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Ukita: Hey, how many sugar cubes did you put in there?!
Chikage: All of them.

A character who really, really likes their sweets. Everything they eat could be classed as a dessert and if they drink tea it's got so much sugar in it that the smell alone could kill a diabetic.

Sometimes identified as fuel for a hyperactive character. Another common version is for the Genius (e.g. the Gadgeteer Genius, Genius Ditz or Teen Genius) to require lots of sweets — they burn the sugars by thinking extra hard. Something of a Truth in Television: the brain uses glucose as its primary source of energy and not getting enough is bad. Real Life examples of the Sweet Tooth heed warning, however, because having too much sugar is also bad — not to mention the risk of cavities.

With adult characters, the same effect can be achieved with much lower doses—after all, most kids are nuts about the stuff to begin with. One frequent shorthand is to show someone adding huge amounts of sugar to tea or coffee (sometimes to the extent of an Overly-Long Gag), with a bystander looking on in horror. Another reason for an adult being obsessed with sugar can be to emphasise their immaturity (or more positively, "being in touch with their inner child").

May have some of the tendencies of the Big Eater. If they particularly enjoy lollipops as their Trademark Favorite Food, you may have an Oral Fixation on your hands. In kids' shows, may lead to An Aesop about tooth decay, or instead, A Weighty Aesop.

See also Genius Sweet Tooth, a subset of this Trope, which reflects the tendency smart people have for it.

Compare and contrast with Real Men Hate Sugar. See also Mascots Love Sugar and Girls Love Chocolate.

Not to be confused with the comic and show of the same name.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ah! My Goddess: Skuld, of the Gadgeteer Genius variety. She adores her ice cream and cookies.
  • Yuusuke in Ame Nochi Hare, who asserts that lack of sugar slows down his mind.
  • In AR∀GO: City of London Police's Special Crimes Investigator, the titular character has a hankering for chocolate bars and wanted to open a candy store when he was a kid. He can always be seen chomping on them in lulls in the action and sometimes hands them out as gifts.
  • In Assassination Classroom, tentacled beings such as Koro-sensei (who is also a Genius Sweet Tooth), Itona, and Kayano are all shown to have preferences towards sweets. Extra info in the manga's volume releases justifies this by stating that someone with tentacles will require a ton of energy to maintain them, thus they will naturally be drawn towards foods high in carbs and sugar. Additionally, the Reaper is sometimes shown eating a chocolate bar, and in a twist of fate, he becomes a tentacled being in the finale himself.
  • Mira in Asteroid in Love. At home, she drinks coffee with five sugars. Away, she drinks a canned coffee that has as much sugar — by volume — as Coca-Cola.
  • Betrayal Knows My Name: Tsukumo has one.
  • Black Butler: Ciel, though it certainly helps that Sebastian is a very good cook.
  • In Brave10, Isanami is a Big Eater who loves sweets with a passion, and tends to spend all their travel money on them to her teammates' despair.
  • Bungo Stray Dogs:
    • Ranpo is never seen around without eating something sweet, and in his profile, one of his dislikes is even "food that is not sweet". He also fits the trope of Genius Sweet Tooth.
    • Lovecraft has chocolate and ice cream listed as likes in his character profile, a reference to the real H. P. Lovecraft's sweet tooth.
  • Yukino from Candy☆Boy loves sweets so much that she can be bribed with them — much to the dismay of her twin sister Kanade.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clow Reed and his guardian/daughter Nakuru Akizuki aka Rubymoon. Subverted with Spinel Sun aka Suppi, who can't eat sweets because MY GOD, the sugar highs he goes through...
  • In Classi9, Ren and Beethoven bond over their love of sweets. Before Ren arrived in Vienna, Beethoven never had anyone to share his love of cake with, not even the twelve-year-old Haydn, and chocolate cake has distracted them more than once.
  • Used as a clue to the murderer's identity on an episode of Case Closed. The victim was poisoned by his adoptive mother, and it was believed that the poison came from a chocolate bar given to him by one of his friends for Valentine's Day. The victim's little brother wasn't allowed to have any candy because his mother said he had cavities, but she let him have some cake after Ran let him try some of her coffee. Conan realized that the victim was poisoned by the coffee. When the mother pointed out that everyone had coffee, Conan retaliated that the victim was the only one who didn't have the cake, which probably had an antidote. As to why the victim, who didn't like sweets, had taken the friend's chocolate bar (which the mother replaced with one with poison in it), it was because the victim secretly liked the girl who gave it to him and would've eaten it anyway to please her. (The girl who gave him chocolate reminded him of his dead biological mother.)
  • The Case Files of Jeweler Richard: Richard Ranasinghe de Vulpian has such an incredible sweet tooth that Seigi calls him the "Emperor of Sweets." He keeps a well-stocked sweets cupboard and can be easily (and frequently) bribed with the offer of candies. At one point. Seigi has to feed him toffees while he drives, and he often eats strawberry parfaits for dinner. If it's sweet, he loves it.
  • Koyume of Comic Girls is nearly seen eating something sweet when not working on manga. In fact, she was gobbling on four desserts when she was first introduced in the anime.
  • D.Gray-Man:
    • Skinn is a poster boy for this trope. He's even seen beating the shit out of one of his minions because the dessert that was served wasn't sweet enough.
    • Road is often seen consuming sweets as well, especially giant lollipops.
    • Protagonist Allen Walker is both this and a Big Eater in general (due to how his Innocence powers work), though he also loves himself a helping of mitarashi dango from time to time.
  • Sonosuke Izayoi from Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School really loves sweets, which is justified since his girlfriend, Ruruka, was the SHSL Confectioner. Many scenes with the two of them together depict him being fed her sweets, and he goes as far as to protect her "for love and dewicious sweets."
  • The Dangers in My Heart: Anna Yamada frequently camps at her school library to (Aside from seeing Kyōtarō) enjoy different kinds of snacks in secret. The majority of which happen to be candy and pastries.
  • DARLING in the FRANXX: Zero Two drowns her meals in honey if given the chance. She's also often seen sucking on a lollipop, and notes with approval when the people she licks taste sweet.
  • Other characters from Dazzle are often disturbed by how much sugar Alzeid puts in his tea and hot chocolate.
  • Shiro from Deadman Wonderland is constantly eating cookies and candies.
  • In Death Note, one of L's many Bunny-Ears Lawyer characteristics is his fondness for an enormous amount of sweets. He thinks so hard that his brain burns up all the calories and allows him to stay lean. Mello takes after him in this regard, but only for chocolate. His calling card is biting into a chocolate bar, which makes a snap like a thunderclap... To Memetic Levels.
  • Tsuzuki Asato in Descendants of Darkness is rather infamous across the Bureau for his cake addiction.
  • Suomi from Diamond Daydreams consumes massive amounts of cream puffs. Luckily she is a professional figure skater, so she stays thin.
  • Digimon Adventure 02: While the partner Digimon love food from the human world in general, V-Mon/Veemon is the one who goes the craziest for chocolate. In Digimon Adventure tri., the partner Digimon are almost only ever seen eating sweets and junk food.
  • Buu from Dragon Ball Z is a big one, though he usually gets his candy by turning people into it. Super Buu even breaks out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber by throwing a tantrum over there being no candy there (yes, he was surprised too), and at one point he goes to raid a sweets shop. Kid Buu (in the anime) even pauses during a fight to grab and eat a handful of candy. This has been turned on him twice: Evil Buu causes Fat Buu to be hit by his own transformation beam, and later on, turning Vegito into candy just makes him stronger, since he retains his power level (though this is implied to be because of his Potara earrings) and is now much smaller, so Buu can't land a hit.
  • Apart from (or perhaps related to) his apparent addiction to lactose, Durarara!!'s Shizuo Heiwajima also apparently has a Sweet Tooth. In fact, his first demonstration of Unstoppable Rage was in response to his little brother Kasuka stealing his pudding. His underclassman, Vorona, also has a liking for sweets.
  • Kurita from Eyeshield 21 is a Big Eater in general, but he has a particular fondness for sweet things. The first time he meets Sena (properly) he makes tea for them and asks "How many dozen sugars do you take?" while upending the sugar bowl over his own cup.
  • Erza from Fairy Tail will snap if you mess with her and her strawberry cake.
  • In Futaba-kun Change!, Misaki has an extreme sweet tooth and when she switches from swimming club to wrestling club so her new friend "Futaba-Chan" won't be the only girl in it, there is a joke about how it turns out that none of the other swimmers actually know how to swim in regular water that isn't filled with dissolved sugar from Misaki's sugar-filled body. This is a girl who starts with a container full of sugar and adds tea.
  • The red-suited technician in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has a weakness for red bean jam sweets. The Tachikomas notice this and write a haiku about it.
  • F-Zero: GP Legend: Antagonist Zoda is seen eating many a sweet through the duration of the anime. In his F-Zero Climax character portrait he's even eating ice cream.
  • Gintama: The first thing we see Sakata Gintoki doing is violently knocking an Amanto dignitary unconscious... because said dignitary tripped Shinpachi, who spilled Gintoki's chocolate parfait. Yep. The man has the word "sugar" on a plaque on the wall of his... office.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
  • Hiro of Hidamari Sketch. Like eating meal replacements with sweetened condensed milk.
  • The fairies of Humanity Has Declined. They've been known to go to disturbing extremes to get more sweets.
  • Killua from Hunter × Hunter managed to spend several million on sweets in DAYS. The chocolate shop couldn't keep up.
  • Gakushuu from Ikki Tousen, which is used to underline his Gentle Giant persona.
  • Toru from Iris Zero, to the point of abandoning his main principle. Minimal exposure < Cake.
  • Jewelpet: Sango's main characteristic is her voracious love of sweets, to the point where she introduces herself by saying she's a sweets expert.
  • Kaiju Girl Caramelise: In the very first chapter of the series, Kuroe Akaishi ogles a picture of gourmet pancakes served at a restaurant called Cafe Serizawa. She's wistful about the fact that she won't get to eat any herself because the place is invitation-only...until Arata Minami shows up with two invitations. When she takes a bite of one pancake, it's the first time she is depicted as genuinely happy. Later, when the two go on a date at Destinyland, she preemptively maps out the places where she can buy sweet food that she can eat to calm herself down enough to prevent her Involuntary Shapeshifting from occurring.
  • Ryoko Kurosaki in Kemeko Deluxe! really has a thing for sweets. This becomes very clear when the squeals of delight and visual effects used to show her enjoying the sweets she's mooching off Sanpeita make it seem like she's in the throes of lovemaking.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple's Creepy Child Chikage Kushinada defuses into "child mode" at the promise of sweets.
  • Never outright stated, but Meta Knight in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! keeps a pretty big jar of candy in his room.
  • In K-On!, Yui's love for tasty sweets is abused without reservation by the members of the Light Music Club to make her join them.
  • In Kotoura-san, Haruka is one—this is the only thing she gave to the class when she introduced herself when she transferred in the manga. In the anime, this trait was only alluded to and not stated as explicitly.
  • Raichou, the magical butterfly girl from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, loves sweets but always finds her enjoyment frustrated by the rest of the cast.
  • Keitaro's adopted sister Kanako from Love Hina averts this since she's always hated sweets. So, of course, she was adopted by a family of confectioners who kept feeding her their creations. She's put off when Keitaro gives her a box of marshmallow peeps as a gift but eats them anyway because they were a gift from him.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
  • While Magical Circle Guru-Guru's Kukuri likes sweets as much as any youngster, she had never in her life eaten chocolate, due to her foster mother convincing her chocolate was deadly to children to keep Kukuri out of her private stash. When she realizes this and finally tries some, she becomes addicted to the point of spending all her and Nike's cash on chocolate treats and can be seen munching on it off and on from then on. To be fair, Guru Guru being a Role-Playing Game 'Verse, the chocolate has a practical effect of replenishing MP.
  • Kei Kugimiya from Majestic Prince. She enjoys (and makes) sweets that are intolerable by normal human standards. When she tries a normal cake out (that her teammates rave about), she actually finds the taste bland.
  • Elma from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid loves sweets and can easily be bribed with them, though she is capable (through a lot of visible effort) of rejecting sweets if she thinks it's important enough. It's only happened twice, however, and in the first case, Kobayashi only needed to apply more sweets to turn her around.
  • Prime Minister Wong Yunfat from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Always ready to eat his Pocky and drink his red wine as he plans his next move.
  • Moriarty the Patriot: Billy is a fan of sweet foods like fruit and coffee with lots of sugar. He's quite surprised when Sherlock has realized he has one without Billy having said anything about it directly. It seems to be paired with his generally childish persona.
  • Haru's older brother, Yuuzan, from My Little Monster is rarely seen without a treat in his hand.
  • Akane of My Monster Secret tends to be motivated by only two things: messing with people and candy. Her sweet tooth is such that she threatened to destroy Earth with a meteor if another character wouldn't make chocolates for her. The other characters are well aware of this, and at one point they attempt to detect her presence by holding up a piece of candy, knowing that if she's anywhere nearby, she'd be unable to resist it. It fails because another character provided her with a whole pile of sweets to stay put.
  • Suzu from Nagasarete Airantou will do almost anything for mame daifuku, a type of dessert. On one notable occasion, the mame daifuku had been spiked with some insanely beyond-the-tolerances-of-ordinary-mortals spicy seasoning. Despite the associated pain and agony, Suzu ate them all anyway. She's been known to walk into obvious traps that have been baited with mame daifuku. Fortunately, since this is Nagasarete Airantou and not Lost, the consequences are annoying at worst.
  • Anko Mitarashi of Naruto has her favorite food being dango, a type of sweet dumpling made out of rice flour. She enjoys eating dango for lunch, often eating dozens of sticks in one sitting. In one of the video games, she goes into withdrawal when she is unable to obtain dango leading to a mission to get some for her. An early databook calculated that in one sitting she ate over 6000 calories worth of dango. Heck, both her first and last minutes are types of dango, (anko referring to dango topped with sweetened red bean paste and mitarashi being dango covered with sweet soy sauce glaze.) The final chapter shows that these eating habits caught up with her and she's grown rather chubby in the Distant Finale.
  • Natsumi in Nicoichi, who will turn violent if she was intentionally deprived of sweet foods. She is very embarrassed about this personality shift though.
  • One Piece:
    • Tony Tony Chopper, to the point where his Wanted Poster nickname is "Cotton Candy Lover."
    • Big Mom has such a big sweet tooth that she orders islands under her protection to pay her candy in return. If they aren't able to pay her back, she has the island destroyed. Even her own children are not exempt from her rage as she killed her own son Moscato when he tried to get her to calm down during one of her sugar rampages.
    • Blackbeard can eat just as much as Luffy can, and whenever he's seen eating, it's always cherry pies.
  • Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka in Ouran High School Host Club, as if his nickname wasn't any major indication. He eats so inhumanly much without ever gaining weight that his younger brother was convinced he's sort of alien (though the lack of weight is probably because of how much energy he regularly exerts). By "inhumanly," we're talking three whole cakes for dessert after dinner. And every week he eats several cakes as a sort of feast. Note that these are huge cakes that probably wouldn't be out of place at a wedding. In fact, his obsession with sweets is such that he chooses to keep his cakes and other sweets over reconciling his differences with the aforementioned brother, and when he is forced to abstain from sweets due to a toothache, he shows the rest of the club EXACTLY why they must Beware the Nice Ones.
  • Xerxes Break from PandoraHearts is a spectacular example: not only he can eat a dozen portions of cake at one scoop and never parts with his precious box of candies, but he steals sweets from other characters, and is capable of pushing into his mouth half of a saucer with cake remains on it - in order to lick it off.
  • Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt loves her treats like Panty loves sex.
  • Count D (Petshop Of Horrors). Leon regularly gets information out of him by bribing him with chocolate.
  • Ping Pong: Peco can often be seen with convenience store treats on his person. He takes it further by lambasting any stores that don't carry the foods he likes.
  • Bunta Marui from The Prince of Tennis, so much. He's often seen eating cake and sweets, under the excuse that as a very active and skilled tennis player he needs to have quick energy.
  • Lucia in Promare has her own personal vending machine on the door of her locker.
  • Blossom/Momoko and, funnily enough, Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls Z are shown being able to pack away lots and lots of desserts and candy like there's no tomorrow.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Kyouko Sakura is always munching on something sweet, even in battle.
    • The witch Charlotte is stated to be the same, while also being an inversion - her One-Winged Angel form is a cake that eats people. Also, in a further subversion, her Trademark Favorite Food is cheese; some of the words in her barrier (written in German, that is) have her complaining about how she can't find the cheese she loves, and her leitmotif is titled "Wo ist der Käse?" ("Where's the cheese?" in German.)
    • Mami Tomoe seems to have quite a fondness for cake. Considering that Charlotte kills and eats her... ouch.
  • Ranma ˝, especially in the anime:
    • Ranma Saotome is such an ice-cream lover that he's perfectly willing to use his much-hated Gender Bender curse to go with Akane to the local ice-cream parlor and gulp down all the parfaits he can without being recognized by others.
    • Nabiki, too. She's seen eating ice cream pretty often. And then there's the first season anime episode where she buys, and clearly intends to finish off in one sitting, a dish of pudding ala mode, a chocolate parfait, a serve of cheesecake, a strawberry tart, and a slice of pumpkin pie.
    • Ranma's father Genma also has a sweet tooth in the anime; in fact, he actually threatens to disown Ranma after Ranma eats some sweets that Genma was saving (he won't really go through it, though; he's just throwing a temper tantrum in hopes of intimidating Ranma into apologizing. It doesn't work, as Ranma knows Genma too well).
    • Hinako Ninomiya is seriously obsessed with candy while in her child form.
  • In Real Drive, Minamo and her friends are often seen gulping down enormous parfaits at their favorite boutique. It helps explain why all of them are rather plump and healthy-looking lasses.
  • Sheryl from Rebuild World has a scene putting a ton of sugar and milk in her coffee while onlookers are aghast. The justification for this is that she’s from the slums and thus almost never gets access to sugar (they rely on Mystery Meat and potentially radioactive grains and vegetables handed out by the Corporate Government).
  • Kurumu Kurono from Rosario + Vampire; her Trademark Favorite Food is cookies. To the point of devouring a batch of poisoned cookies she made herself in an attempt to win Tsukune's affections by knocking Moka out of the picture for a bit.
  • Usagi of Sailor Moon has a sweet tooth combined with being a Big Eater, which is constantly mocked in Sailor Moon Abridged.
  • Saki: The titular character's estranged older sister Teru has a massive one, to the point where it Flanderized in Biyori.
  • In The Secret Agreement, Iori has one and even tells his lover "if you are always surrounded by sweet and delicious things, it is very attractive." In comparison, Yuuichi is more moderate, but still treated as a pariah for eating sweets at all by his uncle because they should (and eventually begin to) kill him.
  • In Tamagotchi, Melodytchi loves to eat candy and sweet foods, to such an extent that in one episode she has a fight with Kuchipatchi, the series' resident Big Eater, over a cookie.
  • The four main characters from Tamayura seem to derive quite a bit of sensuous joy from eating tasty sweets.
  • Juuzou Suzuya, Saiko Yonebayashi, Chie Hori, and Koutarou Amon from Tokyo Ghoul are all noted for their love of sweets. The first two demonstrate the childish aspects of the trope, devouring sweets and behaving in an immature fashion. Chie touches into the Genius aspects of the trope, forcing others to buy her expensive deserts in exchange for her services. In contrast, Amon is a paragon of traditional masculinity that shows a softer side through his love of sweets. In particular, he's fond of donuts.
  • Toriko is a really Big Eater in general, but he seems to really like sweets. To the point that he lives in a mansion made of sweets that is constantly being rebuilt (much to the dismay of the architect) because he keeps eating it.
  • Kasen from Touhou Ibarakasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit has a sweet tooth, although it's not focused on and only shown as minor details. For example, when visiting the village she often buys traditional sweets, and when visiting Remilia's manner she puts lots of sugar into her tea.
  • Marie from Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs, as part of being a Big Eater, in the Alternate Timeline Marie Route, scoffs down sweets rudely at Leon and Master’s tea parties, while the two overlook it (despite her doing so in front of the Sensei he looks up to horrifying Leon at first).
  • Legato in Trigun. Eating cheesecake has never been so creepy. There's also Milly, messing with her pudding is a Berserk Button and once, while drunk, said she has a separate stomach for dessert.
  • Abel Nightroad of Trinity Blood is a slightly milder version. He drinks tea with 13 sugars in it, but he'll eat pretty much anything regardless of its sugar content. Tea was the only food or drink he could afford at the time, so he put lots of sugar into it to make it more substantial.
  • In Venus Versus Virus the twins love pocky and are often seen eating it. In the anime, Layla eats konpeito while Lola loves chocolate.
  • Takatsuki's favorite food in Wandering Son is cheesecake.
  • Jibanyan from Yo-Kai Watch loves eating sweets and is always stealing Nate's chocolate bars. This would normally be horrible for cats; however, Jibanyan is already dead.
  • Yotsuba&!:
    • Asagi (the eldest Ayase girl) and her mother regularly fight over sweet food.
    • Yotsuba herself can always be bribed with ice cream. Of course, she's five years old.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ryou Bakura's favorite food is cream puffs/profiteroles, and other sweet desserts.
  • Sora from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V is always seen snacking on candy, sucking lollipops during his own duels, munching chocolate bars whole a spectator to others' duels. He's a twig, but that's justified, as he's trained in military-level fighting skills.
  • In a scene of YuruYuri, we have Akari willingly devour an entire cake with a fork IN ONE BITE.
  • In Your Name, Mitsuha in Taki's body is frequently shown eating large sugary and creamy desserts.

    Asian Animation 
  • In Happy Heroes, Happy S. has a bit of a thing for sweets, to such an extent that he starts imagining things around him as lollipops in a Season 5 episode.
  • In Nana Moon, Sugar is so named because he absolutely loves sweets and will usually eat them on sight. In particular, he's often seen with a lollipop in his mouth. Other characters have used Sugar's love of sweets to distract or bribe him.
  • In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Paddi loves to eat a lot of cake and candy, to such an extent that he builds a house out of candy in the Joys of Seasons episodes "Candy House Fantasy".

    Comic Books 
  • Agent Graves from 100 Bullets is no stranger to making murderous plots and cunning schemes. Strangely he's always snacking on pies, cakes, sweet drinks, and popcorn while doing so.
  • Skinner Sweet of American Vampire, a notorious bank robber and murderer who retains his sweet tooth even after becoming a vampire.
  • Herbie, The Fat Fury, was an old character from the 60's who loved lollipops, and could get numerous super-powers from sucking on them. These included invulnerability, super-strength, talking to animals, walking on air, hypnosis, and time travel.
  • The Martian Manhunter is quite fond of Chocos.
  • Sam of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, often seen with popsicles and ice-cream sandwiches.
  • In "An Ample Sample" in The Vault of Horror #32 the main character's wife spends all their money on sampler boxes of "Whiteman" chocolates. He finally snaps and kills her when she finds and spends the money he'd been saving up for a new suit.
  • Venom's favorite food, aside from human brains, is chocolate. This is because chocolate contains the chemical phenethylamine, which is also found in brains, and thus is the best thing to feed Venom as a substitute for letting him eat people.
  • Rorschach, from Watchmen, has odd dietary habits. He tends to pilfer food, particularly sugar cubes, from Nite Owl whenever he visits. Then again, he needs quick energy, since eating takes away valuable killing time.
  • Etta Candy, longtime friend and ally of Wonder Woman, enjoys candy in all its forms, especially during the Golden Age stories.
  • Back in the days when Cassandra Cain was Batgirl and Bruce Wayne's adopted daughter she was quite fond of rice crispy treats, and when Tim Drake was first orphaned and ended up living on his own in Bludhaven she frequently snuck in and took all of his from his cupboard.

    Fan Works 
  • Used darkly with Shota in Before We Had Wings. He is a terminally ill child who loves shortcake. His mother makes it for him every day and hand-feeds it to him after he grows too weak to feed himself.
  • Deconstructed in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fic Bittersweet, where Pinkie Pie (mentioned below) gets diabetes, and commits suicide through a final sweets binge.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: Bolt is shown to have a liking for apple pie in "The Car," and his hankering for the title pastry precipitates a massive food fight in "The Cakes." He also heads off to the bakery section during "The Supermarket" to snitch free sample pastries.
  • Children of Remnant: As in canon, Ruby, but she also encourages this in Weiss, who is a Womanchild who rarely has access to sweets. At one point, the adults ask her sister Emerald if they should be worried about how much ice cream Weiss is eating. Emerald assures them that it is literally impossible for Weiss to get sick from eating too much; at worst, she'll spawn a Grimm from all the excess mass. But it takes a lot for that to happen. And then she notices that Weiss is surrounded by a lot of empty ice cream bowls. Weiss vomits up a Grimm, everyone in the restaurant runs away screaming, and Emerald kills it as casually as if cleaning up some spilled milk.
  • Cinderjuice: In The Bug Princess, the main characters discuss having beignets while in New Orleans. Upon being asked if he likes sweet things, Beetlejuice acknowledges that he does, but only if they're food (or his wife).
  • In Choclatl, Scavenger is depicted as liking the Cybertronian equivalent of candy.
  • Gaz's Horrible Halloween of Doom: Gaz's favorite holiday of the year is Halloween because of how much candy she always gets. So, naturally, it's only fitting that her comeuppance involves having a horrible Halloween because she angered a god associated with it, culminating in Samhain causing her to spontaneously develop multiple cavities right before she can actually eat any of the candy.
  • Harry Potter:
    • A large number of fanfics present Lupin as a bit of a chocoholic, probably just in case the presence of a huge block of chocolate in his luggage at the beginning of the third book wasn't sufficiently explained by the fact he was the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at the time, he knew that there'd be Dementors at Hogwarts and chocolate helps people who've been around Dementors, and he's almost always quite sensible.
    • In Harry Potter and the Unspeakable after Snape's father puts five spoonfuls of sugar in his cup, Snape sarcastically asks if he wants some tea with the sugar bowl.
    • In The Parselmouth of Gryffindor, Dumbledore is fond of his sweets as usual, and there's also the Slytherin Douglas Wilkes, who accepts payment in chocolate as well as Galleons.
    • In To Have a Home Harry's uncle tries to get him to take a travel-sickness pill by offering to put in it a cup of tea.
      Harry: I only like tea with ten sugars.
    • In Dear Aunt Tuney Dumbledore uses practically the entire sugar bowl in a single cup of tea.
    • Exaggerated by Laughing Jack in Harry by Proxy: he creates concoctions so sugar-filled that he outright traumatizes Eyeless Jack - a doctor - and Hermione - whose parents are dentists. Only looking at his plate's content pushes Harry to brush, floss and mouthwash.
    • In Obscured Memories Draco puts quite a number of sugar cubes into his teacup.
      Harry: I see you like a little tea with your sugar.
  • Holidays with Holmes: The Baker's Street Irregulars, as one might expect from children, have a soft spot for sweets. Watson notes that it's unusual for Alfie to turn down cake or biscuits and the boy and fellow Irregular Bert are gleeful when Holmes flips them a golden coin with which to buy toffee apples.
  • I Hope You're Prepared For An Unforgettable Wedding!: Every single student at Springfield Elementary. When Superintendent Chalmers announces it's time to cut the wedding cake, all the kids get really excited and cheer "CAKE! CAKE! CAKE!" in unison.
  • Chaos mercenary General Gnoss from Iron Hearts really likes German Chocolate cake. He's also intrigued by the idea of strawberry milk. Up until the Iron Warriors' 38th company made landfall in Equestra, he'd lived on nothing but ration tins for 7 years.
  • In Loaded Bones, Ryou loves sweets, and because he's Yami Bakura's host, the spirit does too. Bakura becomes a particular fan of marshmallow fluff.
  • Fairly popular Fanon for the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Bucky Barnes, particularly his post-Winter Soldier self. Sometimes justified by Bucky having an enhanced metabolism due to being a Super-Soldier and needing the calories.
  • Mirror's Image:
    • Twilight loves chocolate to the point that any chocolate bar left unattended will mysteriously wind up in her mouth.
    • Changelings in general love chocolate as well.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, both Ruby and Katsuki possess a pronounced taste for sweets. Ruby hides a cookie jar in her dorm room that Katsuki regularly raids when he's hungry. They both go out for ice cream at a parlor in Vale and Katsuki enters an ice cream eating competition on Hunter's Day and wins.
  • My Little Pumpkin is a Halloween themed Pokémon fic. 6-year old Ash is always hyper, but he gets especially so when he eats candy.
  • Avo of Pack Street is always seen with a lollipop, and eventually it's revealed that she's literally addicted to candy. Real sugar, in particular—because she's allergic to artificial sweeteners.
  • The Pokémon Squad:
    • RM is shown to love Swedish Fish and cheesecake. He also frequently drinks coffee, but it's unknown if he puts creamer in it or not. A few episodes also mention he enjoys Dr. Pepper.
    • Ash, obviously, being the poster child for Big Eater, loves whatever fatty sweets he can get ahold of.
  • Seth in the Pokécity:
    • The titular character. He loves anything and everything chocolate (especially Butterfingers), and he often drinks soda and coffee with creamer.
    • His best friend Tim Tim to a lesser extent, who enjoys things like donuts, muffins, and frappuccinos.
  • In Skyhold Academy Yearbook, a number of the cast members have this, and it gets mentioned at various points. Solas, however, has the biggest sweet tooth of them all, to the point where a few of the reviewers have suggested that the real OTP of the series is Solas/Cake.
  • What Your Favourite Cure Says About You claims that fans of Cure Melody are likely to have a sweet tooth, referencing Melody's love of cake.

    Films — Animated 
  • Brave: Most of the triplets' scenes involve stealing pastries.
  • In Frozen (2013), we have Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, who both just LOOOVE chocolate. According to A Frozen Heart, their mother Iduna also had a sweet tooth.
  • Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Supervillain High shows Frost happily enjoying a bowl of ice cream for breakfast.
  • Villainous Glutton The Greedy from Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure eats the candy that gushes out of his body constantly.
  • In Turning Red, Jin can't resist helping himself to a donut hole, despite his wife telling him not to just a moment ago.
  • The world of Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph and everyone in it, in particular Taffyta Muttonfudge who is always seen licking a lollipop. Justified as that's the theme of their game.
  • While in real life, cats are unable to taste sugars, Zootopia has Officer Benjamin Clawhauser who is particularly fond of donuts. He is described as having "a warm smile and a helpful paw—covered in sprinkles."

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In both the play and the film versions Amadeus, Mozart's nemesis Salieri is a glutton for both sweets and women. According to historical accounts, the real Salieri did indeed have quite a bit of affinity for candy, pastry, and desserts.
  • Annabelle: Creation: Linda and Janice recall sneaking through their old orphanage and pilfering candy at night to the point that their caretaker thought that the house was full of mice.
  • In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Genghis Khan takes an instant liking to Twinkies, and Napoléon Bonaparte to ice cream.
  • Blank Check: While riding in the limo after his big shopping spree, Preston spots an ice cream place, yells at his driver to turn around, and then gets himself an entire tub of ice cream almost as big as he is. Then he adds whipped cream to it.
  • Allison from The Breakfast Club. At one point, she replaces the bologna in her sandwich with Pixie Stix and handfuls of Captain Crunch.
  • Django Unchained: Calvin Candie has a Meaningful Name. He is often seen consuming various sugar-flavored foods and drinks, which has done a number on his teeth due to poor dental hygiene of the 1850s. His black, rotten teeth are themselves a Red Right Hand.
  • Buddy from Elf has a large love of sweets and according to him, all elves are the same (given that they raised him and all). His favorite dish is spaghetti with syrup and candy on top. He can't stand the taste of coffee.
    Buddy: We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.
  • In E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, E.T. quickly develops a fondness for Reece's Pieces candy.
  • In The Fly (1986), one of the signs that the main character is becoming more fly-like is his need to eat copious quantities of sugar.
  • In Ghostbusters (1984), Egon Spengler has a sweet tooth. As a reward, Venkman presents him with a chocolate bar, saying with great ceremony, "You've earned this."'. He's also eating a Twinkie when he describes the uptick in paranormal activity to Ray and Winston and uses it to provide scale.
  • In The Goonies, there's Chunk (the Big Eater among the kids) but even more so, there's "Sloth" Fratelli, the deformed Gentle Giant brother of a criminal gang. When Chunk is tied up and put in the same room with Sloth, he tries to make small talk, and tosses a Baby Ruth to him; this seems to make Sloth fly into a rage, and Chunk is terrified until he realizes that Sloth is just trying to reach the candy bar. Sloth eventually breaks free of the chains holding him to do so, causing Chunk to comment, "Gee, mister, you're even hungrier than I am!" Later, the two of them raid the freezer for ice cream.
  • If: Mick puts a lot of sugar in his black coffee.
  • Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 admits to this. He's eating ice cream when he meets with Ivan and sucking on a sucker when presenting weapons to Rhodes for his War Machine armor.
  • Owen in Let Me In. Like his book counterpart, he's constantly eating sweets, specifically Now and Laters.
  • The Bug in Men in Black, while wearing his nice new Edgar suit. This makes sense because he's a giant cockroach, and cockroaches love sugar:
    Bug/Edgar: Give me sugar. In water. More. More.
  • Maguire in Road to Perdition pouring tons of sugar into his coffee, with horrendously rotten teeth to match.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past: Peter Maximoff is seen eating an orange Popsicle, and the basement is stacked with boxes of snack cakes, presumably so he can quickly replenish the vast amounts of calories he burns through. During the Pentagon raid, he takes a moment to taste a sauce that was flung airborne by Magneto.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: Quicksilver is eating a Twinkie when he arrives at the X-Mansion, and during his rescue of Xavier's students, he takes a sip from a floating (from his Bullet Time perspective) soft drink before leaving the can in mid-air again. He also chews bubblegum.

  • Adrian Mole has a sweet tooth, as he gets through a regular supply of Mars bars (with his dentist warning him he might be toothless by age thirty), and in The Wilderness Years, Opal Fruits. Bert Baxter also takes three heaped teaspoons of sugar in tea.
  • Pinocchio in The Adventures of Pinocchio likes sugar blocks.
  • Carrying on from the Italian example noted above, Salieri of Amadeus has an obsession with sweets, especially marzipan, and after making his Faith–Heel Turn, that's one of the first things he is able to indulge in to the fullest. As an example of stereotypes sometimes being Truth in Television, this aspect (unlike the killing Mozart one) was true of the actual Salieri as well.
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Alexander insults Paul by hoping he drops his ice cream, and is jealous of his friends when their mothers all pack dessert but his doesn't.
  • Andy Griffiths' Just Series: In "Brussels Sprouts", Andy states that (with the exception of custard) he "really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY love[s] dessert".
  • Angela Nicely:
    • Angela loves chocolate, and she can be seen eating it in several stories, in “The Big Bike Ride!” she wishes she could afford some candy, and in “Healthy Holiday!”, she expresses desire for doughnuts, iced buns, and ice cream.
    • “Blooming Gardens!” features an old woman who’s shown eating cake and lemon slice.
    • In “The Big Bike Ride!”, Laura and Maisie are seen scoffing candy, and in “Girls United!”, Angela says that they’d be the first to join a cake-eating club.
  • In Bubble World, most food in Bubble World is sickly sweet—not that it matters, because it all tastes the same.
  • In Lawrence Block's The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza Bernie's then-fence Abel Crowe has an extreme love of tooth-rottingly decadent pastries, due to a stint in a concentration camp.
  • In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fat Comic Relief Augustus Gloop is a Big Eater in general, but it's his love of sweets that leads him to discover the first of the five Golden Tickets hidden in Wonka Bars: According to his mother, "He eats so many candy bars a day that it was almost impossible for him not to find one." It also factors into his undoing, when he decides to drink directly from Mr. Wonka's chocolate river and falls into it. As well, Charlie Bucket's Trademark Favorite Food is chocolate, but he only gets to enjoy it once a year on his birthday. When he is starving to death during a long winter and finds himself with a bit of dropped money, he uses it to buy two Wonka Bars, the second of which turns out to have the last of the Golden Tickets.
  • John Midas in The Chocolate Touch ADORES chocolate. He learns eating it all the time isn't all it's cracked up to be by the end of the book.
  • In A Clockwork Orange, Alex says he has a "sladky tooth."
  • The Cold Moons: The childish and laidback Eldon loves berries. At one point he gorges himself on so many bilberries that he has to stop eating due to gas.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
    • Greg falls asleep in class if he doesn't get a sugary snack in his lunch.
    • Frank is addicted to snack foods to the point he'll frame his sons for taking them.
  • Rafael from Gives Light. He may be the hulking, imposing son of a serial killer, but damn it, he wants his candy.
  • Harry Potter:
    • "Sherbet Lemon?" Also, all of Dumbledore's passwords are names of sweets. Shame there's no such thing as a Liquorice Swordfish... The only candy he doesn't like is Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. (He always has terrible luck with them.)
    • And anyone who's been Dementor'd will seriously appreciate a chocolate bar.
  • Honor Harrington's genetically enhanced metabolism requires regular stoking, preferably with hot cocoa.
  • Jedi Quest character Tru Veld carries around candy that he shares with his fellow padawans.
  • Killer on the Turnpike, a suspense novel by William McGivern later adapted as the Robert Altman-directed TV movie Nightmare in Chicago in the '60s, centers around a Serial Killer with a fondness for sweets.
  • In Rosemary Wells' Kindergators: Miracle Melts Down, Miracle sneaks an entire bag of chocolate candy to school with her. She gets Laser-Guided Karma when they all melt over a radiator.
    Everyone thinks Fudgettes give you the "sugar crazies", but Miracle ate them anyway.
  • Little Critter: Both Little Critter and his sibling Little Sister are shown to enjoy ice cream, buying sweet treats, blowing bubble gum bubbles, and so on in the various books. Justified as both are small children.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!: Left to her own devices, Katarina will eat sweets until she gets sick and throws up, and then go back for more.
  • In Night Watch (Series), Anton mentions that all Others have a sweet tooth regardless of alignment. Apparently, it is something to do with the Twilight.
  • In The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (the original short story and not the ballet), Marie and the Nutcracker visit a kingdom where practically everything, from Marzipan Castle to Marmalade Grove, is made of sweets. The Nutcracker tells her the story of a giant named Sweet tooth who nearly ate the entire kingdom. In the end, the citizens made a deal with the giant: they would let him have part of the Castle and a good portion of the Grove without a fight and in return, he would leave peacefully after he was done.
  • The titular hero from Percy Jackson and the Olympians loves eating food that's blue, especially blue jelly beans. This is justified because his mother used to work at a candy store and brought samples home.
  • Pigeon Series: On the list of things the Pigeon wants in "The Pigeon Wants a Puppy" are "candy" and "more candy". He also gets all jealous and grumpy in "The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!" when the Duckling has a cookie but not him.
  • Roys Bedoys:
    • Roys is seen enjoying or coveting cookies, candy, and other sugary foods on various occasions (though he does reject a strawberry-frosted birthday cake in “Be Grateful, Roys Bedoys!”) and he claims sprinkled donuts are his favourite snack.
    • Loys is also shown to have a sweet tooth, since he’s been seen eating cookies, chocolate, ice cream, and donuts occasionally, and cried when Roys stole his chocolate bar in “You’re Grounded, Roys Bedoys!’.
    • Roys’s friends also seem to have a sweet tooth, since they’re all seen eating candy and dessert on occasion, and all seem to get excited when something sweet is on offer.
  • Six of Crows: Nina is fond of sweets, from her very first scene where she enjoys a piece of cake, to the time she joked about breaking up with someone who didn't like ice cream. She pulls out a bag of toffees on the Ferolind.
    Nina: Kaz said to pack what we needed for the journey. A girl has to eat.
  • Stephanie Plum loves cake so much her grandmother calls her a cakeaholic.
  • The opening of Sweet!: The Delicious Story of Candy has two fictional stories about a herd of cows (the leader of them being named Blossom) and a Labrador Retriever named Jessie respectively stuffing themselves with lots of apples and the entirety of a cherry fudge. And understandably, they're all sick as dogs afterwards.
  • Rooster Cogburn from True Grit is described as having a "sweet tooth" (in those words). He is partial to eating his honey cakes with butter and preserves.
  • Winnie the Pooh, with "hunny". Also, when visiting Rabbit, condensed milk.
  • The Villainous Glutton Count Fosco of The Woman in White loves to eat various sweets, and this preference was a contemporary stereotype of Italians.
  • The Machineries of Empire: By his own admission, Hexarch Mikodez has never met a pastry he didn't like, and liberally snacks on candies during official meetings. Although he cultivates a reputation for frivolity and unpredictability, the love of candy is quite sincere.
  • Bruno Jenkins in The Witches is described as always having a chocolate bar in his hand and some more in his pocket. The Head Witch easily lures him in with an offer of chocolate.

    Live-Action TV 
  • All That had Kenan Thompson frequently play a character named Randy, a chef who coated everything he ate in chocolate.
  • Bobby and Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch loved any kind of desserts, but ice cream most of all.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The Mayor loves candy and Tollhouse cookies.
    • In "Nightmares", Xander's love for candy bars leads him straight to a Monster Clown of his dreams.
  • Used for a gag in Chespirito. Dr. Chapatin was in a restaurant and was too focused talking that he didn't notices he added over 7 sugar spoons to his coffee. When he tasted how sweet it was he discreetly switched it with another patron's one. When this patron tasted, his face showed disgust... And then he proceeded to add 2 more spoons of sugar and then happily drinking it.
  • The main character of The Closer, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. Counts towards the "genius feeding her brain" subtrope, as she is a certified Southern-Fried Genius (particularly at extracting information/confessions).
  • In Degrassi, Manny loves her cotton candy; but after she stops acting like a little kid, you never hear of it again.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Fourth Doctor often asked, "Would you like a Jelly-Baby?"
    • The Third Doctor took at least four sugars in his tea.
  • On Fringe, Walter Bishop cannot think without his milkshake!
  • Michelle Tanner in Full House. She was easy to bribe with sweets (DJ using a cookie to trick her into peeking into a bag, Stephanie giving her a box of cookies to apologize for calling her a baby) and was a fiend for ice cream (during a neat-freak phase, she was appalled when Danny turned into a slob but was happy to eat ice cream straight from the carton alongside him). One episode had her hiding a huge piece of leftover birthday cake under her bed to eat after the guys put her to bed. Hell, according to Danny her first word was "cookie". This had a bit less emphasis in later seasons, though.
  • Game of Thrones: Catelyn. As said by Lysa, "Cat always went for the sweetest thing." This may be where Sansa gets it from.
  • Rei Suzumura from GARO is a bottomless pit where cake is concerned and adds masses of sugar to everything; to the point of trying to order a White Russian cocktail with no vodka (so that it's just cream) and then pouring sugar into it.
  • For Lorelai and Rory of Gilmore Girls, candy is a major food group, much to the disgust of Luke.
  • Invoked in an episode of The Golden Girls when Rose's daughter and granddaughter come over to visit. Rose bakes them a favored Minnesota confection: maple syrup brown sugar honey molasses Rice Crispy treats. Dorothy and Blanche are both horrified at such a sugar abomination.
    Dorothy: Tell me, Rose, do your kids still have all their original teeth?
  • Sylar and Elle of Heroes. "Hi, do you like pie?" Sylar even paused in the middle of a murder because his victim's coworkers burst into her office with a surprise cake. It says something about him that he's more concerned about the cake than the fact that he's caught literally covered in blood. He's even eaten an entire pumpkin pie by himself.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O: Yuuto Sakurai, the secondary Rider, puts huge amounts of sugar in his coffee- so much so that Airi comes up with a blend of coffee especially for him because he likes it sweet. This is also one of the differences between the young Yuuto we know and Airi's fiancé, an older version of Yuuto who escaped into time; Sakurai-san, as he's referred to by Ryotaro, didn't mind drinking his coffee straight.
  • Kamen Rider OOO: Ankh is capable of eating unbelievable amounts of ice pops. It makes one wonder how he avoids freezing from inside out. On the other hand, his element is fire. That may answer something.
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Saki Momose has this trait in such a way that it was apparently passed down to the Bugster that infected her.
  • Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is about a Salaryman who deliberately accepts his sales meetings in the vicinity of patisseries and bakeries, solely so he can eat their wares after said meetings. He even keeps a blog about his passion for sweets.
  • Detective Theo Kojak, from the '70s police procedural show, is hooked on lollipops, displacing his previous habit, cigarettes. This was the early '70s when people started to become aware of the risks of smoking, the producers decided not to say that Smoking Is Cool. So much that, in some places where the series was aired, the type of lollipops he consumed were (and still are) referred to as "kojaks". Even before he started on the lollipops, he could often be seen snacking on candy or ice cream bars.
  • Compo from Last of the Summer Wine tends to put five, six, or even more teaspoonfuls of sugar in his tea whenever he gets the chance.
  • LazyTown:
    • Robbie Rotten has eaten an entire cake in one sitting (Swiped Sweets). He frequently eats enormous multi-layer slices of cake with lots of frosting. Robbie will occasionally eat french fries, fast food, and potato chips, but prefers things with sugar. On more than one occasion he's made gagging noises at the prospect of eating fruits and vegetables.
    • Ziggy is very fond of sweets, particularly lollipops. Unlike Robbie however, he doesn't mind eating healthy food either.
  • Legion:
    • David Haller is often seen eating or craving sweets. He adores cherry pie (he claims that he basically lives on it and it's everything he needs), gorges on waffles in various scenes, munches on strawberry Twizzlers, wants to eat a chocolate cupcake for his birthday (but a Clockworks security guard forbids him from doing so), and expresses interest in ice cream.
    • Lenny Busker frequently snacks on strawberry Twizzlers, and she later requests that Sydney mail her a new candy bar that has nougat, chocolate and a crispy wafer. In Season 2, when David visits the "new" Lenny, he smuggles in some Twizzlers for her.
    • Charles Xavier loves cherry pie, and after Gabrielle (who's a faster eater than he is) "steals" what remains of his portion, he playfully fights her for the last piece. While he's conversing with David within the latter's own mind, David feeds Charles a slice of a three-layered red velvet cake that contains knowledge, and Charles enjoys its taste before he's overwhelmed by the information.
    • Gabrielle has a voracious appetite for cherry pie and eats it so quickly that she would take the half-eaten slice that Charles (who's fond of it, too, but he's a slower eater) has without asking. When he tries to grab another bite, she's unwilling to share.
  • When the Aquitian Rangers come to Earth in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers during the Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers miniseries that wrapped up the show, they quickly become so fond of ice cream that they buy the entire stock of an ice cream truck.
    • In Power Rangers RPM, Scott and Ziggy make a grocery run. Ziggy loads up on the sweets. Scott thinks this is Ziggy being Ziggy and chides him, but Ziggy produces a grocery list given to him by Dr. K, commenting that he himself didn't realize that K had such a sweet tooth. K's love of sweets gets brought up several times later, to the point that, when Summer figures out the password on her computer, Summer's lie that the password was the name of K's favorite candy is considered believable to everyone else.
  • Otto in Odd Squad. He's a Big Eater in general, but episodes like "Whatever Happened to Agent Oz?" and "Odd Outbreak" show that he also loves sweets. The latter episode even has him eating chocolate that previously made him fall ill with no hesitation whatsoever.
  • Helena from Orphan Black is constantly snacking on sweets. She even pours extra sugar onto her jello.
  • Leslie of Parks and Recreation is obsessed with sugary foods, and often adds sugar to normal dishes. Her favorite food is waffles with giant mountains of whipped cream, especially from local restaurant J.J.'s Diner (she once physically assaulted someone for feeding one to their dog). However, her principles are strong enough to frequently go after Sweetums, the evil candy company that owns most of the town.
  • Gus in Psych who has a habit of eating chocolates.
  • Emerson Cod in Pushing Daisies has a piece of pie whenever he walks into the Pie Hole.
  • Lister from Red Dwarf has been known to eat Sugar Puff cereal sandwiches. He also takes his coffee "double-caffeinated, quadruple sugar".
  • In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Troi's Trademark Favorite Food is chocolate ("chocolate is a serious thing"), and she seems to prefer beelining for the desserts first. Other than some formal dining settings, we hardly ever see her eat anything but sweets on camera. Ironically, Marina Sirtis herself doesn't really like chocolate.
  • Star Trek: Picard:
    • Zani is very fond of a treat called sweet hanifak, and she's quite pleased when Admiral Picard presents her with a box of it as a gift.
    • In "Nepenthe", Dr. Agnes Jurati binges on two big slices of cake, takes a bite out of a third, and accepts chocolate milk when it's being offered before she throws up (although that might be more from stress rather than what she ate).
  • Fez from That '70s Show.
    • When given an apple while trick or treating on Halloween, he yells "WHERE IS MY CANDY, YOU SON OF A BITCH?!".
    • In a Valentine's episode, he buys a box of bonbons for his Huge Schoolgirl girlfriend. He is shown trying to resist the temptation of eating them, and in the end, he gives in. He checks on the box when done, and it turns out there's a hidden "compartment" with more bonbons...
    • Another episode's "Circle" sequence has Fez drinking chocolate syrup straight from the jar. Hyde then goes all "And you? You've had enough!" and they start fighting over it.
    • When he faced deportation, he stated an intention to spend the last of his American money on candy and porno.
  • Twin Peaks: Law enforcement all seems to have a massive sweet tooth. The local sheriff's office is always stocked with a ludicrous amount of donuts. Agent Cooper matches the local cops donut for donut while also indulging in the local diner's pie, which he finds irresistible. The sheriff notes that he must have the metabolism of a hummingbird.
  • Geraldine Granger, the eponymous main character of The Vicar of Dibley takes the cake (but will graciously leave you a slice). Frequently hides her chocolate in her bibles and can finish an entire freezer full of ice cream as well as hundreds of chocolate bars without breaking a sweat.
  • Victorious: Feed her candy and Cat is putty in your hands. Considerably less so, but definitely still there, in Sam & Cat.

  • The Beatles' "Savoy Truffle" from The White Album was George Harrison's ode to Eric Clapton's notorious jones for sucrose (with a darker subtext if you're aware that heroin addicts often seem to prefer sweets to real food). A bit sadistic, regardless: think of the bridge ("You might not feel it now...") BTW "Good News" is an English brand of chocolates; think Whitman or Russell Stover for an American equivalent.
  • All sweets despite the consequences in Sugar Rush by Anthony and Those Other Guys.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Opus from Bloom County loves Ding-Dongs, Ho-Hos, Twinkies, and pistachio ice cream.
  • Calvin and Hobbes:
    • Calvin was a demonstratively very intelligent, uber-active (to a fault) little kid whose imagination knew absolutely no bounds. His favorite food was a breakfast cereal named "Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs". With a lot of added sugar. And chocolate milk. They make it with marshmallow bits but his mum won't buy that for him. He once tried it with soda instead of chocolate milk, but the bubbles went up his nose.
    • There was also the time that Calvin made sandwiches for himself and Hobbes as rations for an ill-planned journey to Yukon, Alaska. They were marshmallow sandwiches, with one containing honey and the other chocolate syrup.
    • Calvin spends a lot of time asking his parents for cookies and trying to steal cookies when they say no.
    • Calvin even has his own name for a sweet tooth; in one strip, Mom serves a vegetarian meal for dinner, and Calvin protests that he's not a vegetarian, he's a "dessertarian."
    • In one strip, Calvin has the hiccups and Hobbes says eating a spoonful of sugar is supposed to help. Calvin does so, and Hobbes asks if he's cured. Calvin happily says no, he'd better eat some more.
  • Cathy loves anything sweet, especially chocolate. She can even devour an entire pie in one sitting.
  • FoxTrot:
    • All three of the Fox children, but Paige moreso than her brothers. In one comic, their mother Andy catches the boys eating their chocolate Easter bunnies early and bawls them out, pointing out that Paige hasn't touched her hollow rabbit at all; the boys comment that the rabbits are solid chocolate. In the last panel, as Andy yells "Paige, get down here!", Jason wonders when she was alone with the candy for more than five seconds.
    • In another one with Easter bunnies, Peter and Jason are having an impromptu eating contest to see who can eat their bunny (a pound of solid chocolate!) the fastest. Andy chews them out for this and points out that she doesn't see Paige eating hers. Peter explains that Paige already won the contest — Peter and Jason are battling for second place.
    • In another strip, Andy sends her to the store for Halloween candy. She buys so much, the shopping cart breaks.
    • During one of her Pierre dreams, Paige receives two chocolate bunnies the size of mountains.
    • She loves ice cream too; in one summer strip, she buys the entire inventory of an ice cream truck.
    • Andy has this weakness too; she tries to suppress it, being a health food nut, but on Halloween and Easter, she occasionally loses it. In a 2013 strip, she stole from the kids' Easter baskets after giving up candy for Lent.
    • In another strip, Andy and Paige both get ice cream and claim that the flavor they got (Andy got Banana and Paige got Chocolate) is obviously the superior one. They decide that the only way to settle the debate is to get a scoop of the other flavor each. Then Andy suggests that the Raspberry looks pretty good too, while Paige claims that the Vanilla is obviously better...

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The primary reason Daffney formed The Buddy System was to give her All-Star Squad presence in SHINE's (and to a lesser extent, SHIMMER's) tag team division. The secondary reason was for help watching over Solo Darling, particularly Solo's sugar intake, which tended to be well beyond recommended levels if left unchecked. Properly controlled, however, Solo's sweet tooth becomes a powerful weapon.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Fraggle Rock: Red Fraggle's favorite treat is a confection called a radish bar. She's so hooked on them, she's been known to eat them in her sleep.
  • Sesame Street: Cookie Monster is a famous example. It's right there in his name. He adores cookies and eats them messily.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • After Benjy is transformed into a bug monster, his new physiology gives him a hankering for sugar. While he's supposed to keep a low profile, he does sneak out of Sebastian's house to steal candy.
    • In contrast to his villainous personality, Daigo is shown to have an affinity for sweet foods, like mint cookies and milk chocolate.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Faerie Dragons (little dragons the size of house cats with butterfly wings and big smiles) love fruits and sweets, especially apple pies.
  • Pathfinder: Melixies, a type of insectoid fey, live off of nothing but sugary liquids such as honey, nectar, fruit juice, and sugar water, which they drink in tremendous quantities.

    Video Games 
  • Candy from Alchademy is a pink sheep whose outfit is decorated with candies. She herself says that she loves eating candy, especially cotton candy.
  • Arknights: The nation of Laterano is characterized by their love of guns, explosions and sweets. Desserts are treated as Serious Business to the point the Pope and a group of government officials argue on the taste of cactus tarts in "Guide Ahead", and operator Adnachiel worries that he is not good enough because he can only make 25 types of desserts.
  • Kimmy Eckman of Backyard Sports. CAAAANDYYYY!
  • Beatrix from Battleborn is a Mad Doctor with a taste for sweets. The lores from Battleplans 30, 32, and 34 reveal this aspect of hers in detail.
  • Much like Juliet, Bayonetta uses lollipops as Power-Up Food (but just lollipops in her case) and when she does, given the type of woman she is, it borders on Erotic Eating.
  • Kokonoe from BlazBlue has a habit of collecting sweets from all over the world, though she never openly admits it. Just look at the image provided here; it shows her holding the candy in her hand most of the time. In Tager's story mode for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, she even instructs Tager to prioritise a mission that will reward her with... a rare chocolate.
    Tager: Whatever it is you're trying to get from these people must be awfully important... I never knew you to have such a... generous side...
    Kokonoe: Giving this mission maximum priority hardly does it justice. It's a box of cho-ah... from Roch-... er... um... parts.
  • In Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, the item that restored Richter's health was the classic meat. Maria, the other playable character and a twelve-year-old, restored her health with ice cream sundaes, lollipops, cakes, and ice cream. She actually has more variety of health power-ups than Richter does!
  • Classic computer Video Game star Commander Keen might count. Pretty much every bonus-point item is candy, especially from Keen Dreams onward. In fact, the 5,000-point item in the fifth game is a plain ol' bag of sugar.
  • Om Nom from Cut the Rope. The goal of the game is to feed him candy.
  • Laharl and Etna from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness both have enormous sweet teeth, and the former's confiscation of the latter's expensive snacks is a frequent point of contention between the two, particularly in Disgaea Infinite.
    • Etna ends up in Veldime after quitting Laharl's employ. Reason why? He ate her snacks.
    • The plot of Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? kicks off because Etna's dessert got stolen, and so she sends out her 1000 Prinnies to bring her the Ultra Dessert by tomorrow morning. Unsurprisingly, it was Laharl (as a Prinny) who swiped it, which you only learn of should you manage to clear the Martial Tower. In the sequel, you can unlock him for use by playing 3 specific stages, summoning his facility, and paying him sweets. He only lasts for one stage and will cost you a Prinny each time, due to his Dynamic Entry, but he's so powerful that you might end up losing fewer lives instead.
  • Dragon Age:
  • Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ puts a much darker twist on this trope. Her sweet tooth obsession enters "I'm a Humanitarian" territory as she has the ability to turn the other characters into candy so she can eat them and absorb their power. What's more, it's eventually revealed that it's treated as a Horror Hunger, with 21 struggling to maintain control of her hunger at the risk of losing her sanity. Having the cells of the aforementioned Majin Buu will do that to someone.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series, this is a trait of the Khajiit race. The entire race has a known sweet tooth, especially toward the Fantastic Drug Moon Sugar (which is sacred to them). Also rather ironic, given that Real Life felines can't taste sugar at all.
    "The food of Elsweyr is invariably sweet; candies, cakes, puddings, and sugarmeats are the staples of the khajiit diet, and travelers to Elsweyr are cautioned against partaking of any of the native food."
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening:
    • Gaius' sucking on a lollipop in his face portrait, has a number of additional lollipops on his belt in his full portrait, and his official profile describes him as carrying fifty different kinds of "emergency snacks" on his person. Even his recruitment talk is about sweets. He offers to join Chrom's group and says something about "sweetening the deal", Chrom assumes he's talking about being paid... and then Chrom drops some candies that he was keeping for his little sister Lissa. From then on, Hilarity Ensues.
    • To a smaller degree, there's Olivia. She makes rock candy for Kellam to thank him for the jar of honey he brought her, and in her supports with Gaius himself, she becomes his beta tester for his pies.
      "Can't talk. Eating!"
  • Fire Emblem Fates has several:
    • Gaius's expy Asugi is a Hoshidan Ninja who is as sweets-addicted as Gaius is. This includes also sucking on lollipops in his face portrait, also carrying sweets on his person, etc. A Justified Trope: in-story, he's implied to be either Gaius's past self or reincarnation.
    • Both the Avatar (whether male or female) and Princess Sakura of Hoshido are infamous among their troops for their sweet tooth, with Sakura being capable of eating a box of mochi in few seconds. Hilariously, Sakura and the Female Avatar are among Asugi's potential mothers, shall either of them marry his father Saizou. In Fire Emblem Heroes, Sakura gets a Halloween-themed version and most of her quotes are about getting candy.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a number of characters who are fond of sweets, Lysithea, Mercedes, and Edelgard foremost among them. In fact, it's suggested that Crests inherently cause their bearers to prefer sweet foods.
  • Alain from HOME is addicted to sugar, so much that he eats an entire room full of it.
  • HuniePop: The girls who love Candy and Desserts as their Trademark Favorite Foods fit this trope.
  • I Was a Teenage Exocolonist: In the protagonist's science fair project for the 2nd Vertumnalia Festival, they note that Utopia and Auntie Seedent eat sweets all the time.
  • Both Kula and Maxima from The King of Fighters. Kula is always seen licking lollipops and several of her talks feature how much she loves ice cream; on the other hand, Maxima openly admits that Real Men Hate Sugar does NOT apply to him, and he is able to put out a MASSIVE parfait in few seconds. (It's more understandable in his case; glucose is the fuel for brains, and he's a powerful Technopath as well as a Cyborg)
  • Sugar, or at least its aroma, is known to attract witches in the Left 4 Dead series. One part of the "Hard Rain" campaign in Left 4 Dead 2 revolves around navigating a sugar mill completely infested with this strain of infected - they may be as many as twenty of themnote , sometimes right beside each other. Thankfully, they disperse when the rain starts and the smell (presumably) dissipates. This is an Ascended Glitch - the Director's algorithm for the area is screwed up, resulting in the Witch hordes.
  • In Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet has a major sweet tooth and can refill her Life Meter using candy. (Not just lollipops, even though those are her favorite. She can also use things like jellybeans and sugary cereal.)
  • Arthur C. Eos (or Ace for short) from Mega Man Star Force is a Mega Snack addict. When he's not taking charge or kicking ass (or the other way around), more often than not he'll binge on these in plain sight. He even went so far as to buy out every Mega Snack at Echo Ridge Elementary!
  • The Outer Worlds has Felix, who loves Rizzo's products so much that a drink of his own creation (rum mixed with Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs) gives Nyoka a headache the next morning.
  • Pizza Tower: The Noise's Pizza Points consist of some rather unusual toppings that include chocolate chips, marshmallows, jelly beans, and candy corn.
  • Pokémon:
    • Pokémon in general have Sweet Teeth. Lots of Power Ups you use on them are sweet foods, like Soda Pop and Lemonade in all the games, which restores their hp, along with Lava Cookies, Old Gateau (sponge cake), Casteliacones (ice cream), and Lumiose Galettes (cookies again), and Shalour Sables (shortbread biscuits) which cure Condition, each one unique to a certain Generation. Rage Candy Bars and the chocolate Sweet Hearts can restore a little HP for a Pokémon in most versions (but they usually have other uses too). There were also Poffins in Diamond and Pearl, which you made from Berries and fed them to enhance their Contest stats, and most recently, X and Y introduces Poké Puffs, cupcakes you can feed them during the Poké Amie Mini-Game that they clearly love, and Poké Juice, special drinks made from berries that give them a variety of benefits.
    • Professor Rowan from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, although it isn't obvious. You first find out that he has a thing for candy if you check out the refrigerator in his lab at the beginning of the game. (It's full of sweets.) Later, when after you beat the game, you can find him on the lower floor of the Veilstone City Department Store; if you speak to him, he complains about the Rage Candy Bars still being out of stock before he speaks to you.
  • Lemres from Puyo Puyo loves sweets and is just as likely to offer candy to people as gifts as he is to eat them.
  • Jennifer from Rule of Rose munches on lots of sweets to heal herself.
  • Peacock from Skullgirls considering the fact that "Junk Food" is listed as one of her likes.
  • Chip from Sonic Unleashed has a strong fondness for sweets, particularly chocolate. Sonic even named him in reference to his obsession with the stuff.
  • Splatoon:
    • Callie and Marie always have a cup full of lollipops within arm's reach while hanging around in their studio in the first game, and Marie sometimes gets distracted when seeing boxes in a warehouse because she wonders if they might be full of candy.
    • Marina and Pearl love their ice cream and cake, respectively. Pearl loves sweet stuff, as Marina notes that her favorite peanut butter is "literally 99% sugar".
  • Georg Prime in Suikoden, a Master Swordsman who never forgets to bring several cheesecakes in his inventory.
  • In Suikoden III, Aila spends a lot of time musing over her obsession with soda.
  • Super Robot Wars:
    • Tytti Noorbuck likes sweets. Unfortunately, she lets her feelings override her preference (or sense) of taste, thereby turning her into a Lethal Chef and according to her teammates, logic gets thrown out the window when it comes to sweets. She thinks Cliana Rimskaya's Strawberry Jam Riceball is tasty and wouldn't mind more strawberry jams in it. And if she drinks her tea, she'd at minimum put six cubes of sugar.
      Yuuki: E... eight cubes of sugar...?
      Tytti: I thought I was being modest...
    • Ibis Douglas, however, is an honest Sweet Tooth and looks very Moe while eating cheesecake. Second Original Generation post-save skit involves both Ibis and Tytti preparing to drink an oversugared tea, with Tsugumi wondering how these two couldn't get fat after consuming that much sweets.
  • Leon Magnus in Tales of Destiny.
  • Yuri Lowell in Tales of Vesperia. Weirdly, both he and Leon were titleholders of "Most Popular Tales Characters". Sweet tooths must be the key to Tales' fans' hearts.
  • In Team Fortress 2, the Heavy can use the Dalokohs bar to heal himself infinitely.
  • A defining characteristic of Houchou Toushirou of Touken Ranbu alongside his love for wives.
  • The Monster Clown from Twisted Metal named Sweet Tooth (Actually his name is Needles Kane but is rarely referred to it even in-game, suggesting it is an alias he uses for himself) is rumored to have a massive craving for sweets which he keeps in the freezer of his ice cream truck, along with his victims.
  • Barlow from Vanguard Bandits is always snacking on some candy except when he's eating something else.
  • The chihuahua in the Candy Bash games on Webkinz. He will never get enough.
  • In The World Ends with You, Shiki has a positive reaction to all sweet food items (except Cola).
  • World of Warcraft; Glacia Rimebag, a gnome frost mage in Dalaran. When you hire her for a blacksmithing project (leystone is so had, it requires frost magic to temper) she charges in candy, specifically Nightberry Truffles. Even the candy vendor warns her of cavities from eating so much.
  • Yo-Kai Watch: Yo-Kai who generally love Candy (Candy Apples, Fruit Drops, Gum), Donuts, and, well, Sweet Things (Cakes, Pancakes, Ice Cream).
  • Zack, the young pirate hero half of Zack and Wiki loves his chocolate bars.
  • In Don't Starve Together, Wanda's favorite food is taffy. She also has a taste for foods that contain honey according to her quotes.

    Visual Novels 
  • There are so many examples that they have been documented here, in alphabetical order.
  • Saionji Hiyoko from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a big fan of the gummy bears that can be found in the island's convenience store, and it actually comes into play during the second trial, where her pickiness about which flavors out of the bag she's willing to eat becomes a point of contention since one of the bears was found at the scene of the crime.
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Ema Skye constantly eats from a bottomless bag of chocolate Snackoos in Apollo Justice (whenever she isn't flinging them at Apollo's head, anyway). In Spirit of Justice she reveals she ate them due to stress from being stuck in a job she hated, and now that she's got her dream job she's kicked the habit... until she has to testify against a friend, at which point she starts munching them again.
    • Tyrell Badd from the Investigations games is the epitome of a gritty Film Noir detective with a cigarette constantly in his mouth. He loves sweets above all else, especially candy, and that "cigarette" of his is actually a lollipop. While investigating a crime that took place at a dessert-making contest, his eyes keep wandering towards the desserts and he is extremely invested in any information the chefs can tell him about dessert-making.
  • Mint Blancmanche in Galaxy Angel loves to eat sweets of all kinds. The second game even has a scene of her trying to invent her own candy with a chemistry lab set, and gives Tact a test of a sweetener that's 1.5 trillion times sweeter than sugar.
  • Hanyuu from Higurashi: When They Cry has shown been shown to have quite the sweet tooth. In Daybreak Portable she ate so many sweets she couldn't pay for it. Her Trademark Favorite Food is cream puffs though.
  • Ikemen Sengoku:
    • Nobunaga Oda loves sweets so much that he constantly sneaks out at night to pilfer them from his hidden stash in the palace's kitchen despite Hideyoshi's vocal disapproval of his unhealthy snacking.
    • Shingen Takeda would eat nothing but sweets all day long if he could, much to the disapproval of his vassal Yukimura who tries to enforce a strict "only one dessert per day" rule with him.
  • Komari from Little Busters! has this as one of the biggest parts of her character. By her logic, when you eat sweets, you feel happy, so she eats them all the time. When you share sweets with someone else, it's even better, because their happiness causes you to feel happier, which causes them to feel happier, in a big, sugary cycle.
  • Shin Kuroi from Morenatsu has a massive sweet tooth, and he enjoys making sweets himself as well. At the Summer Festival, he eats more than enough sweets to make a normal person sick.

  • Nina, one of the vampires from Eerie Cuties, was born on Easter and consequently feeds on chocolate the way the rest of her family feeds on blood.
  • Grace of El Goonish Shive as seen here.
  • One way to calm down Nefarious from Emergency Exit is to give him candy. "You can defeat demons with chocolate?" "Apparently we've been going about it all wrong." -Fall and David from the crossover with Parallel Dementia.
  • The Cherubs in Homestuck subsist entirely on meat and candy. The first thing a newly hatched Cherub eats is its own sugary egg-shell.
  • Robbie from Ignition Zero has such a sweet tooth that in the first chapter he went to a bakery and asked for a sample of everything. Orson was unamused.
  • The two teeth, ickle and Lardee, from My Milk Toof... there's a horrible pun to go along with that but let's not start.
  • Poison Ivy Gulch: Ace loves sweets as he has been shown blowing bubble gum bubbles and remarks about having to choose between cherry and custard pie at a cafe. Justified as he is a child.
  • Princess Princess: Celeste really, really likes cookies, so much that she barges through the base of a tall stone tower in running towards a (non-existent) cookie on the other side.
  • Belgium in Scandinavia and the World.
  • Robin DeSanto of Shortpacked! is prone to attacks of ludicrous hyperactivity when she engages in her habit. Famously, on one occasion she enjoyed a breakfast cereal of Cadbury cream eggs in chocolate syrup; she regained consciousness to find she'd been elected to Congress. Another time Robin ate Cadbury cereal she brought (temporary) World Peace, but also made a sex tape from a one-night stand with another congress member which she then accidentally leaked.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Emil seems to have had a downplayed version when he was younger. A Spoiled Brat moment had him refuse to have a given cake for his dinner dessert because he had already had a piece of it for breakfast (the nanny promptly produced another cake).
  • Hom from Welcome to Room #305 loves sweet things, to the extent that he puts honey in everything.

    Web Original 
  • Barbie Vlog: Barbie mentions how she adores eating honey with everything, including broccoli.
  • Growing Around: Quite common in a world run by children. For specific characters, Sally with chocolate and Bunny with soda. In addition, if a kid doesn't ingest the necessary amount of sugar they need, they will lose energy and/or sanity as they will resort to biting anything in sight.
  • Nutty from Happy Tree Friends is a light green squirrel who enjoys eating candy to the point of it being his addiction. His Morning Routine in one TV episode even consists of waking up on heaps of leftover candies, brushing his teeth with a lollipop, using a can of soda as a mouthwash, adorning his wardrobe with various amounts of candy, and using jellybeans to grind them into coffee (with additional sugar, of course).
  • Kid History defines Sweet Tooth as follows: "It doesn't mean that you like candy—It means that you want some!"
  • The aptly named villain Sweet Tooth from Moshi Monsters. Their entire motive is based on candy, from eating it to creating evil candies to make others sick. They eat so much to the point that they are constantly drooling...and it's not even drool anymore. It's treacle.
  • Hitoshi from Neko Sugar Girls states a plate full of pocky is his favorite breakfast.
  • The Nostalgia Critic is thirty years old and can still be bribed with a small bag of sweets.
  • RWBY: Ruby Rose adores cookies, and has five sugars in her coffee. And cream, too.
  • Sam & Mickey: Stacie loves to eat sweet food, such as cake and marshmallows.
  • The Victorian Way: Mrs. Crocombe is a Victorian cook employed at the Audley End House. She often mentions that both Lord and Lady Braybrooke love sweet things. When she makes custard pudding, she says that both Lord and Lady Braybrooke are very fond of custard and she believes that Lord Braybrooke could eat it with anything.

    Western Animation 
  • In 6teen, Caitlin is this for chocolate. It's revealed in "Enter The Dragon" when on her period, this gets applied to Nikki instead (still with chocolate).
  • Arthur:
    • Mr. Ratburn has been shown to go crazy over cake.
    • Chocolates are Buster's downfall in "Buster's Sweet Success".
    • Arthur himself shoves an entire slice of chocolate cake in his mouth in "DW Gets Lost" and in "Just Desserts" he gets a stomachache after eating too much candy and 2 slices of leftover wedding cake.
  • Beavis And Butthead: The Great Cornholio was awakened by lots and lots of sugar.
  • Hansel and Gretel in the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Bewitched Bunny". They're so busy stuffing their faces with ice cream they don't notice they're inside a lidded roasting pan.
  • In Codename: Kids Next Door, villainous pirate Stickybeard and Numbuh 5's recurring rival Heinrich Von Marzipan are both well known for their obsessions with sweets. Numbuh 5 herself enjoys seeking out rare candies in her spare time, but unlike the aforementioned two characters hers is portrayed as a more casual interest and not an unhealthy (no pun intended) fixation.
  • In DC Super Hero Girls, Wonder Woman's profile video shows her devouring a bowl of ice cream very happily and sloppily.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Dee Dee loves sugary t hehings, such as marshmallows.
  • The Dragon Prince: Ezran and Bait frequently steal jelly tarts from the baker.
    • Ezran's mother, Sarai, loved them even more, and it's recalled that she was very kind unless you took the last one.
  • The Fairly OddParents! has Timmy and Wanda, to the point that when Timmy considers wishing for all of the daily meals to be just desserts, Wanda eagerly gives in because it means she'll get to eat as much chocolate as she wants.
  • On Family Guy, this is the Fatal Flaw of James Woods (a recurring villain on the show As Himself). Every time he attempts something sinister, Brian, Stewie, and/or Peter can use his insatiable love of candy to lure him into some trap, and he never learns.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    • Mac can't have any sugar, lest he go into a berserk frenzy; his sugar-rush persona is Sweet Tooth AND Intoxication Ensues incarnate.
    • Frankie loves her grandmother's cookies, which she only makes once a year. When Bloo steals the recipe and starts making them year-round, Frankie goes berserk and starts gorging herself with them.
  • Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls loves her sugar. She has to get all that energy from somewhere.
  • Grossology has villainous candy maker Gary Gumdrop. There's also some small hints in the episode featuring Gary that Ty is this trope but tries to keep it under wraps for health reasons.
  • Hey Arnold!: Chocolate Boy goes to extreme lengths to get chocolate, even going through dumpsters. An episode centers around Arnold trying to help Chocolate Boy overcome his addiction to chocolate. By the end, he ends up substituting it with an addiction to radishes.
  • Stormer from Jem. There's even one scene where she casually puts whipped cream on a bowl of fruits, peels and all.
  • Johnny Test: The main cast falls under this. Johnny often keeps stashes of junk food or candy in either his closet or kitchen shelves and Susan and Mary Test were revealed to have a secret stash of sweets hidden in their lab.
  • Justice League:
    • The already mentioned Martian Manhunter keeps his love of Choco cookies.
    • Also, when The Flash is offered coffee by the police in one episode, he asks for it with "cream and twenty-seven sugars". (Somewhat justified in his case, as he seems to have a very high metabolism due to his powers.)
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: Benson has a junk food variant, Kipo weaponizes it so he can fight better against the wolves.
  • The eponymous Little Bear loves sweets, one episode dealt with him and his friends holding a Harvest Day picnic event and he blew off every event so that he could sneak some desserts, it eventually made him sick with a tummy ache from eating too much.
  • The Magic Roundabout has Dougal's love for sugar where it stands out as one of his defining character traits.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
    • Most of the ponies count, but Pinkie Pie stands out, devouring half a cake shop during a royal visit.
    • Possibly Discord. Among other things, he uses his reality-warping powers to make chocolate milk rain (though he prefers the glass to the milk itself), cotton candy clouds, and flying pies, though only Pinkie partakes of any of this delicious mayhem.
    • There's been more than a few hints that Princess Celestia has zero resistance to sweets, cake in particular. In the episode "Ponyville Confidential", the Cutie Mark Crusaders get a picture of Princess Celestia ravenously devouring a slice, and the way she ogles the finished massive pastry from "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" is borderline sexual.
  • The New Adventures of Batman: There was a one-shot villain called Sweet Tooth. He was a big fan of sweets. His villainous scheme involved a plan to turn Gotham's water supply into chocolate syrup.
  • This is a common Weaksauce Weakness among bacteria villains in Ozzy & Drix; they can't resist anything sweet. They can be lured into a trap or ambush with simple pastry. (Of course, for a very big bacteria, you'd need a pretty big pastry.) Even the criminal mastermind Strepfinger was apprehended after Maria lured him out of his office with a pie. (After she knocked him out, she said, "You know, for an evil genius, you're pretty dumb.")
  • Tommy Cadle from Pet Alien really, really loves saltwater taffy, to the point of frequently hanging out at Cap'n Spangley's taffy shop. Several episodes have him getting involved in competitions or events solely to get more taffy. He's also apparently passed his love for the candy to the aliens as well, as Dinko and Gumpers love it just as much as he does.
  • T.J. and Gus in Recess. T.J. can pack down candy like there's no tomorrow, while Gus loves chocolate.
  • Rugrats: Angelica Pickles would sometimes eat too many sweets to the point where she would get sick. In fact, some of her schemes involve something relating to sweets. One of the best examples of this is in "Partners In Crime", where Didi baked a dozen cupcakes, and Angelica had already eaten all but two. Then Angelica goes on stealing a bowl of cookies and a cake for the 100th birthday of an elderly man named Ezekiel Davis.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Don't ever give Daphne chocolate, unless you want her to turn into Gollum.
  • She-Ra: Princess of Power: Imp has a fairly big one, as demonstrated in "The Red Knight."
  • Everybody in Springfield in the episode of The Simpsons where sugar is outlawed.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: In one episode, SpongeBob and Patrick try to sell chocolate in the neighborhood, and one of the men they try to sell some ends up being mad and chases after them while doing a "CHOCOLATE" Madness Mantra. After the duo being tricked by a swindler to buy more chocolate from him, the mad man finally catches up to them and it turns out that he was just trying to buy all of the chocolate.
  • Super Noobs: Alien warriors Memnock and Zenblock were both revealed to have a huge love for candy. They both loved playing a candy simulation game, did so much trick or treating on Halloween that the candy they got flooded their entire living room, and Zenblock fell for a trap placed by Count Venamus that consisted of a rocket ship that was filled with candy. Zenblock is all Tsundere on understanding Earth culture but if anything on Earth culture has something to do with candy, he will dash right into it.
  • Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog are on the trail of Sweet Tooth Sam the candy bandit, who has stolen all the candy in town.
  • Total Drama: Cody is addicted to candy.


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