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"You know, I've seen all the different types. We all fit a certain category — the bully, the charmer, the, uh, surrogate dad, the man possessed by ungovernable rage, the brain — and any of those types could be a good detective, and any of those types could be an incompetent shitheel."
Martin Hart, True Detective

Please sit down. We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Who are we? We're detectives; the folks who solve those mysteries you see on TV and read about in the paper. Most of us are what you'd call Seekers. Now, if you'll just answer a few—

What? You want more info? Alright, I'll let you ask just one more thing, but I'm really supposed to ask the questions. We come in all shapes and sizes, from meddling kids to sweet old ladies to grizzled PIs. Some of us can tell if you're guilty just by looking at the dust on your shoe. Some of us... can't. Take a look down and see our many faces. See Crime and Punishment Tropes for the stuff we do and Sliding Scale of Law Enforcement for how we're portrayed.

Now, about your whereabouts last night...

Did you contrast this with Organized Crime Tropes on the night of the 15th?