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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked! You Have Been Warned.

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     Issue #1 - What If 
  • The story opens with Izuku being as dramatic as possible, akin to the opening of Spider-Man. But it doesn't have the intended effect and he has to comically beg for his audience to stay. It seems his Dork Knight tendencies remain even after becoming one of his world's greatest Heroes.
    Izuku: Do you want to know my story? Are you sure you want to know? The tale I'm going to spin isn't for the faint of heart and... Wait! Wait, don't go! O-Okay look, this is the first time I've told anybody what happened like this, so please be patient! Our story begins like a lot of manga and comics do... in middle school.
  • While recovering in the hospital from the spider bite, Izuku gets get-well cards from his classmates. Bakugou's is just a plain sheet of paper that reads, "If you can read this then get your ass up you damn nerd!"
  • While Izuku is running after finally realizing he got the powers of Spider-Man, he briefly worries that he got cancer thanks to the radioactive spider-bite. Cue the Izuku in the future briefly explaining that no he does not have cancer and insisting that his wife is fine.

     Issue #2 - Along Came a Spider-Man 
  • Peter's response to seeing his reflection in his Spidey-Suit, which he forgot to wash last night?
    Peter: I look like shit. Thought I'd have a six-pack forever.
  • Peter assumes there's a Language Barrier and tries to tell Izuku that he's fine through poorly done charades. Then Izuku speaks in broken, but intelligible English. Cue Peter grimacing as he realized that he made an ass of himself in front of a teenager.
  • The only response Izuku can formulate after Peter introduces himself is a Flat "What".
  • Peter's response to learning that he's fictional in Izuku's universe is to stop eating for five seconds before shrugging his shoulders. When Izuku presses him on this, Peter simply replies that he's seen too much crap in his life for something like this to phase him.
    Peter: Kid, after all the crap I've seen in my life let me tell you, me being fictional over here is a... four-out-of-ten on my "freak-out" meter.
  • Peter's quipage is as on point as ever even after 35 years in the game.
    Peter: [to a pair of would-be bank robbers] Seriously, I don't understand you people. You'd have to be a moron to try and rob somebody in a city that every hero from D-Man to Thor calls home.
    Bank Robber: Screw you, man!
    Peter: Hey man, you're lucky you got me! Let me tell you, ya would've been disappointed if it was Wolverine. That Canuck is not a people person.
  • Peter shows up to a classy five-star restaurant in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans. He's understandably awkward and embarrassed about it.
  • Peter wonders why the other street-level superheroes are rarely seen fighting street crime, considering leaving the ominous beam of light in the background to Daredevil. It takes him seconds to dismiss the idea.
    Peter: Aw, who am I kidding? He's probably busy with the Hand or something.
  • Captain America doesn’t even try to explain Ultron’s motives or what he’s even doing to wipe out humanity for the umpteenth time. Even Captain America has Seen It All to the point that he’s just as blasé as Peter is about the Superhero lifestyle.
  • Captain America acts like a cranky old dad around the Avengers' newest recruits.
    Ms. Marvel: On your left! [punches aside a robot with a giant fist] Yes! Score one more robo-velociraptor for me!
    Cap: Keep your head in the game, Khan! Teenagers...
    • For an added bonus, at the end of his call Cap is shouting at Robbie Reyes to stop doing doughnuts with his Charger. Keep in mind Robbie is doing this during a fight with Ultron’s army.

     Issue #3 - If This Be My Destiny...! 
  • Peter is nonplussed when he sees Prowler running on the ceiling.
    Peter: Okay, now I think I'm also gonna sue you! That's copyright infringement!
  • Peter's quipping transcends the Language Barrier, managing to get the Prowler cussing at him even though neither of them understands what the other is saying.
    Peter: [after wrapping Prowler up in webbing] There! Nice and snug! Now... You be a good girl and... uncle Spidey will read you a bedtime story before the cops kiss ya goodnight...
    Prowler: DAMARE!note 
  • Peter has gotten beaten up so many times that he's named the spots he sees after getting struck in the head.
    Peter: [dazed] Hi again, Larry...

     Issue #4 - Deku’s Homecoming! 
  • After finishing his meeting with the Top 10 Heroes, Tsukauchi wonders what could possibly be going through the Spider-Man-themed Vigilante's head to risk his life like that. The answer?
    Peter: [scratching his gut] Man, I'm hungry...
  • Despite the recollection of Stamford being treated with the utmost seriousness, Peter’s summation of Civil War pretty much boils down to full-blown mocking of the event which ends with a huge case of Reality Ensues rather than a superhero brawl.
    • Reed’s formula, which was used as justification enough for him to support and enforce the Superhuman Registration Act, is not enough to convince the congressional committee investigating him. As it turns out trying to use a formula only he can interpret isn’t good evidence that the act is a good idea.
    • Peter sums up all the ensuing superhero battles with a “blah, blah, blah”, apparently having become bored with the tale and thinking all the fighting is trivial in the grand scheme of things.
    • Peter responded to Tony Stark’s request to unmask himself by punching the guy in his “smug metal jaw”. According to Word of God, rather than Tony being confident in the Superhuman Registration Act while asking Peter to do this Tony was desperate and saw Peter as a last-ditch shot to save the law.
    • Maria Hill being stripped of her titles and position for her actions, which can be considered funny to those tired of her having numerous Karma Houdinis over the many years.
  • All Might has a Christmas album. You read that right. The Symbol of Peace sung in and produced an impulse-buy album that’s only released in the United States. He apparently produced it while drunk and strapped for cash when he worked there.
    • The author even revealed a tracklist for the album, which has some pretty cheesy All Might-themed song titles such as “Joy To The World (FOR I AM HERE!)” and “Smashin’ Around The Christmas Tree”.
  • Izuku manages to humiliate Bakugou by pushing him, making him slide on the floor before crashing into another student. This is then capped off with said student dropping his canned coffee on Bakugou’s head, drenching it.
  • Izuku gets his foot caught in a telephone wire and falls right into a pile of garbage bags. Hardly a graceful move by someone who’s supposed to be the new Spider-Man.
  • Peter webs up Bakugou’s foot while he’s running, causing the explosive teen to fall right on his face. It was all caught on video too.
  • Izuku tries to run up a wall to begin his training, but his shoes cause him to fall right on his back. Cue Peter groaning and saying they have some work to do.
  • Spiders-Man’s fate, which is so anti-climatic and done by resident series’ punching bag Minoru Mineta that it is hilarious.

     Issue #5 - Learning Curve 
  • Izuku's hastily bought Spider-Man costume doesn't fit him at all. He can't zip up the back, the shoes and gloves are too small, and it's tight around his butt and crotch. He still manages to take some pride in wearing it to psyche himself up... until Peter sees it and can barely fight the urge to laugh at the sight.
  • Peter decides to train Izuku and test his upper limits at the same time, putting Izuku through laughably over-the-top tasks like lapping Musutafu three times and carrying tons of appliances around. He's also snacking while watching Izuku do all of this.
    Izuku: Are you eating!?
    Peter: Yeah. I'm hungry. I'm not the one supposed to be training here. Plus these things are delicious!
    • Peter also tests Izuku's Spider-Sense by laying out rusty nails on the floor. He has to look away when Izuku asks if Peter expected this.
      Peter: Oh thank God, it actually worked this time.
      Izuku: Like you knew it would… right, Peter-san?
      Peter: [refuses to make eye contact] Rrrriiiight. Yup, sure kid.
  • Peter has to wear Hisashi's old clothes until he can get his own. One of them happens to be a hot pink t-shirt with "JUICY" written on the back.
  • Bakugou's Comical Overreacting has gotten so popular that people are making memes and remixes out of it.
  • Izuku is too embarrassed to explain that his costume is giving him rashes on his crotch. His beating around the bush leads Peter to another conclusion.
    Izuku: [motioning to his thighs] Um, Peter-san? Do you normally... become red? [blushes deeply]
    Peter: Huh? Um, kid, that's kinda not a thing you should be talking about with me.
    Izuku: [turns even redder] N-No!
  • While walking Izuku through web-shooting, Peter tells Izuku to make-believe he's facing off against Italian mobsters. He gives them names like Mario, Luigi, and Prego.
    Izuku: I think Peter had one too many run-ins with the Italian mob back at his world.
  • Izuku's method for trying to learn how to use his intangibility? Running at a wall over and over and hoping it works.
  • Izuku successfully manages to get his intangibility powers to work by latching onto the memory of seeing Peter at the Prowler's mercy. He doesn't get to celebrate because he instantly suffers from vertigo and nausea and pukes all over Peter's floor.
    Peter: Oh, come on! I just mopped this morning!
  • Izuku's snarkier side comes out in the narration while preparing to web-sling.
    "Hell, when he really thought about it, he wasn't that high. It was just a fifty-foot drop onto hard asphalt. No big deal. He was pretty tough now. Even if he fell, he'd live. Probably."
  • Izuku is busy having the time of his life once he gets the hang of web-swinging. Then Peter beans him in the head with a rock while yelling to watch out for incoming drones.

     Issue #6 - Power and Responsibility 
  • Future Izuku's first attempt at humor is a god-awful Pun that falls flat with his audience.
    Izuku: He had to slow down when his web-fluid ran low, but as soon as we were able to create a new formula he got back into the 'swing' of things... ...Come on! It wasn't that bad of a joke!
  • Peter wonders what the appeal of riding a skateboard is... and at that moment realizes just how old he's gotten.
    Peter: Guess only kids see the appeal riding around on those things. I don't know how young people can spend hours on end trying to do tricks and... oh god, I have gotten old.
  • Toga decides to call a cat-headed police officer "Officer Meow-Meow".
  • Izuku curses the vague rules that surround his Spider-Sense when Bakugou manages to sneak upon him.
    Izuku: Spider-Sense, you have failed me again.
  • Future Izuku admonishes the reader when he realizes that his wording about his Venom Strike could be taken as a Double Entendre.
    Izuku: We met the next day and tried it again, and I was able to see the sparks fly… Okay, stop looking at me like that. You know what I mean.

     Tangled Web of Spider-Woman Issue #9 
  • Crusher Hogan’s manager changes his stage name last-minute without telling the man in spite of the fact Hogan legally changed his name to Crusher by his insistence. Hogan privately curses the man as he makes half-assed boasts that reference his new ‘Bonesaw’ persona.
  • Matin Li is so full of himself that not only does he boast about his own greatness, but he hands out autographed headshots to everyone after the Demons are defeated.
  • Like most Shonen heroes, Martin has spiky Shonen Hair. Unlike them, however, his hair is explicitly gelled up to look that way and is incredibly greasy as a result.

     Issue #7 - Boy Falls From The Sky 
  • Izuku gets into the middle of a heroic inner monologue while talking to Jirou, who who asks if he's having one while waving a hand in front of his face.
    Jirou: Hey, dude. [waving her hand in front of his face] You kind of zoned out there for a second. [gives a coy smile] You having a dramatic inner monologue or something?
    Izuku: [shaking his head in a panic] W-What!? No... no. Just pre-test jitters! [laughing nervously and thinking] Please buy that.
    Jirou: Riiiight.
  • Izuku sweats bullets while seated next to Bakugou, particularly after the latter doesn't call him a nerd for all of ten minutes. Izuku immediately lampshades how pathetic that sounds.
    Izuku: Oh man, that just sounds sad...
  • Iida takes everything seriously, taking "just do your best" as some kind of Hidden Purpose Test. He also doesn't understand why Hero costumes need to be frictionless so they don't chafe.
  • Midnight drops intense amounts of innuendo while watching the U.A. Entrance Exam. All Might wonders why she hasn't been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit.
    Midnight: These boys are certainly showing their stuff. If we whip them into shape, they'll become amazing in…
    Ectoplasm: Midnight…
    Midnight: Come on, Ectoplasm, can't a girl crack a joke? [shrugs] Still, I'm curious. What the heck are they feeding kids nowadays for bodies and stamina like that? Because their parents are doing several things right! [collective groaning]

     Issue #8 - Super Hero School 
  • Aizawa is such a Lazy Bum that he opens the door out of the principal’s office by wriggling his arm out of the sleeping bag’s face hole and crawls all the way to Class 1-A, despite Nezu pointing out it would be infinitely easier if the man just got out and walked.
  • Mineta tries to hug Aizawa while crying Tears of Joy over not being expelled. The man just heartlessly steps to the side and lets the diminutive student fall flat on his face.

     Issue #9 - Marked For Destruction 
  • Izuku being The Klutz strikes again when, in his haste to catch up with the rest of his class, he forgets to set his lenses to automatic light adjustment. He blinds himself temporarily and knocks into the props, making himself look like a fool to his class.

     Issue #10 - Bakugou Strikes Back! 
  • Izuku gets a Raging Stiffie thanks to imagining Jirou pressing against his back and remembering Uraraka’s skintight costume. He is eventually able to bring it down by thinking unsexy thoughts, which includes imagining the principal in a bikini.

     Issue #11 - Meanwhile 
  • Peter's first run delivering pizzas. Straight out of the second original movie. Especially the moment of his delivery.
  • Ouka Oosawagi is basically this story's version of JJJ.

  • This comic about Amazing Fantasy's Peter and AlexDrawsAgain's Peter from his comic, Peter Parker: Foreign Exchange Student, grumbling over each other's faults while poking at the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Peter.
    • PPFES Peter's description of AF Peter is bitingly on-point. AF Peter's attempts to soften the blow only make it worse.
      PPFES Peter: Okay, so let me get this straight. So you're like a future me who managed to survive all the dangerous stuff we do. But you really let yourself go.
      AF Peter: Hey!
      PPFES Peter: but now I'm homeless and our wife left us. That sound about right?
      AF Peter: Trial separation!
      PPFES Peter: Oh my god, it's like the Ghost of Christmas Future but so much worse!
    • Then PPFES Peter turns to MCU Peter, who seems perfect in every way by comparison.
      PPFES Peter: Alright, so you're also me. But you're cooler, more popular, richer, and buddy buddy with Iron Man. All that and you're practically an Avenger? I mean... Damn... Iron Man barely knows my name. He keeps calling me "Tarantula Boy". You're giving me a complex, man.
      MCU Peter: You've got it all wrong! First off, I'm not rich! I don't even have $20 on me! And Mr. Stark is just my mentor! He made me my suits and he didn't have to do it at all! He's just generous.
      AF Peter and PPFES Peter: Yup, he's rich.
      MCU Peter: It's not my fault your Tony Stark sucks!

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