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Fusion Fic

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A variety of crossover fic where the characters of one or more franchises replace the established characters in yet another franchise. Usually written for the comedic value of the resulting Fish out of Water juxtaposition, although the odd serious/dramatic effort is seen, too.

The term has also started to be applied to crossover fics where the metaphysics and backstories of the universes have been fused so they have always existed as part of the same setting. As a result, rather than the characters being simply swapped, the backstories and worlds of both franchises are altered so they can exist together. For example, a villain from one show might be "revealed" to have been part of a conspiracy with similar goals from the other show, thus linking the two and leaving the protagonists likely to come into contact as they each fight against the conspiracy.


Sometimes overlaps with Meta Fic, Elsewhere Fic, and Transplanted Character Fic (the latter two usually simultaneously). Film Fic is a subtrope. Compare the more typical Intercontinuity Crossover. Has no relation whatsoever to Fusion Dance or that nuclear stuff going on in the Sun's core or a custom DeLorean.



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