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Video Game / Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is a Harvest Moon (now known as the Story of Seasons) Farm Life Sim title for the Nintendo DS. It was released in December 2008 in Japan, August 2010 in America, and summer 2011 in Europe.

Grand Bazaar takes place in Zephyr Town, once home to a bustling world-famous bazaar where shoppers travel from afar to get the bazaar's goods. However that has gone by the wayside and now few people visit, if at all. The protagonist has recently moved to Zephyr Town in order to take over a rundown farm at the town outskirts. Along the way, they decide to help revitalize the once bustling bazaar, to revive it back to its glory days.

The game introduces many new features such as windmills, the ability to jump, bug collecting, and several new crops. On the other hand, Grand Bazaar has no mine and no shipping bin. Grand Bazaar once had a wifi system where you could visit other players farms, however that feature doesn't work anymore now that the DS servers are down.

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar provides examples of:

  • And Your Reward Is Parenthood: Get married, and you'll have a child. You can celebrate your child's birthday as a special event to gain friendship with your spouse, and your child shows up for a few festivals.
  • Global Currency Exception: The Super Lucky Lotto in Grand Bazaar. You have to use bronze, silver or gold coins you find or make. It's the only place you can get the stamina-expanding Magic Water (which also happens to be Emiko's favored gift).
  • Older Than They Look: Ivan's younger brother Dirk looks youthful but is still old enough to get married.
  • Retro Universe: The game is apparently set in modern times yet the characters dress in an old-fashioned European style.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: The male child resembles the male protagonist and the female child resembles the female one.
  • Sweet Tooth: Your child's favourite foods as a toddler are mostly sweets, with pudding being their favourite.