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Examples of rescued Western Animation shows, comic books, video games, music, literature, anime & manga, and live-action TV shows are on their own pages, as are rescued Star Wars-related works (see here for those).

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  • The long-lost American commercials for Banjo-Kazooie, Secret of Mana, and Jet Set Radio Future have been recovered on YouTube after years of people searching for them (heck, some people didn't even know that JSRF had an American ad). Banjo-Kazooie took 14 years to be recovered (aired in 1998, uploaded to the internet in 2012), Secret of Mana took 17 years (aired in 1993, recovered in 2010 from a French VHS that had French subtitles), and JSRF took 9 years (aired in 2002, recovered in 2011). View each commercial below:
  • For years, the only recordings of the Game Boy Pocket "Factory" commercial that existed online were: A recording with poor video quality and a few seconds missing, and a variant of this ad that aired in Australia. Finally, in 2013, a better recording of this commercial was uploaded, with clearer video quality, and including the entire length of the ad, so now we can finally hear what the female voice at the end is saying.
  • During the 1990s, the Malaysian VHS/VCD company Berjaya HVN had an anti-piracy awareness message to help viewers of their programs recognize a genuine HVN VHS. It included a genuine label hologram (either a Disney hologram for Disney tapes or just a white sticker with copies of the HVN logo on it) on either the spine of the cover or the cassette's spine, a blue videocassette skin, etc. However, it was inside the VHS which stores the cassette (also called inlays), and now HVN's tapes are long out-of-print, with seemingly no one being interested in taking a scan of the ad (or even posting it online). In February 14, 2022, an YouTube channel named "The Video Archive" posted a video called "Quick-Fire Collections: Malaysia", in which the video uploader showcased a few Malaysian VHSs he bought and also showed the inlaid warning messages for a while. However, these were taken from too far away, the texts weren't clearly readable and parts of them were hidden by the fingers, but at least the inlaid warning messages were finally discovered. CIC Video Malaysia did a similar thing for their genuine VHS release, but like the HVN one, it wasn't discovered for many years until The Video Archive showed it on a video. The Lost Media Archive Wikia even had an article about it here, which was made a few months after its discovery.
  • There was a Pan-European TV commercial for wip3out (aired in 1999), which hasn't been available online at all. That is, until an Australian version was uploaded to YouTube in 2015.

    Asian Animation 
  • Akis is the first Nickelodeon cartoon to be produced in an Asian country (specifically Malaysia). After the show originally aired in 2012, the episodes became extremely hard if not impossible to find online until Nickelodeon Asia's official Facebook page uploaded all 12 episodes. Only the English dub was rescued this way, however, with the Malay dub not receiving the same treatment.
  • Hum Chik Bum, a Disney Channel India original series, at one point stopped rerunning and became hard to find after it ran its course. Come 2020, Disney+ Hotstar now has the series.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf:
    • Disney Channel licensed an English dub of the season Joys of Seasons to air in certain parts of Asia. Once the dub stopped airing, it became extremely hard to find until iflix picked up the dub for streaming on their service... and even then, they're region-blocked outside of certain Asian countries and they only have 50 of the season's 100 episodes. In 2020, the official English YouTube channel for Pleasant Goat uploaded all 100 dubbed Joys of Seasons episodes.
    • The English dub of Great War in the Bizarre World, a Story Arc in Season 1, went down with the site that hosted it, DramaFever, and for a while, the episodes became very hard to find. However, the official English YouTube channel started uploading episodes of it in 2022.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Some of the Peanuts comic strips were this for quite a while, especially the ones from the early 50'snote . That is, until 2004, when Fantagraphics started to publish The Complete Peanuts, a collection of every Peanuts comic from 1950 to 2000note  which Fantagraphics finished publishing in 2016. About 2,000 of the 17,897 Peanuts comics never saw the light of day in printed form until The Complete Peanuts came around. Schulz's other work, Li'l Folks, also counted as this until the entire comic's run was collected in the 1999-2000 volume of The Complete Peanuts.
  • Fantagraphics has begun three attempts to collect the complete Pogo (1948–75) by Walt Kelly. The latest effort has four (of twelve) volumes so far, covering the first eight years.

    Tabletop Games 
  • SPI's board game adaptation of the George A. Romero film Dawn of the Dead (1978) fell out of print and is rare to find. However, fans of Romero's Living Dead films who run Homepage of the Dead scanned in the materials from the game, including the manual, cardboard game pieces and the board to allow for fans to download and print out the game to play. One fan named WitchMaster Creations did a graphical remake of the original game's board to improve the graphics, making it possible to play the game on the original board or the improved board without any changes to the game's play.
  • TORG was out of print for several years, with only about a quarter of the line available in PDF - and of those books, only one had been added since 2005. In 2014, the game's current owners, Ulisses Spiele, made most of TORG's back catalog available online through DriveThruRPG, aside from the original boxed set.

  • Fans of juggling and acrobatics loved The Goodman Theater's production of Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors with the Flying Karamazov Brothers and Avner the Eccentric. It aired once live from Lincoln Center on PBS in 1987 but was never made available for purchase to the public - even the parties involved say not even they have a copy. Thankfully fans kept circulating the tapes and now it's up on YouTube. Here's act one, and act two.

    Theme Parks 
  • After Back to the Future: The Ride closed down, the footage for the ride was included as a bonus feature on a Blu-Ray box set for the trilogy, complete with widgets representing the readouts on the ride vehicles.
  • The Rock-afire Explosion examples:
    • Most of the rare Show Selector mixes of some CyberStar-era songs (notably those of "Drive My Car" and "Venus") only existed via low quality recordings of Rock-afire shows performing selections of the Show Selector tapes. In the mid-2010s, a fan would release higher-quality versions ripped from the original showtapes, several of which were uploaded by Rock-afire fan coolcrawford.
    • The rare Yogi Bear test showtape was considered lost media for several years, until showtape writer Steve White tracked down his copy and allowed (a well-known Chuck E. Cheese / Rock-afire fan website) to upload it onto YouTube. The full showtape is now available online as a result.

    Web Animation 
  • A few weeks after announcing they stopped working on Confinement, Bung deleted their channel, taking down the videos with it. Unofficial archives have been made to preserve them.
  • The Homestar Runner shorts "Marshmallow's Last Stand" and "A Jumping Jack Contest" were removed from the site for unknown reasons (though an interview reveals that they "had to" remove them for undisclosed personal reasons and want to put them back), but they have been recovered on numerous other websites, and on the Everything Else Vol. 2 DVD.

  • When Viz Media took over publishing duties for Homestuck, the website's flash content was converted to HTML5, with any that couldn't make the transition instead rendered as YouTube showcases. In addition, while the original MS Paint Adventures website was officially backed up, the original Interface Screw urls were lost, and the flash content was rendered unplayable due to the shutdown of Adobe Flash on all popular browsers. For those who wanted to to experience Homestuck as it was, fans made The Unofficial Homestuck Collection, a software package preserving the original site's format and playability by including Adobe Flash Player, as well as keeping an archive of many of Andrew Hussie's related comics, stories, forums, and blog posts for needed context.

  • A large part of Nobody Here was originally coded in Adobe Flash, which was discontinued in 2017 and stopped working in 2020. In 2023, this Flash content was finally re-coded, allowing it to work as intended.

    Web Videos 
  • Investigative journalism YouTube channels What You Haven't Seen and Real World Police have managed to recover the full accident videos for, among others, the explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger, the CH-46 Sea Knight crash on USNS Pecos, the Hurst house explosion, and the December 11, 2013 Makani Kai Air crash.
  • That Dude in the Suede's AMV The Advent Children Picture Show (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children And Don't Dream It, Be It) was originally uploaded to YouTube, and was taken down by Square Enix, with no file to download out of its Anime Music Videos page. Suede showed a clip as an inbetweener on his Top 11 Anime Villains list. It was finally rereleased, used as Padding on his review of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to make the video reach a full half hour. It's the only way of watching this AMV.
  • All of the four episodes FCCD SpongeBob SquarePants have been made private, alongside all of Fried Chilli Cheese Dogs' videos, and despite what was said, they are still private, thankfully, various Youtubers have reuploaded each episode, alongside almost all of FCCD's video library.