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A variety of crossover fic where the characters of one or more franchises replace the established characters in yet another franchise. Usually written for the comedic value of the resulting Fish out of Water juxtaposition, although the odd serious/dramatic effort is seen, too.

The term has also started to be applied to crossover fics where the metaphysics and backstories of the universes have been fused so they have always existed as part of the same setting. As a result, rather than the characters being simply swapped, the backstories and worlds of both franchises are altered so they can exist together. For example, a villain from one show might be "revealed" to have been part of a conspiracy with similar goals from the other show, thus linking the two and leaving the protagonists likely to come into contact as they each fight against the conspiracy.


Sometimes overlaps with Meta Fic, Elsewhere Fic, and Transplanted Character Fic (the latter two usually simultaneously). Film Fic is a subtrope. Compare the more typical Intercontinuity Crossover. Has no relation whatsoever to Fusion Dance or that nuclear stuff going on in the Sun's core or a custom DeLorean.


  • A Canon example would be R.O.D the TV, which is a fusion story of Read or Die and Read or Dream, a manga set in an Alternate Continuity.
  • Kanius, formerly SSJ4Takeru, intertwines the Digimon and Dragon Ball Z into a long-running successful Fusion series called Digimon Fusion Kai. It has been previously and been simply called Digimon Fusion (not to be confused with the English language version of Digimon Xros Wars) or D-Fusion in the past. As of 2010, it has been revived and rebranded with the Kai label. It is now undergoing a revision to keep update with his other writing. It is an ambitious series and the battles scenes are deliciously well-written.
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  • Unsurprisingly, there's a Soul Eater/Naruto fusion fic out there. The fic in question is Master and Weapon. Despite what you'd expect, the Black*Star substitute isn't Naruto.
  • There was once a very detailed Ranma and Naruto fusion summary, leaving a very large portion of both continuities intact. The author wouldn't use it because of the latter manga's obscene length.
  • There is one for X1999 and Chobits.
  • There is a Death Note doujinshi which parodies Onegai My Melody. It's called (obviously) Onegai! Near Mellody (yes, Near plays Kuromi and Mello plays My Melody).
  • There was a rather terrifying and dark doujinshi based around fusing the concepts of Azumanga Daioh and Drifting Classroom. The results (rape, trauma, Osaka becoming a serial killer) made for a disturbing, yet oddly compelling read.
  • JohnSu on DeviantArt gave us Desu Note.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, this Neon Genesis Evangelion AMV starring Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. note  It actually works surprisingly well.
  • A Goddess Comes to Call is a fusion between Bubblegum Crisis and Ah! My Goddess, where Linna is the one who accidentally summons Belldandy and wishes that she would stay by her side forever (if you're wondering about Keichii, he wishes for the girl who would be perfect for him, and ends up with Chihiro Fujimi).
  • Ranma ½ seems to have a lot of Fusion Fics. Listed below are two common variants:
    • For some reason, it was very popular in the late 1990s to replace the crew of any given Starship Enterprise with the Ranma cast. Inevitably, eternally-lost wanderer Ryoga would be given the post of navigator/helmsman.
    • Replacing the cast of Sailor Moon with the Ranma cast also had a brief vogue. Ranma was usually cast as Sailor Moon whenever the latter was absent. (Read more about this in Fuku Fic.)
  • Speaking of Star Trek, the villain of The Undiscovered Country being a fan of Shakespeare resulted in a close relative of this trope by inspiring someone to translate Hamlet into Klingon. Apparently it worked well enough that the Star Trek: New Frontier novels suggest that the immortal bard has quite a following in the Klingon Empire.
  • Perhaps epitomized by a piece of artwork entitled simply "Popeye the Sailor Moon." There are lots of these little horrors.
  • Child of the Storm blends the backstories of Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics (the template is MCU, with bits of varying comics' continuities added on), Smallville, DC Comics, The Sandman, The Dresden Files and sprinkles in hints of Good Omens to boot, with a unique flair added by the author, who somehow manages to make it all work. Needless to say, it is remarkably ambitious series.
  • In Angus MacSpon's The Replacement Ranmas, Fusion and Meta Fic mix when the entire cast of Ranma ½ turns up missing on the first day of shooting for a new fic, and the "director" must scramble to replace them with characters from other anime series...
  • A rare commercial variant of this would be the "Amalgam Universe" jointly created by Marvel and DC, in which their two 'verses and their inhabitants were merged in a literal fusion; unlike a classic fic fusion, though, it was not so much a case of "character X takes on the role of character Y," but "Character X + Character Y -> Character Z, who partakes of both." For example Doctor Doom and Doomsday combine to form Doctor Doomsday.
    • The two major mixes. Batman + Wolverine = Dark Claw and Captain America + Superman = Super-Solider.
    • Some characters were even fused twice. In addition to Dark Claw, there was Bruce Wayne, Agent of Shield (Bruce Wayne/Batman + Nick Fury). And Wonder Woman became both Amazon (Storm + Wonder Woman) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman + someone who would marry The Punisher and fight crime with him).
  • Fallout: SG-1 seems to be this for the Fallout and Stargate universes. In this universe, SG-1 is composed of an old Daniel Jackson who lived most of his life on Abydos, Veronica Santangelo, Arcade Gannon, and of course Teal'c. Carter was an astronaut for the USSA, which fits what regularly occurs to her during the show's regular visits to alternate realities. No word on Jack save for a passing mention in the prologue and a possible descendant, though.
  • The First Saniwa, a Touken Ranbu/Onmyōji crossover that merges aspects of both games' canons and uses one game's canon to explain the other's. For example, Yorimitsu is the ancestor of the present day saniwa, the canonical fact that Onigiri isn't actually the personification of the sword he represents allows he and Higekiri to exist in the same universe, and Kuro Seimei is actually the work of Historical Revisionists.
  • 4chan tends to result in a lot of these:
  • Rum and Mint Jelly crosses Pirates of the Caribbean with Care Bears.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion had the intro redone with characters from Maria-sama ga Miteru as seen here.
  • Children of an Elder God is Evangelion with the pseudo-Christian stuff replaced with H. P. Lovecraft, right down to Misato wearing an elder sign instead of a cross.
  • Leviathan: A detailed fusion between Godzilla and Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Last Child of Krypton: Between Evangelion and DC Comics. Shinji is Superman; Kaji is the second Batman, having been trained by Bruce Wayne; Kyoko was an Amazonian; Asuka takes on the mantle of Wonder Woman; Toji becomes a Green Lantern; Kaworu is essentially Black Adam; Rei is essentially Supergirl; and Naoko Akagi is essentially Galatea. There is mention made of Barry Allen, Shinji meets the Martian Manhunter before the latter expires, Diana takes gives Asuka and the others refuge after the Zeruel incident, Atlantis was destroyed by Second Impact, and several classic DC villains make an appearance in the story.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Between Evangelion and The DCU. Asuka is Power Girl and later Supergirl, Rei is Wonder Girl, other Eva characters have powers of DC superheroes, and several Superman villains show up such like Comic Book/Brainiac or Parasite.
  • Batman was fused with Kim Possible and Classic Cowboy makes it work beautifully. These stories are quite good.
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Hellsing have been fused. Guess who Kevin is, everybody!
  • In the Swedish gaming mag Sinkadus, waaaay back, RPG writer Anders Blixt wrote a short story fusing Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, entitled (in English translation) "Lord of the Rings part IV: A New Hope." It featured Obi-Wan Gandalf and Aragorn Solo leading a bunch of Jawas down into Mordor, eventually encountering "Darth Angmar, the right hand of Emperor Sauron himself!" Who is the daddy of one of the Jawas...
  • The game Pokéthulhu, an Affectionate Parody of both Pokémon and the Cthulhu Mythos, has as its central conceit that there actually is a Pokethulhu cartoon series. In it, the characters are fusions of Pokémon characters and fictional or real people associated with the mythos: the main character is Ash Ketchum/author avatar Randolph Carter, while Team Rocket is Team Eibon, made up of Derleth (named after author/editor/fan hate object August Derleth) and Bloch (named after author Robert Bloch).
  • The fan fic Avenging fuses manga in general and Ranma ½ in particular with Marvel Comics in general and the Mighty Avengers in particular; the Avengers in this universe are based in Tokyo and made up of characters from the Ranma comics. Ranma is both Captain Japan and his spunky female sidekick, Bucky (never seen at the same place at the same time, which Bucky explains by their only having one indestructible shield between them); Akane is Thor (presumably because they both pick hammers out of empty air...); Ukyo is Hawkeye (who claims to be a man in her superhero identity but is unable to conceal her attraction to Captain Japan); Dr. Tofu and Kasumi are Giant-Man and the Wasp for no reason whatsoever; Ryoga is the Hulk (he stumbled onto the testing grounds of the Gamma Bomb when being lost as usual; there is also a giant green rampaging boar which people don't know is also Ryoga...); and Mousse is Daredevil (not normally an Avenger, but the writer couldn't resist the joke, also making Electra = Shampoo and Stick = Cologne...). The writing is less funny than it sounds, the main attraction being trying to figure out who is going to be who, so to speak.
  • The Wheel of Time and Transformers have had their characters fused by Rule of Funny into Trans-WoT-ers, resulting in transforming Asha'bots, Darkfriendicons, and Egwene al'Bumblebitch, with some random lesbianism thrown in.
  • Mercedes Lackey wrote the short story "Moving Targets," which is a fusion of Valdemar and, oddly, Scooby-Doo. It has four Herald trainees and a kyree in a green flower-painted wagon solving a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax. It even includes the line "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling Heralds."
  • There are pages depicting a fusion between Persona 4 and Yotsuba&!, with Nanako taking Yotsuba's place. It was about as adorable as you'd expect.
  • The Fan Fic Martian Manhunter is an interesting case. No characters are replaced; rather, Veronica Mars, along with her backstory and supporting cast, are shoehorned into the background of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sunnydale... The twist is she still has all her Neptune memories, including who killed Lily, and the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which to her was, until a certain point, entirely fictional. And there's a valid explanation for this, if you read far enough in.
  • Hamlet played by Slayers characters, anyone? Too bad it's a Dead Fic.
  • Another rather odd variation was a Ranma ½ + Star Wars fusion where, while the Nerima Wrecking Crew were all cast into roles similar to the characters in A New Hope, they didn't replace them at all! They just happened to have similar adventures before, alongside, and occasionally intersecting them. For example, Kasumi (Luke's neighbor) and Nodoka (Obi-Wan's Ex-wife) getting on the Death Star by requesting a tour, and in the process get their pictures taken with two Stormtroopers (one a little short) escorting their Wookiee "prisoner." Sadly, it died before they could get to The Empire Strikes Back.
    • A straighter example of the same combination can be seen in Blade and Epsilon's Ran Wars.
  • Almost everything in the "Cartoon Crossover" section of Fan Fiction Dot Net is one. We believe they call them "parodies."
  • Quite a few people have read the script of the Ring Wars Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Hope, The Two Towers Strike Back, and The Return of the Jedi King). Featuring occasional appearances by Monty Python.
  • Hello Cthulhu. Yes, it's Cthulhu and Co in Hello Kitty 'verse.
  • Teknomorphs is, as you might have guessed from the title, a blending of the 'verse of Animorphs with that of Teknoman. Although it differs in that the Animorphs gain two new members rather than being replaced.
  • Falling Stars dumps Lucky Star characters into the Fallout universe circa Fallout 3.
  • Babylon Park is set aboard the Babylon 5 space station, populated by South Park-style versions of the characters.
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