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Natsume Co. Ltd. (sometimes spelled Natume) is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. The company was founded in October 1987. Some of Natsume's early employees formerly worked for Konami. In 1988, an American division, Natsume, Inc., was established; it split off from the Japanese company around 1995, and still operates under that name.

Natsume, in its earlier years, was closely associated with Taito, developing sequels to their games, occasionally supporting work on their arcade games, and localizing later games in the Lufia series after Taito America closed down. They have also developed numerous Super Sentai and Power Rangers games for Bandai.

In 2013, Natsume Co. Ltd. merged with the Japanese slot machine manufacturer Atari (no relation to the American video game company) and changed its name to NatsumeAtari.

Games developed by Natsume Co. Ltd./NatsumeAtari include:

Games published by Natsume Inc. include: