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Rich Kids

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"Goldie Gold, the world's richest girl."

Characters being young and wealthy tend to have a number of tropes about them. Although such tropes can apply to adults or the middle class, rich kids tend to almost always have one of these tropes applied to them.

From toddlers, to teens, they grow up with money.




  • Alpha Bitch
    Most of them have rich parents, so they think they can get their way at school just like at home.
  • Beta Bitch
    Also usually has rich parents.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them
    In many cases they now have the wealth of a kingdom.
  • Grade-School C.E.O.
    They have stock portfolios before they can even drive.
  • Lonely Rich Kid
    Money can't buy loved ones.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch
    Spoiled, but still capable of being a good friend.
  • Hotel Hellion
    They have family that can afford to live perpetually at the grandest hotels.
  • Mafia Princess
    Her wealth fell off a truck.
  • Ojou
    A princess in all but title and status.
  • Princely Young Man
    A prince in all but title and status.
  • Royal Brat
    Act like autocrats, even when not absolute monarchs.
  • Spoiled Brat
    Their parents never were able to say "no" to them.
  • Spoiled Sweet
    Her family is rich and she is very pampered. She gets whatever she wants but she's a real sweetheart.
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  • Young Entrepreneur
    They are self-made kids.