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Fuck the police coming straight from the underground
A young nigga got it bad 'cause I'm brown
And not the other color so police think
they have the authority to kill a minority
N.W.A, "Fuck tha Police" - Straight Outta Compton

Police officers are (at least in theory) responsible for enforcing the law, keeping the peace, and stopping criminal activity from growing out of control. However, some people just don't like or trust the cops, either being very afraid of their presence or outright hating them with a burning passion.


There are many reasons why a person dislikes law enforcement:

Most of the time, their views are at least somewhat justified, but sometimes it's nothing more than pettiness and/or paranoia. Often times, they'll have a grudge towards all law enforcement, even those who are good and have not wronged this character.


This hatred may be used to outline the character's backstory, possibly a Dark and Troubled Past that explains why they despise the police in the first place.

Note that if a character hates the police because they arrested them for breaking the law, then it would only count if the punishment for the crime was unjustified, as it's obvious that criminals would hate the police for doing their job correctly. If a character hates the cops because someone they knew was the one arrested, then it still counts since, while they're not the ones being arrested, their experience with someone they care about being incarcerated will sour their overall opinion on the law, even if that character was a legitimate criminal.

See Protest Song and, more specifically, Anti-Police Song for songs about hating the police. Closely related to, but shouldn't be confused with Cool People Rebel Against Authority, as "fuck the police" is often used as a rallying cry against authority in general. Said character may be The Paranoiac. Can overlap with Rage Against the Legal System if the character tries to take direct action against law enforcement and Cop Killer if this trope is their main motive for killing police officers. Particularly hardboiled examples have been known to sport Knuckle Tattoos with the slogan "ACAB", short for "All Cops Are Bastards".


No Real Life Examples, Please! This is Truth in Television, but we don't need to start any arguments about the competency of law enforcement.


Comic Books

  • The minor Batman villain Wrath has a similar origin to Prometheus (see below), but predates him; his parents were thieves that a young Jim Gordon was forced to kill after they drew their guns, earning him Wrath's hatred. Wrath tried to convince Batman that Gordon killed his parents without provocation, but Bats refused to believe it.
  • JLA (1997): The supervillain Prometheus has an intense hatred of the police due to his origin story, which is the inverse of that of Batman. His parents were two hippie spree killers, and he traveled across the United States with them until they were cornered by local law enforcement and were gunned down after opening fire on the surrounding police. This traumatic experience caused his hair to turn white, and he vowed to "annihilate the forces of justice" in order to get revenge for his slain parents.
  • In Runaways, the titular team is generally anti-cop, because the cops used to be on the payroll of the Pride. Later members Victor, Xavin, and Klara aren't too fond of cops, either, since Victor and Xavin were tortured at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. during Civil War and Klara hails from a time when the cops harassed immigrants like her with impunity.
  • In both the comic books and film of the film of The Spirit, Sand Serif has a hard-core hatred of cops because one of them killed her (small-time crook) father. For Denny Colt (who had a father in the police force and became a cop himself when he grew up and he still helps the police after becoming the Spirit) this was (and still is) more hurtful than he wants to show.


  • The first 87th Precinct novel is title Cop Hater and deals with what the 87th Precinct dealing with what appears to be a Serial Killer with a grudge against cops. However, it ultimately turns out to be a case of Serial Killings, Specific Target.
  • Lisbeth Salander of The Millennium Trilogy hates contacting police and the authorities due to her noticing that involving them only gave her more problems. It goes so far as refusing to call the police to inform them Martin is a serial killer.
  • Rose Daniels from Rose Madder is afraid of the police because her abusive ex-husband Norman is a cop. Fortunately, she meets some cops that are actually good and take her matter with Norman very seriously because people like him give the police a bad name.

Live-Action TV

  • Mick Rory/Heatwave from the Arrowverse has a strong dislike of police officers, whom he refers to as "pigs". Even after he turns good, he still considers the thought of helping the police distasteful.
  • Il Commissario Montalbano: The unnamed old farmer from "August Flame" hates the police, due to him being arrested years previously for molesting a teenager Rina, when in reality he actually saved her from Spitaleri. So much so that when Montalbano tries to talk to him, he threatens him with a shotgun.
  • In Engrenages, Amoral Attorney Karlsson hates the police in general, because when she was a child the local cops covered up her mother being abused by her father because he was a judge, which eventually led to her mother killing herself.
  • FBI: Most Wanted: In "Hairtrigger", Doug Timmons has a deep-seated hatred of the police due to their failure to intervene earlier in the school shooting he was a victim of.
  • Downplayed in House of Anubis: Following the discovery that police officer Sgt. Roebuck is a member of Victor's Secret Society, is therefore untrustworthy, and that he'd openly lied to Patricia about Joy's safety and whereabouts, Sibuna had developed a general mistrust of cops. On two separate occasions afterward, a newbie would make the suggestion to take the situation to the police, and would get immediately shot down by the more experienced Sibuna members.
  • In the Monk episode "Mr. Monk Bumps His Head", an amnesiac Monk talks to the woman he thinks is his wife about a job offer the local sheriff made. She immediately dismisses it, saying she hates cops.
  • Reservation Dogs: Uncle Brownie calls Big a "traitor, po-po blackheart" for becoming a tribal cop.
  • Shameless (US): All of the characters despise the police, usually because it runs the risk of interrupting some sort of scam they're running, but also because the police are presented as corrupt at best.


  • This is a recurrent theme in rap and hip-hop music, especially of the more politically conscious variety, mainly due to police misconduct against black communities. As shown in the page quote, the song "Fuck tha Police" in the album Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A, a song protesting against Police Brutality and racial profiling of minorities.
  • KRS-One has his famous hit "Sound of Da Police" ("Woop, woop / That's the sound of da police! Woop, woop / That's the sound of Da Beast!"), which details how cops are the direct successors of slave-catchers and plantation overseers. In a mildly disturbing chain of events, cops have been known to love the song.

Web Original

Web Animation

Web Video

  • Jreg: Anarcho-Fascist, a character in the Centricide series, has a strong hatred of cops because they stop him from committing hate crimes against minorities.

Western Animation

  • Arcane: Everyone in the Undercity hates the Enforcers whose very appearance as Gas Mask Mooks, besides making them look inhuman, rubs it in their faces of the enormous wealth disparity as people from topside don't want to breathe the poisonous air in the underground that locals have to breathe every single moment and reinforces that the Enforcers act more like an occupying foreign force. The Enforcers are brutally violent to the locals and treat all of them as criminals. Vi and Powder especially hate them for killing their parents as part of a failed uprising.