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This is the story of how I,
Izuku Midoriya, became Spider-Man.note 

In a world where 80% of the population has a superpower called a Quirk, Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to become a Hero, a superpowered crimefighter who could save people with a smile and bring them hope in their time of need. No amount of bullying or scorn was ever going to beat that out of him.

The only problem? He's Quirkless.

But everything changed when he decided to turn down an alleyway instead of shady underpass on his way home from a trying day at middle school. He paused when he saw something, or someone, in purple crawling up a wall. At first, he thought it was the debut of a new Hero, but it could have also been a crime-in-progress by an up-and coming Villain. Too curious for his own good, he ventured towards the figure with his back against the wall, only to duck behind a trash can when he heard a loud thud.


Izuku soon recognized this person as the Prowler, a master thief elusive enough to evade even All Might. She was searching for something, but he couldn't tell what it was. He held his breath as he waited for her to go away, praying that she hadn't seen him. Unfortunately for him, she had. Luckily for him, she didn't give chase, just telling him to mind his own business before darting off.

With the threat passed, Izuku was soon confronted by his Childhood Friend and bully, Katsuki Bakugou. Before Izuku could relay everything he saw, his blood ran cold when he saw that a huge spider with a green hourglass on its abdomen had perched itself on his right hand, staring at him with eight beady eyes.

Then it bit him.

Izuku screamed as every one of his nerves lit themselves on fire. He felt hot and cold at the same time. His vision swam as he collapsed and blacked out.


When he comes to, he's surprised to find that not only is he fine, but he now has biceps and a six pack. Things only get weirder when tiny hairs start growing out of his palms, his brain starts tingling whenever he's in danger, he accidentally destroys his desk and leaps twenty feet in the air.

If that wasn't enough, he inadvertently electrocutes a homeless man in a Spider-Man costume who introduces himself as Peter Parker. Now forced to reevaluate everything he thought was possible, Izuku finds a new mentor and a new path towards his dream of becoming one of the world's greatest Heroes as the spectacular Spider-Man!

Amazing Fantasy is a My Hero Academia/Spider-Man crossover story written by The Infamous Man of Just an Unorthodox Thief and A Different Kind of Truth fame. Taking inspiration from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it follows Izuku's road towards becoming his world's version of Spider-Man with Peter Parker as his mentor and all of the repercussions that come with it.

The version can be read here.

Beware of unmarked spoilers.

Amazing Fantasy contains examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Future:
    • The date is said to be 20XX, but the status quo (minus superpowers) is largely the same as the present day thanks to heavy legislation to regulate Quirk usage and the regression of technology in the strife that preceded it. Subtle reminders of the time period pop up here and there, such as the 2,250 meter tall Bespi Tower in Musutafunote  and how Post Malone is considered "classical" music. Spider-Man himself is considered an "old-school" character despite being one of the most enduring comic book superheroes in real life.
    • This is made more apparent in the Melissa Shield side-story, where hoverboards and smart tables are treated as common appliances despite being decidedly futuristic by our standards.
  • Adaptation Amalgamation: Peter's world is a combination of the world depicted in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the main comics, bringing up the Sokovia Incident and mentioning both Mister Sinister and Kamala Khan.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance: Numerous characters, such as Hanta Sero and Kyouka Jirou, appear earlier than in-canon thanks to Izuku's changed up training schedule and Peter's presence in the story.
  • Abandoned Area: Peter first camps out in an abandoned construction site after arriving in Izuku's universe. He later relocates to an abandoned theme park on the outskirts of town.
  • Adaptation Expansion:
    • The story establishes that like every major city, Musutafu isn't all sunshine and roses. Burakumin, an ostracized class of people known for doing dirty jobs in Japan, still exist. They live in the filthy, smog-filled neighborhood of Mob Eisteiku, where they handle jobs like butchering and ore processing away from the shiny streets near U.A. This is where Izuku goes to acquire the materials he needs to develop his own web-fluid, as buying it anywhere else is too expensive for him.
    • Mitsuki's Parental Neglect is chocked up to how busy she is at work as she wanted her family to escape the Burakumin stigma she was born into. She's shown to have little understanding of her son's social life and still refers to Izuku as "Izu-kun" under the mistaken belief that he and Katsuki were still close. She's genuinely regretful when she discovers the truth and pleads with Izuku not to give up on him.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change:
  • All Webbed Up: Peter never goes into battle without his signature web-shooters and teaches Izuku to make his own.
  • Alternate Universe:
    • Peter lived in one parallel to Izuku's universe, where superpowers are less common and the world was repelling killer robots and Alien Invasions every week. Izuku's universe also runs parallel to the events of the original My Hero Academia.
    • In another universe, Melissa Shield is the one bitten by the radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Woman. Marvel character and properties like Oscorp also exist instead of being fictional as in Izuku's universe.
  • Animal-Themed Superbeing: Peter and Izuku are spider-based. As if the name Spider-Man wasn't a giveaway.
  • Arrested for Heroism: Without a license, Peter would be arrested for any of his heroic actions in Izuku's world and has to ditch the ambulance to avoid getting interrogated and jailed. The same goes for any other vigilante caught in the act.
  • Bat Family Crossover: Subverted. Peter casually mentions that Izuku won't have to fight "interdimensional vampires" because he only got his powers recently, meaning that both Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon happened at some point before the events of the story.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Mysterio is working with All For One, supplying him with technology while All For One lends him manpower and supplies.
  • Big "SHUT UP!":
    • Bakugou gets so fed up with Izuku's mumbling over his new "Quirk" that he does this while firing an explosion at Izuku's head.
      Bakugou: SHUT THE HELL UP!
    • The Prowler says this to Peter after he webbed her up and won't stop quipping throughout their fight.
      Prowler: DAMARE!note 
  • Born Unlucky: Peter is cursed with "Parker luck" through his superhero work. His marriage dissolved, he became estranged from his daughter, he's in Perpetual Poverty and was fired when his Chronic Hero Syndrome won't let him stay at work for long. Izuku is a literal case of this, being one of the relatively rare 20 percent of people to be born without a Quirk, leading to years of torment and derision from his classmates.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: Peter admits this of the Superhuman Registration Act. While he doesn't support the oppressive regime and overwhelming oversight, he does back the training, living wage, backup from law enforcement, and superhero networking, all of which were handled in Izuku's universe.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • As usual for Spider-People, Izuku and Peter are the butt of the majority of the story's misfortune and physical slapstick.
    • Bakugou is repeatedly humiliated in public by Izuku (who didn't mean it at all), loses the respect of his peers, and is generally left to stew in his own rage.
  • The Cameo: Several major Marvel characters appear in Peter's flashbacks or are mentioned in passing such as Captain America, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, and Kamala Khan. Stan Lee makes an appearance as the costume shop cashier Seto.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: The first joke Future Izuku cracks in the story is a god-awful pun on web-swinging that's implied to provoke a Lame Pun Reaction from his audience. His teenage self has a tendency to take Peter's jabs and jokes at face value.
  • Cavalry Refusal: Not willingly, but when the Pro Heroes try to save Peter from the Prowler, she quickly takes Mount Lady hostage and declares that she'll kill her if anyone intervenes. As a result, the Heroes are forced to stand back and watch as Peter gets his ass kicked until Izuku runs in and All Might arrives.
  • Celebrity Paradox: The Marvel Cinematic Universe in its entirety exists in Izuku's world along with the rest of Marvel Comics. He's utterly baffled when the man he electrocutes introduces himself as Peter Parker, as he's read both the comics and seen the Spider-Man movies. At one point, the two of them sit down to marathon through the films and Peter comments on everything he sees in relation to his Earth.
  • Character Name Alias: After Inko asks who his tutor is, Izuku quickly comes up with the name "Tobey Reilly", combining the names of Tobey Maguire and Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, together so he wouldn't have to say the much more glaring "Peter Parker".
  • Character Narrator: The story is primarily told from Izuku's point of view. He provides direct, first-person narration during lulls in the action and while transitioning between scenes. Peter gets narration privileges when he's explaining how he ended up in Izuku's universe over lunch.
  • Comes Great Responsibility: The reason for Peter's Chronic Hero Syndrome. The death of his Uncle Ben motivates Peter to risk his life every day and using his amazing abilities to save others. But this has all but ruined his civilian life and he's absolutely miserable outside of costume. This is also referenced in the story's blurb on, which declares that Izuku has gotten great power and now has to learn to use it responsibly.
  • Comic-Book Time: Explicitly defied. In a manner akin to Earth-982, Peter and numerous other superheroes have been active since the 70s and 80s and have aged appropriately into the modern day. Several heroes, including Peter and Thor, have children of their own.
  • Composite Character:
    • Peter is a combination of many different versions of Spider-Man. His troubled family life and age are derived from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. His membership on the Avengers is taken from his comics counterpart. His advanced webshooters and the HUD in his Expressive Mask are both taken from Spider-Man (PS4). Finally, his status as a father of Mayday Parker is taken from his MC2 incarnation.
    • Izuku is this of his canon counterpart and Miles Morales as depicted in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He's got the history, motivation, and mindset of his canon counterpart, but his role as Peter's student, his Venom Strike ability, and confusion regarding alternate universes is taken from Miles. Izuku also shares Miles' appreciation for hip-hop in this story, listening to Post Malone and other rappers, who are considered "classical" artists in his time.
  • Comic Books Are Real: Izuku's disbelief over getting spider-powers is fueled by the fact that Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Marvel Comics exist in his world and Spider-Man is considered decidedly fictional.
  • Cranky Landlord: Peter's landlord, Ditkovich, sends the bill in big sharpie marked, "WHERE'S MY MONEY PARKER!", and generally doesn't seem to have much patience for Peter.
  • Creepy Good: Calling back to Steve Ditko's horror days, the story's blurb refers to Izuku as his "world's strangest Hero" as Spider-Man. His wall-crawling and stunt where he nearly got hit by a car unnerved people present. Peter elicited similar reactions when he first started out as a superhero.
  • Culture Clash: Izuku and Peter both suffer this while learning about each other's worlds. Izuku is shocked that superheroes would ever go to war with each other, while Peter is astonished that Izuku's world runs on a peaceful and successful version of the Superhuman Registration Act. On a more mundane level, Peter is weirded out by certain Japanese customs like public baths.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Mayday is named after her late grandaunt, May Reilly-Parker.
  • Deadpan Snarker:
    • Peter always has a quip ready, mocking common crooks for trying to rob a bank in the most superhero infested city in the world.
      Peter: Seriously, I don't understand you people. You'd have to be a moron to try and rob somebody in a city that every hero from D-Man to Thor calls home.
      Bank Robber: Screw you, man!
      Peter: Hey man, you're lucky you got me! Let me tell you, ya would've been disappointed if it was Wolverine. That Canuck is not a people person.
    • Izuku is genuinely sweet and polite, but he has his own streak of wittiness that he keeps to himself.
      Izuku: [referring to his punishment for ditching school] The fact that my 'Quirk' had just awakened probably convinced them to be more lenient. Lucky me.
  • Famed In-Story: Izuku becomes a local celebrity people stop to take pictures with as the "Prowler Kid" after rushing to save Peter from the Prowler on live television. To a lesser extent, Peter becomes the police department's biggest headache because of the paperwork his vigilantism creates.
  • Fantastic Racism: Izuku was frequently mocked for being Quirkless. Even when the whole classroom ganged on him, his teachers did nothing to intervene. When Izuku's spider powers developed, he's given a relatively light punishment of cleaning the boards and desks after school and a few days of detention for bolting out of class. Izuku notes that they probably went easy on him because he had just gotten his "Quirk". After the Prowler incident, he bitterly mentions that the Pro Heroes singing his praises probably would have forgotten all about him if it weren't for his "Quirks".
  • Foreshadowing:
    • The police tell Izuku that the spider that bit him was likely some kind of super illegal genetic experiment. Future Izuku dryly remarks, "If only they knew..."
    • Izuku suddenly gains a Heroic Build after waking up from the spider bite and becomes a Big Eater when he's released from the hospital, which worries both him and his mom. His new muscles and increased appetite point to the development of his spider-powers, which start appearing that same day.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • The story begins when Izuku decides to turn down an alleyway out of curiosity instead of the shady underpass he walked under in the original manga. As a result, he has a run-in with the Prowler, gets bitten by the spider, is hospitalized, and gains the powers of Spider-Man. He never meets the Sludge Villain or ever learns All Might's secret. All Might ends up finding a successor first and passes down One For All to them, but secretly muses that he would've loved to hand his Quirk to Izuku when they meet.
    • Peter never joined the Pro-Reg side in the superhero civil war and One More Day never happened. As a result, May eventually died of old age, Peter is a father, and he and MJ are divorced due to the stresses of his superheroing.
  • Happily Married: Implied, given that Future Izuku insists that his wife is fine after his teenage self wonders if he has cancer or if his blood is radioactive. Subverted in Peter's case, as he got divorced with MJ after she couldn't take the stress of him risking his life every day as a superhero.
  • Heroism Won't Pay the Bills: Peter earned a mere $1,000 every two weeks as an Avenger, but this is partially because of his unwillingness to get most of his income from the man who began Civil War. Subverted in Izuku's universe, where being a Hero is a good-paying job and the popular Heroes can earn sponsorship deals, merchandising, and other sources of revenue.
  • In a Single Bound: Izuku easily clears a ten-foot gate while fleeing from class. He leaps twenty feet into the air while dodging an oncoming truck the same day. Peter did the same thing when he first got his powers.
  • Inner Thoughts, Outsider Puzzlement: Izuku goes on a dramatic inner monologue and stares off into the distance right before the U.A. Entrance Exam. Jirou notices this, waves her hand in front of his face, and lampshades it.
    Jirou: Hey, dude. [waving her hand in front of his face] You kind of zoned out there for a second. [gives a coy smile] You having a dramatic inner monologue or something?
    Izuku: [shaking his head in a panic] W-What!? No... no. Just pre-test jitters! [laughing nervously and thinking] Please buy that.
    Jirou: Riiiight.
  • In-Series Nickname: Izuku gets called "Deku" by Bakugou and Peter's daughter May gets called "Mayday". Izuku also calls Bakugou "Kacchan", his Affectionate Nickname from when they were kids.
  • Irony: In the manga, Izuku gains One For All after eating All Might's hair and trying to save Bakugou. Here, Izuku gets bitten by a spider and has to be saved by Bakugou. In addition, One For All-using Izuku is infamous for grievously injuring himself with his powers, while Spider-Izuku's powerset comes with a degree of Super Toughness on top of Intangibility and a Spider-Sense for avoiding harm.
  • Kids Are Cruel: Everyone in Izuku's class either bullies Izuku or pities him without bothering to do anything to help him, as they'd rather let him be the punching bag than earn Bakugou's ire.
  • Kid Hero: Izuku is just 14 when he first gets his spider-powers and plans on entering U.A. at 15. Peter also started his superhero career at 15.
  • Language Barrier:
    • Subverted with Izuku. Peter immediately assumes that Izuku won't be able to understand a word he says and tries to communicate through charades. He didn't count on Izuku responding in broken, but intelligible English. Of course, there are still plenty of words that Izuku doesn't know and he can't keep up if Peter speaks too quickly, but the language divide is far from insurmountable. The two Spider-Men manage to teach each other English and Japanese to overcome this completely.
      Izuku: I can tell and hear English, sir.
      Peter: You can understand...? [sighs and facepalms] Smooth, Peter. You just made yourself look like an ass in front of a teenager.
    • Played straight during his fight with the Prowler. Neither of them can understand a word of what the other is saying, but his constant quipping quickly grates on her nerves. Peter can only assume that her growling and angry responses are a flurry of Japanese curses.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: While helping Peter clear a run-down fridge of an angry raccoon and rotting food, they come across what appears to be a disturbing unidentified lifeform. The two of them agree that they never want to find out what it is.
  • Luminescent Blush: Izuku turns bright red when Peter starts alluding to the effects of puberty and his new spider-powers. Peter also blushes a little when he realizes that he made himself look like an ass in front of Izuku, who has at least a rudimentary understanding of English.
  • Mundane Solution: All Might uses duct tape to tie down the detonator switch the Prowler was using to hold Mount Lady hostage. He then tosses it into another prefecture to ensure that it would be too far away to trigger the bomb.
    Prowler: Get back! I still have the trigger! I'll kill her! I swear to…!
    All Might: Oh? You mean this? [holds up the trigger that's been wrapped in tape] Duct tape! Useful for all things from fixing leaky pipes… [tosses it past the horizon] to robbing a Villain of her bargaining chip!
  • Mythology Gag: Enough to have its own page.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: Expect Izuku's and Peter's Spider-Sense to go off whenever something big is about to happen.
  • Old Shame: In-universe, All Might considers his Christmas album this as it isn’t released in any other country but the United States. Even then he only recorded it while drunk and strapped for cash while training in America.
  • Omake: The story has a number of non-canon sidestories to explore assorted ideas. For instance, a short in which MC2 Mayday gets thrown into Izuku's universe was written for Valentine's Day.
  • Prescience by Analysis: Peter mentions that Reed Richards attempted this as part of his support for the Superhuman Registration Act. The problem was that it wasn't peer reviewed and no one else could understand it but him, which destroys Reed's arguments when the SHRA was put on trial. He suffers a falling out with Sue for months afterward.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: Izuku's peers at school sucked up to Bakugou out of fear of getting beaten up themselves, letting Izuku be the punching bag and joining in on Bakugou's antics for years. When Izuku gains his spider powers and unintentionally humiliates Bakugou, they immediately drift over to Izuku in hopes of riding off his fame as the Prowler Kid. Izuku is aware of this and declines to hang out with any of his old tormentors.
  • Projectile Webbing: The story features the original web-slinger himself, who teaches a newly spider-powered Izuku how to make his own web formula and web-shooters.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • A frequent complaint in the fandom is, "If Izuku wanted to become a Hero so badly, why didn't he train his mind and body like Batman?" Izuku has thought about doing this, but he's a wimpy, nerdy kid with his own hobbies. It would be unrealistic for him to drop everything and start vigorously training his body like some comic book character when he knew deep down that being a Badass Normal wasn't practical in the long-term on his Earth. He had no clear goal or guide to get him there, as no one wanted to deal with a Quirkless kid. As anyone who starts a diet or intense physical training can attest, it's not easy to start it, much less go through with it, without help.
      It was sad, really. Considering his dream in spite of his condition. One would think he would devote his mind and body to training, like one of those comic characters of old... But that was fiction. This was reality.
    • It isn't healthy to try and sleep off a venomous spider bite. Izuku nearly died and went into a short coma even after Bakugou rushed him to a hospital to get him medical treatment.
    • Peter's constant absences got him fired from his job as a science teacher at Midtown High and later got him fired from Horizon Labs.
    • In the comics, Aunt May was depicted as fairly old and was prone to fainting fits due to her bad health. It should come to nobody’s surprise that she has died of old age when Peter is 47.
    • Due to Peter saving the city numerous times and all his other heroic acts, the people of New York began to realize he wasn’t the menace J. Jonah Jameson was trying to cast him as. And because nobody was buying his paper anymore or believing his sensationalism, Jonah was forced to ease up on his hatred to save the Daily Bugle.
    • Despite his action-packed lifestyle, Peter is still a 47-year-old who subsists off junk food like burgers and instant ramen because it's all he can afford given his budget and time constraints. As a result, Peter has gotten a bit of a belly.
    • Despite charging in to save Peter and pull him away, Izuku is not willing to actually fight alongside Peter against the Prowler and quickly becomes a helpless onlooker again. As Izuku himself points out, he's just a kid who would more than likely be killed rather than make a difference in a fight since he has zero combat experience. Peter notes that if Izuku actually was around when she ambushed him, Peter would have to worry about Izuku on top of staying alive.
    • While J. Jonah Jameson’s articles aren’t questioned in—universe despite being based on his twisting of events, in Peter’s universe Jonah was sued for helping to fuel a police officer’s paranoia of Spider-Man enough to shoot at him from a crowd. After this, Jonah was forced to print a disclaimer at the end of his articles that they are his opinion and shouldn’t be taken as fact.
    • Hits Peter’s version of Civil War like a freight train. The families of superheroes sue the government for the blatantly unconstitutional actions of the Pro-Registration forces. When the courts ruled against the Superhuman Registration Act, the government started an investigation. The Pro-Registration’s inability to convincingly justify their actions and mismanagement causes the Superhuman Registration Act to be declared unconstitutional. The influence of Civil War as a comic made it a de facto manual on how not to run the Hero system in Izuku's universe.
    • In addition to the above, Reed Richard's so-called proven equation for supporting the SHRA fell apart under scrutiny because he insisted that it worked despite the lack of peer review. Anyone in academia knows that unreviewed papers are never going to be published, much less taken at face value.
    • Using high-powered equipment without sufficient protection or Super Toughness can end disastrously. The leader of the Rocket Racers finds this out the hard way when Peter tricks him into throwing a rocket-propelled punch into a concrete wall, mangling his hand in the process.
  • Secondary Color Nemesis: Mysterio's costume is a green bodysuit along with a purple cape and yellow accessories. The Prowler's purple costume with green flame designs contrasts Peter's Primary-Color Champion.
  • Shock and Awe:
    • Izuku possesses the same Venom Strike power as Miles Morales, accidentally electrocuting Peter and sending him flying backward. But he can only use it once a day.
    • The Prowler's shinai can produce electricity, paralyzing those struck by it.
  • Shoot the Television: Stain throws a knife at and stomps on his small TV out of disgust when he sees Mount Lady on the news.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Mysterio is a fan of John Carpenter and has a screensaver of Big Trouble in Little China's poster and his password is JC'STheThing.
    • The teens that stop Izuku to take a picture of him are dead-ringers to Wam and his gang from DEVILMAN crybaby due to their clothing as well as being aspiring rappers.
    • The abandoned amusement park Peter’s staying at is called Jakuri Park, which is a reference to Rey’s homeworld from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is, of course, lampshaded by Peter himself.
    • The reason why Jakuri Park is abandoned is explained by Izuku as the result of a recession, bringing to mind the explanation for the “park” in Spirited Away.
    • Peter also introduces the park to Izuku the way John Hammond introduces his own in Jurassic Park.
    • Izuku's chemistry teacher is named Kurisu.
    • The Mob Eisteiku section of Musutafu takes inspiration from Mos Eisley, the lawless spaceport Luke visits in Star Wars: A New Hope.
    • Izuku jumps off "Bespi Tower" to get over his fear of heights. This is a reference to Bepsin, the planet where Luke dueled Vader and lost his hand.
    • Toga listens to Helter Skelter while leaving the area that Peter defeated the Rocket Racers in.
    • Izuku's Venom Strike is activated by his buried feelings of anger and resentment as well as his long-repressed desire to lash out at others for wronging him, much like Force Lightning.
    • The Ramones’ cover for the Spider-Man theme song is mentioned, and played, by Izuku.
    • Peter states that in his universe, it was U2 who played his unofficial theme song.
    • Stain has several Mr. A comics in his apartment.
    • Martin Li’s smart table demands Melissa pay five cents for her coffee with cream and sugar’s cost being separated. This is similar to how Joe Chip’s apartment demanded for him to pay before he performed any basic necessities in Ubik. The similarities are noted when Martin says his assistant put in the commands from a book she read because she thought it was funny.
  • Show Within a Show:
    • In Izuku's universe, Spider-Man is treated much like he is in the real world: a fictional character depicted in a series of comic books, movies, video games, and merchandise distributed by Marvel Comics. This contributes to Izuku's disbelief that he could possibly have Spider-Man's powers, as it was fiction while he lived in reality. According to the author, the inverse is true for Peter's universe as the events of My Hero Academia are just a manga there.
    • There is an In-Universe show called “Teleporting Party Crasher” that Mount Lady and Toga watch on their down time.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Bakugou, as usual, cusses constantly. The Prowler isn't much better.
  • Social Media Is Bad: The Prowler tracks Peter down when people snapped photos of him eating with Izuku and posted them online, allowing her to ambush and nearly kill him. Izuku is wary of doing anything traceable online from then on, choosing to buy things with cash in-person than risk creating any other trails to his mentor.
  • Spider-Sense: Izuku's powers come with the classic Spider-Sense, alerting him when Bakugou was sending an explosion at him and ensuring that he managed to jump out of the way of an oncoming car. Naturally, Peter has this too as the original article.
  • Standard Evil Organization Squad: The League of Villains has been collaborating with Mysterio, who provides them with technology from the Marvel Universe. He also outfits numerous upstart criminals with the equipment of D-list Marvel Villains like the Rocket Racer, Big Wheel, and Stilt-Man.
  • Starstruck Speechless: Izuku meets All Might after the Prowler incident and is totally tongue-tied. He desperately tries to work up the nerve to say something, only to blurt out "I love you!", to his intense embarrassment. He's finally able to speak properly after All Might starts asking him questions.
  • Superheroes Wear Tights: Many Heroes in the story wear spandex as part of their costumes, including All Might and Peter. In some cases, like Mount Lady's, this is necessity as their costumes are specifically designed to handle their Quirks.
  • Superman Stays Out of Gotham: For some reason, Spidey is one of the only superheroes in New York to actually take on street crime, stopping bank robberies and investigating things while the entirety of the Avengers are off stopping an Alien Invasion or some other Apocalypse How scenario. Lampshaded, of course.
    In a city that was just lousy with superheroes, how come it always seemed like he was the only one on top of things like this? How come he doesn't see someone like Daredevil just a few rooftops away also going over to investigate?
    Peter: Aw, who am I kidding? He's probably busy with the Hand or something.
  • Super Reflexes: Izuku's powers come with a boost to his reflexes, ducking under one of Bakugou's explosions as if it were in slow motion and jumping out of the way on an oncoming car in a split second. They aren't infallible, as he fell flat on his face after Peter webbed him by accident while being blown backward by Izuku's Venom Strike.
  • Super Strength: Izuku is strong enough to accidentally smash his desk to pieces while trying to dodge one of Bakugou's explosions. Peter is even stronger, easily kicking the Prowler through a brick wall albeit he's out of shape.
  • Theme Naming: Every chapter is called an "issue" like a comic book and is given a title related to major arcs, events, devices, or installments of Spider-Man.
  • Training Montage: The majority of Issue 5, "Learning Curve", is devoted to Izuku learning the limits of his new powers and the ins-and-outs of being Spider-Man, from wall-crawling techniques to building and maintaining his own web-shooters. The montage continues through Issue 6, which has Izuku settling into his new abilities and how "normal" he is now that he's no longer Quirkless.
  • Wall Run: The Prowler is able to run straight up a wall as if gravity didn't affect her. Peter also runs straight up a wall even without the help of his Wall Crawling powers with his Super Strength and momentum. Izuku demonstrates his new powers to his mom this way.
  • Wretched Hive: Downplayed. In contrast to the pristine streets around U.A., Mob Eisteiku is the roughest part of town. The streets are filthy, the air is filled with pungent smog, and people are always wary of being mugged. At the same time, most people living there aren't necessarily evil or villainous. They're just Burakumin, people born into families known for handling the dirty jobs that no one else will. Izuku is ashamed at how unnerved he is of the people he's sworn to protect once he becomes a Hero, especially after he learns that Mitsuki Bakugou used to lived there too.
  • Year X: The story is said to take place in 20XX. By this point in time, artists like Post Malone and Beau Young Prince are considered classical music and skyscrapers top 2,200 meters.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: It's a perfectly accepted and normal thing to have blue or pink hair in Izuku's universe. Izuku has deep green.
  • Your Costume Needs Work: Since Comic Books Are Real isn't a widely-known fact, Peter and Mysterio are assumed to be copycats rather than the genuine articles.
  • Your Magic's No Good Here: Downplayed. The chemicals Peter used to create his own web fluid don't exist in Izuku's universe, meaning that he can't make more of it the way he knows how. Instead, he and Izuku develop a new web fluid formula from whatever Izuku is able to procure.

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