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An obscure Canadian-French cartoon series, based on the children's book Gracie Graves and the Kids from Room 402, is about schoolchildren and the school they attend. The main characters are, as the title suggests, the problematic and mischievous students at Room 402. Their teacher is Gracie Graves. The series aired in the United States on Fox Family, in Canada on Teletoon and in Latin America and Europe on Fox Kids/Jetix.



  • The Ace: Penny Grant. She's a nice smart girl who everyone wants as a friend, especially Nancy. In the opening of "Bing, Bing, Bing, and a Shot," she is covered in merit badges and has to have a badge she's won nineteen times already pinned to her sock.
  • All for Nothing: Freddie goes through a whole episode trying to change his clothes since it's a girl's shirt,Polly wears the same and it's picture day. At the end Graves has him sit at the front and hold the plaque with the class number, which cover his shirt.
  • Alliterative Name: Gracie Graves.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Jesse's Mom, without a doubt.
  • Anti-School Uniforms Plot: One episode involves the school begins requiring uniforms after they get offended by some female students jewelry. This is treated as negative thing.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: Polly does this in the episode called "The Election Show". Polly ends up being the only candidate in position running for school president. Just after her long and grueling debate which Ms. Graves finally steps in and declares over, in class in the next scene, Ms. Graves is about to announce the winner. Polly tells her to hurry up and announce the results because she can't take the patience anymore, and Ms. Graves responds with "What are you so nervous about? You're the only one running." With that as a fact, Polly still asks her "So, who won?", making Ms. Graves having to respond with "You."
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  • Ate It All: Jessie eats most the food that he and Nancy are selling at a school charity fair.
  • Berserk Button: Do NOT insult Polly's spoons, breathe on them, or touch them without gloves unless you want to be endlessly screamed at.
  • Big Fancy House: Jordan's as revealed in "Mrs. McCoy's Baby Boy". Even her gardener's house was big enough to impress Nancy.
  • Black and Nerdy: Freddie.
  • Butt-Monkey: In a matter of speaking, Jesse McCoy and Vinnie Nasta could be considered to be. Basically because they always try to pull pranks that end up backfiring on them in the end, often making them face worse consequences for it than what they tried to evade.
    • Nancy Francis could also be considered to be in similar ways, but more because of how much she always ends up falling victim to Polly McShane. Of course, anybody under Polly is.
    • In cases of clumsiness, incompetence, and being tormented on and having pranks pulled on him by the kids, Principal Mr. Besser is.
    • On occasion, even Ms. Graves could be considered to just slightly be one. Because she often deals with the same kind of hell to a more intense degree as Mr. Besser. But she most often is by how she is treated by and through obligation has to put up with annoying kids like Polly, or even Jesse or Vinnie through their pranks, and others who come to her with complaints.
  • Cash Lure: One episode started with Mr. Besser falling victim to the classic dollar bill with a string prank. The prankster later placed a coin with sellotape for another prank. At the end, someone dropped a ten-dollar bill and Mr. Besser, wrongfully assuming it was another prank, didn't try to pick it up.
  • Clothing Switch: Freddie switches his sweater with another girl in "Pretty as a picture"
  • Control Freak: Polly McShane who can (and will) manipulate the lives of everyone around her to fit her needs. She also manages to force the class nerd Freddie into doing a project about spoons by only screaming the word at him.
  • Dean Bitterman: MR. BESSER (although he is more naive than bitter).
    • The second-grade teacher, Mrs. Amy Bellanchof is also one. It should be noted that her daughter Melanie is one of the students of Room 402.
  • Distracted by the Luxury: When Nancy learns that her school Project partner Jordan is Secretly Wealthy, she's so impressed by Jordan's mansion and valuable objects she barely does anything regarding the project, which gives her an excuse to visit Jordan more times.
  • Double Entendre: In one episode, as a sly prank Vinnie tries to pull on Ms. Graves during art class, he draws a picture of "two mountain peaks" that we never see, but we hear that they are pink, and unlike anyone else especially Mr. Besser, Ms. Graves when first seeing them immediately gets the idea that the two pink mountain peaks are hinting other, inappropriate thing. Her patience gets less to the point of eventually taking action as it gets circulated even to the point of going in a picture frame and being hung in the school hall. Mrs. Graves calls Vinnie's parents, and his mother punishes him for doing that picture. There is even one point while Vinnie gets sent to the principal's office for his drawing, and right in front of Ms. Graves who gets even more annoyed with him, he makes a remark about how he was thinking of also making a painting about a bakery called "two buns." For supposing to be a kids' show, the episode this happens on (which is "By Invitation Only") appears to be the only episode where there appears to be any Double Entendre jokes involved in the content.
    • There may only be an exception with a potential Double Entendre joke in the episode "Bing, Bing, Bing, and a Shot" where in the doctor's office, Jesse and Mrs. Myerson briefly interact and he misunderstands what she is telling him. Jesse was on his underwear, and uses a newspaper to cover himself where Mrs. Myerson enters the office, then she starts talking probably about something in the newspaper, but due to the way she points at Jesse, he thinks she was talking about a certain part of his body, in a way that could be considered Innocent Innuendo, or even Getting Crap Past the Radar. (She was actually talking about a mole.)
  • Dresses the Same: Polly and Freddie wear the same sweater in "Pretty as a picture day" and Freddie is embarrassed. What's worse is that it's a picture day.
  • Election Day Episode: President of the school is elected in episode called "Election Day." She (it's Polly) is overthrown after a couple of day but no one else can agree on who should be in charge.
  • Epic Fail: Some of Vinnie's off-screen pranks.
    Sanje: The principal wants to see you for vandalizing his car.
    Vinnie: How does he know it's me?
    Sanje:' He was in the car when you did it''.
  • Everything's Spoonier With Spoons: Polly is an immigrant who is completely obsessed with spoons. She's got a spoon collection, and makes a spoon exhibition for the science fair. She once started a spoon hospital and a spoon school.
  • Exact Words:
    • Nancy promised not to tell anyone Jordan is wealthy. However, she didn't promise not to tell she (Nancy) has a wealthy friend.
    • Three girls decided to dress like a celebrity known for, among other things, wearing a bell as a pendant. Not liking that, Mr. Besser threatened to make all students wear uniforms if he ever heard any of those bells again. The girls then stuffed their bells with socks so Mr. Besser wouldn't "hear" them. The loophole worked until one of the socks fell and he heard a bell. He then made good on his threat.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Vinnie tries to enter a science fair with a project his brother Tony had previously entered in a previous fair and, unlike other times he tried to pass Tony's previous works as his own, he checked if Ms. Graves was Tony's teacher back then. As Vinnie learns when Ms. Graves reveals it, she was a judge at the previous fair and wrote "Good work, Tony" on the back of the project.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: See Plagiarism in Fiction below.
  • False Reassurance: Jesse's failed attempt to cheat in an eye exam backfired forcing him to wear glasses. When he had enough of the troubles brought to him by wearing glasses he never needed, he confessed and was expecting Miss Graves to punish him. When she said it wasn't up to her, he was relieved until she pointed out his mother would punish him.
    • In another episode, Polly was standing in for Mr. Besser and found out a teacher wasn't technically qualified for the job. When she begged Polly not to tell Mr. Besser, Polly said there was no need to bother him. Polly fired the teacher by herself.
  • False Teeth Tomfoolery: Jessie's grandfather has them and shows them to Jessie.
  • Fat Idiot: Besser, some focus is brought up on his belly and he is usually and idiot.
  • Food as Bribe: When Besser asks Graves to change Polly's grade from an A- to A+ (she lost points because her essay while good was full of random Lithuanian trivia) she notices that he is eating a cake that he claims is a Lithuanian's specialty.
  • Fowl-Mouthed Parrot: Averted. When Jesse and Vinnie taught insults to a parrot, Jesse suggested teaching curse words but that was as close as the trope came to being played in the cartoon.
  • Funny Foreigner: Averted by Polly, the unpopular, spoon-obsessed, wannabe teacher's pet from Lithuania whose actions are considered annoying rather than funny.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: There are a few instances of this.
    • In one episode, called "Squeezed Out", after her trip to Florida, Nancy asks the girls if they want to see her tan lines, even though we never see it happen.
    • In another episode, we hear Polly tell Nancy that she needs to be present somewhere to help hold her dress down while she does cartwheels. We never see cartwheels take place.
    • In the episode "Bing, Bing, Bing, and a Shot", we manage to see Jesse in his underwear, and his mother embarrasses him in front of Mrs. Myerson during that. Mrs. Myerson also says a few things to him during that scene that may be this, if not Innocent Innuendo.
    • In the episode "Over the River and Through the Swamp", Vinnie asks the pregnant music teacher where babies come from (just to annoy or embarrass her), but she just gets a blank stare, sighs nervously, and continues as if that didn't happen. Moments later, she goes into labor, causing most of the kids to run off the classroom nervously, but Vinnie just says enthusiastically: "So we're now really going to learn where babies come from!". But that doesn't happen, as the teacher is sent to the hospital and Miss Graves announces the birth of the music teacher's daughter the next day. When Vinnie raises his hand to ask Miss Graves about that question, she straightly tells Vinnie that if he continues to ask that, she will call the principal.
      • However, there is an entire episode which can be considered this, since its main plot involves the class watching a film about puberty and reproduction called "Your Body Is Changing", although nothing graphic is shown, it's still a topic that almost no cartoon targeted at children ever addresses. Within said episode, some dialogues also count as this, among them:
    • Jesse brags to his friends that he already knows everything about reproduction since he was 3 and that his parents are now the ones who have questions. These are all Blatant Lies.
    • Nancy tells Jesse that she does know about the topic of the film, after reading a book she found in the back of a closet. However, she refuses to tell anything to Jesse because it makes her feel uncomfortable to say that stuff out loud.
    • Freddie (the class nerd) thinks he has seen the film and starts describing it to the other boys: "It was about a kid named Kevin, who was around 12, and who one morning, woke up in bed and looked under his covers, and he saw...(Beat, as the other boys gasp in excitement)...that his toes were all wet and instead of skin, he had scales!" Vinnie promptly corrects him (the movie Freddie had seen was called Kevin goes to Mars) and tells him that it isn't the way their bodies will change. During the actual film, both Freddie and his father seem embarrassed by it, covering their ears at certain points, and when Freddie tells his dad that he has questions, he quickly says "Go tell your mother, she's a doctor!".
    • The film is shown separately to boys and girls, in different classrooms, and accompanied by their fathers/mothers and Mr. Besser/Nurse Pitts respectively, but Jesse's father couldn't come so his amazingly embarrassing mother accompanies him instead, and at one point, when the film (off-screen) shows the figure of a female body, she covers Jesse's eyes, preventing him from seeing most of the film. Also, it is hinted that Mr. Besser doesn't know much about the topic of the film, as he thanks Jesse's mother for explaining something about females which we don't hear. At the end of the episode, Jesse convinces Nurse Pitts to give him a pamphlet about the topic of the film, but his mother discovers this and decides to have an amazingly embarrassing talk with Jesse (which we also don't see/hear).
  • Gold Digger: Mr. Besser and, as it seems, every other man who ever married his (ex) wife.
  • High School Hustler: Arthur will get you what you want for an (exorbitant) price and is way more cunning than your regular kid.
    Graves: I'll choose a number between one and a hundred and the one who guess the number will have the job.
    Arthur(over all the other screaming students without raising his voice): 71.
    Graves: He is good.
  • Innocent Bigot: Happens in episode "Don't know, Don't care, Smells" when the kids have an assignment to write about a different culture and ask classmates to help. For example, Nancy, says "I'm so hungry that I would eat a cow" while having dinner with her classmate Sanjay's family who happens to be from India where eating beef is a religious taboo. Polly is even worse by saying China copied Lithuania and isn't worth talking about.
  • Innocent Innuendo: This may be the case with a scene where Mrs. Myerson encounters Jesse in the doctor's office wearing nothing but his briefs trying to cover himself with a newspaper. It appears that she was remarking on a picture in the newspaper he was covering himself with, while he thought she was pointing out something to do with him because of what state she catches him in. Nothing is ever clarified, though, with what she was talking about and what he thought she meant concerning what she sees and having a shot.
  • Instrumental Theme Tune: It starts with a lullaby-like bell sound, then switches to an energetic melody that uses trumpets and electric guitar.
  • Karma Houdini: In one episode, Vinnie wrote a paper titled "Mr. Besser the Coldhearted Liver Butcher", hoping Mr. Besser would never see it. Mr. Besser saw but failed to realize it was about him because Vinnie misspelled the surname as "Beeser".
    • Mrs. Bellanchof got away with lying to a judge in order to get the custody of her daughter Melanie, winning an award by submitting Mrs. Graves' lesson plan as her own, and using her position as teacher to make Melanie win a cheerleading contest. Without any consequences (although Melanie dislikes and often criticizes her).
  • Motor Mouth: Polly McShane
  • No Fame, No Wealth, No Service: Nancy saved $200 to have a haircut at a fancy salon only to learn that, because she's not a celebrity, the salon's janitor would do the job.
  • No Indoor Voice: Polly's voice is very loud and very obnoxious.
  • Non-Specifically Foreign: Averted. Polly is Lithuanian despite her Irish surname.
  • Not in Front of the Parrot: In "The Peep and the Sheep", Jesse and Vinnie once taught a parrot to say rude things as part of a prank. Unfortunately, for them, the parrot heard them using their names while discussing ideas.
  • Oh Wait, This Is My Grocery List: Freddie once accidentally brought his mom's grocery list to school, rather than his permission slip, and didn't realize his mistake until Miss Graves started to read it out loud in front of the class. Thankfully, the slip was in his lunch which had been stolen by someone else.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Jessie trying to cheat his eye exam get brought up a few times even by Mrs. Graves.
  • Picture Day: In "Pretty as a picture" episode.
  • Phony Degree: In "It takes your breath away" episode Dr. Tenorio is not a real doctor and is arrested at the end of the episode.
  • Plagiarism in Fiction: Vinnie Nasta made a habit of presenting his big brother Tony's reports as his own but the teacher always remembers having already evaluated them back when Tony was her student. One time included a contest entry, which Vinnie checked to be sure Tony wasn't her student back then. She was a judge for the contest.
    Graves: Shames it didn't also erased my good work Tony message at the back.
  • Rich Bitch: Jordan is afraid of being seen as one because of her wealth. Nancy ends up despised as one in the episode she brags about having a wealthy friend. The "bitch" part might be true.
  • Secretly Wealthy: In "Mrs. McCoy's Baby Boy", Nancy finds out Jordan is wealthy but doesn't let anybody know out of fear her friends would think she's a Rich Bitch if they knew.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In one episode, Jesse was forced to wear glasses that actually damaged his eyesight. (He had a cheat sheet but failed to notice the doctor asked him to read the second line instead of the first one) The episode was titled "Jesse Magoo".
    • Vinnie's password for Arthur's secret library is "call me Ishmael".
  • Small, Annoying Creature: Polly McShane.
  • Snowed-In: Happens to Jessie when he is visiting his grandparents and there's a big snowstorm.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Jordan. She lives at a Big Fancy House (fancy enough to have a bowling lane and two pools - one inside and another one outside), has a butler but never shows off or belittles other people. In fact, she hides her wealth from her friends out of fear of how they'll react.
  • Stealing the Credit: In "Election Day" episode Jordan blames another classmate for using Jordan's idea.
  • Sudden School Uniform: Mr. Besser once made the students wear uniforms. The decision was short-lived because the uniforms prevented him from pinpointing culprits whenever somebody broke a rule.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Polly.
  • Unwanted Glasses Plot: Jessie was so afraid of needing to wear glasses he cheated on the school-sponsored eye exam and ended up forced to wear thick glasses (his family's insurance wouldn't cover anything cooler) or, as the shop called it, glasses "for the not so active". Not only he was constantly mocked by his peers but the glasses damaged his eyesight making it harder to run. He eventually broke them and faced the consequences of cheating. In the end, Vinnie had to wear a similar pair of glasses (his family's insurance wouldn't cover anything cooler either) and, to Jessie's dismay, managed to look cool with them.
  • Very Special Episode: "It Takes Your Breath Away", deals with Nancy being diagnosed with asthma, and going with a non-professional doctor who gives her a "miracle cure" for it. This leads to Nancy having an asthma attack in front of all her classmates, and afterwards Nancy decides to deal with her asthma after some of the other kids from the class reveal they have also had medical problems, some worse than Nancy's. The doctor, by the way, is actually arrested at the end of the episode and just barely avoids being beaten up by Nancy's mother.
  • Wacky Homeroom: The whole point of the show.
  • Would Hit a Girl: No one wants to throw a dodgeball at Penny because she is practically a saint, but when it's Polly's turn to play everyone including boys throw it.


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