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The Courtroom Index

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Judge: Bailiff! Call the next case.
Bailiff: Ex Parte An index of tropes relating to law, lawyers, and courtrooms.
Judge: Order in the Court. What are the specified charges, er I mean tropes?

Tropes: media about law

Tropes: law about media

Sounds like this index, but isn't

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer (a lot of these guys are lawyers, but most of them aren't.)
  • Rules Lawyer (more about applying lawyerly behavior where it might not be called for, although there are obviously exceptions.)

Judge: And if you took the time to read all the entries all the way down here you are found guilty of spending too much time on TV Tropes. Sentence is four words. Bailiff! Call the next case.


Alternative Title(s): Courtroom Index