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Brandish is an Action RPG series by Falcom, which currently consists of four main games. It is notable for having a rotatable "camera" despite having entirely 2D gameplay, thus allowing the player to do things like circle strafing, hit and run attacks, and other typically-3D techniques.

The original game was released in 1991 for the SNES, and it was the only one ever released in other countries, and with great alterations at that. Its story starts with the protagonist, Ares, being ambushed by a mage Dela Delon, who aims to avenge her evil wizard master, killed by Ares in the game's backstory. While battling, one of Dela Delon's spells breaks open the ground, sending them both into a deep labyrinth. Now, Ares must figure out a way to escape.

Brandish 2: The Planet Buster was originally released on PC-98 in 1993, and was then ported to SNES in 1994. Brandish 3: Spirit of Balcan was developed in 1994. Both of these sequels again centered on Ares and Dela. Brandish 4 or Brandish VT: Fata Morgana Templum, followed in 1996, but while it retained the series' gameplay and graphics, the storyline was very different.


There was also a 2009 remake of the original game for the PSP, known as Brandish: The Dark Revenant, which is 3D, but retains the same rotatable camera system. 2009 also saw the fan translation of the second game.

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