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"Hooray! A happy ending for the rich people!"
Dr. Zoidberg, Futurama

Basically characters who (usually) have a lot of money, or at least their families do.

It doesn't matter if they flaunt their wealth with fancy cars and Jewelry, or live austere lives. It doesn't matter if they are old money or Nouveau Riche.

In fiction, they tend to gather in places like Beverly Hills.


  • Adaptational Wealth: A character's financial status changes from the source material (in this case, from poor to wealthy)
  • Affluent Ascetic: A character with plenty of money chooses to live below their means.
  • Beleaguered Benefactor: When a character with great influence/wealth that supports a group/person ends up suffering because of their client's personal habits.
  • Blood Countess: A female aristocrat (sometimes a vampire) who loves killing people in order to use their blood for any reason.
  • Bourgeois Bohemian: A wealthy character embraces attitudes associated with countercultural, hippie, or New Age movements.
  • Cast Full of Rich People: When most people in the work are rich.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: An evil or unscrupulous person is wealthy because they're the head of a corporation.
  • Eat the Rich: The less-fortunate are encouraged to vilify the wealthy.
  • Eccentric Millionaire: A wealthy character who uses his money for amusement.
  • The Elites Jump Ship: When the going gets tough, the rich pack up and leave.
  • Executive Excess: A business figure who primarily uses their money and power to serve themselves, rather than their company.
  • Fiction 500: A character is much wealthier than is possible in real life.
  • Gold Digger: Planning to marry a rich person solely to gain access to their wealth.
  • Gold Tooth of Wealth: Gold teeth symbolizing wealth and/or being a status symbol.
  • High-Class Call Girl: A sex worker caters only to the elite.
  • High-Class Cannibal: Rich people like to eat human flesh.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: A good person is wealthy because they're the head of a corporation.
  • Howard Hughes Homage: A wealthy, eccentric businessman inspired by real-life tycoon Howard Hughes.
  • Idle Rich: So rich, they don't have to have real jobs (or if they do have real jobs, they don't have to work them regularly).
  • Impoverished Patrician: They're of noble family who used to be rich.
  • Inventor of the Mundane: A character is wealthy due to creating a very simple, commonplace item.
  • Intrepid Merchant: Character who is both a businessman and an adventurer, travelling to exotic places for goods.
  • Jewish American Princess: A spoiled or sheltered rich girl of Jewish heritage.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: A rich kid who has no friends.
  • Luxurious Liquor: The character is rich enough to enjoy expensive alcohol casually.
  • Mafia Princess: The daughter or wife of someone who got rich through "unsavory" means.
  • Meal Ticket: A relationship in which the poorer half of the pair exploits a wealthy partner.
  • Merchant Prince: A character becomes a member of the ruling class by virtue of his place in the economy.
  • Millionaire Playboy: A very wealthy man spends most of his time pursuing pleasure and leisure.
  • Mock Millionaire: Someone pretends to be wealthy.
  • Nazi Nobleman: A rich and influential person, usually of German nobility, has ties to the Nazi German government.
  • Nobility Marries Money: An Impoverished Patrician marries a non-noble person for their money.
  • Noble Tongue: A language used by the upper classes.
  • Non-Idle Rich: Rich people are shown working to maintain their wealth.
  • Not with Them for the Money: A person is in love with a wealthy person, but is interested in the person for who they are rather than their wealth.
  • Nouveau Riche: First-generation wealth is seen as vulgar or without taste/class.
  • Ojou: A young, well-born woman who is treated like royalty whether she is or not.
  • Old Money: A family whose wealth has passed through many generations and who are an established, often isolated class.
  • Penny-Pinching Crab: A literal crab (as in the crustacean) is characterized as cheap and greedy.
  • Princely Young Man: A young man who is treated like royalty whether he is or not. Spear Counterpart to the Ojou.
  • Privilege Makes You Evil: The more money you have, the more evil you can get away with.
  • Privileged Rival: Someone's rival who happens to come from money.
  • Rags to Riches: A poor person becomes wealthy.
  • Rich Bitch: A wealthy person whose opulence is matched only by how mean they are.
  • Rich Boredom: An excess of wealth and experiences leaves one bored.
  • Rich Genius: A brilliant scientist or inventor whose creations make his fortune.
  • The Rich Have White Stuff: Wealth is demonstrated by decorating one's home (and oneself) in white.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: A wealthy person who lacks common sense because of their sheltered and pampered lifestyle.
  • Rich Kid Turned Social Activist: An idealistic person from a wealthy family who is down with the downtrodden.
  • Rich Language, Poor Language: Rich and poor characters are distinguished by their accents and/or dialects.
  • Rich Recluse's Realm: A private domain bought and/or built by a super-rich recluse.
  • Rich Sibling, Poor Sibling: One sibling is rich, the other is poor.
  • Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor: A woman chooses between two love interests: one is wealthy while the other is considerably poorer.
  • The Rich Want to Be Richer: Wealthy characters can't get enough money.
  • Riches to Rags: A rich person becomes poor.
  • Royal Brat: A spoiled rotten heir to the throne.
  • Royalties Heir: A person's income stems from royalties of a rich, famous relative.
  • The Scrooge: In spite of being rich, this person would rather spend as little money as possible.
  • Secretly Wealthy: A person is rich, but doesn't let other people know.
  • Self-Made Man: A person who started out poor got rich through a lifetime of hard work.
  • Silver Spoon Troublemaker: The offspring of a wealthy or a known public figure loves to misbehave and act up all the time.
  • Slumming It: A rich person pretends to be poor because they want to know what things are like for the less fortunate.
  • Snobby Hobbies: Certain leisure activities are associated with the wealthy.
  • Snooty Sports: Some sports are expensive and only played by the rich and thus are associated with them.
  • Socialite: A spouse of a wealthy person who doesn't have to work because they don't need to, and they indulge in elite pleasures and a patrician lifestyle.
  • Spoiled Brat: A rich person who acts unpleasant when they don't get their way.
  • Spoiled Sweet: A rich pampered girl who tends to get what she wants, but is very nice and friendly.
  • Token Rich Student: The one student at school who is a member of a wealthy family.
  • Trumplica: A wealthy character with a noticeable similarity to Donald Trump.
  • Tyrannical Town Tycoon: A wealthy person who basically owns the town through business.
  • Uncle Pennybags: A wealthy person who often uses their fortune to help the needy and/or give those less wealthy than them a good time.
  • Upper-Class Equestrian: Horseback riding is a hobby for the wealthy.
  • Upper-Class Twit: An unintelligent, vulgar, or childish person who could never survive on their own lives off the family fortune.
  • Uptown Girl: A love interest from a much higher social class than her admirer.
  • The Team Benefactor: A person who contributes financially or materially to a team of adventurers, but rarely takes part directly.
  • Too Important to Remember You: Someone rich or powerful can't be bothered to remember the name of their lessers.
  • Vampires Are Rich: The long life of a vampire allows them to accumulate wealth.
  • Wealth's in a Name: A wealthy character has a name appropriate to their status, often by being a play on a word related to money or valuables.
  • Wealthy Ever After: A protagonist becomes wealthy at the end of the story.
  • Wealthy Philanthropist: A wealthy person known for their charitable contributions.
  • Wealthy Yacht Owner: Any wealthy person will own a yacht.
  • Yuppie: Acronym from The '80s used to describe young urban professionals who were upper-middle-class or upper-class.

Alternative Title(s): Rich Person