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NCS Corp., more rarely known by its full name, Nippon Computer Systems, is a Japanese software company that was founded in 1980 and started developing and publishing video games in 1986. The company produced games for a wide variety of computers and consoles, but was most active in the early 1990s, during The16bit Era Of Console Video Games.

NCS distributed many of its games in Japan under the Masaya (pronounced "Messiah") label, named in honor of its president Fujita Masaya.


Several of NCS's game programmers left to found Omiya Soft (Front Mission: Gun Hazard, Culdcept) in 1994 and Career Soft (Growlanser) in 1996. NCS more or less abandoned the video game industry in 2000 to focus on business software instead. The rights to NCS's games were subsequently acquired by extreme Co., Ltd.

Games developed and/or published by NCS include:


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