, Martin and Lorelai seem to have a strong father-daughter bond mainly because of the negative traits they share. Both ignore the death of Martin's wife and Lorelai's mother, Calliope; both are selfish, immature, and uncaring about how their behaviors affect others. And it appears that Martin favors Lorelai over Molly. However, it is shown that even Lorelai is not immune to suffering from Martin's selfishness, and even she can be shocked by his behavior. First, it was demonstrated that Martin has no concern for Lorelai's feelings and would break her creations while justifying them by saying that they will disappear anyway, not caring that he hurt his daughter's feelings. Later it was shown that Lorelai is shocked at how casual he is with his wife's death being mentioned to the point where she's afraid that he forgot about his wife.
  • Escape the Night: DeStorm acts like an enormous Jerkass towards all the other characters, but what really makes him reviled amongst the rest of the cast is when he starts to mock the recently deceased Lauren right in front of her boyfriend Alex’ face.
  • GoAnimate: Any "baby show" characters (i.e. Caillou and Dora the Explorer) are widely disliked by everyone (including their parents) and deemed losers. Not entirely without reason, as those baby show characters are the main causes of conflict within their "Grounded" series.
  • Though Homestar Runner has a number of characters in The Friend Nobody Likes territory, most of them have at least one or two people they have somewhat positive relationships with, such as Coach Z to Bubs or Whats-Her-Face to the Gregs. And then there's Marshie, who seemingly nobody has anything nice to say about.note  His first appearance ended in the normally-amicable Homestar simply noting "I hate that freakin' marshmallow," and he never got better from there; seemingly any time he starts interacting with another character will involve them asking him to go away. This is because he gives off a relentlessly creepy vibe in his commercials, and he's also a huge prima-donna jerk who frequently dips into full-on Ambiguously Evil territory.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School:
    • Nobody in Overland Park High School respects Rachel Tice (she even mentions that a teacher threw a rock at her once) as a result of her eating a roly-poly in the third grade. The only exception to this is Judith, who is just as unpopular.
    • Judith is considered the most unpopular girl in school (tying with her best friend Rachel Tice). There is a reason one of her spotlight episodes with Rachel is titled "The Least Popular Girls in School".
    • Jonathan "Than" Getslinhaumer isn't regarded with much affection, especially among the football team, because he's a gross pervert who likes to hit on the football players (to their dismay).
      Than: [sobbing] It's reasons like this you don't have any friends, Jonathan. [weeps] Reasons like this...
    • As of episode 70, Shay Van Buren's popularity has sunk after her video of her bad-mouthing people while drunk was released.
  • Object Overload: Boxing Glove isn't liked by the contestants, mainly because he is mistaken for a murderer.
  • Phelous: In his Bootleg Zones series, he portrays the Galaxy Warriors character Baltard (along with Baltard's many bootleg variants) as "the biggest loser on planet Ferror". The Baltard "race" is shown to be hated by everyone else in the "Galaxy Hole" universe, and in one sketch, the Amicable Herculean characters realized how pathetic they were when they realized even Baltard was getting into a club they couldn't enter.
  • Pokémon Rusty: By the end of the series, absolutely no one in the Kanto region likes Rusty and blames him for all of their problems (which is actually true).
  • Felix in Red vs. Blue is loathed by everyone; the Reds and Blues and the residents of Chorus despise him for manipulating them and trying to kill them all, his colleagues Sharkface and the Counselor and his men hate him for being an asshole, and his employer Hargrove just barely tolerated him. The closest thing he has to a friend is his partner Locus, and both men will readily admit to loathing each other, but Felix is able to keep Locus at his side through his charm, manipulation, and by exploiting his PTSD; when Locus learns that last bit, he readily leaves Felix in the lurch.
  • RWBY:
    • Adam Taurus was originally regarded as a hero and rising star within the White Fang. However, as the series progressed, his descent into extremist ideology and selfish obsession led to him burning his bridges with everyone. His abusive behavior drove away his love; he became a terrorist wanted for the attacks on both Beacon and Haven Academy; he alienated himself from Salem's faction by putting his own desires ahead of hers; his obsession with revenge turned all of Menagerie against him for trying to assassinate their chief just to spite his daughter, Blake; and the White Fang turned against him for abandoning his men to the Mistral authorities to save his own skin. In the end, all he has left is his life — and he wastes that by going after Blake in one final attempt at revenge.
    • As a Corrupt Corporate Executive who ruined the Schnee Dust Company's good name, on top of being an abusive Gold Digger, Jacques Schnee has earned himself the ire of virtually everyone in Atlas and beyond, to the extent he only wins the Atlas council election because he conspired with Dr. Watts to rig it in his favor. Even his own family doesn't care for him that much, with Weiss and Winter becoming a Huntress and joining the military respectively to get away from him.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • Everyone who interacts with SCP-056 ends up hating it because it shapeshifts into a better version of whatever looks at it and demands praise.
    • The unkillable Omnicidal Maniac SCP-682 hates everything alive and everything alive also seems to hate him back. Even the Foundation wants to kill him even though their normal policy is to keep anomalies only locked up and trying to kill him usually ends in disaster. According to one possible backstory, he was never well liked by his own kind and even own mate turned on him when he sabotaged humanity and as a result he was cursed with being unable to die while also having humanity desire his death. The only things that he does not have a mutual hatred with are non-living things such as artificial intelligences, and SCP-053, an immortal child who drives humans around her violently insane but for unknown reasons causes SCP-682 to calm down instead.
    • Herman Fuller, the Repulsive Ringmaster of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting ended up hated by everyone at his circus as he became more and more abusive and tyrannical. The final straw came when he tried to mind control the circus into eating a beloved member of the circus alive. For that the circus inflicted a Fate Worse than Death on him, twice. Having to constantly move around due to all the enemies he made in his life is also a major reason why he decided to start a travelling circus in the first place.
  • Vester And Friends has Link, Vester, Waluigi, King Dedede, and Woody have the title of the most hated people in Vesterland. Link due to his grating voice, Vester due to his laziness, Waluigi because they think his dancing stinks, and King Dedede and Woody are both hated by the other characters due to their Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies.


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