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Parallel Dementia (first strip) by Ben "834n" Fleuter was a somber webcomic about a world that is under siege by creatures of nightmare and the Templar organisation that secretly defends it. Although there are many bit parts, the story usually holds Character Focus on one of a few key members of the cast:

  • Fall Boxer is a talented maverick Templar who is plagued by Nightmares. She also has lots of bad dreams. Fall is good at using Guns Akimbo. She has something to do with the destruction of the UniCorp tower.
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  • Reginald is a tall sentient robot who works with Fall. He's a Genius Bruiser who favors Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • Timothy is a fire demon who now works for Fall. He uses fire, natch.
  • David Shizukana is a former member of the Peace Keepers (riot police) who now works with Fall. He likes to use an assault rifle and grenades.
  • Alexandra "Alexi" Ivanova, Mistress of Blades, is a Russian immigrant and an amazing, fearless Knife Nut. Never underestimate her.

The human figures at the beginning are loose and rubbery, the comic's greatest weakness. However, it had a brilliantly executed Crossover with NJ Huff's Emergency Exit from 2006-12-25 to 2007-06-14 that really seemed to bring out the best in both webcomickers. A comparison of recent strips with the early ones shows great improvement in the human figures, clearly influenced by NJ's style.


Aside from that, the art has nice backgrounds (avoiding a common weakness of webcomics) and makes good use of a wide variety of palettes. Other strengths are good Character Development, a compelling story, creative panel arrangement and choice of POVs, slick written effects, and evocative lettering in general.

As of 18/04/2010, it no longer updates.

On June 24, 2015, Fleuter introduced a new webcomic called The Sword Interval (here). While the plot is different from Parallel Dementia, it still has a modern supernatural theme and many PD characters were only slightly changed to fit back in. It has a Kickstarter here.

As of January 2018, the address is down with a DNS error, likely because the DNS registration has not been renewed.


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