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Toaplan Co., Ltd. (aka Toa Plan) 『東亜プラン』 was a Japanese company which developed arcade games, mostly Shoot Em Ups, from 1984 to 1994.

Most of Toaplan's earlier games were distributed by Taito. Their later shoot-em-ups put more and more bullets on the screen, culminating in Batsugun, the Trope Maker for Bullet Hell shooters.

After Toaplan's demise, many of its employees went to CAVE, 8ing/Raizing, Takumi and Gazelle. The rights to Toaplan's games are now property of TATSUJIN (a company named after the Japanese version of Truxton), so stay tuned for modern ports of them.

In 2021, M2 announced the Toaplan Arcade Garage series, a sub-series of the M2 ShotTriggers lineup focused around rereleasing Toaplan games on consoles. The first title in this lineup, Kyuukyoku Tiger Heli, was released in October 2021 and consists of Tiger Heli, Twin Cobra, as well as the bonus title Guardian. The next title, Hishou Same! Same! Same!, consists of Flying Shark and Fire Shark, and is scheduled for a 2022 release.


Nothing to do with plans hatched by a certain species of robotic heroes.

Games developed by Toaplan:

Shoot 'em ups
  • Batsugun
  • Dogyuun
  • Final Star Force
  • Fire Shark (also known as Shark! Shark! Shark!)
  • Flying Shark (also known as Sky Shark)
  • Fixeight
  • Hellfire
  • Out Zone
  • Performan
  • Slap Fight (known in North America as ALCON)
  • Tiger Heli
  • Truxton (known in Japan as TATSUJIN)
    • Truxton II (known in Japan as Tatsujin-ou)
  • Twin Cobra (known in Japan as Kyuukyoku Tiger)
  • Twin Hawk
  • V-V (pronounced "Vee Five", known outside Japan as Grind Stormer)
  • Vimana
  • Zero Wing

Other games


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