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Standard Evil Organization Squad

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This is a generally villainous organization with mysterious goals and many distinct characters, usually wearing theme outfits. May start out as The Omniscient Council of Vagueness before getting more time in the spotlight. Unlike a Legion of Doom, they're generally introduced as a bunch of new characters, rather than being a new alliance of old foes. Larger than a Quirky Miniboss Squad, and treated much more seriously (less quirk, more Boss). While they may have access to or be associated with a Nebulous Evil Organization, they are generally not nebulous, but rather have a set number of members, though they may qualify if their influence is nebulous or if they have numerous underlings who do not qualify as full members. They also tend to become a Spotlight-Stealing Squad.


The Standard Evil Organization Squad generally serves as either the Big Bad or Co-Dragons on a large scale (or both, since the leader is often the true Big Bad), and thus are generally a major threat. The Team is the vaguely-structured Good Counterpart.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 

    Fan Fic 
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Ami's minions start out as just another Keeper's band of thugs to the surface world. This changes following Ami's defeat of The Avatar of All Light. It is clear from the Spymaster's subplot that after this the surface world is scrambleing to discover the source of this incredibly powerful new keeper, uncover her motives and prepare countermeasures for her continued menace. Of course, they meet with limited success due to her origions. Of course, this is Sailor Mercury we're talking about. So it's an inversion.
  • Amazing Fantasy has the League of Villains, who is receiving technology from Mysterio to arm a new waveof upstart supervillains with advanced equipment from the Marvel Universe. This includes D-list villains like Stilt-Man, Big Wheel, and an entire Rocket Racer Gang.



    Video Games 

    Web Animation 
  • Salem's faction from RWBY, alluded to now and again throughout the show, then fully revealed during the first episode of Volume 4.

  • Homestuck has two. The first is the canonical Trolls, a group of twelve aliens (or so they claim) whose T-shirts follow an Astrological theme (each bears the symbol of one of the Astrological signs). Following the format of Homestuck, they are introduced one-by-one. Subverted in that most of them aren't really evil. They aren't particularly organized either.
    • The second group is from the Show Within a Show The Midnight Crew. The primary antagonists of the series are The Felt, who are a group of 15 time-travelers with a billiard-ball theme (each character corresponds to a ball). They have recently been revealed, in a form of in-universe Defictionalization, to actually exist in continuity with the main story.
      • The Midnight Crew itself could count, if not for the fact that the group consists only of four people.
  • The Order of the Stick: In the "Empire of Blood" arc, the Vector Legion is this. They're a relatively cohesive organization of primarily Lawful Evil, high-level adventurers, each of whom is a Foil / Evil Counterpart to a member of the Order of the Stick in some way. Unlike the equally matched Linear Guild, three of them are able to take on the titular Order and almost win. For bonus points, one of their number is Elan's father.

    Western Animation 

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