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Pico's taking over.
Pico is a Web Animation-slash-Web Games series started by Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp. The series revolves around the characters Pico, Nene and Darnell as they get involved in particularly violent situations. The characters first appeared on the site in 1999 with five short games and movies:
  • Pico's School: The original, a point-and-click Adventure Game/shooter inspired by the Columbine massacre. When a bunch of goth/punk/neo-Nazi kids go postal and turn the school into a battlefield, it's up to Pico to save the day by mowing down anything that moves (including Innocent Bystanders if you want) to teach them a lesson about true non-conformity.
  • Nene's Interactive Suicide: Nene learns that popularity isn't all it's cracked up to be when she wakes up with herpes, and must choose how to end her life.
  • Darnell Plays With Fire: Darnell goes overboard when teaching viewers about his favorite thing in the world: fire!
  • Pico vs. Bear: Pico has been entrusted to take down Big Brown Bary, a Depraved Kids' Show Host with a sordid past and his equally fucked-up co-stars.
  • Pico vs. Uberkids: A trio of cloned "genetically perfect" Uberkids challenge Pico, Nene, and Darnell in the game of their choice to prove their superiority. The game: Rock–Paper–Scissors Roulette!

As the series got more popular, it eventually became the work of people all over Newgrounds, with more flashes such as Resident Pico, and Pico Roulette being added by various Newgrounders. Over the years, Pico became the Series Mascot of Newgrounds alongside other famous characters such as Alien Hominid, The Clock Crew, and the Tankmen, and even gained an Evil Counterpart Spin-Off series in the form of Piconjo (an extremly pale Pico with a BFS and a dong the size of a tree, resulting in 99% of his apparitions culminating in a penis joke or something related), described by Newgrounds itself as the Wario to Pico's Mario. Pico was also used in the ratings bar for much of the site's early years until he was eventually replaced by a Tankman.

Pico, Piconjo, and Pico's best friends Darnell (a black Pyro Maniac and Mad Bomber kid) and Nene (a suicidal Chinese girl with quite an addiction to blades and a comical tendency to catch herpes due to her loose morals, who is often portrayed as Pico's Love Interest) are only the main characters of the whole Picoverse. However, Tom Fulp doesn't make Pico shorts as often anymore. A sequel called Pico's School 2 was infamously in Development Hell for years, with only some level designs appearing to the public. The status of this game has been unknown for years, although it seems that Tom doesn't like answering questions about it.


In 2006, a Newgrounds user suggested an idea for a "Pico Day", based off the Clock Days that had started earlier. Every year on April 30th (Tom Fulp's birthday) the Portal is filled with submissions based after the Pico characters, which makes up the majority of Pico works today.

Pico movies and games can be viewed here. You can more about him on the Newgrounds Wiki here.

Absolutely no relation to Boku no Pico. Seriously.

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