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Hardcore Gaming 101 is a video game overview site run by Kurt Kalata that is dedicated to cult classics and the obscure. Founded in 2004, it looks at everything from the classics, to Japanese import games, to long-forgotten arcade quarter-munchers, to homebrew, to pure garbage and the utterly insane. The site also takes a broader look at Shoot 'Em Up iOS Games, the Shoot Em Ups of Compile, Toaplan, Psikyo and 8ing/Raizing, pre-Street Fighter II fighting games, and the various Licensed Games of Capcom and Konami. The overviews are quite image intensive, and tend to run on to some strange tangents. The site has published a book containing overviews of nearly every adventure game ever released, and is in the process of publishing similar books on classic Sega arcade games. It is also one of the few places you'll find someone defending the Zelda CD-i games.

The site updates roughly every week. For real this time. Honest.

Game series and individual games reviewed that have TV Tropes pages:

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Licensed Game franchise overviews, and individual licensed games reviewed that only have TV Tropes pages for the source licenses:

500 Word Indies:

Your Weekly Kusoge (brief reviews of "shit" games):

Tropes relevant to the writeups include: