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Toaplan Co., Ltd. (aka Toa Plan) 『東亜プラン』 was a Japanese company which developed arcade games, mostly Shoot Em Ups, from 1984 to 1994.

Most of Toaplan's earlier games were distributed by Taito. Their later shoot-em-ups put more and more bullets on the screen, culminating in Batsugun, the Trope Maker for Bullet Hell shooters.

After Toaplan's demise, many of its employees went to CAVE, 8ing/Raizing, Takumi and Gazelle. The rights to Toaplan's games are a mystery, so good luck ever seeing modern ports of them.

Nothing to do with plans hatched by a certain species of robotic heroes.


Games developed by Toaplan:

Shoot 'em ups

Other games


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